Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nutrilite Vitamins Are Bullshit

A recent searcher ended up at the Married To An Ambot blog after googling “Nutrilite Vitamins Are Bullshit”.

A few minutes earlier he ended up at this blog after searching for “how to cancel Communikate”.
Yup. Come see Anna Banana for answers to all your Amway questions! We tell it like it is! Help you get the support you need to get out of the Amway cult and get away from the assholes in your Amway upline.

He probably only signed up to Amway because he was lied to him about how he could pay wholesale prices for vitamins cheaper than in the store and his health problems would go away after taking some snake oil pills and once he figured out he was overpaying for bullshit vitamins that did nothing he said fuck you I’m outta here.
Obviously this person has made a New Year’s resolution to quit Amway. Yay! Way to go! Life will be better in 2014!


  1. IBOFightback is bullshit.. LOL

    1. Everyone who is obsessively in love with all things Amway is bullshit!

    2. The one thing I believe that IBOfightback says is that he isn't part of Amway. Because if he was he wouldn't devote all that effort to blogging because you know his cult leader would get on him for that and tell him to avoid negative and get out there and prospect.

  2. Had my ex up line almost beg me to buy vitamins so he can keep his qualifications.He was aware I buy tons of vitamins from the health food store. But I get major discounts, free workout gear,shakes,and a gym membership for my purchases at the local store I go to. With Amway everything is 2-3X more and no benefits

  3. The high prices hurt, but it's not the high prices of the Nutrilite line that will kill you (literally), it's the Ambot fuzzy thinking and folklore surrounding these products. An example of fuzzy thinking: "These vitamins contain antioxidants that can fight free radicals that can eventually lead to cancer" by fuzzy thinking becomes "I can't get cancer if I take Nutrilite." How does an Ambot know this? Because his upline said it. That kind of health claim would get Amway shut down by the FDA if they said it, but there's no FDA present at a team meeting.

    Then there's the folklore, the stories that go like this: "There was a guy who was diagnosed with cancer, and he was given six months to live. He was taking Nutrilite vitamins and his cancer went into remission. The doctors can't explain it." No health claims made, but to an eager Ambot looking for reasons to believe, that's more than enough.

    So why can these stories kill you? Because they may keep the believer from seeking a qualified medical diagnosis when they get sick. When you consider how many Ambot IBOs there are, it is a statistical certainty that some are in the early stages of a serious illness, like cancer, and are feeling symptoms, but are ignoring them because they believe Nutrilite will save them.

    This is why Amway crosses the line from merely being a bad deal to being evil.

    For the rest of us, if you want to eat antioxidants, there are a wealth of affordable foods that contain them. Eat a salad. Or beets. Or an orange. Hell, a Hershey bar has antioxidants, and tastes way better than Nutrilite.


    1. Hi AnonTB. Thanks for stopping by with those good comments. Very true about the Nutrilite bullshit claims. We have a post coming up soon thanks to an ambot who left some lies on one of the blogs.


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