Monday, February 3, 2014

Nasty Amway Shit Strikes Again

Just when I thought I’d seen the last of the Amway shit get out of our house I had a nasty surprise when I was cleaning out a kitchen shelf of items I don’t use too much. Downsizing and wiping down that cupboard starting my spring cleaning early.

I move a couple of tins and there they were staring me in the face. Nasty Amway Nutrilite twist tubes. You know the snake oil that you’re supposed to add to Perfect Water and whatevers ailing you will be cured.

I think there’s 3 or 4 flavors and we tried them all. They have a sour kickback taste to them. I don’t mind sour things like pass me the sour patch kids dude. The Amway snake oil twist tubes started off with this sour puss taste that didn’t bother me too much but the more I drank the worse it got, nasty sour like you want to puke. I usually was never able to finish off a Perfect Water spiked with the Amway snake oil. And those twist tubes never did piss all for me but what else do you expect when you buy snake oil with all the promised medical ailments being cured.

I carefully pluck out the snake oil tubes, must have been around ten of them and after all these years of being inside a dark cupboard they looked like they’d been filled by some guy with diarrhea who was holding them up to his ass to fill them. So at least that vision gave me a good laugh. Ambot comes in to see what’s so funny going on in the kitchen and I hold them up and say I found some Amway diarrhea twist tubes. I found it way more funny than he did that their color matched what you’d see after someone’s eaten a box of prunes.

Yup they made a quick one way trip to the garbage can. A good fate for any shitty Amway product.


  1. Anna I wonder how much your hubby spent on amjunk over these years? I've never finished anything baught from Amway. I can't even stand SA8 detergent and did only one wash.

    1. Over 20k is my guess. Probably thousands that I didn't know about.

  2. You should do an article on 'what if Amway went public and had a IPO?' In a way it would be genius cause of all the IBOs that would be buying that up in hopes for dividends lol
    Though I don think Amway is entirely at fault, it is more of the umbrella companies that 'tie' into them as they say like WWDB that cause all the ruckus.
    You can easily bypass the WWDB and get into Amway (they say you cant do that at all, clearly not true), I cut all ties to WWDB a month after joining and I STILL get 20% off of my phone bill from the amway membership and nothing is being charged on my account for either.
    If you want to be a salesperson and move product for Amway that's fine and you can, you don't need to follow the ways of WWDB or any of those 'tied' in groups at all. Amway doesn't make you pay for CDs and meetings etc. You just do what you are SUPPOSED to do and sell stuff and if you can make a living off of it great, you don't need to get 8 legs and then get them to get 8 legs to do it like they say in WWDB.
    ^^ That is as neutral as I get about that :)

    1. You are right that it is not all Amway's fault. Rich DeVos spoke out plenty of times about the problems in all the organizations decades ago, and it is common knowledge that he didn't get along with Dexter Yager. They acted like friends in public, but behind the scenes was a different story. The problem was that DeVos spoke of the problems and asked for them to stop but never took action and let the kingpins keep doing their thing because he didn't want his business to fall apart. I would agree that it is very possible to succeed without the system, but imagine the abuse one would take to try to build it without the system.

    2. Amway should be at fault and take responsibility for the actions of their sub groups and the abuses doled out at the cult followers but they don't so they're the problem.

  3. I have been reading your blog for the past few days, and I figured that you would be a good person to present a dilemma to. I seek your advice.
    My girlfriend and I recently moved to a new section of town. One of the first nights we’re in our new place, we go to the grocery store down the street. As we’re shopping, we’re stopped by a couple, about our age. It was a bit strange that they just started talking to us out of the blue, but I do live in the south, and it’s not an altogether rare occurrence. We talked about very basic stuff, sports, weather. I asked him what he did for a living. He was vague (REDFLAG) , he said he was a recruiter (REDFLAG), and that he and his wife worked from home together (OMGREDFLAG).
    Despite slight misgivings, he and I exchanged numbers, and days later we texted back and forth and set up a coffee date. The night of the date went great; we really got along, although I was on edge because some things were very strange. He was doubly vague about his work, changing the subject deftly, even in the face of the most earnest prompting. He used dated vernacular, such as “hang loose” repeatedly. Usually when I go on a double date, it consists of 4 people carrying on a conversation, but in this case, he and his wife split the conversations, alienating me from my girlfriend totally, we had to compare notes later. He asked me my thoughts on business, and entrepreneurship (RED FLAG), and I attempted to converse about the topics in a free, and educated manner. I watched his eyes as I replied, and his eyes followed my words as if they were visible. His demeanor changed as I spoke, as if he was weighing each word, and determining if it was the correct sentiment, or not. I probed further, asking him about his work. He evaded, and got me to talk about my work. I’m a touring musician, and I’m used to people being interested in my work, so this wasn’t especially strange. Despite the strangeness, I really actually liked him. He and I were similar in a lot of ways. At the end of the night I felt safe in counting him as a friend, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something awful was coming.
    Two days later I receive a phone call from him. He wants me to come to a seminar he’s hosting a local hotel. I know what all this means, my mother was in the Mary Kay cult. He then emails some bullshit which is easily traceable through a series of front companies back to Amway. Dammit.
    I shot back an email, and called him out, saying that I thought we were trying to build a genuine relationship, and that I was hurt that all I was to him and his wife was a potential downline. I asked him bluntly if they had any real interest in maintaining a relationship with my girlfriend and I. I received a phone call from him not 5 minutes after sending the email. He first spit a bunch of Amway “successful people understand this opportunity” bullshit at me, but never denied that he worked with the company. He finally broke, to a point, and admitted that he understood why I would be hurt by this, and that he really does want to continue a friendship, even if I’m not interested in the company. I’m skeptical. He also says that he is a rebel at heart, and makes allusions to wanting to leave the company. He tells me that he and his wife have been in the company for 12 years, and are nowhere near as successful as they thought they would be. They in fact met through Amway.
    So here is my dilemma. I believe that this is a generally good guy in the teeth of a machine. I believe his wife drives that machine, and is the one keeping him tied. Do I continue a friendship with him, knowing that all I may ever be is a potential recruit, or buyer of shitty energy drinks? I don’t want to get bamboozled, but my conscience is telling me that I could be instrumental in showing this guy just how much Amway is ruining any shot he has at healthy relationships.
    After all I just wrote (sorry), I suppose my question to you is: Should I attempt to be friends with an ambot, or should I run far, far away?

    1. Hi Roo. Yup just about everyone could see your story coming. Ambots snipe prospects in grocery stores. They always want to meet for coffee. They are always vague. Amway is all about lie, deny, distract, and defend.

      You've seen what Mary Kay did your family and Amway will be even worse. Amway will give you emotional and financial distress. Amway is all about destroying relationships. Sign up for Amway if you're keen on divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.

      This guy's been in Amway 12 years? What about you'll be a gazillionaire in 2 to 5 years? Amway is a blame the victim scam and you saw him saying something like even though he's been in 12 years he didn't really work the plan, he didn't do what was required of him, blah, blah, blah but now he's focused and he's going Diamond. We can all that write that script around here!

      Amway ambots only want to be your friend to make money off you. Whether that means signing you up to their cult so they can make commission off the products you buy or whether they'll hound you to buy their overpriced shitty products. If they don't make money off you they'll drop you as a friend real quick.

      You know the answer. RUN!!!! Run far away!!!

  4. I tried a mlm beauty company.Where there where no distributor kit or cost to join. Where I gave out id # for order purchases. Or I handed out brochures and took orders. Obviously with any mlm its hard to sell anything cause its overpriced junk. But I virtually invested nothing into the newer mlm.


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