Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting The Amway Cult To Fuck Off

Its kind of troubling the pattern of search hits this blog gets:

“Should I kick my Amway ambot out of the house?”

“What happens when husbands and wives don’t agree on Amway?”

“How do you get someone to leave Amway?”

“Boyfriend wants me to travel to Amway meetings with him”

“Amway destroyed my marriage”

“How to deprogram an Amway ambot”

“How to be deprogrammed from Amway”

“How to quit Amway”

These ones are especially sad because the searcher - and here I’ll go out on a limb and say probably a woman - has reached the end of their rope in putting up with the Amway bullshit and being abused by the assholes in the Amway upline and is searching on the Internet for how to deal with their relationship crumbling due to the interfering upline. Its a horrible position to be in to watch your husband throwing all your money at the great Amway cult, helpless to stop it because some upline cult leader has bullied him into buying more shitty Amway products that they can’t afford. How did some fucking Amway asshole get his clutches in to your husband to have this kind of control over him.


The “how to quit Amway” variation I get several of each day and a big spike happens about the midway point between major functions. Ambots are dragged off to a major function with all the rah rah and motivational speeches from the Ken and Barbies shoving each other across the stage. The ambot comes home from these motivational rallies and is all fired up and figuring out how they’re going to make their business explode. Sadly the only thing exploding is their dwindling bank account and skyrocketing credit card debt. After a few days or weeks of failing to convince any recruits to come to Amway meetings or finding new customers to buy Amway products the enthusiasm dwindles and the ambot starts to lose interest. They’re not making money and after all the whole point of owning your own business is to make money. Their cult leaders might notice the ambot not coming to meetings or slacking off on their Amway purchases and convince them not to quit now, not when success is right around the corner. Some ambots hang on for a few more weeks and get to the next major function, get all motivated again, and the sick cycle repeats itself.

Meanwhile the wife - and yes for this topic I’m going to call the above searches as done by the woman because I can give that point of view - is feeling hopeful that the end is in sight because the husband is losing interest.

Seeing as how I’d already been down the Amway path to hell I noticed things about Ambot that showed he was finally realizing he’d been lied to about getting rich in Amway. He stopped subscribing to Communikate and the World Wide Dream Builders premier membership. He stopped buying CDs and books. He stopped attending meetings.

This took longer than I wanted us to spend inside Amway hell. I was about at the end of my rope and I could have written any of those above Google searches about marriage being destroyed by Amway, how to deprogram an ambot from the Amway cult, and ready to kick the ambot out of the house.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my Ambot had had enough of being bullied by the sack of shit Platinum and being ordered to stop loving me and devote his love instead to the assholes in the Amway upline and just being taunted to death by those sickos. So there were other conflicts going on as Ambot realized the sheer evil of the Amway upline and how they were hell bent on destroying our relationship all in the name of trying to get their hands on our money.

So Ambot was letting go of those bastards. Setback came when some upline asshole phoned and told him he had to buy at least 100 PV of Amway products so some other upline asshole could reach their goals for the month. Damn it anyway he put another $500 on his credit card buying useless shitty Amway products that we’ll never use. Then the same fucker phones back and badgers him about attending the next major function.

“Too bad,” Ambot tells the fucking upline bastard. “I spent all my money buying those overpriced shitty Amway products so those assholes could meet their goals this month. No money left for Amway functions.”

And that was the last time Ambot ever bought anything from Amway. Yay!

Though it wasn’t the last time the upline bastards phoned or texted him but it came less often. Seeing as how he missed a major function he was on the shit list and the punishment is to be ostracized by the sack of shit Platinum until he returns to the Amway cult begging for forgiveness.

Didn’t happen.

So I will send out another big fuck you to our Platinum. You lost your grip asshole! And it was about time!

Oh why stop there. Let’s send out a big old FUCK YOU to every Amway asshole out there!


  1. Love it! Fuck off Amway! Wait. Can't say that enough. FUCK OFF AMWAY!!!!

    1. Thanks Brenda. And how bout one more. Fuck off Amway!

    2. Let's give it one more. FUCK OFF AMWAY! Love it that there's a place online where we can say that as much as we want FUCK OFF AMWAY!

