Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amway Goads

For those of you who have had to put up with listening to the Amway band the Goads and occasionally stop by here looking information about them, you’ve come to the wrong place! Ha! I remember hearing them. I guess they’re good enough, but not memorable and not interesting enough to write about. Someone once left a comment with the titles of the songs they sing and yeah they’re all about motivating Amway ambots.


Time to really know what an Amway goad is. To be goaded by an Amway ambot.


Here’s a few things I found in online dictionaries for the meaning of the word “goad” all that apply very well when used to describe an Amway IBO.


- to make a person or an animal react or do something by continuously annoying or upsetting them

- a pointed rod used to make an animal move forward

- someone or something that urges or forces someone to do something

- something that pains as if by pricking


All of those apply to what its like being abused by the fucking assholes in your Amway upline! The most fucking annoying goading bastards around are all in Amway.


Is it any wonder that Amway uses a musical group at Amway functions and names them “the goads”? Ha ha ha. Very fitting description for anything Amway!!!!


A former Amway lifer shares their story:



I stumbled upon your site after searching for "The Goads", since I was curious if they existed, let me explain.


I was a "lifer" in Amway back in the 80's-90's.


I was quite fluent in "the plan" and could "persuade" (I have to be careful how I say that, since if you "chose" the right people, they didn't need persuading), and "candidate" that this was the best way to financial freedom. It certainly makes sense that the most common persons to approach are young unassuming "go getters" (I never used so many quotation marks) or someone who is a solid business man. One has no idea what is ahead of them and the other has the money to "invest".


Anyway all that has been said is true in that there is a clear deception in what is going on there. Yes, I know a person who still has their "dream" does not see it that way, but lets look at a few thing they don't tell you.


1. "If you work hard at it, you will succeed". Now they carefully don't tell you how long that will be, since they have no idea. That works in their favor both ways. One, as long as your in you purchase the products and "essentials", which leads to at the next question, but I'll get to that. On the other hand if you decide to leave for ANY reason, you've lost your "dream".


2. It will cost you now, but when you make it, it will be a business that allows you the free time to do what you want. Cost? That's an understatement. If you've got kids, sorry, if you're struggling to pay off debt, don't worry about it, once your business kicks in, you can pay for all that and more. (Heard this all before?) So after putting in countless hours showing the plan, driving to meetings and getting out to "contact" people, that doesn't leave much time for the family. Again, this is why to seek out the young and "unattached" (no kids). Now how long was that again until I can be successful? You just have to work at it hard, uh huh.


3. You MUST attend the "functions" (another word for con-vention, good choice by the way). Now let me get this right. I can't take my kids anywhere and have no money to take my wife out to dinner, but I NEED to spend money I don't have so that I can keep my "dream" alive? Don't worry, we can get a room that you and 12 others can split to make it less expensive...


I guess that brigns me back to why i was searching "The Goads". (Sorry it took me so long) Our pastor today brought up the story of Paul and how Christ said to him that it was hard to work against the goads. He explained what a "goad" was and it was like a light went on. A goad, he said is a sharpened stick that allows the user to guide the sheep in the direction he wants them to go. (ding, ding ding.) Got it yet, The Goads, perfectly and carefully named so, are the sharpened stick that guided the blind sheep ( Amway followers) in the direction of the dream. Well, I have been saving individuals, for sometime, from the misnomers of Amway. I even got "contacted" to a plan showing (that was interesting). It was nice to see good people leaving with me saying thanks. Keep up the good work.


  1. Anna - I've been reading your blog for a while, I don't remember why I stumbled upon it but I find this whole Ambot thing thoroughly fascinating. The other day, I was approached by a co-worker at my part-time job. She had several cans of the "piss water" and was telling me how great it is as she was putting it in the refrigerator. It was so great she had to label them as her drinks so no one else would take them. Then she showed me her "energy gum" and explained how she never had to take breaks from her work because that gum was so great!! Then she told me how she owns her own business and makes money by "buying from her own store." Wow, I had to hide my laughter with that one, as I recognized it from reading your blog. This person has never said two words to me before that day. She only started a conversation with me to give her sales spiel. Never once did she mention Amway. Now, this person is not extremely intelligent, she has a very menial job and seems to be almost illiterate. But she is going to be a millionaire and own her own business. Yes, a blind sheep who fell for all the hype.

