Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Feed Your Pet ANYTHING From Amway!

“Can dog consume Double X”.

Yes, believe it or not some idiot did a search for that and ended up at this blog which is really high on the search engines for just about any criteria. In this case it brought the searcher to a post about Nutrilite vitamins finally flushing when I used a bag of dog shit to coax out a hold out vitamin down the hole!

But that brings me back to the searcher's question about the dog consuming Double X. Why the hell would s/he want to do that? Double X has adverse reactions to some people who take them so why risk your dog’s health. I know people give their pets human vitamins for certain ailments like glucosamine or MSM for joint issues. If someone is so inclined to give their dogs something like that there are better quality vitamins in the marketplace that are much more reasonably priced than Amway’s shitty overpriced vitamins.

More than likely this ambot was told by their upline to sign their dog up as a customer and let them buy their own dog food or in this case Double X vitamins. Yeah like a dog has disposable income and is capable of making their own buying decisions! Not to mention typing on a computer! What else advice do you expect from people involved in a pyramid scheme and involved in fraud and encouraging others to fool around with a fake business. Sign up them phony customers!

We fed our dogs one bag of Amway dog food and talk about a shitty experience! Their shit outtake drastically increased. Instead of a couple of shits a day like you expect from the high end dog foods you buy in the store that have a low stool output, the dogs shit about 8 or 10 times a day when they were eating Amway dog food. Huge baggy filling shits and these were medium sized dogs shitting out what I’d expect to see from a mastiff or a great dane or some big breed like those. The type of huge shits that would clog the toilet when flushed.

One of our readers had a different problem with their dog in that Amway’s Nutripet made it vomit and they had to rush it to an emergency vet.

Another reader had a problem with the Amway cat food and the cat started losing weight.

Save money and buy dog food at real pet stores that sell high quality food from companies that care about animal health. High quality, low stool dog food also means less money spent on baggies or dog waste bags and less money on hiring a plumber to unclog the toilet.

Bottom line if you love your pet do not feed it Amway products or you will be sorry.

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