Monday, January 13, 2014

Amway Ambots Sniping Prospects On Facebook

About 2 months after Facebook became live on the Internet a guy I know sent me a friend request. I didn’t know what Facebook was so I left the email alone for awhile and then one day I finally clicked on the link, accepted the friend request and registered. He sent me a message saying he was happy I’d joined and almost right away a couple other people I knew through him also sent me friend requests. They already had many friends signed up and some of them sent me friend requests too even though I didn’t actually know them I accepted the request. In the beginning I thought it was weird that people who had never met me in person wanted to be my friend. I joined a couple of groups - schools I went to and organizations I was part of - and signed up people I really knew as friends. I even sent friend requests to a few people I didn’t know but were friends of friends. Still seems weird.


Facebook was kind of a good thing. I’ve reconnected with people I lost contact with many years ago. I’ve also met some new people through various groups. I’m not huge on Facebook but I check it and post photos and send messages to friends and family. I’m not on there every hour changing my status or seeing what my friends are doing but I’m on a few times a week. I can see why its also known as Lamebook or Crackbook but fortunately I’m not that addicted.


Back in the early days of Facebook whenever somebody posted a comment on your friend’s wall that would show up on your news feeds too. Actually get kind of annoying seeing all these comments that people you don’t know have written on other people’s walls and on and on it’d go. It hasn’t been like that in a couple of years.


There’s a woman who I’ve never met but we’re both members of the same online group and have friends in common so we became Facebook friends but we don’t interact all that much. One day I noticed some man had posted a comment to her wall because it showed up in my news feed. The fellow’s photo showed him dressed in a suit and he’d written a message to the effect of thank you for accepting my friend request and I look forward to networking with you in the future.


I thought that was a little weird for someone to say. When you get a new friend on Facebook you write a little hello message and maybe compliment their photos. But looking forward to networking with someone? Screams Amway all over it.


Ambot didn’t sign on to Facebook until after he joined Amway. The sack of shit Platinum would bring it up mostly when he was talking about the name list all IBO’s have to make of people they know. He said if you have 800 900 1000 friends on Facebook you can prospect them all as potential IBO’s or customers.


That seems creepy to me. I’d say if you have more than a couple of hundred friends on Facebook you probably don’t know all of them personally. Using Facebook to snipe friends as Amway prospects just seems screwy to me.


But Ambot decides the Platinum might actually know something and spends all his free time and there’s not much of that when you’re involved in Amway looking to snipe new friends he can prospect into the Amway cult. He goes nutso signing up “friends” and Facebook suspended his account. I believe there is a maximum amount of “friends” you’re allowed to sign up daily and he exceeded it. He was getting warning messages from Facebook saying he was approaching his daily limit of friends and that he would get blocked if he didn’t stop. And then his account got suspended! Ha! Did it not occur to Ambot that Facebook puts limits in effect to stop people from spamming or signing up “friends” for business purposes - like potential Amway prospects! Like Ambot is the first person involved in an MLM who thought about using Facebook to prospect for recruits!


Its also possible that some of these unknown friends were complaining to Facebook or maybe after a person gets enough declines on friend requests that Facebook suspends them.


For all the effort Ambot put into signing up unknown people as Crackbook friends and I’d have to say he got a couple of hundred he never got a single one of them to an Amway meeting or purchase any products.

That would be over 99% failure rate recruiting Amway prospects on Facebook. Get used to it. Amway has over 99% failure rate in making money at their scam too.



  1. Remember guys. This one story is applicable to every person not just contracting with Amway, but with every person under the Network Marketing umbrella. Clearly, this guy was the head of all Amway training organizations simultaneously and now millions of IBOs will start duplicating this behavior. Careful! The AMBOTFACE era has begun!


  2. Shortly after our friend joined Amway, our daughter started getting Facebook "your friend request has been accepted" notifications from strangers, as though SHE had friend-requested THEM. Their FB profiles all had buzzwords like J.O.B. in the statuses and entrepreneur or CEO of some fictional company as their employment. Apparently someone hacked into her FB and sent these friend requests. Creepy! She also got phone calls from strangers with "business opportunities" who said our friend gave them her name (though he denies it). She started screening her calls, changed her FB password and deleted and blocked all of them, including our friend, and has had no further problems. Damaged our friendship with Ambot, but that's what Amway does to relationships.

    1. Yup beware of friends on Facebook who slam you with creepy emails full of Amway ambot buzz words! Absolutely your ambot friend gave out her name. He has to provide his upline with a contact list. The assholes in the Amway upline have no qualms about sniping their downline's prospects.

