Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amway Courier Can’t Get It Done

A friend works in an office building that’s about 14 or 15 stories high. Her company is spread out over 3 or 4 floors I think of the building. There’s retail stores and a coffee shop on the ground floor and all kinds of different businesses and offices on the upper floors.

I went to her building to meet her for lunch. I went up to the floor where she works and chatted with the receptionist while I waited for my friend to come out. The mail girl showed up pushing the mail cart and dropped off some things to the receptionist. One of the things she pulls out is a courier card and she’s not sure how it ended up in her cart, who put it there, and the two of them are having a discussion about it. It appears the courier tried to drop off something after hours. After 5pm the building’s elevators shut down and have to be activated with a security card. Staff in all the companies get security cards specific to their floor so if they come in before or after their shift they can get to their floor but they won’t be able to get to floor of other companies.

First of all I’m thinking what the hell courier is dropping off after 5pm. I know a man who drives a courier truck and he says they make their deliveries in the morning and pick ups in the afternoon. Then he has to get to their warehouse by 4pm for sorting and to make sure the packages going by overnight air courier get to the airport.

But then the mail girl floors me. She says the dreaded “A” word. You know the word that ambots avoid saying. Amway! Its an Amway courier. Now that catches my attention. Amway has their own courier company delivering packages of shit to nasty little ambots. Doubt it.

As far as I remember we used to get Amway’s packages of shit delivered by good old USPS. So I don’t know if Amway has abolished the mail and delivering everything by courier now or if whoever ordered the shitty overpriced products was in a big hurry to get them and begged Amway to send them by courier. Did he run of prestige toilet paper?

And why would an ambot want to embarrass themselves and have Amway send the package of shit to their workplace so everyone knows you’re a loser who bought overpriced shitty Amway products. We never had Amway shit delivered to our shop. Always to our house. If we weren’t home the mailman just left the box of shit on our top step its not like we had to sign for anything. Nobody every stole it. Damn it! Who would want shitty Amway products unless they’re a brainwashed Amway ambot.

It would be just too fucking embarrassing to have something with Amway written all over delivered to the workplace. And why would a person who works in a company where it can’t be delivered to their desk want their box of shit delivered there. Talk about fucking embarrassing having a box with Amway written on it delivered to where you work and all the hands its got to touch before it gets to your desk. Mailroom person, receptionist, etc. Embarrasment aside, its causing extra work for coworkers to handle a package which is clearly a personal thing and not something work related. Amway ambots are inconsiderate pricks that way. They don’t give a fuck about anyone else if they’re not making a buck off them. They think they’re better than everyone else and that’s why the rest of the world should cater to their every need. So let their lowly coworkers be inconvenienced. None of their coworkers are big shot hot shit business owners like they are.

So the mail girl is standing there holding a courier missed delivery card because the courier arrived sometime after 5pm. Isn’t it just like Amway to contract the services of a courier company that can’t get their deliveries completed during normal working hours.

Mail girl and receptionist look at the card and there is no clue which of the several hundred employees it should be delivered to in their company though why anyone would want a box of overpriced shitty products is another mystery and one that they weren’t trying to solve.

As you might guess I came to the rescue with my suggestion. There’s only one thing you can do with anything Amway.

“Throw it in the garbage.”

And the mail girl crumpled up the card and dumped it.

Don’t we all wish it could be that easy to get rid of everything Amway!


  1. They do have a courier service they use. Scared me a few weeks back because I was at home when they came, but I didn't answer the door. I always peek in peephole first and they weren't in a uniform. I didn't see the package and figured it was someone soliciting. They got into a white panel van with no distinguishable markings. I opened the door and saw a little package and as it turned out after opening it, it was Amway.

    Missing Normal

    1. Hi Missing Normal. Everything about Amwayis scary... including their couriers! Sneaking around in unmarked vans and no ID. Yup sounds just like a company Amway would hire.

  2. Hello anna. I enjoy your blog. I have been to a 'plan'. I have no sympathy for people who get caught in this. The plan i saw talked about making big money in a couple of years. There was no mention of satisfying a customer or in fact of anything concerning what value the 'business' was delivering so that fair rewards could be expected. Seemed to me this is all based on greed. I expect those who join are also driven by greed. I suppose many are convinced by the strong pitch tactics. So its a pity so many throw money away but not sure they deserve much sympathy.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you're enjoying the blog. Amway is all about lying and scamming. Most peoples morals kick in after awhile and they quit. The ones who don't give a shit about hurting others stick around. Amway the cult of greed.

  3. Went there to arrange for delivery of a package, they told me that I needed to fill out an application, since I needed to get this shipment out ASAP, they really helped me. They did everything properly.

  4. Yesterday the mailman let a notice at my door that he could not deliver a package as I was not home. I did not order anything but the sender is noted as Amway. Postage due of $32.00 also. Really weird. I'm just going to ignore the notice and let the stuff sit at postoffice but I was curious and lo' found this website.

    1. Anonymous thats pretty creepy almost like Amway has a new scam they're trying out. There are scammers that send out stuff and invoice and hope to get some suckers who will actually pay until they realize they've been scammed. Return to sender on that one!

    2. Have any friends who are Amway IBOs?

      They may be using you as a "customer", as to meet safeguard rules. They buy the stuff and then have it mailed to you to make it look as if you had purchased it. They get to call you a customer and meet their monthly quotas.
      I'd be weary of this. Likely, whoever it is will ask you how you like the products and then the pitch begins.
      Don't fall for it, deny ever receiving any products, and just say no.


    3. Thats a good point Jerry. Amway cult leaders might be teaching a COD scam to their followers.

  5. Same, post office left card, postage due $36.00. Never ordered anything. I believe the package is part of a quixstar lawsuit.


    Bundles 11, 6, 4, 9, 1, 2 have been shipped.
    Bundles 3 and 12 will be completed the week of February 3rd.
    Bundles 7, 10 and 8 will be completed by February 15th
    Bundle 5 will be completed by February 25th.


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