Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ambot Sammy Scammed Into Attending Las Vegas Spring Leadership

Thanks to Sammy (no longer known as Scammy seeing as how he quit Scamway!) for your story.

Glad I came to this site and am not the only one that found this stuff to be bullshit!

I went to the Vegas leadership because i was told its a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and that it would be "life changing" if I went. 3 days of just nonstop talking about how rich the diamonds are, how we need to plug into CORE, how much they all love us, and on an on and on....I've never felt so stupid for wasting money like that before, ever! We had to sit for 8-12 hours straight and then we went to "night owls" where they just kept repeating the same shit.

I said enough and just went upstairs to the room to get some sleep. The worst part is that Im a med student and I have never heard of Amway. Ive been super skeptical since day one and when the guy told me to take out a loan to get to the convention(again, student so Im essentially broke) I just looked at him like he was insane. Loan? I just paid to get into this dumb idea, paid for a "startup package," paid for my super ultra necessary "communikate" system that gets useless voicemails while I still get txts and phone calls from everyone(I'll never understand that concept) and on top of that, Im gonna pay 50$ a month for cds and books I dont need.

I've already got one foot out the door. Im just trying to bring my friends with me(my buddy who Ive known for 14years) since I thought I was doing him a favor by bringing him into this company. I found myself bugging him to buy once he was my downline and since then, Ive stopped and am doing everything I can to get him out.

Its been only 1 month and theres already a new convention in Washington. Guess what, I cant afford to go since Vegas cleaned me out(must be a first since there was no gambling) and my upline lied to me about costs and food(his words: yea man, just bring like 50$ and we'll help you out and give you meal bars and everything!). He never helped me once while I was there and wouldnt even give me a perfect water without selling it to me.

Guess what, If I miss this one, apparently its the second thing in the world you will regret missing and "you have to be there to set the example for your downline!"

Psh, please, blow it tout your ass ambots.




  1. Med student, before u quit this scam. Can't u order thousands worth of Amway crap. Then have your bank put a stop payment on the cheque? Love to see someone fuck the cult leaders over ;)

  2. Unsure why a med student would bother with Amway. Can't imagine many diamonds making more than a Dr. Probably a better idea to invest in a real business after you graduate. Like a payday loan store to lend money to ambots lol

    1. It just goes to show what happens when you become enamored with a cult leader.

  3. Hey Sammy,
    If you're going to stay in Amway for awhile to rescue your friend, fine, but no need to spend another penny in Amway. Kill the 'Gate, kill the tools, stop buying product. You will be hassled relentlessly, but you can handle them. These aren't rocket scientists...or med students.


    1. I'd like to think I was smarter since I never attended these horrid convention meetings, but I did end up going to 3 smaller Amway meetings.

      First one was fine... as in it was just shocking how awful these folks were trying to act all friendly, but I didn't know anything about Amway back then. At the end of this meeting, they're telling us how lucky we are b/c there's a big meeting (a convention type deal) coming up that will open our eyes to it all. One guy had to wait 3 months later just for this "privilege".

      Small meeting at a Starbucks. One on one meeting with the ambot who's trying to get me to sign up. He asks me to write down my hopes and dreams on a piece of paper. I'm insulted at this patronage and tell him off. No, there's no reason to do this. I'm already concerned I have to pay for this (and I suspected that if Amway was as bad as my preliminary research indicated, don't count on their 90-day money back guarantee to be anything good. Better to not get financially involved in the first place), and flatly refuse that too. He says to keep attending the meetings.

      I did end up going to a 2nd one. :( I figured "this one's at a private residence. We'll get down to business here". Nope! It's just a different type of BS. A speaker talks about how bad other products are, while Amway is good since it doesn't use rat poison. Then at the end of the meeting, they serve Nabisco and Keebler brand snacks! The hypocrisy! Then a senior goon was telling one of the newbies, and one of the more junior regulars how we should strive to go through 1 tape/CD a day, while he himself does 2 to 3 a day. BORED OUT OF MY SKULL! If possible, get a ticket to WWDB, or whatever it was called back then. Hopefully, they're not all sold out, and I can learn a lot. I've already been duped twice. It's one thing to grab me and subject me to this awful drivel. It's another thing to make such large time and $$ commitment to this. I've had enough. I told my potential upline that I'm not doing this anymore, goodbye.

