Thursday, March 20, 2014

You Quit Amway Because You Didn’t Work Hard Enough!

Over and over and over ad nauseum I get fucked up ambots show up at this blog stating that we quit Amway because we didn’t work hard enough spouting off their brainwashed mantra about how you have to work hard at the Amway business if you want to be successful.

Not really. You have to be a good liar without morals and be a good cult leader. Whether or not that’s hard work or comes naturally is another story.

Amspeak bullshit. And these bastards think they’re so original. I’ve heard assholes in our Amway upline spout that bullshit long before these ambot bastards ever joined the cult.

The thing no ambot can define is what is  “hard work”.


Amway is advertised by the upline assholes as something you can do in your spare time 10 to 15 hours a week and make gazillions of dollars. Those 10 to 15 hours are pretty much already tied up attending Amway meetings or counseling with upline or dealing with phone calls and texts from the assholes in your Amway upline. Once the ambot spends time begging people to come to Amway cult meetings or buying their shitty overpriced products those hours can easily be doubled. Triple that if the ambot finds some suckers to show the plan to but that’s rare.

People don’t quit Amway or weren’t successful at Amway because they didn’t work hard enough. They're stuck inside a sewer that's designed for failure and finally woke up and realized they were being brainwashed and abused by a bunch of fucking assholes in their Amway upline. They realized they weren’t making money but were losing plenty of money. And when they talked to other ambots or former Amway cult members no one made money either. So they quit. They didn’t renew their Scamway membership. They stopped buying shitty products. They stopped hanging out with other cult members. They stopped listening to CD’s and being brainwashed. They walked away. They didn’t walk away from a business. Otherwise they could have just sold the business or sold the business assets and lessened their losses. But when you have a pretend Amway business you don't have the things that real business owners acquire as part of running a business. And no having a garage full of shitty overpriced Amway products because the assholes in your Amway upline badgered you into stockpiling inventory ain't the same thing!

I know real business owners who have had to shut down their businesses for one reason or another. And its usually a very traumatic event. This business was their passion. They put everything they had into it, their money and every hour of the day they could. For whatever reason the business didn’t make money and they had to close down and quit wasting their money.

According to a fucked up Amway ambot they would say those business owners didn’t work hard enough.

For some reason I have friends who like to start up sandwich shops. Yes! I know lots of people who can fix me a good sandwich! I remember the first of our friends who started up a shop told us they’d spent or probably got a bank loan for $50,000 for one of the kitchen equipment. I don’t know if it was a restaurant grade coffee espresso cappuccino machine or something else for the kitchen. Don’t remember. Just remember 50k. They were in sort of a bad location. Got lots of traffic but parking was the shits in that location. They closed down after about 6 months. Since then there have been other restaurants start up in this same location and they’ve all closed down soon thereafter.

So did my friends fail at their business because they didn’t work hard enough? Nope. They were at the restaurant 80 hours a week maybe more. But a fucked up Amway ambot would point fingers at them and say that 80+ hours a week ain’t enough and they weren’t hard workers and they’re failures and losers.

What about all the businesses that were lost because of Sandy Frankenstorm on the east coast? I saw news footage of a woman standing where her restaurant used to be. It had all blown away except for the Pepsi fridge. Insurance covered a lot of these businesses getting rebuilt but some people walked away or didn’t have insurance. Fucked up Amway assholes will accuse those devastated by Hurricane Sandy and closing their businesses as not working hard enough.

Where do these Amway assholes think they have the right to go around accusing people of quitting their businesses because they didn’t work hard enough. And what is the measure of hard work anyway? None of those bastards will answer that question when I ask them.

Its inconceivable to a fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot that there are other reasons why people close down their businesses other than they “didn’t work hard enough.”

No matter how hard someone works and no matter how much money they’ve invested in their business if it isn’t profitable the smartest financial move is to close up shop and walk away.

So a big fuck you out there to all those Amway assholes and your fucked up work ethic!



  1. No guilt. No remorse. No problem at all being the leech at the top sucking the life and money from their "downlines".

    If you are not part of their "team", you are nothing. They do not want to interact with you at all. It is truly amazing to see this ongoing activity.

    1. Yup people in Amway are the biggest scumbags around. No morals and no friends outside their cult.

  2. hi anna, I was reading a popular book called "the 48 laws of power" by robert the 27th law in the book is "play on people's need to believe to create a cultlike following" this chapter the author goes on to describe "the science of charlatanism, or how to create a cult in 5 easy steps" ..step 5 is what really stands out here.. this tactic is the most powerful weapon in amway's arsenal..and I quote "step 5: set up an us-versus-them dynamic. the group is now large and thriving, a magnet attracting more and more particles. if you are not careful, though, inertia will set in, and time and boredom will demagnetize the group. to keep your followers united, you must now do what all religions and belief systems have done: create an us-versus-them dynamic. first, make sure your followers believe they are part of an exclusive club, unified by a bond of common goals. then, to strengthen this bond, manufacture the notion of a devious enemy out to ruin you. there is a force of nonbelievers that will do anything to stop you. any outsider who tries to reveal the charlatan nature of your belief system can now be described as a member of this devious force. if you have no enemies, invent one. given a straw man to react against, your followers will tighten and cohere. they have your cause to believe in and infidels to destroy." sound familiar? thought so..

