Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Amway Ambots Cheating On Their Significant Others

Due to recent comments about how the Amway cult continues to destroy lives its time to repost an older post.

I started writing Married To An Ambot as kind of a healing process for me to curse out my former upline and get the word out about what happens at Amway meetings and the upline abuse along with the help of a few bananas who are also pissed off that Amway fucked with our lives. Our hope is to reach out to other women who are in similar situations or were at one time. Our stories might have some differences but they are the same. I was involved with upline who to this day are truly horrible, evil troublemakers. If I help other women get their husbands/boyfriends out of Amway and away from their destructive upline, then writing this blog is all worth it.

Usually it is our husbands who are approached by a friend who tells them about an amazing business opportunity. A home based business where they work 10 to 15 hours a week and can earn an extra $800 a month or more (!) by selling Amway products and signing up other IBO’s who will also purchase Amway products and sign up others to do the same, and so on and so on. At first the wife might be sceptical. You know the old phrase about how if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The numbers look good on paper but in actuality it doesn’t seem believable that this can this be pulled off. The old saying about if it was really this easy then everyone would be doing it and making money comes to mind.

When our husbands get excited about something we want to be supportive. It doesn’t take long before we stop being supportive and end up getting more and more pissed off. Husband is sneaking around like he has a mistress on the side. And sure enough he does. A mistress called Amway. He’s out of the house for endless hours attending Amway meetings sneaking back in the house in the early morning hours after we’ve gone to sleep. He’s spending money like crazy on his mistress. Money he doesn’t have so he uses a line of credit, home equity loan, or credit cards. You know when he whips out the plastic he pretends he’s not really paying for it. After all it is a pretend business. That is until the bills roll in and then paying back real money you owe is not so pretend any more.

After awhile the wife has had enough. She never sees her husband and their bank account is diminishing while their debt is going through the roof. “Choose your mistress or choose me.” Fortunately most men come to their senses and realize for all their hard work, time, and effort they are not getting the money back that was dangled in front of them when they were first looking into this “exciting business opportunity” and they stop going to Amway meetings and throwing away their money.

That’s the short version of every wife’s horror tale about their husband’s Amway mistress.

I was lucky that my Ambot came to his senses. This was because he’d had enough of the upline’s abuse and his realization that the promised money just was not there. He left his Amway mistress. All the people who promised to be his good friends forever and ever abandoned him. That might have been the hardest thing. He actually liked these people and thought they liked him. Wrong. They only liked his money because he was helping make their dreams come true.


  1. It's more than just "cheating on your significant other" in a symbolic sense. Sure, Ambots have Amway as a "mistress," and they spend a lot of time and money on that "mistress." But a lot more REAL adultery goes on than people imagine.

    Despite its fake religiosity and morality, Amway is a hotbed of sexual infidelity. My fifth columnist high up in WWDB tells me that Diamonds and other big pins regularly have affairs with the wives of down-line IBOs. In fact, it's considered one of the perks of being up-line -- you can screw around with the wives and daughters of your down-line, and have flings with female IBOs as well. Many marriages among Amway members occur not because of the financial failings of "The Plan," but because an IBO found out that his wife was having an intrigue with somebody she met at one of those stupid "functions," or with his Platinum.

    Ambots may be "prudes," as Anna always says, but the prudishness is purely cosmetic. In private, many of them fuck like rabbits on amphetamines.

    1. Anonymous - I think we need to rerun a post somewhere around here called Amway swingers. LOL!

      Amway cult leaders are the same as other cult leaders when it comes to sex and deciding who sleeps with who. With of course the "lucky chosen" ones who get to sleep with the cult leader. Amway cult leaders follow the teachings of Jim Jones and Charles Manson when it comes to sex partners.

      I'm sure more adultery was going on in Amway than I knew about. I stand by my evaluation that any man in Amway is a huge turn off but I could see how brainwashed Amway cult women might be interested in bed swapping.