    3. Brenda - that sounds good to me. All you Amway assholes out there can fuck off!

  2. That could have been my wife doing those searches. Even though its been a few years since I left Amway I still cringe at the hell I put her through and thank my lucky stars we're still together. I was so brainwashed by my upline that I didn't know how brainwashed I was. Looking back I know I became a horrible human being, insulting the people I loved, alienating my family and friends, all under the control of my upline. Back then I thought they were the greatest people and I wanted to spend every minute with them. Now I see them for the manipulative liars they are and how badly they treated me. One minute they were encouraging and telling me that everyone loved me. The next minute they were insulting me because I didn't bring any guests to the meeting or I didn't buy enough crap that month. Thanks for your blog and telling it like it is when it comes to Amway brainwashing and bad behavior.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Good to hear the evil Amway cult didn't destroy your marriage. Hope you made it up to your wife.

  3. Hi Anna. I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

    The first one: should I kick my Amway ambot husband out of the house. That's me. My only regret was not kicking him out sooner. When I divorced him I divorced the Amway cult at the same time. Talk about freedom!!!!

    I remarried and I am so much happier now that Amway is out of my life. I hated those bastards and how they destroyed everything but if it wasn't for them I would never have met my love bunny, but I still won't give them the satisfaction of thanking them for destroying my marriage. Every now and then I'm tempted to look it up on the Internet. I think I've been to your blog before.

    You tell them. Fuck off Amway! Fuck off Amway! Fuck off Amway! Fuck off Amway! Fuck off Amway! Fuck off Amway! I can't say that enough times LOL!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear Amway fucked up your life but it sounds like it worked out well in the end for you. Of course some fucked up Amway asshole is probably going to leave a comment that Amway blessed you and found a better husband for you or some other kind of screwed up bullshit.

  4. I crashed a real estate seminar with an friend. He yelled out to the woman on stage and said she looks like a whore. All the speakers looked so angry. Wanted us out of the banquet room asap lol.

    1. Everyone in Amway is angry. Thats what losing so mch money and being brainwashed by a cult does to you.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by but you forgot to tell Amway to fuck off!

  6. Hi Anna Banana,

    Firstly, I'd like to tell Amway to Fuck Off! I hate Amway with a passion and it can burn in hell, this relationship-destroyer, Nazi Hitler Satanic Fucked up brainwashing cult following sick and fucked up practice with fucked up and sick up lines and sucked in, low self worth gullible, vulnerable and Naive cult followers.

    Is there any way we can talk privately, because I want to discuss how Amway is ruining my relationship and how to get him out of Amway.

  7. Hi Anna and everyone else reading this page. I am the same person who previously posted my comments, as dated on the 29th of April, 2014, at 6:02am.

    Anna, I have read many of your other articles and I must say that I agree with every word you have said about Amway, the fucked up cult-leaders and the fucked up up lines and all other fucked up sickos at Amway.

    Australians are meant to be 'young and free,' however, Amway makes Aussies 'poor and trapped' into the Amway bullshit scam.

    I am the girlfriend of almost four years of a kind man who has turned nasty due to this Amway scam. He is now believing his 'up line' over me, after almost four years of being together and putting up with this Amway bullshit. The other day I made him choose, 'make your pick,' I told him, 'what is it, Amway, or me?'
    Much to my shock and dismay, he told me to 'either accept Amway, or not and to make my choice.' I told him to choose. He told me, no matter what, he will never quit Amway. I am one of those very unlucky ones. He has been trapped on this Amway Cult, fucked-up scam for over 13 years now. I am starting to feel incredibly upset. I believe, he has chosen Amway over me. I can't believe how naive he has been, not to mention all the lies he has told (lies about how much he's spending on Amway). I have calculated (with him) that spends at least $13, 660 per year on Amway and that's not including petrol! All the products are sooo expensive and I can't believe it costs $9 for a fucking snack bar! For fucks sake Amway and those fucked up up lines, why don't you just all rott in fucking hell, you relationship-killing, carnivalesque fuck faces!

