Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Years Baby!

Guess what is 5 years old today! Married to an Ambot! Yes! Seems like time flies. Be prepared for a longer post while the years get summed up.

So what have we learned since starting the blog? The bullshit and lies we heard years ago at Amway meetings is still being taught today. We know this because there's a lot of disobedient Ambots who've been told by Amway cult leaders not to visit anti-Amway websites and they just give the big old FUCK YOU to their bosses and come here anyway. And then they like to help up our ranking in the search engines by leaving a venom filled comment or a bunch of bullshit Amspeak propaganda we've already heard a million times. And not only that we have people who were in Amway in 1970's, 1980's, 1990's saying absolutely yes to everything written here, it was said to them way back when too. The only thing that's changed over the years besides prices going up is the invention of the Internet which has become Amway's worst enemy because people who got scammed and went through hell from the assholes in the Amway upline are heading online to share their stories. People who got divorced thanks to Amway are sharing their stories online. People who alienated their friends and family thanks to Amway are sharing their stories online. People who maxed out their credit cards and drained their bank accounts thanks to Amway are sharing their stories online. People who declared bankruptcy and lost their houses due to foreclosure or eviction thanks to Amway are sharing their stories online. People who got suckered into an Amway meeting and are doing more research before signing up (tough shit on the best Amway closer at that meeting!) are finding their way to this blog and similar blogs and though they might be swayed by the big bucks in compensation that have been promised, when they read what Amway Ambots are really like they come to the smart decision to stay away from Amway.

Amway Ambots leave comments screeching their outrage that we dare disrespect Amway cult leaders by cursing them out. In Amway they're taught to worship their upline and kiss their asses and suck their dicks. They're taught to worship the Great Amway God. And because the assholes in their Amway upline don't give them enough information they search online and end up here and then they bitch at us for not being educated and they bitch about the language. And they bitch bitch bitch because that's what Amway assholes do. Like those dumb fucks missed the part up at the top of the page that says this is the place to be to curse out the Amway upline. What did they think there were going to read when they show up at a blog dedicated to cursing out fucking Amway assholes. Sweet poetry about flowers?

One thing that never changes is the lousy attitude of Amway Ambots. These fucking assholes never change their negative attitude though they're quick to point fingers at everyone else and accuse them of being negative. Amway IBOs are full of venom. They're nasty cocksucking shitheads who attack others who don't share the opinion of Amway or their Amway cult leader. They're fucking creepy and have no morals and don't give a fuck about breaking the law. People in Amway are fucking bullies and like all bullies they're cowards. Fucking lying shitfaced dickhead liars. That sums up fucking Amway assholes pretty nicely. Amway is all about money not morals.

A big thank you to all the bananas who've helped on the blog and there's been a few changes over the years but we’re still a small bunch dedicated to getting the word out about how Amway Ambots are lousy fucking Amway assholes and they sell overpriced shitty Amway products. Or to be more accurate they “buy from their own store.” Most Ambots don't have real customers. Normal people who aren't brainwashed ambots know shit when they see it. They can go to the store and buy better quality products for lower prices than what Scamway is selling. From our original group our first casualty was our blog master a few months in but the person who took over keeping the blog registered and updating the posts has been here ever since with a couple of leaves when work got busy. And one of our contributors took over the moderating comments task after a couple of years and has been doing it since so many hands make light work. We've had a few guest writers. Good topics too but many lost interest after a post or 3 and none of them had access to the blog's passwords or anything. Have to be careful. This blog in the wrong hands could be lethal! LOL!

And thanks to all the readers. If you weren't here reading and bumping up this blog in the search engines ranks with your views this blog would have fizzled away a long time ago. As it stands now when someone searches for just about anything Amway they land on this blog. And if they're a fucking Amway asshole they often leave a comment bitching at how we're a bunch of unchristian broke losers who'll be dead by the time we're 65, we're quitters, we didn't try hard enough, we didn't put the work in. Or they'll do some other blame the victim scam like apologize in an arrogant snarky way that our Amway upline were a bunch of fucking assholes who didn't help us get rich in Scamway. And let's not forget that people in Amway are still a bunch of male chauvinist pigs and Amway's a good old boy’s club. Too many Ambots show up here screeching that I didn't support my husband's Amway dream or some other similar bullshit where its all about the man and Ambots don't give a fuck about the woman and what her dream might be. And blame me. Like they think I give a shit what a fucking lying scamming Amway asshole has to say. I didn't give a shit about those fucktards when my Ambot was sucked into the Amway cult and I don't give a shit about them now either. So this blog is the place where our readers come to feel a kinship. They're going through the hell we went through. We are people who understand the way they're feeling about the emotional and financial distress Amway has brought to their lives. They seek solace that their husband has turned from a nice loving husband into a nasty, ugly sneering Amway asshole. Readers share their stories. Readers curse out the assholes in their Amway upline. Or they live through us doing it if they can't bring themselves to swear at a bunch of lying scamming fucking Amway assholes. We'll do it for you! I'm always up to sending a big old FUCK YOU out there to any piece of shit scumbag Amway asshole.

