Thursday, November 20, 2014

MUST Attend Amway WWDB Dream Night

As soon as WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED has ended, at every Amway cult meeting over the next couple of months the pressure is on for Ambots to attend World Wide Dream Builders Amway Dream Night.

The Amway cult leaders drill into their followers that they MUST attend all Amway functions and they can’t miss Dream Night. It’s the not to be missed event of the year. It’s a life changing opportunity. It’ll put the IBO 6 months ahead of the other ambots who don’t attend.

Wait a minute. Those fucking Amway assholes said the same thing about FED, Family Reunion, and Spring Leadership. We should be 2 years ahead of everyone right now and we’re not. Those fucking Amway cult leaders lied to us! Now there’s a shocker. Amway. Lies. They go hand in hand!

Always remember and never forget: if someone in Amway says something – it’s a LIE! Never believe anything a fucking Amway asshole says because they’re all liars. Easy to remember advice. Amway Ambot = liar.

I remember the Amway cult meetings leading up to Dream Night. Our sack of shit Platinum would demand everyone in the room tell him how many tickets they were buying for WWDB Dream Night. He would gloat that he’d bought 2 or 3 tables worth of tickets. I just don’t remember if the bastard said 2 or 3 but who gives a shit what that lying Amway asshole bullshits about. Whatever, lets say 10 people per table cause those banquet tables are big. Lets go with 20 people the lower number including the sack of shit and his wife. Tickets to Dream Night cost $70. That’s $1400 bucks right there to buy a bunch of disinterested people a holy shit expensive dinner. So the sack of shit goes around the room pointing at people. Some ambots faced huge abuse and humiliation when they said they didn’t know or weren’t sure they were going. Most said 2 or 3 tickets just to avoid getting a shit kicking from the fucking Platinum. Of course when the bastard gets to my Ambot he brags 10 tickets. What the fuck! $700!!! On Fucking Amway WWDB Dream Night?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

That would make the Amway cult leaders happy. That’s about $500 to $600 profit they’re making on those ticket sales after they’ve paid the hotel the $15 per person catering meal price.

Then the obvious question – who the hell do we know that wants to go to a slimy scammy fucking Amway meeting. We haven’t been able to get anyone to come to an Amway cult meeting when they’re free and now Ambot wants to spend hundreds of dollars on 10 tickets. There’s going to be a lot of empty places at our table. Unless you’re a brainwashed ambot you don’t want to be anywhere near an Amway cult meeting.

So the pressure is on. The Amway cult leaders are riding the ambots asses to buy tickets for Dream Night and to give them a tally of how many tickets they’re buying. Don’t buy any tickets or don’t buy enough according to the fucking Amway asshole in the upline, then get ready to be abused.

My advice? Save your money. Don’t go to Amway WWDB Dream Night. And don’t let the Amway cult leaders force you into buying extra tickets because nobody is interested in a free meal that comes at the cost of being trapped in a room with a bunch of fucking Amway assholes and watching them pledge allegiance to the lying Amway cult leaders. Its just fucking creepy.




  1. The free dream night meal I had. Was this dry piece of chicken with hardly any veggies. Had to hear Greg Duncan talk about owning jets with his brother. Then after the meal the diamond gave me this death glare. Because I wasn't wearing a suit. But this cheap leather jacket and jeans. Friend had told me about the dress code even for invitees. I wasn't in the scam so I didn't give a shit lol. I wouldn't go back even if its a free ticket by a buddy.

    1. Anonymous - I guess some hotels/catering do a better job than others! Or they kept the chicken under the heat lamp too long!

      Yesterday I went to a luncheon that a businesswomen invited me to. She'd bought tickets for a table and I was able to compare it to Amway Dream Night. Tickets were $8 each and that was chicken cordon blue plus vegetables and salads and dessert. It was buffet style so the organization was able to save a few bucks because no staff were hired for serving and volunteers were clearing the tables. Fortunately the entertainment was not a sack of shit Amway cult leader but a choral group singing Christmas songs, their first event of the year. I guess this was the practice session.

      Similarities to Amway Dream Night? No business advice given! Similar type of meal served as at Amway Nightmare Dream Night.

      Big difference - PRICE!!!! Same type of meal as Amway gets on the menu but compare Scamway's price tag of $70 to the much more reasonable $8. Actually you can compare just about anything Amway puts a price tag on to many options that can be purchased elsewhere for a much lower price.