    His up line has now advised him to leave me because 'friends and family lift and support you, not tear you down.' 'Find someone who supports you.' Hmmmm, don't you mean, 'find another Amway sucker, you fucking relationship-destroying carnivalesque fucking wanker!

    Every sick and fucked up word his up line tells him, he believes him, although he says he doesn't. In the 13 years he has been with Amway, he hasn't made a single cent. To make matters worse, he has now lied about him making money, when he hasn't. I blame Amway for fucking this very naive human being up and for destroying our relationship.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about that but you deserve to have a much better man in you life who is not brainwashed by a cult and gives the cult all his/your money.theres nothing that brings those Amway assholes more joy than destroying other relationships sick bastards that they are. Someone who's been in the scam as long as your boyfriend isn't going to get out without the help of a cult interventionist. He must have a good paying job to support the Amway cult for so many years or a lot of debt! You deserve a better life than some fucked up Amway cult member can ever give you. Good luck.

  8. Hi Anna,

    I agree with you 100% and I believe you actually understand what I am going through right now, especially having gone through the Amway bullshit like many others in the world. I feel comfortable knowing that I am not alone in this Amway bullshit, as many others have unfortunately suffered aswell.

    I totally agree, these Amway arseholes are fucked in the fucking head, to the point where they need to be taken for mental assessment. These fucked-up cult leaders and Naive and stupid cult-victims are stuck in a fantasy world, where they convince themselves that Amway is the answer to all of life's problems. I have two words for Amway. Amway, why don't you take the highway and just "Fuck Off!!!!!"

    To add salt to the wound, this up line is probably now smiling to himself, knowing that he now has my boyfriend 'for good' and now more brainwashing can occur. Sick fucking fuck-face relationship-destroying arse hole! I hope Karma gets this fucked up and corrupt arse hole for good! He has destroyed everything.

    I know I deserve a better life, as I don't ever want to be in debt due to this. Not to mention the fucked up and sick brainwashing he'll try and do to his son or daughter, had we ever went down that path, which I don't think will happen, without him telling Amway to Fuck Off. He says shit like 'education isn't good.' 'You need the right education and that is Amway.!' Can you fucking believe this?! Toxic. Fucking toxic. The worst thing is, he doesn't even get paid that well and he has only a little money saved. We don't even live together, but if we did, he ain't touching my fucking money.

    Thanks for the good luck, I really do need it right now.

    1. Hi Anonymous - you are one of the reasons this blog was invented. There was nowhere online for wives to vent about the assholes in their Amway upline. It helps other women know that others have gone down the same Amway hell hole before them and we all have pretty much the same story. Destroyed relationships and destroyed finances thanks to this scam. You could always try contacting the police and see if you can press fraud charges or see a lawyer about suing them for alienation of affection and see how smug those little bastards will be then. Everything he's saying like about education is something thats passed down from the Amway cult leaders. They don't like money being redirected out of their pockets. Its all about brainwashing the cult followers. And removing anyone that stands between them and their money. Amway - the cult of greed.

  9. Hi Anna,

    This site is such a great idea. Along with all the support I receive here, on this blog, I'm also receiving support from my best friend, my family and his family. One of the worst things about this Amway shit, is that he has lied to me over and over on order to hide how much $$$ he's spending on Amway and also lying about what his Cult leader is telling him to do, along with everything else that is involved.

    Amway is most definately the cult of greed. Amway should stand for the following:


    Cult stands for the following:


    I was thinking of doing something about it, in terms with making sure that Cult-fucker gets his justice.

    I'm in a period now, where I've told him I need some time for myself, which I do. By time, I meant at least one month and this was about two weeks ago. From this moment on, he better be thinking of leaving Amway, or else I don't have time for this bullshit anymore. I've sacrificed for him over these years, yet he can't sacrifice for me! Fucking Amway fucked-up Cult leaders and sucked-in Cult dumb-arse followers. I'm over this Amway shit!

    1. In Amway - the good old boy's male chauvinist club - you wouldn't expect them to think the man should make any sacrifices for the woman do you? The upline are working real hard on him right now to end your relationship because nothing gives those sick bastards more happiness than destroying other people's happiness. Yup come in and curse out the assholes in the Amway upline as much as you want. Feels good to do it doesn't it? Over the Amway shit and over the ambot shit too. At least you won't have to put up with the verbal abuse while he duplicates the assholes in his upline anymore.

