Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amway Mantra – You WILL Be Dead Or Broke By Age 65!

Who remembers sitting through boring Amway meetings listening to some sack of shit Amway asshole spouting off about how 95% of the population will be dead or broke by age 65. And the other 5%? They had their own businesses.


Where do these liars come up with this? Pulling it out of their asses? Ask the cult leader where they got that statistic from. Never question upline! Holy fuck you’ll be humiliated at the next ten Amway meetings for that sacrilege. Our sack of shit Platinum said he thought it was on the census. Yeah I remember seeing those questions on the census form: “If you’re under the age of 65 are you dead?” and “Are you broke?” LOL!!!!


As for people dying before age 65, sadly people die for all kinds of reasons, no point in going into morbid details. No matter how much Amway ambots try to sell you some snake oil pills to save your life! I can’t find anywhere on the Internet what percentage of people died before they turned 65. If I can’t find it how can those lying Amway IBO’s find it? They can’t! They make up these lies and the rest of us who aren’t brainwashed ambots our bullshit meter kicks in and says are you fucked in the head for believing that shit you’re spouting.


These days people are living a lot longer. We have great advances in medical and science and generally speaking people live healthier lifestyles watching what they eat, exercising, and not smoking. People with healthy lifestyles are easily living into their 80’s and 90’s. They grew up in a generation before credit cards and going into debt existed. They own their own homes, collect social security, and have savings and investments that they live off.


How does any Amway ambot know the actual percentage of how many people are broke by age 65. What government survey asks the question “are you broke”. I’m not sure many people would admit to it on a survey anyway!


I can find no government statistics that proves 95% of the population is dead or broke by age 65, therefore its easy to come to the logical conclusion that any Amway ambot who spouts off this bullshit is a liar probably repeating lies that originated from some Amway asshole further upline.


There are lots of people who plan badly for their future. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. There are lots of people who aren’t business owners. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. That’s just some sack of shit Amway asshole trying to instill fear so people will sign up for their Amway scam.


Other things may happen too. A spouse might die, loss of a job could lead to other financial woes such as unable to pay the mortgage and eventual foreclosure, or illness or injury could make earning a living nearly impossible.


The above paragraph defines people that IBO’s typically prey upon to recruit into Amway. People who are already in a sad state of affairs and in a poor financial position and who can least afford to lose money are sucked into the Amway scheme by nasty ambots who fill their heads with dreams of financial freedom.


What about the Amway ambot lie about the 5% of the population who are not dead or broke by age 65 simply by the virtue of owning their own business.


Owning your own business puts an invisible shield around you that guards you from being killed in an accident or dying from a disease or losing all your money by age 65?


Apparently that’s what brainwashed ambots believe. Brainwashed ambots also believe that because someone owns a business they will be successful and never be broke.


Another lie taught by the lying Amway upline assholes. Business fail for all kinds of reasons sometimes at great personal financial loss to the business owner that they might never be able to recover from. Including phony Amway businesses!


The upline brainwashes ambots into believing they are real business owners because they slapped down $200 or whatever the current fee is for an Amway registration fee and $300/month minimum for Amway products for personal consumption, and a few hundred more a month on Amway tools and functions. The upline Amway assholes preaches that this means they are part of the imaginary 5% of business owners who will live past age 65 and will never be broke.


Anyone thinking of signing up to this Amway fantasy business that heard  the old Amway mantra about being dead of broke by age 65 ask the ambot liar to show government documented proof of those statistics. Would be interesting to see what they come up with. Pretty hard to back peddle out of that lie!



  1. Back in the 80s when I was buying life insurance the illustrations used, no idea how accurate they were, was that a third of people died before 65. I suspect with medical advances lower now, thanks, James

    1. Thats what I think too James. Up to that point there were more war casualties too. How accurate it is - well a third is a lot different than the ambot 95%.

