Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beware Amway IBO Sewer Rats!

A blog follower notices:

IBO rats stalk people in malls, eat shitty food bars, pay double for water and always on nutrilite pills.


Yup absolutely. IBO’s stalk people in malls and grocery stores looking for new victims to attack with their viruses. Rats are scavengers, likewise IBO rats. The rodents might eat the guts off a dead porcupine that’s been hit by a car but IBO rats eat those shitty food bars. Same thing. It takes a creepy unclean rat to eat either one of those! Pay double for water? Surely you jest. A 24 pack of water costs less than 5 bucks at Walmart. Amway sells 24 packs of Perfect Water for around $50 so thats 10 times the cost.


Rats are nocturnal creatures, much the same as Amway IBO rats and their late night meetings. Turn on the lights and they run for cover so they won’t see the truth. Scurrying around late at night plotting to fuck up other people’s lives. You ever watch those Hoarders TV shows. Just about every episode has houses with rats in them either dead or alive that have destroyed the owner’s property who never really seem to care that they’re sharing their house with these vile creatures. Like their rodent relatives Amway rats also infest peoples homes. They find some way to squeeze inside the home and plot how they will destroy all the nice things the owner has in their house and replace them with shitty Amway products. 


Some of those upline rats walked through our house with Ambot. They came armed with a worksheet that listed household goods that people commonly buy to show how Amway sells similar products. I didn’t accompany Ambot and the Amway rats on their route of destruction about how we should get rid of illegal products and immediately replace them with overpriced substandard Amway shit. I wonder how the rats liked looking in the bathroom cupboards to see what brand of tampons were in there!


From Wikipedia “Rats are seen as vicious, unclean, parasitic animals that steal food and spread disease.”


I’d say that description is very accurate of Amway IBO rats too. The people I met in Amway were about the most vicious human beings I’ve ever come across. Greedy materialistic bastards who brainwashed Ambot to spend all our money on Amway products and tools and when the savings had been used to use the credit card. Better known as helping the upline get the PV up there so they could meet their monthly goals. And when the money flow stops? Those Amway rats launch an attack squealing out “loser” and “quitter” and “you’ll be broke for the rest of your life”. Amway rats are not happy until they cause divorces, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.


Unclean? Well maybe IBO rats bathe regularly in Amway soap products but there is more than one way to be unclean. It refers to breaking the law too. Every Amway rat I met has been guilty of doing something unclean such as lying, scamming, fraud, mistreatment of others, etc.


Parasitic? Spread disease and viruses. Yup Amway IBO rats do that. The diseases and viruses they spread have to do with destroying marriages, destroying families, destroying bank accounts....


Steal food? In a way Amway rats steal good food by telling their downline to change their spending and eating habits to accommodate Amway products. Down with fresh fruit and vegetables and use Amway Nutrilite vitamins instead.


Compare Amway IBO rats to London’s black plague which probably started from infested fleas that lived on the rats that overran the city. An estimated 100,000 people were estimated to have died before the great fire in 1666 helped wipe out the plague.


It is unknown the number of people who have been destroyed by Amway IBO rats. Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Vicious parasitic creepy Amway rats creep out to leave comments on blogs like mine but scurry back into their sewers when they’re confronted with the truth and unable to back up their lies with nothing more than the standard response “because my beloved Amway cult leader says so so there!”. What’s it going to take to destroy the Amway rats and wipe them out for good?


The only good rat is a dead one. And maybe not ever then. One still has to dispose of it.



  1. Comparing sewer rats to Ambots? I think that's highly unfair to the rats, and you owe them an apology.

    -- AnonTB

    1. I think sewer rats eat better than ambots. Don't think rats would toach the disgusting Amway bars or double X

  2. Dear Anna, have you seen this link? I think the author must have had a bad experience with Scamway too. http://www.reallyweirdstuff.com/howtobesuccessfulcultleader.htm

    ~Ex-girlfriend of a Herbot

    & yes some rats have delightful temperaments, unlike those angry aggressive ambots and other cult adherents. I compare them to ticks - blood sucking & potentially dangerous

    1. I had 2 pet rats when i was a kid. Then my sister got a cat and well need I say more.....0

  3. I haven't been around much lately, but I agree with much of this post. I don't totally blame Amway, is because IBO's can go to the website and just become ibo's without having a sponsor or this barrage of bullshit upline. However some diamond couples sit on the IBOAI and that is directly connected to Amway. I blame the upline in these various "Self development/ Leadership and Mentorship groups" i.e. WWG They try to tell prospects on the fact that Artistry is in the top 5 best selling makeup and skin care lines in the world.... According to who????? I've looked into this, and Euromonitor is the only research company who semi backs this up.