  10. I totally agree!

    His fucked-up up-line once told him, something to the effect: "You're not doing Amway purely for the girls you get to meet, are you, ha ha ha ha ha." (Wink, wink...)
    "Ooooh, oops, I didn't think your girlfriend was right there... Ha ha he he ha.!"

    From that moment on, I knew I couldn't trust that Fucking wanker of an up-line!

    That's right, I wouldn't expect the men making any sacrifices for the woman, as they are too fucking stuck up to ever think about what's important! It seems that a long-term relationship (several years) isn't enough to keep someone committed to their partner. It seems like they might as well marry Amway, that way, at least it's official and that I'm not just imagining this nightmare turning real. I consider Amway to be like a dirty cheating whore, as whores take their time and money. The brainwashing part comes at a price to their future health, both mentally and physically, as if they are poor, after spending all this money on Amway, how can they afford to look after their health. Their mental health is questionable, if they allow themselves to be this brainwashed. Any smart business person will pull the plug after 3+ years of the business not working. What the fuck are these Amway suckers doing!!!! Aaaaah, it hurts my head how ducking naive they are!!!

    It feels great expressing my true opinion of the fucked up world of Amway! I hate them all and may they just get fucked!!!

    That's true, as it is verbal abuse and I'm sick of it!

    Amway, Fuck off for good you fucking vampire! You drain the life out of relationships and people!

    1. Ha ha. Yeah! You tell those Amway fuckers! As you can see they've been spending time destroying your relationship. Yeah right he's really going to attract women when he's in the Amway cult. Those arrogant bastards haven't figured out what women know - Amway = huge turn off! It might be time to dig out some of those married to Amway and Amway mistress posts though I seem to recall we had them not too long ago.

  11. I'd love to see those married to Amway and Amway mistress posts, if you have them!

  12. Text 1/2:
    My best friend of 10 yrs is an ambot. She is secretly dating a guy in Amway, & tells us she doesn't want their relationship to be official & out on Facebook as they don't want to mix business & their relationship. After a month she told us she didn't think Amway was for her, & we felt relieved. The next time we saw her, she told us she was back in Amway & her "passions were set on fire." As her friend, I wanted to support her happiness & knew if I expressed any concern, she'd view it as me being a "negative" person.

    My best friend is my maid of honor in my wedding (I'm engaged) & w/i a few months, I watched my best friend give up: her videography business, Bible study with us for Amway's "church services", working with a financial advisor for retirement as "Amway has a better financial plan," a European trip she'd been planning for MONTHS because she "didn't have time to travel," & abandon our friendship for amway

    My best friend texted me asking what I was doing the next day from 7:40-9:00pm. I told her I was free & she manipulatively invited me to an Amway event & expressed that I could benefit from hearing it & it would mean a lot to her. I responded saying I love & support her but no thank you, amway isn't for me. She was upset & ignored me & when I asked if she'd gotten my previous text to talk, she she didn't need to explain herself & that she was going to be busy in the next weeks so we couldn't see each other.

    At this point, I knew I had to express concern because a good friend would do that. Even if it meant it backfiring. We finally met up & after some small talk I said, "I think this deserved a conversation & so I wanted to share with you why I declined your invite to your Amway meeting." I told her how my grandfather was in Amway & it was a big reason he & his wife got divorced. They were raising 5 kids & he was losing $ in amway. I also told her I did a lot of research on Amway & concluded based on those 2 things that it wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean I don't support her & her happiness. She got offended. She compared me to one of her other friends saying this other friend would go to a meeting if she asked. She said she wanted me to go so I could understand where her priorities were focused & so I could 'understand why we wouldn't see each other that much'

    She told me that I "just have to go to the meetings to understand why I'm not a priority" & I told her if someone asked about my business, my faith, etc that I could explain it to them in words for them to understand. She said "when I achieve my dream, I'm going to take my friends & family on exotic vacations all around the world!" I said, "so all the friends & family you made not important in your life are just going to all of a sudden go on vacation with you?"