      $8 is about what a person could spend on lunch but this meal was sufficient to be a dinner. There were about 150 people there. I'd say the Amway Nightmare Night was about double that but that might depend on the size of the hall rented.

      OK we had to put up with Christmas songs a little earlier than usual but it sure beats putting up with some fucking Amway asshole spouting off their bullshit.

    2. When I went to "intro meetings", they tell us we're going to spend the gas money anyways, so check it out (210 mile round trip? heh... )! People are coming in from as far as Ireland! Another made it sound like it's a college-level altering experience. I've observed the other potential prospected. They got confused looks on their faces like these people took a dumb pill. They all made excuses like I have a family obligation or work thing coming up.

      Speaking of intro meetings, 2nd time around, I should've just shown up in sandals, shorts, and a Tshirt. Like seeing a man in a suit in the ghetto, or a poorly dressed person in a 5-star hotel... they weren't fooling anybody. To top it off, I would whip out the phone and just play games through the whole presentation. They're counting on guilting you into being "proper". I would've known better.

      In your case, when you get the glare, perhaps play coy? "Howzit going?" Act like nothing's wrong :)

    3. ackmondual - I'd rather spend that gas money on something I really want. Or on a vacation to somewhere I really want to visit. Yeah at every Amway function the cult leaders would brag there were people in the room who'd showed up from whatever far off point in the world. Maybe they were but it was likely just jet another lie from that lying Amway cult leader.

    4. Did Greg Duncan clear up his chapter 7 bankruptcy? Must be if he owns jets! A few years ago he didn't even own a home because the banks foreclosed on his Montana properties.

    5. Hi Joecool. I have no idea. Usually Amthrax reports on that sort of stuff. He's not the only former Amway Diamond who's gotten foreclosed on. So much for that lie about buying houses and everything else with cash! Bought with cash = no mortgage = no bank can foreclose on you.

    6. The cult leaders are known to be bad with their money. Puryear is trying to unload his river house. These days the river house event of puryears is moved to Jamaica. Obviously the real estate is cheaper over there. They buy the biggest homes in the lamest places like Alberta, Irvine California, Idaho, and Jamaica.

    7. Anonymous - there are some nice places in Jamaica where the tourist resorts are and there are also some really bad areas. Judging on their past history the Puryears will probably buy somewhere cheap in a bad area and build a monster mansion on it that they won't be able to unload later on due to its location. It'll cost the ambots more money to go to Jamaica but really where would you rather vacation? In the Caribbean or Idaho?

  2. Something Ibo's don't have a clue on is. The diamonds are given a partial refund on no shows by the hotel or convention center. So every extra ticket a ibo buys and can't fill the dinner seat. The diamond is laughing to the bank. When they get more money for no shows. Of course the ibo who paid doesn't get any refund from this.

    1. Anonymous - how dare any Amway ambot try to get a refund! Just try it and they'll get a shit kicking from the assholes in their Amway upline! Yup the Diamond is laughing all the way to the bank when he sees those empty seats at the tables and knows its a sold out event.

  3. I notice many Ambot leaders are heading to achievers convention in Vegas. I think you need to be platinum and higher to qualify. I can't imagine them enjoying their trip. Most people gamble a bit,buffets,and shows. But ambots spend their $ on the scam

    1. Anonymous - there's better things to do in Vegas than go to an Amway convention. LOL! How can you enjoy a trip anywhere if you're stuck in a room full of ambots worshipping the Great Amway God and learning how become better liars and scammers.

    2. Apparently their little Amway convention is at the cosmopolitan hotel. Its all over their social media pages bragging about the convention. Amway probably got a huge discount for this. Just feel sorry for staff dealing with all these cult leader gathering lol.

    3. That's a nice hotel. You can get rooms super cheap in Vegas this time of year. Rates go up for Christmas/New Years, but first half of December super cheap. I've seen signs driving in to Vegas for big name hotels $25, $30. I wouldn't be surprised if Amway finagled a low deal like that because the hotel would hope the ambots are going to buy meals from the hotel and gamble (ha! lol!) and make money off them other ways. Ambots are the worst at hotels. Seen it firsthand they treat front desk staff like shit like they're so below them because they're working J.O.B.'s and not big shot business owners like the Amway bastards checking in. Rude and obnoxious are qualities taught to Amway ambots at Amway cult meetings. Of course some of them were already like that before they signed up with Amway so it just comes easier to them!


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