  2. Hi Anna, I found your blog early last year and I have to admit I love it! It's so real and sometimes personal. I find myself feeling bad for some of these lame-saps, and to tell you the truth, I knew someone back in my day who was part of this. Now that was maybe a good thirty years ago, however, you know...there's something that surprices me!

    These Amway recruiters are teaching the same old information that they used to back in my day! I guess I just find that so difficult to believe. There was alaways something that didn't sit right with me about this company though. Sometimes I would look at them and I would try to imagine what it would feel like to try to move past a dead-end.

    I mean, a dead-end will never take you anywhere, there is no further road from a dead-end! I feel strongly for those poor souls.

    Thank you for your blog Ms. Anna-Banana, you are doing something, which will soon save so many victims, you're god-send, thank and hugs and kisses.



    1. Thank you Maggie. Nothing ever changes in Amway except the faces and the $$$ keep going up.

  3. Stats for you.
    1940 = 2559000 approx births (in US)
    2005 = 2448000 approx deaths (in US;65 years)
    Divide the number of deaths from the number of births = 95%

    1. Anonymous - thanks for clueing us in on how those dumb ass Amway ambots manipulate the cult followers. Those lying assholes in the Amway upline appear to be claiming that everyone who died in the US in 2005 was born in 1940. Those lying Amway assholes refuse to believe that anybody who died in 2005 could have been born in another year than 1940. Those lying Amway assholes also can't take into account since 1940 the US has had a population explosion and lots of immigration. But thanks for giving us a peak into how those lying Amway assholes scam their way through that dead by age 65! Holy shit!

    2. Manipulating facts the support theories as opposed to manipulating theories to support facts.
      How many of those who had died in 2005 were 65 or younger?
      At that rate, according to your logic, the population of the US would have remained nearly constant, not grown as census stats would show, as 95% of those born in 1940 were part of that death total.
      Also, since Amway has been around roughly that long, I'd say Ambots were part of that figure, right?
      Better get living, instead of chasing money around.

    3. Jerry - yesterday at 1:29 an Amway employee at Alticor's head office in Michigan was fucking around on the Internet instead of getting their work done and was looking at this post. At the exact same minute those 1940-2005 statistics are posted on the same post the Amway employee is looking at. Coincidence? You be the judge. Their must be an Amway bible at their head office full of lies and statistics the ambots can manipulate to scam others.

  4. I have to disagree with fact that nothing changes in Amway. I know because my husband is involved and I have been out to meetings, a dream night and prospecting. The way they recruit prospects involve a qualifying them through a series of 5-7 meetings, ultimately with a mentor agreeing to mentor the new ibo. There is a specific dialog that ibos use when prospecting where they basically state they own a small business, they are looking to expand and they're always looking for sharp and ambitious people to work with. I got pissed because I posted an ad on Craigslist and some other ibo contacted me saying that he owned a 7/11 and a Subway, and then gave me the same speech I've heard others in Amway spout off. I was pissed. This business is only semi feasible if you're already making a certain level of income. You need about $500 extra a month just to maintain your amway ditto order and the communikate fees, and the wwg website membership and the digital delivery. This does not include gas to and from functions, board plans, meetings with prospects etc.... My husband to his credit, tells people he's in amway, but he literally makes phone calls to anyone whose number he has to make a sale...it doesn't matter that he hasn't spoken to them in a few years. We can't make simple trips out to the store without him getting pissed off if wasn't able to prospect or even talk to someone else. There are way too many variables for this business to work. You have to find someone to sign up, make sure they maintain personal use, and sign up others, and that they don't quit. Finding this not as easy as your upline claims. Our upline always talks about living out of your car if you have to in order to maintain your pv or more..... I can assure you that our mentors have never "lived out of their cars" so to speak. I pray every night that we can escape this and be normal.

    1. You know, it's the second time I heard about this 5-7 meeting thing to recruit prospects. While it might be common where you live, I can confirm it's not a tactic that's used everywhere. Where I live it's all about finding people who are "hungry for more" and sign them up. No interviews necessary, just show the plan and see what happens next (clue: most people say 'no' with varying levels of politeness).

