Monday, November 24, 2014

The Amway Scam Rips Families Apart

A reader’s mother is caught up in the Amway scam. Another sad story while a loved one watches Amway rip their family apart, fill the mothers head with false hope and dreams that one day she'll be rich and brainwashing her with bullshit Amspeak. Throw in a dose of twisted religion and the Amway cult is hard at it destroying another family.

Hi Anna, was googling for solution to help my mum and chance upon your blog. Thank you for sharing all the negativity ex from people ard the world with Ambots. I couldn't managed to read through all your blog post and comments as they were so many of them. However from some of the many information I've gathered from your blog; Is watching them 'Ambot' helplessly the only solution? Sorry if I've missed out anything. Like many others, thanks to your blog at least I know myself or my siblings are not alone in all these Scamway drama.

Sadly, the Ambot for my case is my mum, someone that I once respect and love dearly. My mum divorce and remarried since I was young. Myself and my brothers stayed with our grandparent while my mum stay elsewhere with my step-dad and step-siblings. My mum have a tough life, her second marriage is not a happy one either. She feel into depression and found Amway. She soon visualizing herself being financially independent and could break away from this asshole (my step dad)and take care of all of us (all her childrens). We all know that this will not work out and tried to talk her out but like many others.. we FAILED.. Badly at times if we tried too hard.. Her Life now is all about Amway. Especially when she link Christianity with Amway. Things got even worse. It's like GOD plan for her to do this.

In order to make peace in the family, we have no choice but to support her by listening to her business plan, weekly Friday night meeting with her $%#^ upline at her place (to the extend myself and my wife have to work overtime so as to excuse ourself fr the stupid meeting.. when we are so dying to see our baby at home.. we can't go home..)

It's really a true nightmare for the whole family. Despite all that we have done and compromise. She still think that we are not supporting her. Her idea of support is that we must all do this ACTIVELY which is ridiculous as we all have our job.

As usual they will start to scrutinize everything that you are engaging with.. your job etc. I used to value the limited family time that I have with her when we can talk about anything under the sun but now I am truly afraid of seeing her as she will link every single thing to AMWAY and talk only about this bullshit. Why have it become like this?! How I feel now is that the person that I once love and respect dearly is gone.. If that person is a boyfriend/girlfriend/Husband/Wife/Best Friend.. We can simply let it go.. But this is my MUM.. How can I possibly give up on her?

Those scumbags took advantage of a vulnerable depress victim and brainwash them with fake dream. Being the eldest in the family I felt really helpless that I can't bring MUM back to the family. I wish I could just walk away but I can't. I wanted to help my mum, I buy her a ticket to watch a motivational talk by Nick Vijicic with me with the hope that she will view life differently, be more positive with her life and that Amway is not everything but guess what.. She chose to attend some AMWAY bullshit seminar rather then going to the talk with me because she said that AMWAY thingy is more important..

I really do not know what else I can do further. Sorry for such a long post Anna. Thanks for reading and giving me a chance to pen down rather then keeping inside which is killing me..


  1. "Especially when she link Christianity with Amway. Things got even worse. It's like GOD plan for her to do this."

    Same shit my former? friend said to me. "God wants you to be wealthy and have all that you want." I read the whole Bible and knows it doesn't say that. But Matthew 6: 19-34, Matthew 19: 16-30 and 1 Timothy 6: 3-19 (I could go on and on) is clearly against the desire to be wealthy.

    It's so crazy to me that your mom would choose Amway over listening to a guy who has no limbs.

    1. Sçammagnet, the upline leader is god and has nothing to do with what the bible says.

    2. The Amway cult leaders who serve the Great Amway God twist biblical references to suit their Cult of Greed. Apparently the Great Amway God does not want the majority of this earth's population to be wealthy and have all they want. Cuts into the piece of pie those at the top of the pyramid have to share.

    3. Anna, did your Ambot hubby harass relatives much with joining Amway? I couldn't approach any family members. Just to dam embarrassing.

    4. Anonymous - like every Ambot out there my husband constantly harassed relatives and friends to buy those shitty overpriced Amway products. Talk about embarrassing. And I'd tell them don't buy that shit. It costs too much money and its low quality. What was even more embarrassing is he also harassed our customers to buy Amway shit. We're professionals and he's bugging customers, most of whom have already heard of Amway because their shitty reputation is well known. And that lowers our reputation because people are wondering why we're so fucking stupid to get caught up in the Amway scam.

    5. Very unprofessional of your hubby to bug customers. But very typical of ambots. There's a local girl who tries to sell wwdb Amway during her job at a cellphone shop. Her diamond congratulates her for signing up Ibo's. But seriously is her Amway cheques going yo pay the bills when she gets canned? Like some of the social media positive crap they post and crazy function pics. Often scare away people. They are just brainless twits.

    6. Anonymous - agreed it is very unprofessional and I was mortified if I happened to be there when it was happening. But then I've never been brainwashed by a cult so I don't understand the desperation these cultists go through to make a sale to gain approval and love from their Amway cult leader. That woman who works at the cellphone shop won't be working there much longer. Ambots are always losing their jobs due to their attitude adjustment thanks to the Amway cult.

    7. Not only do they get canned from work. On many audio diamonds talk about bringing up Amway at church. That the pastor & congregation is a bit negative. So the ambots have to find a less negao church lol. They don't seem to fit in anywhere.

    8. Anonymous - I can totally understand if the pastor and congregation is negative towards Amway! That's why the Amway cult leaders invented the Church of Amway the Cult of Greed where cult followers must worship the Great Amway God.


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