  3. I learn my lesson with clicking Facebook and email links. That's one way hackers hack into your account. Thought it might be useful to some here.

  4. I was told by a top producer in a mlm deal to never prospect family,friends, Facebook etc. His trick for building massive organization was going after professionals, salon owners, and sales super stars. The average friend or family has no sales background and can't recruit. They also have limited contacts and no credibility

  5. This happened to me as well in 2012. My former squad leader from my days in the U.S. Army contacted me through Facebook (I had left the military several years before) asking for my phone number because he was working with a new company (we were Army Reserve) and needed people like me. I assumed that this was legit and that he based this on experience working with me in the Army. He asked to meet up at a Tim Horton's near my home and when we met everything sounded on the level ( no mention of what this entailed just yet). The whole next week was constant texts and calls from this guy that seemed overly friendly, even for this guy, who was pretty friendly to begin with. We met a week later and now the big "A" word comes up. I live in Michigan (HOME of Assway) and hadn't heard of it before, not to mention he referred to UR Associates instead during the first meeting, which I hadn't thought to research yet. Next thing I know his song and dance is in full motion, he gives me a bag of assorted shit, and invites me to a barbecue at his house, all while talking about all the money I can make doing this. I was 29 at the time, with 8 years of military service (including 2 tours in combat), and had just taken a promotion in one of the top corporations in the world with plenty of honest opportunity to continue upward. I'm no dummy, and this sounds far too good to be true. That evening I couldn't research this (internet was out) but I tried one of the XS Energy Drinks in the I drink energy drinks, and HOLY JUMPING FUCKING SHITBALLS! That was some nasty shit! Tried a food bar...fuck that! Threw it in the trash and had a Scotch to get the taste out of my mouth. Then, not one hour after I had gotten phone rings. Now his "business associates" are going to be at this barbecue, which originally sounded like it would be his wife and kids, plus myself and fiance at the time. Something's amiss. The next day, I start researching Amway...SONOFABITCH! Aside from this blog, TONS of other sites saying the same thing, which just cemented what was already starting to form in my mind...RUN! Told him I couldn't make it to his barbecue, and the day of, I'll be damned of one of his "associates" didn't call me himself to pressure me into coming, prompting me to ask "Hey, motherfucker? How'd you even get my number?" After saying no in very impolite terms, I hung up. The original aquaintence of mine, no joke, texted or called me several times a day for months. I just ignored it until it stopped. Funny part is, after he got the hint he unfriended me on Facebook...guess Amway even trumps serving in combat together for those Ambots.

    1. Tekid - thank you for serving our country.

      Your story is very familiar. Ambot coming out of the woodwork after years of no contact. Denial its Amway by using another name. BBQ in disguise. Thanks for sharing. I might feature your comments in a post down the road.

  6. Use them, arm the masses with knowledge! On the plus side, it taught me how to pick up on an imminent Ambot pitch before it goes far and shoot it down quickly, so the next couple that I'd come across had zero chance!

    1. Tekid - that's why sites like this exist. We blog about the lines Amway ambots use so others can be warned and know when they're being prospected.

  7. Ok, so your blog is awesome anna banana! I have a little story to tell. I work at a Barnes & Noble, and some time ago, I started to notice this customer that would come in rather frequently. He didn't spot me right away, but eventually made his way to me after about two months. He would have valid questions at times, like "do you have said title", or I'm lookling for this author" and stuff like that. But after we started talking and he became more familiar he started asking me about places I liked to hang-out at, when I was off and such!

    Now, he new I am gay because I wear an ID with a rainbow pin that sais "I'M GAY". So he would invite me parties, get-togethers and even on a trip with him to Florida! I would reject every attempt due to the fact I've never been hit-on by another guy or girl (I'm not that attractive-trust me, I know).

    The last time he tried to invite me to have dinner with him he said "Look, I'm not trying to sell you anything, all I want is to go out with you and get to know you better".

    I still rejected his last request to hang-out together. A few weeks later a colegue of mine (someone from work) told me she was getting hit-on by some guy and she at first felt flattered by it, but she later found out that all he was doing was prospecting her. One of her friends told her this guy did the same thing to her. A couple of days later she pointed out THE GUY that was flirting with her...SURPRICE, it was the same guy whom wanted to take me out for dinner!

    My questions is, will theses guys do anything for a prospect? That the most degrating situation I've ever been in, I mean...I feel bad for the guy, he had to pretend he was gay just to bring someone to a meeting!


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