Let's sum up this blog’s excellent reasons to never get involved with Amway. First off it's a scam. Don't believe those lying scamming Amway assholes who promise you'll be making thousands of dollars a month after a few months and bazillions of dollars in residual income each month after a couple of years. They're lying to you! Over 99% of Amway participants do NOT make money and the majority lose a lot of money. With odds like that its a system designed for failure. Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap. Second you have to buy a bunch of useless shitty overpriced Amway products to meet your monthly quota to earn $10 commission and so everyone in the Amway upline can earn a few pennies commission too. You can buy better quality products for much lower prices at regular retail stores. And where else but Amway can you get scammed into buying useless shit you never used before you joined Amway and don't buy every again after leaving the cult. The third and most important reason not to get involved with Amway – the people. Amway Ambots are the most lousy, miserable, negative, vicious, evil motherfucking shitheads you'll ever have to deal with in you life. They'll lie to you as they scam you out of money. They'll pretend to be your friends only as long as you're buying shitty overpriced Amway products that they're making a few pennies commission on off of you. They'll phone or text you late at night or early in the morning just to tell you they're taking a shit and making more money doing that than while you're being a loser sleeping. The assholes in the Amway upline expect you to drop whatever it is you're doing and rush to offer them assistance like when they're too fucking lazy to wash their own damn dishes or vacuum the floor. Once you leave the Amway cult you'll never hear from those fucking assholes again. THANK GOD! Oh wait - sorry. You will hear from them for a little while after you quit Amway with insulting phone calls and texts accusing you of being a loser who's going to be broke or dead by age 65. They'll accuse you of being a quitter, didn't try hard enough, your dream wasn't big enough, you're a failure, etc etc etc. The people are the main reason why to stay away from Amway. They are vile bastards who once they've got you past the love bombing stage will fling insults and threats at the downline to keep them in line. A bunch of fucked up brainwashed ambots who'll fuck you up and won't stop until they've destroyed all your relationships and driven you to financial and emotional distress because that's how rotten lousy sick Amway bastards get their jollies – by seeing others suffer.

So there we go. 5 years of having a blog up where Amway ambots drop by to leave nasty comments to prove what we've been saying all along – the main reason not to get involved in Amway is because of the people you’ll have to put up with.

What do you think? Do we have another 5 years in us? Hopefully we won't burn out too many more bananas over the long run!

Thanks to everyone bananas and readers who've made this blog a success!


  1. I love this blog. While there are a lot of blogs and websites out there that show what a scam Amway is, none are as updated as often as this one. Although I know how bad Amway is, I love reading your stories and I use your postings as "brain food" to remind myself never to get sucked into Amway or any other MLM, and to regularly pass that knowledge onto my wife and child. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Well thanks I'm glad you're loving the blog! As you noted most of the others blog about what a scam Amway is and we wanted to do something different. We noticed no women were writing blogs though many were leaving comments on other blogs and forums. Someone who was around at the beginning said we had to entertain as well as educate to keep people coming back to read. The purpose of the blog became clear. We had to curse out the assholes in our Amway upline and make fun of them and alert others to the lies one can expect to hear from an Ambot. I mean really. Only brainwashed ambots can possibly think XS Energy cat piss drink tastes good and that Amway soap is so high priced to reflect its "high" quality. LOL LOL LOL!!!!! And only brainwashed ambots could possibly believe they'll be making bazillions of dollars in a pyramid scheme where over 99% of the IBO's lose money NOT make it. We're here to say to the assholes in the Amway upline we've had enough of your lies and the way you abuse your downline. And we're here to tell potential recruits what to expect if they get sucked into the Amway cult. And yes if your wife or child ever looks sideways at an MLM send them to this blog.

