Monday, April 2, 2012

What to do in Honolulu Hawaii instead of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2012

This year Amway WWDB is holding Spring Leadership in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 28 and 29 2012 in the Hawaii Convention Center.

Oh oh! Conflict! WWDB Amway Spring Leadership is also happening the same weekend in Denver Colorado! Now that has got to fuck up some ambots who want to attend as many Spring Leadership brainwashing conferences as they can!

I don’t even have to flip a coin. If Ambot was trying to decide between Denver and Honolulu, all I can say is Waikiki here I come!

Hawaii is the type of place I can go to and just hang out at the pool or the beach and read my book and go swimming and I don’t really have to do anything else. You lousy ambot bastards go to Spring Leadership 2012 and I will hang out on Waikiki Beach and be very happy, except knowing my Ambot is somewhere else getting brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders.

So Waikiki Beach is the place to hang out. If you get tired of swimming or reading a book, take a surfing lesson or go on an outrigger canoe ride. These are the touristy things you came here to do so have fun!

I’d say everyone should go out to Pearl Harbor. There are several tour operators who take visitors there usually in combination with some other kind of city tour. Most hotels will have information on tour companies. Or you can get to the visitor center yourself. Tickets are free and include a park ranger telling Pearl Harbor’s history and a ferry ride out to the memorial. Here’s some information including how to get there by bus.

I always enjoy going to the Polynesian Cultural Center but its kind of a bugger getting there. General admission costs $49.95 and goes up from there depending on whether you want to add dinner, shows, island tour, etc. This is one attraction that its almost best to find a tour company that will pick you up at your hotel and drive you out there for the day and bring you home again.

Some people like to go hiking at Diamond Head State Park.

And my things to do list on any city where Amway WWDB is holding a function is never complete unless I can find a zoo! Yes, Honolulu Zoo! Costs $14 if you’re over 13 years old or $6 if you’re younger.

Go to a luau! Beats whatever food they’re slopping up at Spring Leadership. Oh, I guess that would be none. You got to find a nearby eating establishment if you’re hungry or buy an overpriced hot dog and drink at the arena’s concession. Oh well. Ambots are used to overpaying for things, one of the joys of being in the Amway cult and getting used to being ripped off. Back to the luaus. There are more than I can possibility count. Almost every hotel on Waikiki Beach offers one. Pick one and enjoy some roasted pig and poi. No really. Everyone goes for the entertainment not the food. Some give you a free mai tai when you arrive. Probably get lei’d too!

The International Marketplace in Waikiki seems to get bigger and bigger everytime I go there. This is the place to find all your kitschy Hawaii souvenirs. I bought one of my favorite t-shirts ever in this mall! There’s usually some free entertainment going on here too.

Hilo Hattie is still alive and well in Honolulu! This is the place to buy Hawaiian themed clothes! I have a Hilo Hattie shirt in my closet that I still haul out whenever I’m going to a Hawaii themed party. Everyone should have one ! They sell other things too. I bought cans of macadamia nuts and chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies here for good prices. You’ll find other discount souvenirs like coffee mugs. Oh yes, I’m sure I got my free Hilo Hattie coffee mug somewhere in the house still. There’s a free trolley. Here’s the page for the trolley schedule.

Oh come on really. Hawaii thrives on tourism. You go there for the sun and the surf. Nobody goes to Hawaii and needs Anna Banana to tell them what to do. But here’s a couple of tips:

Pack the sunscreen.

Avoid Amway WWDB Spring Leadership!

And now I need to get a few more keywords in for WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2012. I have already covered better things to do in Las Vegas, Spokane, Washington DC and Denver instead of spending $125 on a ticket to this Amway function. The cities I haven’t covered yet are Calgary and Minneapolis. Oh joy!

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Spring Leadership sucks!

Nothing like wrecking your Hawaiian vacation by attending an Amway function!


  1. LOL, or you could sit on the beach sipping mai tais! Seriously, anything beats an Amway function. Even if it's raining in Hawaii, it's better than an Amway function. P.S. Don't mention that we had a hailstorm and tornado (waterspout) in Hawaii last month.

    1. Joecool - that is just about my speed! Hell even if there's a typhoon its still better than an Amway function!

  2. I LOVE Hawaii! My family and I have been there several times (Oahu and the big island), and have done the things you mention. So much fun! And I can't imagine wasting a single moment in that tropical heaven to attend a conference of boring speakers spouting the same lies and crap they always do late into the night (gotta get that brainwash-inducing sleep deprivation in, you know).

    One would have to be a brainwashed fool to willingly spend time in hell while in the midst of paradise.


    1. Dave - while I was writing it up I was thinking I need to go back to Hawaii again! I guess I just have other places in the world to explore that have come first. The ambots will really stick out like sore thumbs in Hawaii. Everyone else is wearing shorts and t-shirts or swimsuit coverups and ambots are wearing business suits! In that heat!

    2. Hi Anna,

      LOL! My daughter and her boyfriend has decided to get into this business! (they are both in their early twenties). I told my daughter how can u make a living off this! I guess they brainwashed them too! She tried to pull her brother in, but he quit, cause he's just not into this type of thing. Her and her boyfriend just attended this convention on 28 & 29 April at Hawaii Convention Center. By the way, we are from Oahu.

    3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter and her boyfriend. You know when they're in their 20's you can't tell them nothing. This is the business that's going to make them rich in 2 years and then they'll spend the rest of their lives sitting on a lounger on Waikiki Beach while bazillions of dollars from Amway roll in every month. At least they're still young enough to bounce back. Be prepared they'll be bugging you to buy their overpriced products and they'll claim the Amway products are so high priced to reflect their high quality. Amway lies! Consumer reports magazine has done quality control tests for uses comparing various products including Amway's against name brands and generic brands. Bottom line is the quality of Amway's products perform equal or worse than the competitor's except you're paying 2 or 3 times more for the shitty quality Amway products.


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