    They prey upon couples spouting off that those involved with WWG have a less than 1% divorce rate. False. Where are they getting this information?! A Double Diamond couple divorced, and one half of the former couple completely cut ties with Amway and WWG, while the other half stayed in, and they rebranded that spouse in all the stories and literature as a single parent who had a dream and built the business to what it is now, and makes 2.4 million dollars annually. This is actually mentioned in meetings. Lies, as they both did this together.

    1. You got to be a good liar if you want to make any money in Amway. Lack of morals also required.

  4. I had to post this in 2 parts because my post was too long..

    The upline my husband is affiliated with has brought some pretty unsightly characteristics out of him. These people are very deceitful. One prospect was given the address of a location prior to the next meeting, and she google mapped it, and saw it was at an apartment building, and she didn't feel comfortable with attending a meeting at someone's home. She "disqualified" herself by not attending the meeting. His upline's solution to the situation? Ask new prospects to meet you at a location near the meeting location and have them follow you... That's shady. I have never been an IBO, and my name is no where on the paperwork or anything. I've attended one major function, which the dessert was the most exciting thing there, and maybe a handful of meetings. The next major function was going to cost us $250 to attend, gas to drive almost 12 hours roundtrip, and hotel. We made the decision for me to stay behind, and save money. I made alternate plans as I am pregnant and didn't want to be confined to a stuffy room and having to hear all this boring chatter. I made plans to go visit family as I have been pretty homesick and haven't seen my parents in over a year. His upline could see on the WWG site that we only bought 1 ticket, and then called him up and told him that we needed to both attend. My husband explained that I am pregnant and I've been dealing with a lot of nausea and morning sickness, so I wasn't going. Their response?? A lot of women attend pregnant, and many of them have spoken on stage just 3 days away from giving birth and that if I didn't attend my husband's business would suffer, and likely fall apart. Talk about a guilt trip. So then my husband kicked it into high gear and freaked out, and then tried to convince me to go. I switched my dates for the trip, but I refuse to go to the function. We spend close to $600 a month on this garbage, but yet my husband wants us to move into a STUDIO apartment or a 1bdrm to save money. My husband's employer gives us money for housing, so why the hell would we downgrade at such a drastic rate when our family is growing? His upline suggested that we rent a room out of a home, or get a roommate. These people are out of their minds. They do not truly care about the downline, and if downline ibo's jumpship (no matter the reasoning) they automatically stop affiliating with them. They create a "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality. It doesn't matter that downline ibo's went broke and are living off of tuna and ramen to get them by, and that now they can't afford books for school, and are behind on bills.... The upline's solution?? Call the now former ibo's and tell them that they didn't need to quit, but instead sell their belongings to pay the bills and stay in the business... or just harass them in general. What the fuck kind of logic is that?
    These people are unhinged and if you aren't an IBO and stumbled across this blog because you attended a board plan or meeting, or just finished reading the Business of the 21st Century... RUN.... save your self, relationships, bank account and sanity.

    1. The Amway male chauvinist pig club is all about ragging on women and blaming them for everything. One of the reasons why Amway upline are all a bunch of fucking assholes out to destroy their cult followers lives.

  5. Missing Normal, your upline said your business will suffer if the wife doesn't attend? Wondering how large of a downline your husband has? Cause if its less than 10. Wouldn't make a dam diff if both of u stayed home and saved the $

    1. Or they could quit Amway and save money and brain cells.

    2. I haven't done the math in a while, but last I recalled, you need something in excess of 40 downlines to be making decent money? It's hard enough to convince one person to do this, but 40+!? And you'd need to lock up your soul to be able do willingly do so. And then they have to keep buying the same stuff month after month to maintain this level!?

      Just buy some lottery tickets. Seriously, even if the funds are mismanaged by the state, they'll still be put to better use. And it's a lot less taxing too.

    3. If your are a reponsible presentable dependable person Kohls generally if you want it will let you moonlight just 1 night a week as a cashier - that is a much better plan as far as a worthwhile "business opportunity"...

    4. Anonymous - former Emerald Eric Scheibeler said he had 1000 people in his downline and at best he made $3000/month. I've seen reports online from other former emeralds who say they made $2-$3k/month in Amway. Thats why they're all former. The promised income isn't there. Upline confuses everyone by throwing out numbers and when you don't earn them in typical blame the victim scam they say you weren't working hard enough.

    5. Anonymous - working just 1 hour a month at most jobs brings in more money than a commission from Amway. And without spending hundreds of dollars just to earn a measly $10 from the scam.

  6. His downline isn't that large. I need to clarify that the function they want us to attend costs $250 just to attend the meeting. It's extra for gas, and hotel room. That's on top of the $300 spent on products, kate premier membership cost, and $112 wwg membership.


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