  2. Congrats on 5 yes! Wishing you many more. It's helpful to me 'cause I lost my sister, niece & nephew to Scamway. Long 22+yes or so. They keep living the lie and deception, have no real security. 3 IRS liens, lost their home, pretend to live the dream in a rented home, brag of "freedom" but have to keep recruiting, going to conferences to "speak" to get a fee to pay the rent. All a big facade of lies. This blog has educated me more and confirmed everything I knew was wrong about Scamway but wasn't fully apprised on details I learned from you, Anna, as well as others. Thank you for your help and I'll be glad to post my own shout-out of "Fuck You" Ambots and your sleazy, conniving LTD cult groupies. Karma is a real bitch, you reap what you sow - enjoy your empty, soul-less nothingness.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! The thing with Amway is everyone has pretty much the same story. Details might be slightly different but everyone in Amway says the same thing as the last cult leader they heard it from and they've been recycling the same bullshit Amspeak propaganda for decades. Too bad about your relatives, lifers in the Amway cult. Dealing with the IRS and losing your home and faking it till you make it is pretty much the lifestyle of an Amway Ambot.

  3. Just found your blog. I live in Spokane and I have 2 friends who got involved with this cult. I should say I HAD two friends who got suckered. There are evidently two uplines in this town. There's WWDB and some other group. I could go on and on about how predictable interactions with them became. They were in competing ambot groups and they both told me that the other group was corrupt and dishonest. As the months passed I couldn't help but notice that they were both constantly short on cash, even though they both had pretty good jobs. They were always tired from driving to and from hype meetings on weekends. Long story short- one of them finally woke up. He quit trying to recruit me and became human again. Six months later they bought a new house ave a new car. Not a mansion or a luxury car, but when I asked him if things were better he told me that when he quit buying ambot tools and going to their seminars and buying their shitty coffee (he still has a room full of amway crap) it freed up a lot of monthly finances!
    My other friend quit talking to me because he said I had a negative attitude. He was supposed to have been making like $10k a month from his business by now. I have heard through a mutual friend that his wife had to go to work. That's a major embarrassment in Amway circles. Anyway they're still in the biz and both working like dogs. He's an RN at his day job and he makes damn goodmoney. They have no kids and the wife works full time. Their upline convinced them to sell their house and instead rent a huge house owned by a local amway hero. This house has like 6 bedrooms. They generate well over $100k a year from their legitimate jobs but they are flat broke because their upline gets it all. Very sad.

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by! What you've described is very typical. We were in WWDB and that's probably Amway's most abusive cult sect. AKA World Wide Destructive Bastards. It doesn't matter which Amway cult sect you're in they all bash the other cult group. Yes being short of cash and spouting out those predictable Amway Amspeak bullshit propaganda is all part of being an ambot. Luckily your one friend figured out Amway is a scam and has suddenly realized they have all this extra money because they're not investing in the Amway tool scam, buying overpriced shitty products, and tithing the Great Amway God. The other friend is going to hit rock bottom. It never fails to amaze me how stupid people are to "counsel with upline" and sell their house, their investment, their place of safety, and rent. Not bashing people who rent for one reason or another. But the assholes in your friend's upline "counselled" him to sell the house and use the money to pay off the credit card debt so they'll be more room on the credit card to buy more Amway shit and go into debt again. In that ambot's future - divorce court and bankruptcy.

      And all Ambots go around accusing everyone else of being negative when the truth is the most negative bastards around are those involved with Amway. And yes it is sad watching people hit rock bottom and a decline in their lifestyle because they got sucked into the Amway cult.

  4. Sending a "FUCK YOU" shout out to the Amway fucks who talked my kid into this cult.

    1. Amen to that! I have family in the cult too and fucking hate Amway and every rotten brainwashed thought they've put in their heads. Especially about avoiding people that don't want to be in Amway - even your own family! There must be a special place in hell for these disgusting people!

    2. Yeah! I agree Living a NIghtmare! Let's send another big old FUCK YOU out to Amway and to all the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. FUCK YOU!

    3. Hi Anonymous. Sorry you have family in the Amway cult. And the worse thing is every rotten brainwashed thought the Amway cult leaders put in your family's head, they repeat it right back at you. Their opinion is their upline's opinion. And yeah I hope these Amway fuckers rot in a place even worse than hell.


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