Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Price Tag Of Getting Sucked Into Amway Cult

Thanks to AnonTB for providing some info on what to expect if signing up to Amway, advice for a woman whose husband is thinking of getting sucked into the cult:

1- You will need several hundred dollars a month to pay for product, books, tapes, meetings, rallies, gas. Ask him where that will come from, and what he/you will be sacrificing to pay for that. He may say that this phase won't last long, that you will soon be making enough money to cover expenses. Ask him to be specific: how many recruits do you need to break even, and how are you going to get those people?

2- The products are very expensive, and you will be buying far more product than you can use. If you don't buy products like this now, why are you going to be excited about buying them in the future, and why will you be excited about overbuying expensive products? If you can't get excited about the products, how successful will you be in convincing others to buy the products?
--> After the 3 week cooling off period, Instead of signing up as an IBO, ask your husband to just buy a bunch of product and use it for a month. See if his excitement for the product matches his excitement for the business "opportunity." That's a fair request. The business will still be there for him at the end of the month.

3- If you do become an IBO, your efforts will be in recruiting. Your earliest recruits will be people that you know. How will you feel about trying to sign up family/friends/neighbors by omitting key information that they need to make an informed decision, such as all the recurring monthly expenses (tools, web site, voicemail, meetings, excess product inventory, etc.)? This is called a lie of omission, and is essential to recruit people. Can you do this to people you know?

4- Your presenter mentioned he would not miss a meeting even if he was very sick with the flu. Ask yourself, why would you need to go to every meeting, even if you have no prospects there? Answer: there is no good reason, other than because they say that's what successful people do.

5- Tell your husband that if you don't join him as an IBO, Ambots have been known to try to get him to choose between you and Amway. Get him to commit to you that when this happens, he will leave the business. Not in a year. Not in a month. Now.

6- You mentioned that the Ambots you met were smart, educated people, too smart to fall for a bad opportunity. Therefore, it must be a good one. This is a fallacy of logic. This is what made Bernie Madoff able to convince lots of other smart people to give him $50 billion.

Don't EVER stop thinking for yourself or trusting your gut instincts.


  1. A wife should also ask how will his new friends/upline react. If he spends zero dollars on tools and meetings? Just hang around the house meetings and be a time waster. The reaction is very bad from these scammers. I remember being in school and couldn't afford the tools. My diamond didn't want me around them.

    1. Hi Anonymous. On the other hand who'd want to be friends and hang out with Amway ambots.

      Except for other Amway cult followers.

    2. When you're barely out of highschool. Majority of your friends are hanging around of cult members. You just follow along but lucky for me I never paid for tools or products. Other than that stupid kit. Just didnt want huge credit card debts

    3. Anonymous - stupid kit about describes it. Amway recruits those out of high school or early 20's because they're less likely to have heard about the Amway scam. A lot of cults look for young people.

    4. It was one dork in ten of our group of young guys. Who signed up for standing order,voicemail, and paid for most of the functions. Most of us had a kit and didn't buy any more products. The diamond did praise the dork who's core and didn't talk yo the rest of us much.

    5. Yup the Amway cult leader will always shower praise on the ambots who get sucked into the Amway tool scam like they're going places, about to go big in Amway, serious business builder and all the other bullshit Amspeak.

  2. All these are great points. And the time to get the Ambot to THINK about them is at the very beginning, before any brainwashing and fantasy "dreaming" can take hold. Because once it does, all these LOGICAL points are pushed aside in favor of their all-knowing and wise upline (cult masters).

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah he did a good job. The thing is that many ambots get recruited into the Amway cult by a person they already know and trust and they get hyped up by the rah rah bullshit at Amway cult meetings and the love bombing and how everyone is going to make big money that they're logistical abilities go out the window.

  3. Makes me think of my first 'bored' plan! The guy was very charismatic, so of course he was quoting famous people, making the crowd laugh, and saying things that got "hmmmm" and "ahhhh" from the audience (and some eye rolls from me). I have to admit, he was pretty funny, but nothing made me cringe more than the 18 year old sitting next to me whispering everything under his breath. Poor kid was probably fresh out of high school. Afterwards there was the chat, and my friend pulled me and my husband up to meet this guy. Sure enough, I saw the same kid trying to weasel up to meet the speaker. Finally, he broke through the crowd and asked "my parents don't think this is a good idea. They think I should go to school and focus on educating myself. What should I say?" Yes, I thought, ask the ambit who is ALSO uneducated what he thinks you should tell your parents. The ambit stood up straight, looked the young man in the eye and said "tell them; mom, dad, it's time for you to trust your parenting skills and let me prove to you I am entering the adult world with my best foot forward." He nodded with a brightness in his eyes while mine were rolling so hard I swear I bruised my retinas. I hope his parents don't let him "enter the adult world" on their payroll.


    1. Ollie - all cult leaders, including Amway cult leaders, must be charismatic to attract followers. That includes what you've observed telling stories, quoting famous people, making the crowd laugh, and getting the crowd involved in a game of "do you agree".

      That 18 year old is the same as every ambot I've seen at Amway meetings. And he was probably screaming "Yeah" and "right on" and "freedom" at the appropriate moments too. Yup all ambots rush down to gladhand the Amway cult leaders leading the sermon.

      I've had many parents of Ambots show up here and talk about their tough love, basically telling the Ambot he can't live in their house any more as long as he's in Amway. Its due to the ambot's attitude. In all cases they put their parents down because they're not business owners and their attitude that they're better than their parents because they're in Amway.

      Nothing's worse than living with a brainwashed Ambot and their lousy attitudes.

  4. That woman that Anon TB wrote this about was ME, and my husband did get involved, even though I presented all of that information to him. Luckily for me, after several months and an cross continent vacation, I was able to break him AWAY from Scamway!!! We've been happy ever since!!! We had a baby, and we even have money to provide a decent life for him! We both recieved promotions at work and are working getting another one soon. Stay away from those Amway idiots!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by leerywife. Glad to hear everything worked out for you. As long as we can get our husbands the hell away from those Amjerks it usually works out well. In your case a vacation. Another woman wrote in that they had to move to another state. Might be drastic but something I thought about doing too. Desperate times (putting up with Amway assholes hellbent on destroying our lives and finances) mean desperate measures. Of course if you'd been in Amway you would have had to ask permission from the assholes in your upline to take that vacation and to have a baby. I'm sure you can guess what the answer would be. Anything that takes money away from the Great Amway God will never be granted permission. Good to hear you're happy. Always happy once you get Amway out of your life! Best wishes!


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