    So it got me to thinking, why do people fall for it? Do former Ambots ever tell you why they fell for the line? Is it the constant praise and the isolation from your former friends and family? And why is it mostly men who fall for this, or am I wrong about that and women are equally vulnerable? Is there a certain personality type that is more prone to fall for it, perhaps someone who is wishy-washy, who can't seem to make up their own mind? Someone who likes being told what to do, and how to do it?

    Over the years, we have had home visits from vacuum cleaner salesman, insurance salesman, investment guys, etc, all invited in by my husband who had a friend at work, who "knew a guy with a great business opportunity for us." They were all some kind of MLM scheme. They never got any business from me, but sometimes I would see a gleam in my husband's eye, as if he was starting to fall for it. If I weren't around, maybe he would. All these schemes seem to work in the same way, the product is secondary, the real money is in recruiting others, and selling "tools." They hype you up and tell you that you will be a millionaire, and own your own business, making yourself rich instead of your boss. Having worked for a sales company many years ago as a secretary, I have heard all these lines before and none of them influence me.

    The sad thing is, there are certainly plenty of sheep to fall for it. If it didn't work, these companies would have been out of business a long time ago. But they keep recruiting new suckers to carry on.

    I guess I'm just a curious amateur psychologist, trying to figure out what makes Amway, and all these other companies, so attractive the the sheep people. Keep up the good work exposing them!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

      Yeah I had to laugh about your co-worker labelling her XS energy drinks so no one else would take them! Who'd want them! She only wishes people were lining up to buy the cat piss/horrible cough medicine mix that they call energy drinks! I'm surprised her upline didn't tell her to label them with $5 price tags!

      Unfortunately Amway preys on the most disadvantaged people and fills their heads with dreams that they'll be rich and retired in 2 to 5 years simply from "buying from your own store" like you already laughed about and spending money to buy Amway motivational tools and buying tickets to Amway functions. They brainwash these people that they are winners simply by showing up. They become instant friends and stay friends as long as they make money off you and once you quit or don't purchase your monthly quota they insult you and then ostracize you.

      People fall for the Amway scam because they get brainwashed and they want to make their new friends happy and will go out of their way to please their upline cult leaders. Yes its mostly men because Amway is a good old boy's club and women are treated badly even though the Amway ambot goal is to retire the wife first. Its a bunch of fucked up brainwashing. You'd have to sit in on a few sessions to see what's going on at Amway meetings. Cult meetings. Or watch that video I have a link to on the upper right side of the page about Dateline covering Amway meetings and filming the cult behavior and the lies told at the meeting.

    2. If they told you when they fell for it, that would imply they know it's a scam and would've gotten out of it. Instead, they're still peddling it like it's a dream come true. I was prospected by a former coworker. Similar deal... he said he always noticed I was a "go-getter". However, we never sat together, so that was a red flag right there.

      I sort of regret not meeting up with him one last time face to face, and just asking him straight up if he's aware this is a scam. Expecting AmSpeak, say I did my research, and that they slam you with so many fees that you LOSE money just from the sheer weight of all the fees. I did tell him I'm not joining, but if he wants to meet up to chat about NON-Amway stuff, he's welcomed to. Surprise surprise, he never contacted me again.

      With these types of folks who prospect me, I would've liked to respond by saying that I met an attractive young girl working in a department store. I haven't asked her out yet, but she was so nice and I'm fairly certain she wants to marry me, and have all of my kids ;) just to see if they can pick up how ridiculous they sound.

    3. ackmondual – in addition to calling you a go-getter he probably also called you a “sharp guy”. Those Amway ambots all have the same lines! Yeah all those extra fees associated with Amway are a deep secret until after you’ve signed up and paid your registration fee and after the ambots are convinced that you value their friendship enough that you’ll pay for it and keep them happy by useless Amway tools. Yup invest in the tool scam so the assholes in the Amway upline can get richer! And no they never pick up on how ridiculous they sound. They're duplicating everything their Amway cult leaders say and with as much blind love and devotion they have to the assholes in their Amway upline they always think those are the highest words of wisdom they've ever heard and think the rest of us want to hear their canned Amspeak too. WRONG!