      That should've been it, but I got prospected again. I was unemployed back then too, and figured it's worth a shot, even though Amway wasn't mentioned but I highly suspected so. Same meaningless meeting in a hotel conference room full of lies. The amusing thing here is a senior goon was telling us that we were going to spend the gas $$ anyways. Go check out this convention! It's a 115 mile trip, one-way from the hotel to where the convention's being held. I sure as hell wasn't spending all that time and money just like that. Even if it was already planned, that activity would certainly take precedence over that. I've heard one other newbies they're trying to get to sign up just say "I have family obligations", and hold firm. They tried desperately to get me to sign up, utilizing ploys like "would you trust a friend with surgery?", "how will you know if you don't get your feet wet?", and "what is stopping you from signing up?". The meeting was only an hour, but I felt my will power and strength slip away. I briefly "argued" with ambot and a senior goon (almost on cue or per training, if the potential downline doesn't seem to be 'breaking', he signals a senior goon to come over and help him out), but then just ran out of there.

      These guys are the nicest assholes ever, but be warned, as in the end, a nice asshole is still an asshole you don't want to be associated with. Keep your distance with these guys.

    2. Hey thanks for your story. Could have been in the room with you such an accurate description of what goes down at Scamway meetings. Nothing ever changes except the victims of this scam.

    3. Whoops! That's my post @March 28, 2014 at 10:19 AM. I meant to post this on its own, as opposed to being a response to anonTB's post. Oh well. You folks get the idea.

  4. A former supervisor at work tried to get me involved with this crap. One day he left a message on my phone telling me he wanted to "get me involved in a business opportunity". I am a CPA who works with real estate investors so I assumed he was referring to a potential rental property to buy, which I would have been all for if the deal made sense. Nope, I go to meet with him outside of work and he starts telling me about Amway/Quixtar. Since I reported to him at work a tried to play along and went to a few "meetings" where I had to pay to attend. This was about ten years ago so, when "tapes" were still in vogue, he would give me things to listen to. It was all garbage. The meetings were the worst. Motivational music playing beforehand, people who stood there and insulted anybody who went to a job and collected a paycheck for a living, while they probably didn't have two nickels to rub together. It was apparent to anybody with a functioning mind that something was off about these folks and the "fresh meat" at these meetings were people who were desperate to find a way to make money that didn't involve getting up and going to work for a living. My former supervisor kept giving me books and tapes to read and pushed me to give him the names of friends of mine. It became apparent that the only people making money in this whole deal were the ones who sold the books and tapes, not the overpriced merchandise. I had no desire to get involved but did feel pressured to attend these meetings because my supervisor was asking me to go. Fortunately it resolved itself when he left our employer to go into a different line of business, where, according to him, he could control his own fate. Five months later he was begging for his old job back but I replaced him and he was politely told he should seek opportunity elsewhere. Attention Ambots, if you have to constantly seek approval from others for every little thing you do, you don't own your own business. You work for other people without the benefit of collecting money. If you have to coerce others to buy your products in a chain, you don't own your own business. Read your Kiyosaki books and push overpriced toiletries, but you are no different than the people you look down upon. I'm proud to provide services to my employer. I receive a healthy paycheck and a nice bonus that's tied to results. I'm not stealing your dreams, I'm telling you like it is. I'll think about you while taking one of the many weeks of paid vacation I receive while reviewing my well padded 401k.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. Its always a bad idea to get involved with Amway and even worse idea to get involved with Amway through coworkers. Something will go wrong and at least one will lose their job. I saw a lot of ambots lose their jobs when we were in Scamway becuase of spending time on "the business" instead of their JOB that was supporting their Amway habit.


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