Monday, November 10, 2014

Nothing Ever Changes In The Amway Scam

Here’s a reader who tells us nothing much has changed in Amway in the past 20 years. Except the tapes ambots have to buy on the tool scam are now CD’s. The story is the same as many people who’ve got taken in by the Amway scam. A couple looking to make a better life, have extra money, have the wife be a stay at home mother. Dream Night = nightmare. 40 people crammed into a hotel room at an Amway function. No sleep. Love bombing. Having words like quitter and loser ingrained into their heads from the assholes in their Amway upline. Fear of being ostracized keeping them in the Amway cult. Figuring out Amway is a losing business opportunity. Stockpiling Amway products. Savings gone. Credit cards maxed. Fighting all the time. Being financially set back several years trying to recover from the Amway scam. How many times has this story been told? Get involved in Amway and step into hell. 

Every now and then I get an urge to look up the latest info on the Scamway world. So this time I landed on your blog and I'm glad I did.

My wife of twenty five years and I were coaxed onto the soap slickened slopes of Mt Scamway back in the early 90's after we were first married. We were a couple of wide eyed 23 yr olds who wanted simply to help ourselves financially by making that extra few hundred bucks a month and buy products we were already using from ourselves. Sound familiar?

Our sponsor was a guy I went to school with. It all seemed pretty good until we attended our first function, a Dream Night if I recall. Start of a fucking nightmare is what it was. We were newly married and as such didnt have a lot of money. We did have good credit however. So we paid for this with mostly credit, partly cash, all with the blessing of our upline direct. It was quite expensive even with like forty of us crammed in a room in Richmond. And we didnt sleep all damned weekend. And above all I was really uncomfortable with a lot of what was being said but tried to keep an "open mind".

But I digress. After this I began dissecting facts and crunching numbers and realized in the back of my mind that this was a losing proposition. But I wanted to give it a fair shake and I'm not a quitter, and my bride whom I did and do love dearly, was all in. So we continued. For two long years and the birth of our first child. His birth caused us both to take a long look at how we were spending our resources and we finally had the clarity of mind to say fuck it.

The addiction for her was the people. You know the ones who hug you incessantly and tell you they love you? The ones who tell you how great you are, you're a winner, and all that shit? I'm not really a touchy feely guy and wasn't really into that but she was raised in a home where praise and encouragement came at a premium. Just another angle for the programmers to use. For me it was the desire to achieve success for me and my wife and honestly, I wanted her to be proud of me like those gals up on stage were proud of their hardworking hubbies. (Even tho I hear a whole bunch of them were having fun on the side and are now no longer wed).

I have to this day no real idea how much we lost on that whole damned mess. I know it took a huge toll on our married life because of the bills we racked up in pursuit of "The Dream". By the time we escaped and deprogrammed we were flat broke, the cards were maxxed, the savings were gone, and we were constantly at each others throats over everything, but the fights always started about money, or rather the lack of it. And there was enough fucking LOC in our closet to float a battleship. Rather than helping us, the Ama-Scam set us back a good five years financially.

Today I would never fall for it, but as a young and gullible man I was sucked right in. And I actually tried. I went out and met people. You know, "cold contacting" and setting up "QI's" and the whole damn tamale. Went to the meetings, CONventions, and slept 3-4 hours a nite. And never made enough to cover the gas and the fucking food, let alone hotel rooms. Looking back it was like escaping from a booby hatch. After probly a year of no Scamway influence, no tapes in our car tape deck,(no they weren't friggin CD's they werent invented yet) and telling every upline Ambot who called to apply pressure to have an arsenic and LOC cocktail, we were free. We are now approaching our Silver-no longer in Scamway-Thank You Lord Anniversary. Carry on your good work, Anna Banana.




  1. So many Ambots come to this site and rag on Anna, asking why does she put in so much energy on such a "negative" site and "just because it wasn't for you why kill the dream of others?" Stories like this one is why. Amway is a losing proposition. The numbers aren't there. It's all about smoke and mirrors and brainwashing and "dreams", but not about REALITY. As the man in the story discovered, once a person is able to step back, get away from the lovebombing and mental assault and get de-programmed, fantasies and dreams can be moved aside and a calculator taken out and real number crunching done. And there they find "holy shit, it's next to impossible to make money in this scam unless you are one of the cult masters at the top selling the fake dream".