    4. There's all sorts of people who fall for these MLM cults.Theres the greedy lazy bastards who want something for nothing, those who are desperate to make ends meet but having trouble finding a steady job, people with low self-esteem subceptible to the cult love bombing. Not all of them are low intelligence some v high intelligence but emotionally vulnerable.
      I have had experience with another cult Herbalife who stole my ex boyfriend. They were more of an equal opportunity scammer than Amway so you had single people, gay people, minorities there not so much stuff on religion.
      The shocking thing you will find are serial MLMers - a lot of ex-ambots end up in Herbalife and other similar scams. As if going through hell just the once isn't enough!

      As an aside Amway has now started infecting some of my contacts on LinkedIn. Need to find out how to block them before they start peppering my inbox with Amspeak. Nothing I haven't heard before from Herbalife.

      I notice from David Brear's blog that Herbalife is under criminal investigation. I hope it gets shut down along with all these other MLM cults. They are the real dreamstealers!

      ~Ex-girlfriend of a Herbot

    5. Hi Herbot's ex - Amway is also an equal opportunity scammer they'll take money from anyone. They won't let them go too far up the pyramid though.

      Don't know LinkedIn. Can't you just delete those contacts?

    6. Ah yes, you're right - an important caveat that the scambots aren't picky about the cannon fodder!

      LinkedIn is like Facebook but for professional people. Up until recently has been blissfully free of manic cult MLM activity and therefore I could go about networking people for genuine business purposes without people being suspicious of my motivations and I could have the joy of random people connecting with me for the same.

      I closed my Facebook account after suffering harassment from my ex's upline on there.
      Also got fed up with my feed getting peppered with images of Herballife, Body by Vie and Forever Living products. Everyday some new contact asking me about whether I had a job, how would I like my own business. Prophecies of doom about technology and how everyone with a job will be broke, the only way to financial freedom is through MLM.
      The scambots getting nasty and abusive when I ask them such things as business costs, time and net profit.

      They're all the same pimping some dreadful quality highly priced product which is just a disguise for passing monies up the pyramid. Same lies about working 2 hours a week and earning £5000 a month (don't know what that equates to in dollars - I'm English). Same lies about being a low risk, can't lose venture ( sorry no such thing - you don't get something for nothing). Same scam speak - oh - look - Warren Buffett, Donald Trump do network Marketing - no you idiots they OWN their network marketing companies YOU are their unpaid slave!
      Same lies how easy it is - yeah easy to lose money and lose your friends and people who care about you.

      I absolutely f**king hate them all & just lost my rag this morning when I saw a message in my inbox about me seeming like a "sharp business woman" and seeing that that person had become an ambot had updated his profile saying Amway Business Owner.

      Sorry back to your question can't I delete them? not as straightforward on LinkedIn as Facebook to delete people. Have researched and found some links but I think I will have to log onto my laptop and do it instead of via tablet.

      For any other of your blog readers getting Scambot messages on LinkedIn they have a policy forbidding solicitation from pyramid schemes and "work from home opportunities".
      Please make sure you report the Scambots!

      Be sure to Google pyramid scheme alert and listen to the Robert Fitzpatrick podcasts!

      ~Ex-girlfriend of a Herbot

  2. I would have to add, the people most likely to succumb to the MLM business are people who have suffered a loss, such as a job, or have a lot of uncertanity in their life. they are probably just searching for something (hope?). They will NOT find it in MLM unless they START the scam themselves...and most decent people are not that devious.

    1. Anonymous - they're searching for something that's for sure and it could be any of those reasons you've mentioned trying to get rich and have a better life. Amway is all about selling the hope not the soap. Other MLM participants offer similar dreams to recruits.

    2. They definitely have "marks" to go after... Sometimes, they'll give ambots a crash course on how to prospect recruits. Well, we all know Barnes & Noble shoppers was done to death. There's also specific groups like college students, perhaps even high school students, single mothers, the elderly, and young mid-aged family men.

    3. ackmondual – usually ambots go after those who can least afford to lose the money. Well none of us can afford to lose money to the Amway scam. And you're right sometimes in Scamway meetings the cult leaders do tell you who to be targeting. Disadvantaged people such as on government assistance and minimum wage earners who have a credit card with room to spend are high on the list because they're so desperate to make more money.