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thank you for coming by to share your story. Seeing as how this is an older post and some readers will miss it, I'm going to copy it and give it a post of its own sometime later this year because your message really needs to be heard.

      First off I feel your pain. It comes through in how you've told your story. And the only thing worse than having a close friend getting sucked into the Amway cult would be to have your significant other inside throwing away the family finances.

      Amway is all about destroying people. Emotionally, financially, and their relationships. As you've seen first hand with your grandparents.

      Everything you've said is not a new story. We all have the same story. We heard and saw the same things. Small details might be different but nothing ever changes in Scamway.

      Let's start off with how all Amway Ambots are over the top obsessed with anything they label negative. Generally that's the truth because Ambots can't tell the difference between the truth and negative. Anyone who has a different viewpoint than their cult leader is negative.

      In all likelihood you are no more a negative person than I am, except when it comes to the opinion of Amway Ambots. In fact I'm probably worse than you. According to Ambots I'm a broke negative unchristian dreamstealer who will always have a job working for someone else. I've had just about every insult hurled at me from the fucking assholes in our Amway upline to the fucking Amway Ambots who show up here to leave comments.

      The reality is Amway Ambots are the most negative people around. Ambots don't see the irony. The rest of the sane world sees right through their fake nicey nice act and the common cult tactic of love bombing.

      The real reason your friend probably got back in Amway after deciding it wasn't for her is because of fears of ending the relationship with her boyfriend. The assholes in the Amway upline were pressuring him to end the relationship. No cult outsiders allowed.

      Amway Ambots abandon everything else going on in their life. They must devote all their time and money to worshipping the Great Amway God. She can not go on vacations, attend outside events, have a different business, etc etc without first getting permission from the Amway cult leader which will always be turned down because everything Amway must come first. Why spend money on other stuff when it could be used to tithe the Great Amway God.

      As for bible study in her old life, she now has a new religion to follow. Like most cults Amway twists religion.

      Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap. Your friend is chasing a stupid dream. That she will be one of a tiny fraction of 1% of all participants who make money in Amway. And that stupid dream takes priority over everything else: family, friends, work, and fun activities.

  13. Text 2/2:

    I told her I missed her & feel that I'm losing my best friend (i'm sobbing at this point telling her this). I asked her what she gets from Amway that she wasn't getting in our friendship. She brought up hanging around successful people & I asked her what success means to her & she said following her passions. I asked her if she thought I didn't follow mine (because I do). I asked her if she thought I was unsuccessful.

    I asked her if she had any idea how hurtful it's been to be penciled in & put on the side. She got defensive & said "I'm done with this!" & left. I said "you will always be my best friend & I will always be here for you." We haven't spoken since.

    Amway isolates people who aren't in Amway. Amway encourages its IBO's to break it off with anyone who is 'negative' (i.e. anyone who isn't in Amway), Amway says those "negative people are close-minded" when in fact Amway is close-minded to anyone who doesn't believe in "their way to success." If you're not making money for your upline, Amway doesn't give a shit about you. Amway positively reinforces those who are selling & who are remaining active by buying or selling products--if you're slacking (i.e. missing meetings/conferences or not meeting sales, they will bully & manipulate you to feel less than).

    To my best friend who is in Amway: I know my best friend is still in there and I'm angry that Amway has brainwashed you. I am very hurt by this but will accept you in loving arms if Amway doesn't work out the way it was sold to you.

    1. Anonymous - somewhere around here there's a post of what constitutes success and how people define it differently. In Amway success might be the guy who made more than $10 commission that month. He spent $1000 buying overpriced shitty Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam. I never met a successful person in Amway. No one made money. They were all a bunch of broke losers. In other words what Amway Ambots define as successful people, the rest of the world probably defines them as broke losers and followers of the Amway cult.

      Again people define success differently. To one person it might mean an income of $40,000/year to another person 100k. It might mean owning a house, owning a car, or taking nice vacations.

      The only successful people in Amway are the owners and the cult leaders who started up their own cult sect and sit at the top of the pyramid.