  2. LOL. Not possible. WWDB teaches that Amway saves marriages. Amway people have a 2% divorce rate while everyone else has a 50% divorce rate. LOL

    1. Joecool- we heard that at Amway meetings too but no one could back up their source of this divorce rate lie. Like someone in the government keeps track of these statistics. Everyone in Amway line up over here. And normal people line up over there. Who's divorced. Yeah just more lies and bullshit spouted off at Scamway cult meetings.

  3. Amway can claim the low divorce rate because when IBOs do get divorced, no one dares to talk about it. It becomes a taboo subject that is off-limits.

    As somebody said in a recent thread, Amway is Orwellian. The truth on one month is suddenly different the next month. Facts all of a sudden disappear, or are remembered differently. So if an IBO couple get divorced, suddenly no one in Amway remembers that they ever were even married.

    It's "bad for business" to remember the truth.

    1. Anonymous - thats true. A divorced Ambot even the divorced Amway Diamonds suddenly drop off the face of the earth and their dirty little secret is swept under the rug. A lot of people show up at this blog after googling divorced Amway Diamonds. Not that we give a shit enough around here to write a post about those losers - and here I'm calling everyone in Amway a loser not a loser by virtual of being divorced. This blog is high enough on the search engines for just about anything you search for.

      I think your last sentence nails the Amway motto: It's "bad for business" to remember the truth.

  4. The girl I love is involved in Amway (the reason I joined...sad but true) and it's not fair to call it a scam. The more accurate term is a CULT.

    I was on the phone with my wannabe Eagle today and the things he told me about "what's necessary to be successful" scared the everliving hell out of me. Everything that's consistent with cult behavior he outlined PERFECTLY.

    My question is, how do I get the girl I love OUT of this CULT/scam? I don't want to hear "find another one." I love her and I think this cult is damaging her identity and finances.

    1. Anonymous you could try sacking up and telling her how you feel about it, instead of being a wimp and following her into the cesspool that is Amway. Stop instigating her bad behaviors, and show her the errors of her ways.

      I understand that this a day and age where everyone gets offended by everything, and women have their voices heard louder than ever (which is a good thing), but regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant characteristic, sometimes a person just needs to get up and tell it like it is.

      One of the best expressions I heard recently is, when you lend someone a helping hand, keep one hand in the air, because if you straighten out both arms, you are only going to get dragged down. Have some self-respect and understand that this is a very damaging situation, and the best thing you can do is be honest and direct. If she isn't receptive to it, then sorry bud, but you can't have things both ways, and you have to go for your own health.

    2. Anonymous - if you haven't already done so download a free ebook called Merchats of Deception. There's a link on the right side of this page under more Amway info. If your wannabe Eagle scared the shit out of you this book will scare you enough to get out of this cult. It's a horror story written by a former Emerald. Here's someone with 1000 people in his downline and he only made $2 to $3,000/month. And other former Emeralds who've talked about their Scamway experiences also say their income was about that, around 30k.

      Amway will only cause you financial and emotional distress. I get that you love your girlfriend and yours is an increasing story we see around here where men write about their Ambot girlfriend or wife. As soon as the fucking assholes in your Amway upline realize you figured out their scam and you stop buying shitty overpriced Amway products and stop going to Amway cult meetings they'll lean hard on your girlfriend to break up with you. Amway is all about destroying relationships. Nothing gives those sick bastards more happiness than destroying other people's lives.

      So read that book and then get your girlfriend to read that book. Then ask her what the likelihood is that between you both you can find 1000 people in your downline and bust your asses to make a couple of thousand a month.

      Why don't the two of you try to figure out a real business that makes money that you can go in together. Give her other options. Good luck.

    3. @Ben Dover

      I wish it was as easy as "sacking up" and telling her. She is a bona-fide, cool aid drinking, sold-out, spirit filled cult member. She's an Ambot--an adorable one--but my words of criticism of the system are no match for the barrage of propaganda (in the form of the cult tapes, meetings and seminars) she absorbs on a regular basis.
      The situation is made even more complicated by the fact that I'm involved; I've just been able to keep touch with reality by not listening to the cult materials every day like I should.