    1. Hi Scott100proof. If you look at any warning signs about cults Amway and their cult leaders fit every category. The us versus them mentality is huge in the Amway cult. The people who are not in Amway are referred to as stupid losers or what have you and ambots aren't allowed to associate with people who aren't part of their expensive buying club.

  3. I've only noticed one new diamond in 6 or 7 years in wwdb. I'm sure there are over 30,000 wwdb Ibo's in north america. I know there are other groups. My gut says we have a better chance at winning the lotto than diamond.

    1. Hell you probably got a better chance at being struck by lightening!

  4. Of course the Amway cult will say platinum ,emerald,ruby is worthwhile for the average person. But common I'm not sucking cult leaders dick for shitty couple grand per month. Guess odds don't matter to the brainwashed

    1. They gloss over that part at Amway meetings or try to confuse you with other numbers. Or the occasional ambot shows up here to say Amway is breaking the law by publishing fake numbers cause they're required by law to put something in print.

  5. Ambots believe that you can make tons of "passive" income but don't understand the work that needs to go into getting there. These people believe that "work" as you and I would refer to it, is beneath them. They think they should just be able to spin the top and have the money roll in. They are literally like the Underpants Gnomes from Southpark:

    Steal underwear

    It's the question marks they don't believe in finding out. Somebody tells them they deserve to be rich but they don't understand what it means to go out and do that. Yes, there are idle rich who inherited their wealth, but by and large you have folks who had to put a lot at risk to get where they are. They don't see that the time they spend trying to recruit others into this scheme would be better spent honing real skills and making themselves valuable to others as an employee or as a true business owner. Most of them can't do this, they have no skills to speak of, but yet feel entitled to be rich simply by dint of breathing air. It doesn't work that way.

    1. At Amway functions the speakers sneer at the ambots if they can do it them anyone can do it. And doing what exactly is the question because theres no real training or business advice other than find people who do what you do. Which is eat shitty Amway products and buy tools and spend lots of money doing it with the vaugue promise in 2 to 5 years gazillions of dollars will be rolling in just because you showed up. The power of cults!

    2. I know it's function time right now because I'm starting to see pictures pop up on Facebook from all the Ambots I used to do business with. It seems like function time is the only time when Ambots get on Facebook. They post pictures of the rally and the cult leaders, update their statuses with "inspirational" quotes, and post other things saying how much better they are than everyone else. I keep them all on for my entertainment.

  6. AnonymousMarch 30, 2014 at 8:09 PM

    Amway is crap!

    Yes, finally, someone knows what I’m talking about when I say wealth isn’t dreams and hope, but action and sacrifice. Yes, you’re entitled to dream and hope, but that alone will not take you where you need to go. You need to figure out a way to turn success into profit, and profit into a self-sustaining wealth! Money isn’t for the weak hearted, but for those with the courage to meet their goals…whatever it takes…no prisoners (no guts no glory)!

    Amway is rather a revival about self-loath and “those-almighty praised”. My friend constantly contradicts himself, stating one shouldn’t sacrifice all our life, but one has to make sacrifices in life to get to where you need to be. He states we don’t need to work, but then again have to work to make Amway work! He insists that a 9-5 job isn’t but lost time with your family and friends, but a 9-9 with Amway is a short commitment to forgo the staple of the old-retiree and no family to share his/her last days with.

    He retorts that you have to spend big to get big and win big, but that you shouldn’t have to spend to buy what you can buy for free from your own store. So what I’ve deducted from all his rants about Amway is, “don’t spend money on anything else…BUT Amway. If you spend your time or money on anything else, or anywhere else, that is not good spending.

    So I told him Amway products are shit and therefore I’m not spending a dime on shit I could get for a lot less somewhere else!


    (P.S. I love your blog Anna, and your name Anna Banana is awesome!)

    1. Ha ha! Loved what you had to say HappyCustomer!

  7. During this business I went in guns blazing. I thought I was going to change the world and that we were perfect for this business. My upline told me he was helping me. After 6 months of going out every night to prospect, draining my savings account, racking up credit card debt, and not signing a single person, I found myself depressed. Lost. I felt I had failed because that's what they told me. I finally called it quits and told them how I was depressed, my upline responded well that's no reason to quit.

    I dug myself out of debt but still can't stop beating myself up. Worst thing is I work with thr fucking guy who brought me in. Amway ruined my life and a lot of relationships with my family and they still have the nerve to say I didn't try hard enough. Fuck that. Fuck amway. It's all lies.

    1. Anonymous - most ambots go in guns blazing and think Amway is the perfect business for them but when they don't make money thye figure out they got lied to and Amway is a scam. Amway has over 99% failure rate so the system is designed for failure you were doomed from the start. And yes this is the place to come to say fuck you Amway!

  8. It doesn't matter how hard you work Amway has a bad reputation and its hard to get people involved. They're too busy laughing at you for being a dumb shit for being in Amway.


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