      And you're dead on how you see Amway. Amway is all about isolating the cult followers from the people who can reason with them and make them understand what a mess they've got themselves into. Amway Ambots are only your friend as long as you're bringing money into the cult. When you quit that's the last you'll see of the ambots who declared themselves forever friends. Real friends don't force you to bring them money. The fucking assholes in the Amway upline bully and abuses the downline.

      You didn't mention how long your friend has been in Amway. Most people quit after a few months when they realized they got scammed and aren't making money. 95% of participants quit within 2 years. Anything longer than that and she's a lifer.

      If you haven't already done so, download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception written by a former Amway Emerald. There's a link on the right side of this page under more Amway info. This is a real life horror story. After you read it see if you can get your friend to read it.

      Good luck.

    2. My friend has been in Amway since around October of 2016. In early December 2016 she thought it wasn't for her but then all of a sudden decided it was the best thing for her. I agree with you- I think having her boyfriend in Amway doesn't help and I'm sure it's one factor she is staying in it. She is definitely being love bombed by her "mentors"--I found a girl who I went to school with that used to be in Amway and her mentors were her friends prior to them being in Amway. They got her in Amway and after a year (and putting over $3,000 into Amway), she realized it wasn't for her. She told me se made a total of $68 after spending thousands. She also told me that when she didn't renew her 'membership' that her friends (mentors) just stopped talking to her and she was sad about that. She was in Amway for about a year. My best friend has been in Amway about 6 months and is currently very far down the rabbit hole drinking the Amway Koolaid and more.

      I'm sorry to anyone going through this. It is very hurtful and difficult. This is my best friend and I couldn't imagine it being a spouse. The common bond is abandonment and loss though for sure.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Well hopefully your friend will start to see the light. Amway has this dumb ass function going on right now called Spring Leadership and ambots get all "fired up" for about a week and then they realize nothing changes. People still don't want to sign up to their scam or buy their shitty overpriced products. And then they start to think about quitting. Your friend's issue is a significant other in the scam. She can't let go of one without the other. It sounds like Amway has already done a good job of destroying her life. You don't say how old she is but hopefully she is young enough to recover financially and career wise once she leaves the Amway cult.

      Your friend is probably in the right range of making $68 in commission back from Amway. You have to buy 100PV of Amway shit, around $300/month to qualify for a commission that's around $10. In addition to buying shitty overpriced Amway products your friend would also be spending money on the Amway tool scam buying tickets to meetings and functions and membership in the cult sect and books and tapes. Amway "friends" stop having anything to do with people who leave Amway as your friend found out. But that's nothing to be sad about!

      If your friend lasts longer than 2 years in the Amway cult you can pretty much consider her a lifer. Its really hard for ambots to leave after that because they're attached to the other cult followers and they've been fully brainwashed to believe they'll have gazillions of dollars in residual income flowing in from Amway every month because success is just right around the corner.

  14. It's hard for most people to understand the unbelievable defensiveness and fear that motivate Amway freaks. They are terrified of actual facts, of real truth, of financial reality. Therefore they MUST force cult members to break off completely with anyone (family or friends) who declines to support the Amway madness.

    If they didn't, individual IBOs might actually begin to think. A sensible comment or criticism from a friend, acquaintance, or family member might get them wondering and thinking clearly about the absurd Amway "Plan." And once something like that happens, it's only a matter of time before the IBO quits the damned scam forever.

    Yes, it's also pure hatred of anyone who isn't in Amway, or who doesn't believe in it. Amway freaks live in a very self-centered and self-sequestered world of cultism and cult behavior. They can't tolerate "non-believers."

    But the main motivation is pure fear. The thing that haunts Amway freaks is the terrible suspicion that Amway is just a stupid pipe-dream, and that they are wasting their lives and their energy in it. So they simply must force IBOs to break totally with anyone who dares to stir up this terrible suspicion in themselves or in others.

    1. Hi Anonymous. That's true of any cult. Separating the members from outside contact and destroying their existing relationships with family and friends.

      Ambots can not be allowed to think for themselves. Amway cult leaders brainwash their followers and control their information.

      Yeah I'd say fear of the Amway cult leaders evil bastards that they are. They threaten, they abuse, they humiliate and then say but we still love you. Its fear of doing anything to anger the Amway cult leaders that makes ambots toe the line.


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