  3. I had a neighbor once a single mom with two kids in the apartment complex I lived in and apparently her ex bagged child support payments so although she had a (sadly not very well paying) full time job first she put up flyers in the laundry room she was moon-lighting as a maid/house cleaner. Then not too long after that a flyer of an open meeting at her apartment about a "business opportunity"... Don't know if it was Amway or not because I didn't attend but whatever MLM scan it was... a down-and-outer being lied to and taken advantage off...

    1. Anonymous – that’s too bad about your neighbor. The flyer would have probably been Amway or maybe Monavie. Both are pretty secretive about disclosing the names of their schemes and instead throw out the generic business opportunity. Its all about lies and scams with these MLMs. And unfortunately finding people such as your neighbor who is struggling for money and filling her head with dreams of riches in 2 to 5 years, conveniently neglecting to mention to her she must invest $500 to $700/month on buying shitty overpriced products, tickets to functions, etc all for a whopping $10/month commission check.

  4. It's sad that all of these awful manipulative mlm schemes give legitimate ones a bad name! I work for an mlm (selling sex toys lol) and make a decent wage with it. I'm also never harassed by my upline! A friend who is in the Amway Cult tried to get me to switch "businesses" (we don't call what I do "owning my own business" so I can't really switch since I don't have one to begin with *eyeroll*) when he isn't even making any money! are you effin nuts?! I mean I use some of my products, shaving things and oils and such, but I don't have to be my own customer because I actually sell things that people want to other people! things that you can't get cheaper somewhere else! I think that the "100% Product Use" along with the cd's and meetings is what makes Amway creepy, not the mlm format itself.

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by! You know Amway should sell sex toys even though they'd be overpriced generic sex toys. I get dozens of searchers landing on this blog after doing some kind of Amway sex search. So you need to pepper your website with key words like "Amway sex", " Amway sex products", "Amway after sex products", etc etc and you'll start seeing some of the traffic that ends up here! Yeah your business sounds great! Good luck!

  5. I've been there,also. Back in the early-mid 90's, my ex-husband and I were all caught up in Amway. I only went along with it to make him happy; we were newlyweds struggling with a baby at the time. Riding on charter busses for hours to go to these conventions, paying for hotel rooms, when we could barely afford groceries. It was all ridiculous. Everyone we knew eventually got out of it after about 5 years; thank god. I've been approached many times since by people with other MLM's; my answer is always no thanks. Avon, Mary Kay, It Works, Melaleuca, on and on. They're all the same.

    1. Charlotte - that sounds like the life of an Amway Ambot! You probably skipped rent to make it to that Amway brainwashing convention. Yeah most women don't want anything to do with Amway but want to be supportive of their husbands. Until they see all their money going to tithe the Great Amway God and having to put up with the abuse from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

  6. I'm a former Amway distributor and yes, it costs more than I made so when approached to do another network marketing business I was reluctant, but I'm thankful it is 110% different from Amway and a legitimate money making business without having to buy tools or even pay for functions, which are free with this company. I can even get my product for free and initial investment back within a month. Everything else is clear profit. So, I am not an Amway fan by any stretch, but in case nobody has cleared this up, Amway did NOT name "the Goads." That is their family name and they were a group of family entertainers long before Amway. As a matter of fact Amway was not responsible for bringing in The Goads; that was done by Dexter Yager. They performed at his functions; not the ones done by Amway. Also, I understand how many people would be totally against any and all network marketing businesses; however, please don't judge all the others by one company. They are NOT all alike. I can testify personally...and I tried several before becoming involved in with a wonderful company.

    1. Hi doody. If you've found an MLM that works for you then that's great. However the only people making money at MLM are the owners or the people who got in early enough to have a substantial downline. And as you pointed out not all network marketing companies are out to screw over their sales reps. Amway is the worst MLM out there due to their bad reputation of scamming over their participants and nickel and diming them to death and the abuse from the upline. Plus their reputation of flogging overpriced useless shitty products. You wouldn't see that kind of bullshit abuse going on at Avon.

  7. Just laghing at how stupid everyone is :)

    1. Just laughing at how stupid Amway Ambots are. LOL! That's why this blog exists. Dumb fuck.

  8. To Anonymous at 7:49 AM --

    Why is everyone stupid? Or are you laughing because you are a jackass who can't make a valid argument?

    1. Anonymous - I'd say that's about right. And we're all laughing at the jackass who thinks he'll be the one in 50,000 who'll make money in the Amway scam.


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