Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Avoid Amway Scumbuckets Or This Will Happen To You Too!

Here’s an eye opening comment from a reader. Just more proof that no matter how high you climb the Amway pyramid the promised money is not there.

my wife ( now ex ) and I were double eagle rubies ., we won the diamond incentive award back in 1999( i think or 2000) anyway, everyone thought we were making money,, and we were....but mostly on tools,, and then on the bonus cheques...but most of all it was the yr end bonus chq that made a difference. however I was spending a ton of money travelling back east to work a let back there....loosing sleep. ,sleeping at airports..because I wanted to "do whatever it took" I have no regrets on doing what i did. however i do regret the type of person i became , just seeking attention and loving that other people would come around me at functions with their tape recorders wanting to know what i knew ( as if i was some guru) .. its not a humble ,walk soft type of business. at least not for my personality. The business is a good sound business. Its the people and the attitudes and the late nites and the people worshiping that was so so not right. and they say that anyone can build it. And i now do not agree...a shy, not aggressive person who has very limited funds and no desire to sell anything certainly can not build it...

I remember my upline bounced a bonus cheque on me when i was a 4000pv. and i still paid everone in my downline and no one reimbursed me for the bounced cheque...hmmm


OK here’s my showing that I wasn’t paying attention at Amway cult meetings - like that’s a big surprise for any of my regular readers to hear!

I have no idea what is a double eagle ruby! I know there was an Eagle in my upline cocksucking son of a bitch that he was. He had at least 6 people in his downline or maybe it was 8 or 9. He sponsored our sponsor and for that reason alone I can’t stand the fucking little troublemaker. Our sack of shit Platinum was always bragging that the little cocksucker was going double eagle next month or within the next couple of months and then he’d be Platinum in 3 months. NOT!!!!!  I don’t know what the ruby part of anything is. Anyway that fucker never did get there before following the Platinum over to Monavie and I don’t know how Monavie runs things though I think its somewhat similar names, levels as Amway so undoubtedly still going double eagle next month.

Anyway back to this guy’s story. I also have no idea what a Diamond incentive is, though clearly former double eagle ruby got a lot further in “the business” than most ambots do.

Like other unfortunate victims of the Amway cult it was the end of his marriage.

Let that be a lesson to all you couples out there considering getting involved in this pyramid scheme. The Amway scam business is more suited for single men with male chauvinist pig qualities. There is no place for women in the Amway good old boy’s club other than to support her husband. And of course to take the blame from the assholes in the Amway upline when his business isn’t going nowhere except down the shitter.
This fellow lets us know several things of what its really like in the Amway business. First of all he’s reached a level where everyone thought he should be making money in Amway. I remember all those Scamway meetings I attended and the cult leader would be telling us that Platinums make at least $75,000/year, Emeralds make at least $125K and so on and those Platinum and Emerald amounts go higher and higher with each meeting as they try to fire up the cult followers with all this money they'll be raking in and lying about how much it'll be. Go Platinum and youll be making $200,000 a year whoppeee!!! I’m not sure what the base mark income that the upline claims a double eagle ruby should be making but apparently it was another fable. However this is a level where he made money on tools and that was the bulk of the income plus a year end bonus check.

He spent a lot of money on travel expenses growing his business I suppose because the upline told him to do whatever it takes. Never question upline!

The biggest toll was Amway turned him into a person he did not like. He was becoming the person that I saw at functions. Money grubbing attention seekers who want to be worshipped by their cult followers.

This guy has some regrets which I have seen other former ambots exhibit too which is all part of the brainwashing process. Still brainwashed in some way after leaving Amway.  They still think Amway is a good business. They accept  that this is not the right business for them but don’t seem to accept that they’ve been scammed.

I like his honesty where he says you need a certain type personality to be in Amway and its not for everyone. People who are shy, not agressive, and don’t have unlimited funds should stay away from Amway.

Well hell everyone should stay away from Amway! Coming from someone who built this business once and apparently retired without seeing any of this fabled residual income rolling in forever, but still seems to think an Amway business is good for some people, he says its not for everyone.

Current ambots would just mock this fellow and say he didn’t try hard enough and taunt him that his wife left him because he wasn’t man enough for the Amway business.

Been there, heard it all. I know how those brainwashed Amway bastards think.

So much for the Amway meetings I attended where the cult leaders would tell the audience this business is so simple anyone can do it.

Upline bounced a check to him. No big surprise there. Our upline never had any money. Everyone upline up to the Platinum looked at my husband to provide refreshments for Amway meetings, buy snacks if they met at a coffee house, provide chairs, provide Amway motivational materials, etc, etc for everyone. When we tried to get our sponsor Captain Fuck Up to buy back all the extra duplicate tools we bought for all these scads of people who'd be interested in joining the Amway scam he declined saying he had no money. Big surprise there. Our upline had no problem violating Amway's policies particularly the one about how purchasing tools are optional and the upline is still obligated to help you build your Amway business and the upline is supposed to buy tools back if the IBO asks them to.

IF YOU DON"T BUY TOOLS THEN I WON'T WORK WITH YOU!!!! Heard that one at every Scamway meeting! Of course those scamming bastards are going to say that. Selling Tools is how they make the bulk of their income. Amway tool scam!

Here’s the thing. If someone writes you a bad check take it to the police and press fraud charges against the person and then file a claim against them in small claims court. I would not have hesitated to do that if anyone in our upline wrote us a bad check but then I didn’t like anyone in our upline. I assume this guy did like his upline and didn’t want to cause any problems for them.

His upline writing bad checks is more proof that Amway IBO’s are liars, scammers, committing fraud, and breaking the law. Not to mention all round disreputable people. Everyone in Amway are identical ambots. It's called duplicating your upline.

Avoid Amway scumbuckets at all costs! Or it will cost you lots of money and emotional distress!


  1. Why Amway leaders or rubies, or platinums never, ever show one of their "big,fat" checks to guests in opens, as proof to convince the business really pays off. why?

    1. Because they'll be caught out as liars and scammers! That's the same reason they don't show their profit & loss statements or tax info. They'll show photocopies of the big bucks commissions they're making from Scamway. After they've been doctored and photocopied again to cover it up!


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