Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get 6 Month Jump On Other Amway Ambots

Seeing as how Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014 is coming up in April now’s a good time to revisit how we all used to listen to the Amway cult leader promise that the upcoming Amway function was going to be a life changing event. Just by going we’d be 6 months ahead of the IBO’s who didn’t go losers that they are!!!  And here everyone in the room would do the old ambot chuckle to insult those dumb fucks not going to the next Amway function. HUA HUA HUA!!!

Some of the lines the Amway upline assholes say to pressure people to come to Amway functions:

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Life changing event

Biggest function of the year

Not to be missed

Some of those statements could be applied to a Madonna concert! Or viewing the pyramids in Egypt. Get it? Pyramids? Amway. Insert Amway ambot chuckle. HUA HUA HUA!!!!

The thing is between every Amway WWDB function those are some of the lines used by the Amway assholes to influence the cult followers to part with their money at a fucking stupid time wasting Amway shithole event.

Those Amway bastards are so UNoriginal!

There are endless Amway cult meetings held in a month but 4 times a year are major WWDB events Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, Dream Night and Free Enterprise Days FED where the Diamonds earn the bulk of their Amway income in the tool scam so they book a large venue to get as many IBO’s as they can to attend. The Amway Platinum and Emerald demons are usually the ones assigned to put the screws to the downline to ensure they fucking better get their asses to the function so the Diamonds can get richer.

The upline Amway assholes bullshit the downline into thinking its a once in a lifetime opportunity, that is until the next Amway once in a lifetime opportunity rolls around in 3 months.

This starts before the last function has ended. The sack of shit Platinum has his hand out wanting the cash for the next major function. This is a common Amway scheme. Gotta get that cash fast in case the ambot quits Amway sometime over the next couple of months. And if you take too damned long to buy the ticket to the next Amway brainwashing conference the upline will mock you and humiliate you in front of the other ambots at Amway cult meetings until you come up with the money and buy the ticket.

The lying assholes in the Amway upline brainwash the cult followers into believing that they will be learning about leadership, building a business, valuable training advice, and other bullshit Amway propaganda.

The only thing that is different about the WWDB Amway functions is they change the name every 3 months: Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Function, Free Enterprise Days FED.

There is no training, no business advice, nothing that will help people in a business Amway or anything else. The WWDB Amway functions are a scam. The whole point of holding them is for the Diamonds to make money not for any ambots to gain any business knowledge. The ticket money and commission from hotels is how those sitting at the top of the Amway pyramid make the bulk of their annual income. Now that those Amway assholes have the IBO’s money they have to come up with some kind of a show to keep the ambots entertained. Despite all the  bullshit promises that the Amway assholes said about what was going to happen at this event, the same thing pretty much happens at all of them. The main reason the brainwashed ambots show up for these Amway functions is to swoon and worship the Diamonds the way their upline has taught them to behave when they come to one of these events and are in the presence of Scamway royalty. The Amway WWDB bullshit session lasts 12 hours or so. Keep the ambots up late and fill them with bullshit so they’ll agree to anything when they’re tired. One couple after another slinks across the stage and they brag about their houses, their sports cars, the luxury vacations they take, all their material possessions. Most of them thank god for bringing Amway into their lives at a time when he was digging ditches and she was slinging burgers at a dive and now look at them and all their riches. Then the next Barbie and Ken Amway Assholes slink across the stage and basically say the same thing except the jobs might be slightly different, always of the minimum wage no experience necessary type of labor. Sometimes they’ll show a video or slide show of their possessions. Whether or not they really own the stuff or its a staged picture shoot is unknown. Its not like you can believe anything that someone in Amway says anywhere because they’re the biggest fucking liars around.

A once in a lifetime not to be missed opportunity? Yeah? Only until the next one rolls around in 3 months.

No one needs to pay big bucks to listen to a bunch of lying Amway assholes. Just hang around Barnes & Noble long enough and an ambot will show up to bullshit you and invite you to a once in a lifetime opportunity.



  1. Been to one major function. As a guest cause the Ambot over baught tickets. Could have swore some of the stories I heard where made up. Especially the diamond who was a constant drunk.