      I am well aware of the book you're talking about. When I discovered how horrifying some of these techniques were, I wanted to write a book myself. I realized it had already been written, and the things he described fit my situation exactly. The scary thing is, I'm not even experiencing the stuff he describes at the "higher levels"--but its not hard to imagine. I know that book was published a little while ago, and its my hope that it's been "cleaned up" since then.
      I love your last suggestion about starting a real business. Thanks!

    4. Hi Anonymous - there's all kinds of suggestions online about starting up a legitimate home business. Some low cost start ups that you might not even need specific training for. Maybe you're good at organizing and can help someone get their house in order. Maybe you own a truck and a few pails and you can start a dog shit clean up business. Or you have a lawn mower and you can cut lawns. Good luck persuading her to start up a legit business where you can make a real profit.

  5. To Anonymous at 2:08 AM --

    Stay with your girlfriend and try to be helpful and kind to her, but DON'T GIVE HER ANY MONEY when she begins to feel the financial pinch of Amway.

    That moment is when you can ask her to size up her situation, and discover whether she's actually going to make money or lose her shirt in this make-believe business. If she's intelligent, she'll at least consider it. If she's cult-fixated, she'll get angry.

    At that point, it's your decision as to what to do. You can't FORCE her to quit Amway. You can't kidnap her to deprogram her. You can't yell and scream at her (it would be counter-productive).

    But if you have been consistently kind and helpful to her all that time, she won't be able to dismiss what you say easily. She just might begin to listen. That's your one hope. But make it very clear to her that if she can't make ends meet in Amway, she cannot depend on your financial resources to balance the books.

    1. I think anytime there's an intervention for a cult follower it does involve some sort of kidnapping to get the person away from the cultists. The links on the right side of this page for Steve Hassan will be helpful for cult intervention and he has done interventions on Amway cultists.

      I also forgot to advise Anonymous to start keeping track of Amway expenses on a spreadsheet and of the $10 commission coming in every month from Amway. Amway cult leaders pretty much forbid their followers to keep a profit and loss statement because now people can see how much money they're losing in Amway. It's the cult leaders job to keep the followers distracted so they don't realize how much money they're losing.

      Also forgot to mention that most people quit Scamway within a few months when they realize they're losing a lot of money and not making any money. Amway says 95% of IBO's quit in 2 years so the law of averages is on your side. Depends if you're willing to put up with all that shit while you wait out the Ambot.

    2. New IBOs in Amway are forbidden to keep a profit-and-loss schedule? And they go along with that?

      They must be fucking brain-dead.

    3. Anonymous - they're told when they sign up for their premier cult membership with whatever cult sect part of that $50 keeps track of their accounting. I'm not sure what it does but it can't be a real profit and loss statement like if you kept track yourself on a spreadsheet. Yup fucking brain dead is all part of the Amway brainwashing process.


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    1. Nicky you can post as many times as you want and you're still full of shit!

  8. "Dr. Agbazara"?

    You gotta be kidding.

    Only an 18-karat asshole would go to someone with an absurd name like that. What is he -- a Nigerian witch doctor?

    Try putting up this kind of spam at a PRO-Amway site. The people there are really stupid, and you might actually get some takers.

    1. Anonymous - well that phone number is the area code for Nigeria.

      And that was some really good advice you gave him. Post his shit at pro-Amway sites where those Ambots are more open to being scammed.

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    1. For fucks sake Amanda you were just here the other day with your Nigerian scam. You'd have better luck going to an Amway meeting and asking to be a guest speaker. Those fucking Amway losers are more open to scams like yours.

    2. "Amanda Morrison" and "Nicky James" are obviously the same person, since their posted messages are identical except for the name of the witch-doctor: one says "Dr. Agbazara" and the other says "Dr. Madu."

      I'm sure those two witch-doctors are also the very same person.

    3. Anonymous - Amanda seems to have missed the message left for her by anothter commenter on the post she previously posted again. Let me help her out in case she (and like I really believe its a she - they're usually men in an Internet cafe comparing scams) comes back. What's the same message we give to Amway scammers and Nigerian scammers? Go fuck yourself!


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