Thursday, February 20, 2014

How To Cancel Communikate

I get dozens of people show up at this blog after Googling “how to cancel Communikate” or how they can communicate (ha ha! Get it?) with someone at Communikate.

On another post a reader put in the toll free number to Communikate 1-866-333-3204. I have not tried to phone that number. For all I know it goes to a sex chat line so phone at your own risk!

Here I want to say that one of the dumbest thing we used to hear from the assholes in our upline when they wanted us to sign up for Communikate and make the Amway cult leaders richer was that they called it a “personal assistant”. Now when I think of personal assistant this is usually someone who tags around with the person paying their salary and helping them keep their life organized. This could be a whole bunch of things - grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, walking the dog, running errands, meal planning, keeping the house tidy and organized (not necessarily as a housecleaner), running to Starbucks to pick up snacks, or whatever tasks they’ve agreed upon.

What does an Amway ambot think a personal assistant does? They think a personal assistant means renting a toll free phone number that takes messages, call forwards a phone call, and does conference calls.

What the fuck? What kind of fucking moron thinks a personal assistant is an automated phone system? A fucking brainwashed Amway ambot! Those brainwashed fools don’t realize they are being scammed and their beloved cult leaders are raking in the dough if they’re foolish enough to sign up for Communikate aka “kate” aka personal assistant.

The majority of people who sign up with Amway usually quit within a year. They now have the problem of cancelling this voice mail system that isn’t worth the $36.95/month or however much the ambots are paying into it these days. Like anything else to do with Amway signing up is easy but trying to quit or get your money back pretty much means promising your first born.

Here’s a former employee with his views on Communikate.


I worked for Webley (company that owns communikate) and yes, it is a scam, the uplines get kickbacks, that's why they push it. They make it super hard to cancel now, you can no longer call to cancel, too many were canceling! They now have chat support, but you cannot cancel by chat, we're supposed to call them and pressure the Amwayers to keep using Communikate. Free tip: Accounts NEVER go to collections, just change your payment method to something incorrect and the account will close itself in a few months. Got questions, ask away?

The amount the uplines receive differs according to the specific deal they have with the respective group, BRITT, WWG, etc. It ranges from $5 to $10 per sign up. "Diamond" level people get special treatment. Another fun tip: Due to Webley's ridiculous billing practice we have gotten many of our clients Debit cards cancelled, it's true! We bill monthly for the service (36.95) but we ALSO bill separately for usage, which usually runs between .25 to .75 cent for most users. These tiny, stupid charges are tagged as "potential fraud" charges by 99% of banks and they "lock" the cards. Lots of people have had important charges for other recurring services bounce back thanks to Webley's stupidity and refusal to make even a tiny good faith effort to better serve their customers. Now you know!



So there you have it. A bit of inside scoop on the deals the Amway cult leaders make with Communikate to get their piece of the pie. Just for those doubting ambots who don’t believe the tool scam. 

From the sound of things I would suggest that if you want to cancel Communikate the easiest option might be to call your bank and say you lost your credit card and get a new one issued. The next time Communikate tries to charge the old credit card number, bouncey, bouncey!

And less money in some Diamonds pockets the next month! Oh wouldn’t you like to be in the room when the Diamonds are fighting over how they’ll split up the Communikate profits!

Or listening in on the telephone when the Diamond phones the Platinum to give him shit that someone in his downline just cancelled Communikate!


  1. Sorry to the person whose comment I accidentally deleted! And you're right. Most monthly cell phone plans give you better bang for your buck for the same monthly fee as Communikate or even cheaper. The problem is the Amway cult leaders don't make any profit when they're ambots purchase from outside sources so that's why they won't go that route. It's all about the tool scam and the money to be made scamming the cult followers.

  2. I found it easy to cancel communikate, just click on help or contact us, open up a chat window with them and tell them you want to cancel.

    They did this for me and it was done in about 2 minutes with no additional charges.

  3. When I heard a Ambot try to sell communikate. The prospect said why not use text? Then the cult leader said text is not reliable and their messages are important. In today's world nobody uses voicemail or pays almost 40.00. There's whatsapp,line,and Google voice. I hardly doubt any messages from ambots are worth 40 a month.

    1. Anonymous - the cult leader must have left out the part how he doesn't make any money if you use text instead of paying $40/month on this tool scam where he can get a kickback. And you're right, nothing an ambot has to say is worth a penny. Those bastards ought to be paying US to listen to their bullshit!

    2. Even for someone who didn't join Amway, I regret not calling them out on more of this stuff. I remember how they do the patronizing gesture of having you write down your goals and dreams just before you pay the $130 or whatever and officially sign up. I would've liked to see how they would've reacted if I presented them with a document and make them sign and initial each section.
      Each section would contain....
      1) I will NOT sign up for Communikate.
      2) I will NOT attend Amway conventions
      3) I will NOT look for downlines
      4) I will be using my own tools from a reputable business sources

      1- Not paying $40/mo I can already do for free/MUCH cheaper with existing online services and cellphone. I've never missed a text. Counter that this service is something you never heard of and is unreliable.

