Tuesday, April 10, 2012

World Wide Destructive Bastards

I’ve received another sad story from a wife whose marriage is falling apart thanks to Amway brainwashing her husband. http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-quit-amway.html

I couldn't figure out why our marriage and relationship was deteriorating. He's become very egocentric. Everything is about him, his way or no way, he doesn't even consult me about going on holidays, he just took some because he wanted too, I found out because he didn't go to work one day. His behavior is that of someone who's been brainwashed! Then it hit me, Amway! This all started shortly after he start there.He listens non stop to there cd's. He preaches there ways. Our marriage is going to end because I want us to be a couple and communicate but he's lost the ability. I believe he's in trouble and doesn't even know it.

I am here to speak for the women who can’t. I curse out my Amway upline the way many women wished they could do. My Amway upline and cult leaders are everybody’s upline. It doesn’t matter what line of sponsorship they’re in, they’re all a bunch of rotten miserable lying cocksucking bastards. Seeing as how we belonged to WWDB this is the group I discuss in my blog but from what other people post its no different than other Amway cult groups.

Our pompous sack of shit Platinum often said “If I don’t like you I won’t do business with you.”  Liar! Fucking asshole would do business with anyone he could just for the almighty dollar.

A better slogan for him would have been “If I don’t like you and you refuse to do business with me, I’ll destroy your relationship.”

That was the slogan of WWDB the Amway cult group we were part of.

I was at an Amway meeting once where the sack of shit Platinum ranted about one of the fellows in the room. They were in the same car driving back from Amway WWDB Family Reunion and the fucking asshole spent the 6 or 7 hour drive nagging him to leave his wife because she was holding him back in the business. He would never succeed in Amway as long as he was with his wife. And on and on it went. Sack of shit Platinum was outraged when they had a baby without asking his permission if they could start a family.

All I could think of was shut the fuck up asshole. Other people’s private lives are none of your business. Leave them alone. Asking “permission” for stuff going on in their private personal lives? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Like I need any further proof that this is a cult leader trying to control other people’s lives!

Like I need any further proof that WWDB stands for World Wide Destructive Bastards and all those fuckers are out to do is destroy other peoples relationships.

On the drive home I told Ambot that the sack of shit Platinum has no business trying to destroy that couple’s relationship. Not a big surprise to me that Ambot admitted the fucker was trying to convince Ambot to leave me because I wasn’t supportive of the Scamway pyramid scheme.

After a few unsuccessful months of trying his damnedest to convince Ambot to leave me, the cult leader tried another tactic. I’d quit going to Amway cult meetings and Ambot told me one night the bastard led the group in a prayerfest. He was bitching at Ambot and saying he wasn’t man enough for the Amway business and he didn’t deserve to be married to me because he wasn’t man enough. The sack of shit Platinum on behalf of World Wide Destructive Bastards led the Amway cult meeting into a prayer group, praying that I would find another man and leave Ambot.

And these fucking Amway cult members wonder why I can’t stand them and their WWDB values of busting up families and finances and bringing destruction to peoples lives. 

The only good thing that came out of that prayerfest is that Ambot saw the truth of this evil cult and stopped attending Amway meetings.

The Platinum’s reasoning which is part of the WWDB teachings is for any man not getting ahead in the Amway business is because his wife is holding him back and he should leave her. If an IBO has a potential prospect and the wife isn’t interested, the World Wide Destructive Bastards immediately jump on the bandwagon and proclaim its because this couple already has existing problems in their relationship.

The relationship problems only happen after getting involved in Amway. Happy marriages go sour after one spouse gets immersed in the Amway WWDB cult and is constantly badgered by the upline to get the PV/BV up there and buy more products to the point of sucking dry the bank accounts and maxing out credit cards. Attend more meetings chasing futile dreams. Put another dollar in. Put a few more thousand dollars in. Got to keep the Amway cult thriving.

World Wide Destructive Bastards WWDB really is unethical and immoral. They do not encourage a good family relationship and are only out to get your money.

Fucking demons! Burn in hell!


  1. As in religious cults, part of the programming is to teach that anyone who is "not one of them" is evil, negative and must be shunned. Friends, family, spouses. Anyone who represents a potential voice of reason to loosen the hold they have.


    1. That's me according to our upline - the unsupportive, evil, negative wife to be shunned! Ha ha! I shun you bastards first!!!

  2. Hello....was needing advice....anything. My best friend, (she isnt in the Amway mud as deep as the rest) her husband and 2 kids are in soooo deep into Amway that it is ruining our friendship as well as all her other friendships. Her husband and especially one child are not even recognizable. Do you have an email that I could talk to you personally for some advice on how to handle them? Thank you!!

    1. Anonymous - sadly there is not a lot you can do until your friend and possibly the whole family come to the realization that they're losing money, going into debt, have no time for nothing except Amway. Part of being in the Amway cult is the cult leaders brainwashing tactics are to remove the followers from people like yourself who can reason with their friends and show them proof that Amway is a pyramid scheme and only a small fraction of 1% of participants will make money. Amway is all about destroying relationships as you've found out. You might try reading a free ebook called Merchants of Deception to help you understand what's happening and try to get your friend to read it too. http://www.transgallaxys.com/~emerald/

      Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to "handle" them because the Amway cult leaders are all about removing their followers from anyone who is not involved in Amway. Its called information control. The Amway cult leaders do not want their followers getting information from anyone who is not their Amway upline because everyone else is liars and only the Amway cult leaders tell the truth and look after their downline. Well only as long as the money keeps coming in!

      I removed my email from my blog after getting some woman hater comments last year. Don't think the misogynist noticed my email or would have continued that route. You can leave me a comment with your email and ask me to delete the comment instead of publishing it.


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