    You go, Anna! For every Ambot that comes to this site sneering at you and mocking you, know that you have them on the run as they hate you for warning their potential victims of what Amway is REALLY about. And for every person who you have saved from the above horror story happening to them, God bless you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your nice comments. Actually very few Amway ambots leave comments here mostly because they know they'll be cursed at and mocked if they show up with the typical arrogant Amway asshole attitude they're brainwashed to adopt so why bother. If they want abuse they can go to the assholes in their Amway upline instead! This blog reels Ambots in cause its up there in the search engines for just about everything an Ambot could want to search for, but once they see they're landed somewhere that is run by "negative, unchristian broke loser dream stealers" they leave. And I can see why. I don't go around reading websites of topics that piss me off or don't interest me so someone in Amway would have to be a bigger asshole than we think they are to keep coming back here to read and comment.

      This blog couldn't come together without the assistance and support of other bananas over the years. It helps so many people make the right decision not to get involved in the Amway scam and gives others a place of support when they have a loved one inside the Amway cult that is making life hell for everyone else.

      And that's part of what makes this blog infuriating for Amway Ambots, a little place on the net where we can get our true stories out there.

    2. The Ambots LOVE to comment on old posts. They probably don't even read the date.

    3. ScamMagnet - they just did a Google search and whatever page in this blog that hit upon the ambots will leave a comment on. Doesn't matter how old the post the ambots want to show their outrage that people dare curse out the assholes in their Amway upline.

  2. I read stories of many people crammed into a hotel room. Or drive all night long to functions all the time. My upline edc plays basketball, movie night, dinners all the time, etc with his downline. Hard for people to get away from this. If they are lonely or missing something in their lives. Especially if the ibo is young and easily influenced.

    1. Anonymous - yup Amway ambots cram as many as they can into hotel rooms. If they get caught they get turfed out because hotel rooms have max occupancy. Unless its a suite most hotel rooms allow 4 or 5 people. And even then some of them have to be children.

      Part of getting involved in any cult is complete immersion. Only associating with other cult members. As you noticed it may be people who are lonely or don't have a lot of social activities and all of a sudden they've got instant friends and they get hit with love bombing. Amway is no different than any other cult that way. Monopolize all the cult followers time with keep busy projects with other Amway cult followers.

    2. My diamond who was less friendly and didn't do the love bombing. He didn't last very long in the scam and had to go back to work. There was a platinum who invited me to hang out with them. The diamond had this anger in his eyes and said there's no room. I heard it had to do with either I didn't buy any tools or haven't earned the right? The love bombing is definitely not free lol.

    3. Anonymous - at Amway meetings the cult leaders make it very clear that if you don't buy their tools then they won't make you. Kind of the complete opposite of what Amway's literature says something to the effect that buying tools are optional and the upline is still required to assist the IBO whether or not they buy them. Looks like a bunch of Amway cult leaders are flipping the bird to their employer when they say they won't work with you if you don't buy the tools. So that's why you were getting the anger from the assholes in your Amway upline. The way they make most of their money is making sells through the Amway tool scam.

    4. My attitude was no product purchases or tools. Unless I have a large and profitable group. Where I'm not financially losing money. Why spend 20.00 on shampoo? When you can get shampoo for 2.00-3.00 nearby and five mins walk down the street. So I hanged out at the free house meetings which pisses off the diamond and platinum. While others spent their hard earn dollars.

    5. Anonymous - that's the right attitude. However to the Amway upline you'd be a bad little IBO and need to be punished. Whatever you can do to piss off the Amway upline is always a good move.

  3. When did it start where Ambots had to get "permission" to have children? Shit's still crazy to me.

    1. ScamMagnet - I don't know for sure but it would have to be shortly after Amway's various cult sects were formed and the cult leaders were involved in the Amway tool scam. If their downline is spending their money somewhere else, then that's less money in the cult leader's pocket. And children cost a lot of money so that's why the cult leaders want the ambots to ask permission first. Our Platinum went off on a huge ape shit tyrant after one of the cult followers announced he and his wife were expecting a child because the sack of shit Platinum had counselled with him for hours and hours not to have children.


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