Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Amway Ambots Obsessed With Doom & Gloom

The thing I’ve noticed about Amway ambots is that they are the most negative people around. At every Amway meeting I attended our Platinum would moan and bitch about all the bad things happening in the world.

Seeing as how I didn’t like that lying sack of shit anyway and wrote off everything he said as a lie, I saw it was all a ploy to brainwash ambots into thinking that their only salvation from all the doom and gloom in the world is signing up to be a commissioned salesperson with Amway.

Our country is still recovering from events that happened around 2008. Recession, house values sinking, job loss, and all the other lovely things the Platinum focused on at Amway meetings for the first hour or so. All the bad things going on. He’d talk about how people were at high levels of debt. He’d brag about being debt free but I knew he was lying. He’d recently bought a home and there is no way in hell that he paid cash for it. Like everyone else he and his wife saved up for a down payment, applied for a mortgage, and moved in. I’m sure he’s the type of person who has a line of credit on his house. He’d need that credit line to pay off all the credit card bills that accumulate thanks to the Amway business and for faking it to everyone he knows about how good business is going and he drives a nice car, and blah, blah, blah. All of us who own houses and cars and have kids know all about unexpected expenses.

Do I know for sure that our former Platinum has a line of credit against the equity on his house? Nope. None of my goddamned business. I’m different from Amway assholes that way. When stuff is none of my business I don’t ask about. But I say its a good guess there’s a line of credit on the equity because our Emerald tried to convince Ambot to do that so he could pay off his credit card debt he ran up thanks to Amway and then when his credit card was down to zero balance there’d be more room to keep buying Amway products and tools so it stands to reason that fucker is counselling other Amway assholes like our sack of shit Platinum to do that too. Our Platinum told us he was debt free and had paid off his credit card debt and whatever other debts he had thanks to Amway. I don’t think it was thanks to Amway at all other than someone involved in Amway told him to take out the equity line of credit on his house and use it to pay off debt.

Still he bitches about the economy, bitches about the nation’s debt load, bitches about businesses closing down, bitches about house prices sinking, bitches about people losing jobs, bitches about bankruptcy, bitches about foreclosures, etc etc ironically not mentioning the names of Amway Diamonds involved in these proceedings. Shit! Bitch bitch bitch! Those fucking lying scamming Amway assholes fill their lives bitching about everything! Nothing like combining an already depressing Amway meeting with all the depressing stuff that’s going on in the world. Like Amway talk isn’t depressing all on its own without bringing in outside forces! Amway meetings are nothing but doom and gloom! And all those things that the sack of shit Platinum bitches about? Stay in Amway long enough and they’ll all happen to you too! Well, hard to say about the house price shrinking but losing jobs, bankruptcy, foreclosure that’s all part of being an ambot if you’re an Amway lifer.

Then the lying sack of shit tells everyone in the room that because they’re in Amway they won’t have to worry about any of the problems plaguing the rest of the world. They’ll be able to pay cash for their houses and everything else they want. And they’ll be able to do this how? Because they’re loading up their credit cards with more debt buying Amway products?

This is what happens when you take financial advise from an unqualified financial advisor. This is what happens when you “counsel” with greedy assholes in the Amway upline who are only looking out for themselves and how they can make money off you. I didn’t believe any of that bullshit about how they’re helping us and helping others. Helping themselves get rich and causing misery in other people’s lives is more like it.

Go to an Amway meeting and hear about all the bad things happening in the world plus the cult leader’s exaggerated spin on world events.

Remember Y2K? Remember all those doomsday cults saying the world is ending? Remember the Mayan calendar and the end of the world in 2012?

This is the doom and gloom stuff that Amway ambots live for! We should all be dead by now.

Doom and gloom. That’s the life of a Scamway ambot!



  1. Is this the same upline scumbag. Who makes your hubby buy coffee and food at fast food or Starbucks. One of my platinum meetings where held at the basement of a Wendy's fast food. The place was such a dive. But these people claiming high income often can't afford a baked potato at Wendy's. They all look at me eat and I refused to loan them.

    1. Anonymous - its the same upline scumbag. He's being chasing the Monavie dream since Amway fired him a couple of years ago. Different scam but you can be sure he's pulling the same bullshit making someone else who probably has a decent income buy his meals wherever they're meeting up. An Amway meeting at the basement of Wendy's! Holy shit! I bet that wasn't authorized! I was in a Wendy's years ago picking up a friend who worked there but there was no basement. I remember asking about where the stored their supplies and it was all on the same floor.

    2. The basement store room/meeting room had two meetings a week.No its not authorized. If management was in the scam they'd certainly give the begged ibo leader free food. The meetings went on for a number of years. I use to pop my head in but meetings had same faces. Never any new people and felt like a social gathering

    3. Anonymous - I'd think any business with a basement storage room area would be pretty dingy. No windows because its below street level. You got to wonder how Wendy's corporate headquarters would feel about a scam cult holding secret meetings at one of their restaurants. I think a few more ambots would be out of a J.O.B.

    4. They'd be out of job but most ambots don't seem to care. They show up with a shit attitude to work. Thinking within 2-5 years they'll be home free.

  2. > Like everyone else he and his wife saved up for a down payment, applied for a mortgage, and moved in.

    I'll bet you a bottle of Amway water this is how it went:
    Ambot has no down payment and loads of credit card debt. They hit up his parents for cash to pay off the credit cards, so his credit score looks good. They hit up her parents for the down payment, because they don't want their little baby living in a van down by the river.

    Now they buy the house, and both sets of parents have taken a serious hit on their retirement funds. Neither gets paid back, and end up working till they're 70 before they can afford to retire.

    The Amway fallout spreads far beyond the IBO.

    -- AnonTB

    PS. To potential Ambots: take that $500+ per month Amway expense and put it into a retirement account. If you're under 30, you'll be sitting pretty in 35 years.

    1. Hi AnonTB. There are parents out there who are able to help out with their kids purchase new home, either put in the down payment or cosign without expectation of being repaid. I have no idea how it went down in this case but I'm pretty sure there was family assistance on one or both sides to buy this house. I mean they'd need help because they throw all their money away at the Amway scam and pretend to be big shot Amway Ambots.

      You are very right. That $500+/month can go to a retirement account or even be a mortgage payment. Either way you own something that's worth something. Beats the hell out of stockpiling shitty overpriced Amway products. Boxes of SA8 and Nutrilite vitamins that cost $500+/month sitting in the garage ain't worth shit if you need to liquidate your assets.

  3. There's only one good thing that came out of my wife and I getting into WWDB, and that is that we needed to come up with and live on an EXTREMELY tight budget in order to afford the tools, transportation, functions, and monthly ditto orders. Once we finally wised up and quit we decided to stick to the tight budget and now we're pumping nearly $1000 a month into savings. Before Amway we went out and spent hundreds of dollars a week on food and entertainment that really was completely unnecessary. Now when we decide to do those things it's much more rare, and we truly enjoy the experience instead of it just being another Tuesday night at the steakhouse. If we can keep this up we might end up buying that house in cash far before any of our uplines can.

    1. Anonymous - that's a good plan. Take that $1000/month you'd be pumping into Amway and put it into your savings instead. And you've got a goal to buy a house. Don't get obsessed with the Amspeak bullshit about buying a house with cash. Those Amway liars aren't buying houses with cash either. You can't have a bank foreclose on you unless you took out a mortgage. Put a good down payment on a house and mortgage the rest. Better a Tuesday night at the steakhouse instead of a wasted Tuesday night at an Amway cult meeting.


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