Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shopping At Walmart Versus Shopping At Amway

I read an article about what to buy and what to avoid at Walmart.




Putting the same theory to the test a similar article could be written about Amway except in the what to avoid column for Amway – EVERYTHING!!!!!


Walmart Winners:


  1. Walmart 3 ply toilet paper – costs $5.97 for 12 rolls.
    Compared to Amway - Here’s the good news – I don’t think Amway sells their prestige premium toilet paper anymore. Their website shows its no longer available but as I recall the cost was around $60 to $80. Yeah only brainwashed Amway ambots would shell out that kind of money so all the assholes in their Amway upline can split the profits on that hugely overpriced shitty Amway toilet paper.
    Here are some reviewers comments on Amway’s prestige toilet paper.
    Here’s a review by “sore buns” I wish I could get my money back it is the worst toilet paper I have ever bought.
    Another reviewer says : lacks softness and gentleness, must use more to get the job done
  2. Walmart paper towels – 6 rolls for $6.84.
    Ooop------- prestige paper towels is another Amway product that’s gone into the shitter. Website says No longer available. Probably priced too high is my guess like all the other shitty overpriced Amway products. And probably similar to the reviews above – the worst paper towels ever and must use more to get the job done.
  3. Walmart SPF 50 Sunscreen - $9 for 16 oz bottle
    If you check out Amway’s website you’ll see a bunch of Peter Island brand sunscreens that are no longer available, price unknown but I’m sure you’ll see the pattern – Amway only sells overpriced shitty products. But one thing that’s still available is a 50spf face sunscreen for – Yikes hold on to your hats!!!! – $60 for one ounce!!!! Holy fuck!!!!!! Amway = RIP OFF!!!!
  4. Lets just pass over the BBQ grill and air conditioner. I don’t know if Amway sells these items and even though Walmart does I probably wouldn’t buy them there either anyway. As for the vacuum, food processor, toaster – yeah I’d buy those from Walmart but I don’t know if Amway sells these items and if they did they’d cost an arm and a leg and I wouldn’t buy them from Scamway anyway.
  5. Walmart Laundry Soap - $8.97 for 100 oz.
    Amway’s similar laundry product is just over 100 oz and costs over $40! But that’s typical of how Amway’s products are priced – 3 to 4 times more than what costs in the stores so there’s enough profit margin for all the assholes in the Amway upline to get a piece of the commission.
    So there you have it – to get good value and a better product shop Walmart instead of Amway. Not to mention you get your product NOW instead of waiting a week for Amway’s shit to show up on your doorstep not to mention the added cost of shipping fees. Yeah when I’m out of toilet paper NOW I am getting in my car and driving to the store to buy some not doing the Amway ambot thing and ordering online and using my hands as toilet paper for the next week. Amway ambots are so fucking gross that way!!!!
    Walmart’s slogan: Save Money Live Better
    Amway’s slogan: Lose Money Live Worse

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  1. Anna,notice many products not available anymore also. Its impossible for Amway to ever beat wallmart pricing. But at least they should try to be close. I never realize how bad the pricing was till this post u made


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