Friday, December 20, 2013

15 Amway Products You Don't Want To Find Under Your Christmas Tree

I read an article obviously written by someone with a sense of humor who has a list of the 15 worst items for the holiday wish list from Amazon.

Oddly enough all of those Amazon items I can absolutely see Amway wanting to get on board and offer the same things to the ambots. Oh sure. Some Amway asshole is going to show up here and claim that Amway already offers cremation services and bags of bones!
So seeing as how every Amway meeting I attended the cult leader would be comparing Amway and Amazon (IMO - Amazon rules!) I have taken the opportunity by choosing the 15 worst Amway items to find under the Christmas tree.

What?! Only 15?! I have to stop at 15???!!!!  Shit! How do I narrow it down? Amway has so many shitty overpriced products I’d hate to find any of them under the Christmas tree. So here is my 15 in no particular order and like I say I hate to stop at only 15.
  1. XS (Cat Piss Water) Energy Drinks
  2. Perfect Water
  3. Any kind of Nutrilite vitamin
  4. SA8 Laundry Soap
  5. Amway Dish Drops dishwasher detergent
  6. Amway Trim Advantage
  7. Glister toothpaste
  8. Satinique shampoo
  9. Amway Debut tampons
  10. Any kind of Nutrilite food bars
  11. Artistry lipstick
  12. Nutripet dog food
  13. Artistry eye shadow
  14. Artistry time defiance cream
  15. Any Amway CD
The really scary thing is that when we were in the Amway cult can see my Ambot going out and buying those shitty Amway products to give to me or others as Christmas presents.

Talk about a really fucking nasty surprise when you get up on Christmas morning and see what's under the tree!



  1. Always wondered if they carry Amway condoms lol?

    1. HAHA, only, because they are Amway condoms, they have a 99.9% failure rate.


    2. Ha ha. We've been through this on another post. General vote among women is they would NOT trust any Amway birth control device no matter how much the ambots try to convince us its a prestige product!!!!! Jerry that's a good one. Everything about Amway is a 99.9% failure rate!

  2. Ron puryear use to say get people you know DVDs or CDs of Amway material as a Xmas gift.That spending on gifts was a bad idea. The cult leaders love ruining Xmas for us all

    1. Anonymous - the upline don't want their followers spending money on Nothing that's not an Amway sale because if you buy gifts or anything somewhere else then that means they're not making commission and profit on it. Yup the cult leaders ruin everything for us all not just Christmas.

  3. Tampons? TAMPONS??? Wow! Scamway didn't sell those, back in my day. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Take your shitty Amway products and shove 'em!"

    1. snazzybird - Debut are the worst leaky tampons around. They cost twice as much as Tampax without the absorption and leak protection. Of course in typical blame the victim fashion Amway men go around saying if the Amway tampons leak after an hour then us women must be putting them in wrong! You're right. Shove em!

  4. They told me to keep feeding my cat their crappy pet food "If he gets hungry enough he'll eat it" and he actually started to lose weight 'cause it was that bad.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I hope your cat has put the weight back on. Another poster left a comment on another post that their dog became very ill after eating Amway dog food and they had to take it to the emergency vet. Dog survived but they got a hefty vet bill. You don't see Amway helping out with vet bills do you. Feed to your pets at your own risk. Maybe its time to rerun one of those posts again.

  5. Thanks for yours information. Yours information efficiently done it.
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    1. I'm sure what you sell is way better than the overpriced substandard shit that Amway sells!


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