      And it's true... finding people who are interested in this is next to impossible. Hell, if you have a 10% conversion rate, you can consider yourself lucky. Especially when you exhaust your "warm" list and you have to start talking to complete strangers.

      I sincerely hope you can escape this hell.

    2. Tobbi,
      Doesn't it make you wonder, have they actually turned anyone down? Has a recruit come about that, though thoroughly excited and fired up, did not meet their qualifications? And what are these qualifications 'mentors' are looking for, aside from being fired up and the lack of will to ask questions?
      I know when I was asked to join, they wouldn't let me make a decision for at least one private plan, one plan at a weekly, and another meeting to give my decision. Because of my situation at the time with an Ambot, I gave them a run around until finally telling them no, and that I would not discuss it further. Maybe this is a state to state, or province to province, rule requiring a cooling period.
      I'm not sure, but it would provide a more stable down line, albeit smaller and therefore, less profitable.
      Also, wouldn't it alleviate the need for the tools if they are looking for qualified, enthusiastic new members? Who needs to pay for encouragement if you already hold the proper qualifications to be successful?
      Or it could be a ruse to trick newbies into thinking they are significantly better than someone who wasn't asked to join, giving them an initial boost of confidence, though anybody with a pulse would qualify.

    3. Yes, there were 5 - 7 meetings in Amway. Kind of pre-meeting to the 8pm Amway warrior meeting. It didn't always last the whole 2 hours, depends on how many ambots had been summoned. Mostly it was 1 on 1 with some upline asshole like the sack of shit Platinum where you'd get bitched at because you hadn't been bringing prospects to Scamway meetings.

  5. The 5-7 meetings is something that WWG is specifically doing. I know there are other similar mentoring groups affiliated with Amway, but I know nothing about the prospecting techniques. I wasn't clear in my last message, but I was upset about the Amway ibo contacting me from my post on Craigslist because I was looking for a legitimate job to pay bills. Amway is not an immediate way to earn money. A person needs to have an income in order to be involved with any mlm company. The way WWG is handling things is during the first meeting, the prospect is given a book to read in 4 days. In 4 days they meet up again, discuss what is in the book, and then lock the prospect into a board plan with an upline. The meetings at that point forward are to be with the prospect and a mentor they've been introduced to during the board meeting. One of the meetings goes over finances, but does not discuss everything the prospect will incur, such as gas.... just that all business related expenses are tax write offs. The final meeting is to sign up the prospect. Some of the habits they try to instill in ibos aren't bad. Reading from a educational book on relationships or successful business practices is great. However, I am not a fan of having to listen to WWG produced cds. It's annoying. I don't find them inspiring. The products (most of them) are good, but overpriced for retail. I am surprised we've found people to buy them.

    Another thing we are taught not to do is consult or research online. There is too much negativity, and it's done by anonymous bloggers who are "too scared" to put their names out there. I post anonymous at the moment because my husband is an active ibo. I am only posting because we are told that the majority of anti amway blogs are written by the same person(s). I know this isn't true because I have put my voice out here.

    1. Those fucked up Amway ambots are all over Craigslist with their phony help wanted ads. That's what scammers do.

      Its really embarrassing for people to admit they're in or used to be in Amway that's why most people don't use their real names so people don't laugh at them for getting involved in the Amway cult.

      I hope you find a job.

  6. Thanks Anna and everyone else. Due to my husband's level of commitment, I fear I personally won't be able to help him escape this in a timely manner. It sucks, but I will continue to read this blog and help comment to give people searching for current information on the WWG/Amway debacle a more informed decision before deciding one way or another. I know a lot of ambots show up and get mad and say Anna is spewing garbage and doesn't know anything about this business, however, I can personally attest to the fact that everything I was asked to consider prior to getting involved are things I have seen go awry. Some people might see Anna and other ex ibos as bitter, but I personally don't.

    Anonymous aka Missing Life


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