      2- Here, I would lie and just say a friend is going and taking notes for you. If they ask who, just say you don't want to say... he's got another upline and you don't want trouble between uplines :p

      3- They'll say they have training programs that help you with this. I don't do cold calls or sales, period!

      In general, you can say you did your research online and it stated such as such is bad. Then lie and say that internet research said Amway is a pretty good business. They can't refute just the former without the latter

  4. You can't just tell them you're not going to join Communikate? If they get pushy, try turning the tables and tell them you'll quit Amway if you have to sign up for it. Them telling you it's the way to success? Counter by saying your cell phone service is far sufficient for that purpose. I guess you can eventually say "I've done my research online, so fuck off!", but that wouldn't be as fun.

    1. But but but, they will say stay away from the internet cause its negative, only listen to 'non biased' advice from WWDB.

      Strange how one can run a ECOMMERCE business without the internet lol.

      We pay a lot to literally not talk on our phones (testing and surfing), so why pay 40 bucks to listen to their messages?

      And I quote "Hey everybody this is Brad Duncan, just wanted to let you guys know I just took a shower, got back from the Dr's a bit ago, my cholesterol is lower, but I need more Iron in my diet. I am so FIRED UP for you guys right now" yep $40 worth to know you took a shower bro.

    2. Anonymous - telling an ambot to fuck off is lots of fun. We do that a lot around here! LOL!!!

    3. Rbot - you're right. Those are the kinds of messages that you get stuck listening to on Communikate. They go something like I just spent more money sitting on the toilet than you've made all day! HA HA!!! I spent all day today helping out a stranded friend but no one's going to pay me any money to hear about that. And what about the most exciting part of the day? The biker who had a dog riding with him.

    4. Ugh... so that's the content and operations of it!? It's the worst parts of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, but you get charged for it? Alternatively, stick it in their face and suggest everyone uses Google+ or something. They'll be insistent for sure on using Communikate, but then the fun comes in butting heads as you spell out clearly there's no reason for the service, while they rattle on about success, blah blah blah...

  5. Anna, didn't u say your emerald or brad Duncan had people doing repairs and fixing for free? People will volunteer their time just to be around them. I'm surprise they don't ask the ibos to have joint bank accounts with their leader. So their upline can empty their bank accounts anytime lol. Funny how stupid people get with worshipping their upline.

    1. It wouldn't surprise me if Duncan had wanted a work bee to show up at his place at the ambots expense but not that I recall. Our platinum put in a bathroom using ambot labor. No plumbing or electrical experience needed. No shit they were getting instructions off the Internet! I think the Emerald wanted garden work done. We declined on all. Bad little ambots!

    2. Just saying if ambots are willing to put in a bathroom or garden work. Paying 40.00 is nothing to hear their dear leaders voice. Personally I rather spend the money on food or movies

    3. Yeah maybe the ambots have to pay their cult leaders to come over to their houses and do slave labor. Can't you just see the ambots punching each other out. No its my turn to pay $40 to do the sack of shit's laundry!

  6. Hey Anna,

    It's been a while since I've written here. That's because my ambot bf and I have been fighting really bad. I knew it was inevitable that he will realize this "business" is a scam, but now he's finding God through these crazy people, and it's so obvious that it's a way to tie them in. My bf was an agnostic and I know he's been going to his upline for "religious advice" instead of coming to me. It's really hurt.

    1. Sorry to hear that ScamFighter. I was really hoping for your sake that he'd decide your relationship is more important than immersing further into the Amway cult. Amway is no different than other cults when it comes to using religion. They twist it to suit their purposes. Drink that Kool Aid. Yup it always hurts when our husbands/significant others put Amway and the assholes in their Amway upline over us. Maybe you need a trial separation to see if that will bring him back to his senses. And if not maybe you'll find another boyfriend who will love you more than a box of laundry soap. Good luck!

    2. These people would make great Amway diamonds.

  7. Reminds me of Chia Pets. Those things only sell during Christmas. If it weren't for that holiday, they' have no leg to stand on.

    When I first heard of Communikate, I sensed it had a strong tie-in with Amway. I didn't think they were the only group in on it. I'd figured at least other MLM groups would push it on their IBOs too.

    Unlike Communikate, at least Chia Pets can be delightful and have value. Well, the former is a subscription, but I'd still rather buy a Chia Pet once a month for the next year than do the alternative.

  8. Hi Anna:
    When I shut down my Kate account back in Sept of 08, it was maybe the 4th or 5th of the month. I asked them if I would still be charged for September. They naturally said yes that the cut off date was past and that the cancellation wouldn't take effect until October. I listened to all of the messages from my up line better than I had ever listened to them while I was active. I listened to them to laugh at them, talk back at them while the messages were playing, all because my eyes had been opened to the scam. I guess it was worth paying for that last month, considering how much fun I had mocking and making fun of my beloved up line.

    1. David - they're only your beloved upline when you're still a brainwashed member of the Amway cult. Once you get out you see them for the lying scamming assholes that they are and then you can have fun laughing at them. Oh yeah that's what we do around here!


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