Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Amway Employee Who Graduated From Amway University Speaks Up!

Every now and then I get a visitor from Amway’s head office in Ada, Michigan who’ve got nothing better to do with their time than fuck around on the Internet instead of getting their work done and occasionally employees past and present leave comments.

Its getting time for Amway to do the annual reviews on the employees so this person from Amway’s customer service department aka the I-don’t-give-a-shit-desk is checking the qualifications for getting a job at Amway to make sure they’re up to snuff and still possess all those qualifications so they can gloat about it at their job performance review. If I ever get around to updating that list of Amway employee qualifications I better add “inability to string a sentence together”!!!

And yes this is a very accurate description of the customer service one can expect if they contact Amway’s head office in Ada Michigan. Having an Amway employee swear at me on the phone is no skin off my ass. I can handle the language though I can see how some ambot prudes might not like that treatment. This employee is a shining example of the quality Amway strives for in its hiring process.

Lmao yu are very pathetic I'm a customer service represative from Amway and yes honey straight from ADA mi while yu failed in our business theirs others reaching diamond platinum level don't blame others for yur failure I help every single day these ibo' s get to the level their at quite frankly I'm happy yur sorryass is not with amway anymore yu were prolly the people who would call in constantly to report they did not recieve orders, items we will never doubt yu and always process replacements were not dumb we no half of these reports are bs but hey were Amway we can do that shit and honey yu want to talk about high prices quality cost my love if yu can't afford it don't join then yu make me laugh with yur dumb posts I did not know ver brainwash people lmao well while u sit here and stress over Amway we will keep doing our thing if yu ever want to chat give us a call yu have our number if yu don't its public honey make sure yu speak with one of us in ADA mi and I really do hope u yu accept my post time to here it from an actual

Even though the Amway customer service rep says s/he is not dumb I checked the comment for readability to see what grade level it is and its zero. Not even grade one level. Yup that sounds about right for qualifying for a job at Amway! Ha ha!!!

Is this a good place to put in that every now and then some dumb fuck Amway ambot shows up at this blog and accuses me of not being educated. Well I might not have graduated from Amway university but I can put a more readable paragraph together better than an Amway employee!

The interesting thing is this Amway employee says IBO’s phone and complain they didn’t get their order so Amway sends a replacement. And accuses me of doing it. Uh that would be a big NO. If the Amway shit we ordered didn’t show up my first call will be to the credit card company to get the charges reversed. I ain’t calling Amway to get them to send the order again. We have enough Amway shit in the house! Our sack of shit Platinum did give us tips to screw over Amway and get free products sent out but I don’t recall ever hearing the “pretend the goods didn’t show up” scam. Not saying it wasn’t taught to our group just that I don’t remember that one. Any time a box full of Amway shit does not show up at the house that’s a good day!


  1. My excuses for poor grammer is English is my 2nd language. This person from Ada seems to be your typical ambot or amway employee. Probably a high-school dropout and making minimum wage and selling soap

    1. Anonymous - that's what I say. Typical Amway employee.

  2. Perhaps you do not understand. Qualifications to be an Amway employee (not IBO) is get hired by a temp agency, Then pray to whoever you worship that they hire you full time. Percent chance of that happening is probably around 5%.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I've had Amway employees stop by to complain about their employer. Mostly the shitty wages, shitty working conditions, no benefits after 20 years that sort of thing. Shitty employers keep staff as temps so they can get out of benefits, etc. Amways not the only one but 95% are temps, thanks for the update. I think most staff should be praying they find a better job with a company that will treat them decent.

  3. Wow, even as a have to admit that if (s)he is really this illiterate, we have a problem here! I can't even decipher what this individual is trying to communicate. I've never tried this hard to understand anyone before (and I'm a high school graduate only-no college). I'm sorry you had to read that gibberish Anna, however, there are some Amway sub-humans out there unfit for "real-world" communication skills!

    1. Its hard to decipher what anyone in Amway says!

  4. Hello! I happened upon your blog while doing a search about The Goads. I was curious to see what they were up to theses days and whether or not they were still involved with the motivational Amway functions. I do enjoy the one Christian album they put out, even if they did change the words to a couple of their songs from the motivational side to being a Christian-themed song. I know this particular blog post isn't about the Goads, but I wanted to share how I got here.

    Anyway, I keep reading about Amway emoloyees in ADA, MI. The example you poasted from the alleged customer service rep sounds more like an ambot troll than an actual employee. I have SOME minimal insight to ADA and Amway, itself, as I, too, was an ambot for about four years in the late 80s. I credit my experience with them for giving me such an arrogant attitude at the time that I willingly let my Air Force career (eblisted) go down the drain. Wanted to do 20yrs, but NO! I was going to retire in about 3-5 years as a Diamond! I am getting pissed just thinking about it now.

    I also can say that my cousin's husband was an actual Amway executive. I believe he was responsible for the overall printing operation for the catalogs. Not sure. He was an executive VP, though, for a time there, and eventually retired in his mid 50s, but from a different company. He once told me that Amway employees are just that....employees. If they wanted to join the IBO side of the business, they would have to quit working for Amway, itself. Strange that that policy is in olace. You would think that they would encourage their employees to succeed and move on within the system. This information is well over 20 years old, and may have changed.

    Thought I would share. Hope I was able to contribute. I have enjoyed this blog. I tend to go back and get some negativity training in order to remind me that this was all complete bull. I was in utter shock when I learned about the volume of cash coming from the tools side of the business. That's when it all made sense.

    Even after over 20 years, I still find myself wondering "what if", having been conditioned in this cult for four years. Fortunately, my bullshit detector is fine tuned and I can tell when I'm being prospected by anyone from any MLM. World Ventures was my most recent experience...vacation travel agent MLM. That's for another post, though.

    1. Hi Tom. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Sorry I can't help you on the Goads but occasionally people leave comments here about listening to their songs and listed off the titles which all had to do with signing people up for Amway or something similar. Yup people around here have their bullshit detectors on full blast after having being subjected to Amway!

  5. One more thing, I pride myself on my writing skills, including spelling. My post was typed into a phone with only a small window in which to proof read. I was aghast when I saw the finished product! Please accept my humble apologies!

    1. Tom I must say way to go for typing all that out on a phone!


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