Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Amway Ambots Brag About Becoming Better Persons

So how many of you have gone to Amway “business” meetings where some sack of shit Platinum or asshole Diamond is convincing the cult followers that even if they don’t make money at Amway they’ll become a better person by being in Amway.

Like What The Fuck????!!!!!

People start businesses so they can make money. They don’t start a business so they can become a better person cause that don’t pay the bills. They might become a better person while getting into business for themselves but their ultimate goal should be to make money. You can’t pay the mortgage and put groceries on the table because you’re a better person because of your business. You need real income from your business, real money to pay for these things.

Check out this video about how this IBO became a better person.


People across the country might not know the names of Amway big wigs but just about everyone’s heard of this guy. One of those IBO’s that Amway and ambots can go around bragging about!


  1. Well, I did not see that coming. It's the new Amway recruiting slogan: "Become an IBO and kill fewer people."

    Of course, everybody *should* be running a business primarily to make money. Sadly, many in Amway are attracted to the positive attitude pitch and the sense of belonging. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but all the feel-good stuff has nothing to do with the viability of a business.

    Let's face it, positive self-image and junk psychology are big business, and rake in big dollars. Just ask Tony Robbins, L Ron Hubbard, and Joel Osteen. Amway is just another opportunity to part with your dollars and feel good about it.


    1. AnonTB its just all part of the Amway creepy factor.

  2. If they want to be better people. Then why the fuck do they lie and hide the Amway name and not be upfront. Had ambots won't tell me anything about what they are doing. They seem ashamed and embarrassed with their scam. I haven't met any legit business owners who lie so much about what they do

    1. They lie and hide everything because the grand poobah and head troll himself--DEXTER -racist bastard-white supremacist-anti semite-anti gay-anti everyone who's not in the scam-asshole YEAGER, tells them to act this way.

  3. If ambots want to be better people something comes to mind that would make everyone happy. Commit suicide, take a gun to your heads and pull the trigger!

    Yes, I know this falls outside your Amway job description, but it would make us (the rest of the world) really happy if you just tried to do this little, itty-bitty thing for us.

    Don’t worry; you’ll be even more important after that because you’ve made us happy, and what’s more important than making us happy. I hate you Amway creeps, I hope you all get cancer and die real slow deaths. I can’t stand your faces, and your voices, I can’t stand the fact that we all have to share the same planet with your kind!

    I despise you Amway losers and I hope one day you get to feel the same pain my father felt when he realized he wasn’t getting anywhere, but his house, his cars, and his family were all something he couldn’t have anymore because he had lost us to this miserable yacht-club hobby!

    Serene Girl

    1. Serene Girl - I think you need a new handle!

      Its always traumatic to read posts from kids of ambots and the hell their parents put them through and how they lost everything thanks to the Amway scam.

  4. OMG, that was the best video to illustrate what you're talking about in your blog. I know it's sad and sickening, but I laughed right out loud. It helped Ridgeway think differently for his next, good job, Amway!

    I just found your blog, and I'm reading future to past, but thus far, I'm loving it. I have no experience with fact, I forgot they even existed, but I love your candor, and your fearlessness, so I'm going to continue reading.

    1. That video takes you by surprise. Probably the best known person to get involved with Amway. Glad you're enjoying the blog. The posts get recycled its the comments that can take a life of their own.

    2. I love your blog too! That video took me by surprise. Join Amway and kill fewer people. That should be the slogan these idiots use.

    3. Brenda - glad you're loving the blog.


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