    1. Anonymous - ambots are encouraged to buy extra tickets for all these people they're sure will show up. More $$$ in the cult leaders pockets. They're all liars like you figured out.

  2. I too have a story about my Amway experience in 2014. Due to the response restriction I can't post the full story I typed up. I wonder if you could post it for me as a blog post? Here is my conclusion though at the end:

    WWDB is not in it to help you in anyway. If they were they wouldn't tell you to avoid criticism on the internet, they wouldn't be fearful or even in awe of their upline, and they definitely wouldn't force you to go to a major function that you felt was unnecessary. Tim (my sponsor) and his upline could have taken a chance on how I wanted to do things. They could have instructed me on how to be successful in selling the product, running my own business, recruit a successful team and still enjoyed their 4% kickback. It could have been a win-win situation with no loss financially to them and they could have helped me build my dream. I did not want to duplicate I wanted to sell Amway's good products (Xs was reasonably priced for example) and avoid their rip off ones (I think they retailed a knife set at 500$?). I also wanted to branch out and sell other things from their partners which would be easier to sell but generate less PV. However, all of my intended business ideas revolved around making me money through sales, making them money through sales, and building a team that made money through sales. None of the big wigs would however get a dime from me from functions or tapes and that's what WWDB is all about. The only dream that is being built is for somebody else's diamond. Get out while you can!

  3. "Just by going we’d be 6 months ahead of the IBO’s who didn’t go"

    This is true, but what it really means is:

    1- You will be successful in 999 years and 6 months instead of 1000 years,

    2- The function will be the standing order discs in six months. So, the "loser" will still hear the words spoken at the function, but for a fraction of the cost. Damn, those standing order discs are, by comparison, a real money saver.

    Additional cost savings by the "loser:" not buying extra function tickets. You know, for those hot prospects you don't have. You can't get them to come to an hour-long meeting, but they'd LOVE to sit through a full weekend of this dribble.

    Which leads me to point #3:

    3- The "loser" is six months behind all right ... six months behind in becoming dead broke buying Amway tools and functions.


  4. Yeah, there is a sort of "sleep deprivation" tactic to weaken your will at any Amway meeting. The "non-convention" ones may not last 12 hours, but even an hour feels like dread where you'd say almost anything to get the hell out of there, short of unleashing hell and telling them off.

    1st time they tried to get me to go to one of these... I could tell that it was going to be just like the 1 hour meeting, but more bullshit, but literally at my own expense at having to drive down there and get a hotel. What's scary to me was not only does this go on for the whole day, but through the weekend.

    2nd time, a senior ambot goon had the nerve to tell every one spilling out into the hallway that "you're going to spend the gas money anyways! Check it out!" Heh.... I wasn't going to drive 220 miles that weekend (which was how far the round trip was). Even if I was driving that far, THAT would take precedence over this. I looked around, and a couple of the prospected said they have family obligations and made it sound like they were lying through their teeth to get out of this! Bravo! Oh, and the ambot presenter tried to pass these conventions off as a big deal saying there will be people like from Ireland and other nations coming to attend!

    I've heard on this blog that the people working at the convention centers pity these ambots, and easily turn down when the ambots there try to prospect them. That's amusing!

    1. Yeah people from Europe are busting their asses to wreck their US vacation by attending some bullshit Amway conference!

  5. I was recently lured into a welcome meeting and was intrigued enough to go. It was a weird David Lynchesque experience but I kept an open mind . . . Spent yesterday checking out the Ambot app with bells and whistles which led me to internet research, excerpts from Stephen Butterfield's book and eventually this blog. Boy, your words not only confirmed my suspicions but sent me reeling into fits of laughter. You have great insight, colorful humor and are a super writer. I think that your posts would make a good read . . . you should write a book!

    1. Thanks Redzinger. We've got a pretty good group of contributors at this blog but most time the comments end up being a whole lot better than the posts! Going to Amway meetings are a weird experience. This blog will hopefully give you some of the key words Amway ambots trick you with to get you to come to an Amway meeting so you'll be better prepared the next time. Stay away from this cult!


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