Friday, December 27, 2013

Amway Driven Holiday Stress

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season.

Not everyone who has someone in Amway has been enjoying the holidays. The Christmas and New Years holiday time can be stressful for people and its even worse when that stress is caused by Amway. Its very sad on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that people whose lives are being destroyed by Amway stop by and spend hours reading this blog following searches for “how to get someone out of Amway” or “how to get someone to stop working for Amway”. It was sad how many people had to spend this time reading the blog instead of spending this time with their loved ones who are obviously in Amway and ambots prefer to hang out with other ambots in other words only hang out with people their Amway cult leader gives them permission to hang out with. I hope reading this blog brought them some comfort in knowing they are not alone in this helpless feeling they have knowing that Amway is destroying their lives and it seems they are powerless to stop it.
Amway is a horrible evil that can descend on anyone’s home. People whose only Christmas wish that their loved one gets the hell out of the Amway cult. Christmas is usually when people spend time with their loved ones. Unfortunately Amway is all about destroying families and people turn to the Internet to find assistance from others who have gone through this miserable time in their lives.

What was disturbing according to the searches were those who made several return visits back to the blog on Christmas Day hoping against hope that we were going to post something new. That’s how desperate some people are to get any information. Sorry but us bananas had other things to do on Christmas Day than think about Amway and go online.

To those people who are dealing with loved ones inside the Amway cult, I hope 2014 is a better year for you and your loved one sees the light real soon and gets out of Amway before too much more emotional and financial damage is done.

To all you readers, I wish you a happy and prosperous and Amway-free 2014!

Happy New Year!




  1. Happy Christmas and 2014 Anna. Thank you for helping me to with my resolve to keep MLM out of my life.

    I sent my ex a copy of Merchants of Deception. Initial response - blah blah blah "negative dreamstealers" "job-loving losers"; later response "oh well that's just Amway - Amway is a bad MLM the others are good" even later response "maybe I should do an income and expenditure sheet". Hopefully the beginning of the end.

    I'm not sure I will take him back though after all the upset he has caused me. At least I don't get Christmas presents of Herbal Life perfume, powdered shakes, vitamins and "self-improvement" CDs anymore. Similar crap to Amway over-priced bad quality!

    Thanks also for introducing me to David Brear's blog :-)

    ~Ex-girlfriend of a Herbot

    1. Hi there Herbot's ex! Best wishes to you for 2014 too!

    2. Thanks Anna,

      I recommend anyone affected by MLM cults to visit Ethan Vanderbuilt's scam busting website. He has done some excellent videos demonstrating why these companies are scams. Here is the one he did on Amway and I have told him about your site so that it can help in the scam busting cause:

      Also Robert Fitzpatricks book called False Profits which among other things really goes to town on why these MLM cults cause distress not just to family and friends but to the very moral fabric of society.

      Wishing everyone here an Amway-free and MLM-free 2014 :-)

      ~Ex-girlfriend of a Herbot.

    3. Thanks for stopping by with the link Herbot's ex. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. I've been reading your blog and most of the things that you have said are true. Although that they do no have children, they do have a dog and they do not take care of their dog like they should. They neglect her health by not taking her to a vet like most people should, her cage is in a dark closet where she gets no sunlight and stays in there almost all day. Their dog is wonderful and I love their dog very much just like I love my own.

    Another thing I would like to point out is that they have been burnt by their upline and my brother-in-law and sister is still in it. Instead of following their upline, they are following the upline's parents and I'm afraid that the parents will burn them too. Its been about 5-6 years and they still aren't "Diamond" like they say they are and I'm sad of how much my sister has changed. Its so sad, because I don't even recognize her anymore.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your sister. Yeah when you're in Amway its all about neglecting everything else in your life to devote all your love to Amway products and the assholes in your Amway upline. And yes they'll burn you every time. The upline is only interested in your money and if they're not getting it or not getting enough of it then the abuse worsens. They can be in 50 or 60 years and likely still won't go Diamond. There's less than 1% chance of making money in Amway and even lower to actually reach Diamond level where you can share in the profits from selling motivational tools. I hope things improve for you in 2014 and your sister gets out of this evil cult.

    2. Hi Anonymous & I'm also sorry to hear about your sister & brother-in-law. Though you are unable to change how your family think & act due to being 'under the spell' of Amway/MLM - can you offer to take their dog? Maybe say your dog needs a companion? I'm saddened hearing about their poor dog not having a life - our doggy enjoys running around our yard! Anyways, I do hope your sister & BIL "wake-up" & change direction with their lives in a more positive way - fingers crossed! On a happier note I'm glad you are finding our lovely Anna's Blog helpful, Anon! Cheers from; Lady G!

    3. Hi Lady G. The worse thing is these people are probably feeding their dog Amway dog food. Some readers have complained about their dogs having health issues and going to emergency vet care. With my dogs I saw more dog shit than I've ever seen before. That's what happens when you feed dogs dog food with lots of fillers rather than the quality dog food you can buy at pet stores with low stool benefits.

  3. I made several visits to your blog on Christmas, as I do almost every day. Don't feel bad for me. My loved ones hate amway, and I've been free of it for a LONG time. I just come here cause your blog makes me laugh my ass off at the expense of ambots and I LOVE IT!! Best wishes to You, the regulars, and the lurkers. :-)

    1. Ambot Dick - surely not on Christmas Day! There were several visitors during the Christmas season but visitors were down. I'd say about 700 visitors a day but then we didn't have much new content all month. Yes this blog is the place to come to laugh at ambots. At Amway meetings ambots insult the rest of the world because in their minds they are better than everyone else. Around here we turn the tables and insult them by telling it like it is. And yes making it funny keeps people back to read. Keep them entertained! Whatever we can do to find something about ambots that makes them look like a bunch of idiots - and that's easy to do! We make them look even funnier and stupider than they are.


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