Monday, June 27, 2016

Amway Ambots In Tax Court Again

LOL! Those Amway Ambots just don’t get it. NEVER take tax advice from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline! LOL!

Here’s a shout out to our friend Peter Reilly, an accountant/blogger who writes for Forbes. Every now and then he writes about an Amway IBO who got on the wrong side of the tax laws when it came to deducting everything Amway off their income from their regular job. As “counselled” by the assholes in the Amway upline who are all tax experts solely due to the fact that they carry an Amway IBO card. Automatically means they’re experts in everything: doctors, lawyers, mechanics, accountants, etc, etc. because they went to Amway University to become know it alls.

This article has a link to another article profiling the same recent Amway case where the tax court denied Amway losses. Read them both. And shake your head at the stupidity of Amway losers.

I’ve said it tons of times around here – no real business advice is ever given at Amway meetings. The Amway business plan as taught at Amway meetings is for people to make their money from Amway through a tax refund, therefore the dumb shit advice of write off every Amway product you buy and all the money you invested in the Amway tool scam against the income from your J.O.B. and you’ll get a tax refund.

How many times around here have we touched on things real business owners do such as have a business plan, a budget, a bank account in the business name and keep a profit and loss statement. When Amway Ambots land in tax court they can not produce the bookkeeping basics of what is expected of a real business owner.

Is signing up to Amway and then cheating on your taxes worth the shit you’ll go through when Uncle Sam catches you?

Enjoy the read. Just need to wait a few seconds for the Welcome To Forbes intro to move along.


  1. How about that? Joecool and Anna Banana's blog mentioned in a Forbes article! By Ambot standards, that means we are 100% legit!

    1. Joecool - I believe Peter mentions both these blogs every time he writes a piece about Amway Ambots scamming on their taxes so his readers can find out more about Scamway.

  2. I provided a link to your site, but I did not have time to find an extensive quote, because over at, the contributor guidelines prevent us from writing things like "fucking assholes". Maybe on Sundays or something you can do a G rated post. It really is fascinating how the Tax Court analysis tends to confirm what the critics say.

    1. Thanks Peter! It shows the degree of "brainwashing" that the IBOs undergo when they get into Amway. They believe that a tax refund is actually a business profit.

    2. Peter - LOL! Around here I call them as I see them! It's all about entertaining as well as educating. Good article!

  3. Dear Anna Banana and Joe Cool --

    Watch out now. This reference to your blogs in Forbes will send the Amwayers into a blood rage.

    There must be consternation in Ada, Michigan right now.

    1. Anonymous - those Amway losers are always going off on one rage or another. They hate it when people get out on the Internet to share their Amway horror stories. Even the man who wrote the Forbes article got a taste of how vicious Amway Ambots are when one of them showed up on another post he wrote about Amway tax cheats and left a comment that he'd killed his mother. And Peter responded in a much kinder way than I would have responded.


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