Friday, January 24, 2014

Passionate About Being An Amway Commissioned Salesperson?

Every now and then you’ll come across some general advice that goes along the lines of find something you want to do for a living that you’re passionate about and the money will come.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There are business owners who have fallen into it for one reason or another and it might not be their passion but they’re good at running this type of business and they make money so they roll with it. For example are people really passionate about owning a dry cleaning store, a dog shit removal company, or selling t-shirts on Hollywood Boulevard. Or did they find a business they could make money at?

When a group of friends are sitting around talking about what they want to do for a living that they’re passionate about some of the careers tossed around might be being an actor, playing a guitar in a band and serving their country.

How many people say they’re passionate about becoming a commissioned salesperson? Or even more fucking freaky that they’re passionate about becoming an Amway commissioned salesperson. That sure was never on the radar for me. Some people are good at sales. They sell houses or cars. They have the right kind of personality so they can earn a good commission at it. Might not be something they’re passionate about but they get experienced, make good money so they stick with it.

There are companies that pay out shit for commission. Amway comes to mind. But Amway is even worse because it costs the commissioned salespeople megabucks just to earn a measly $10 commission check… you got to shell out around $300 to earn 100 PV the minimum to earn an Amway commission. Add on to that the tool scam purchases and most Amway ambots shell out $500 to $700/month to earn that skimpy commission.

An ambot would probably argue that business owners have to spend money to make money like real estate salespeople have to shell out money when listing a house for sale. They got to pay for advertising and hiring a photographer and they got to kick back some of their commission to the person who owns the real estate company so a real estate salesperson can also be spending hundreds of bucks on expenses, maybe not monthly, but a commission on a house sale will be in the thousands and if they keeping making a good profit they stick with it.

Unless you’re a brainwashed Amway ambot you don’t sit around saying the one thing you’re passionate about being is a commissioned sales rep for Amway. Losing money is only part of it. Getting brainwashed by cult leaders and spending much time defending the company are part of the duties. Its less effort to work for a reputable company or actually own a real business. The life of an Amway ambot is lie, deny, distract, and defend. Takes up a lot of time and a lot of money loss and causes ambot anger.

How many people sit around and say they’re passionate about getting scammed? How many say they’re passionate about signing up with a cult? How many say they’re passionate about being abused by the assholes in their upline? How many say they’re passionate about buying overpriced shitty products? How many are passionate about losing money? How many are passionate about destroying relationships with friends and family?

How many Amway ambots are out there?


  1. Today I was sitting at a mall food fair. Two dorky guys in blazer sat next to me. One made a comment about my Europe sweatshirt . I didn't think much much about it. The only thought was why is this asshole talking to me? Can't he see I'm trying to enjoy my cheap mall food meal lol? Then I notice some sales book he's reading and sounds like Amway reading material. He started to talk about business,mentor, investing,and kept mentioning the mentor . I thought what would Anna banana say to him? I decided to jerk him around and act interested.Giving him my number for future fun. So.what would Anna do to jerk this ambot around?

    1. If he calls tell him your dream is to make gay porno flicks and ask if he'd like to invest. Ambots will stay clear of you!

    2. I was thinking of sending him to a diner or cafe located in the middle of nowhere. I want to really drag this along and make it painful for ambot and his retarded up line sponsor lol

  2. So, what do you think of this case?

    1. Pretty typical comments we hear here and other places on the net. Thoses MLM scams are all the same calling people dreamstealers and leaving a path of destruction.

    2. Do you think she can still be saved? IDK if you read the updates of that case, I think they can be found in OP's profile.

    3. Anonymous - once they've maxed out their credit cards and spent their savings and have nothing more to invest in the scam they'll be publicly humiliated by the assholes in their upline. When they hit rock bottom they quit the scam and start to get their lives back together. In Amway 95% quit inside 2 years. Its probably close to the same statisitcs for other MLM scams too.

    4. Mind if we email each other? Is there a way to personally contact you?

    5. I took my email off the blog a long time ago after an amoros follower was loving me too much. I rarely email anyone but a couple of others on this blog do and also phone and Skype. Depends. We've also talked about setting up a live chat forum sometime but I think everyone would show up to bitch about Amway which would get old after 10 minutes and then we'd probably get an ambot troll show up declaring their love for this cult and then the fight would be on.

  3. After reading this, I started thinking. We all know they are anything but an "Independent Business Owner". I'm not sure we could even consider them commissioned sales reps either. What does a sales rep do? Money exchanges, order taking, following through on those orders, perhaps delivering the product. 10-20 years ago, yeah, they definitely were, but now, with the internet involved, they don't do any of that.
    They refer people to their 'store' but really it is just an Amway page with their name on it. They don't exchange money, the website does. They don't take orders, the website does. People don't even need to be signed up by the ambot, if they just go to their 'store' and sign up. Everything is automated via the website.
    They are:
    Interdependent Advertising Agents.
    Interdependent: They rely heavily on up and down line to achieve substantial financial gains.
    Advertising: Really, that is all they are doing. Use product, show off product, be seen using product, fill house with product, rave about product, etc. Let's not forget, portray the life, fake it til you make it. If the website isn't theirs, the company isn't theirs, all they are doing is advertising.
    Agents: Not business owners. They can be removed and their existence stricken from the record. They work for a bigger company.

    My thoughts. Looking forward to the masses of IAAs opinions.


    1. Jerry - mostly Amway ambots piss off everyone arond them with their never ending love for the assholes in their upline and badgering them to join the cult.

  4. Hi Anna, your blog is a blast to read!

    I have a friend whom joined Amway three months ago. Now, every time we get together to chat and stay in contact, he’ll start saying something like “So-and-so are 77 years old now, and they retired from Amway when they were 28, could you imagine what that feels like?”

    I’ll respond with something like “A long time of doing nothing, a normal person retires at the age of 67…now if you retire before then, you better have something to occupy your time with, or just get another job!” At this point, he’ll snicker, and claim this guy is an entrepreneur, business owners don’t work for their money, they have their money work for them.

    At this point I’ll respond with “Well, it sounds like he CAME from money to begin with…only the wealthy retire at or before 28 years of age…besides, you have to have LOTS of money to make LOTS of money!” I have to keep reminding him not to lose his place, he knows where he came from…their ain’t much riches coming from the place we both grew up in, he just likes to have STUPID dreams!

    Uncle Sam

    1. Hi Uncle Sam! Glad you're enjoying the blog.

      Sorry to hear about your friend and you're now getting pestered with Amspeak.

      I think what you're saying is the only way to make a small fortune in Amway is to start out with a large fortune! Ha ha!

  5. Interesting. My parents tried selling Amway for over 20 years. They rarely made any money off of it. When they started, back in the mid-60s, I heard that very same "retiring at 28" story. Then, of course, the retiree was only around his late 50s or thereabouts.

    A few years into High School, I began running the numbers as part of my accounting class. It soon became clear to me that Amway would be a losing proposition unless 1- you did it full-time as your only employment, 2- you had an UNBROKEN downline of at least 25 people who were also doing it as a full- or 3/4-time job, and 3- your territory was a large metropolitan area with moderate turnover or a very, very, very large area and you and your downline were willing to travel... a lot.

    When I pointed this out, my folks were adamant that they would make it work. They never did, but not for lack of trying.


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