Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Amway Ambots Refuse To Believe There Are Real Business Owners

Over and over I’ll get some fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot showing up here telling me I have a job. You know in that snide sneering Amway asshole way they have like saying have fun working for someone else for the rest of your life. Just because they’re in Amway that means they’re (pretend) business owners and that means they’re better than everyone else and they’re card carrying assholes who go around insulting everyone they think is below them.

Well when you’re on the bottom of the Amway pyramid its not like there’s anyone below you so you have to come to the Internet and get outraged at people who share their true stories of how they got scammed by Amway and how they suffered financial losses and emotional distress. The outraged Amway ambot is pissed off because when people get their stories out there on the Internet of what its really like being in the Amway cult then that’s going to help others make the right decision not to have anything to do with Amway = less money for the scambots. They don’t dare insult the fucking assholes in their Amway upline so they come to a blog where we have no problem insulting Amway assholes and oddly enough insult us instead. Its like they want even more abuse and are craving to be cursed out and made to look like bigger Amway assholes than they already are. We are happy to oblige those masochists!

These fucking Amway assholes refuse to believe that there are people in this world who do not work a job. Or in Amspeak a J.O.B. and say that with the contempt that an Amway ambot uses. There are a lot of real business owners in this world. Not Amway pretend business owners. Walk down the main street of any town and there will be businesses owned by real people who have nothing to do with Scamway.

But Amway assholes insult these real business owners for that reason – because its not an Amway business.

An Amway “business” earns most “business owners” around $10/month after they’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying shitty overpriced Amway products and tools.

Real business owners probably see a profit way better than that or they wouldn’t continue operating their store.

Amway ambots refuse to believe that people do other things with their lives than work a job, though technically speaking most people have some kind of job they do whether or not they make any money at it. And ambots are experts in knowing what its like to work hundreds of hours and not get paid! In the real world people operate businesses. They hire locals who need jobs and help with the economy. No fucking Amway asshole can say they hire staff to work at their business and they’re doing their part to contribute to the economy but then Amway IBO’s are pretend business owners who don’t make enough money to put gas in the car to get to their Amway meetings let alone pay wages. Other people are retired or semi-retired. Others are housewives or househusbands and their significant other is the breadwinner. But even these retired or homebodies aren’t sitting idle all day. They’ve got a household and maybe children to take care of. They’ve all got incomes of some sort – pension, savings.

That makes me wonder if Amway assholes would walk up to an elderly person in the street who is in a wheelchair or walker and sneer at them. “You have a J.O.B. and I’m better than you because I’m an Amway business owner.”

That’s the attitude of fucking assholes in Amway. Can’t accept that not everyone has a job working for someone.

According to a brainwashed Amway ambot – if you’re not an Amway “business owner” then that means you work a J.O.B.

And let’s point out the obvious. Most Amway ambots have jobs too. They need them to afford their expensive Amway hobby.

Oh yeah. Let’s just send another big old FUCK YOU out to those Amway assholes and their refusal to accept that not everyone has a job.


  1. Amway presents an interesting study in cult manipulation where the mother cult offers the equivalent of a franchise within the cult where wanna be cult leaders, for a price, can build their own little group of cult followers (downline) and be their leader and manipulator. Then at cult meetings these wanna be "leaders" can show off their own cult followers and prospects. "Look at me I've got a hot one here!" And the bottom followers pay their money for, and are stimulated by the dream of attaining cult leader status themselves. Where else can a broke guy in a cheap suit drive an '87 Toyota Tercel with bald tires to a meeting and actually be a big shot when (and if) he and his car get there?

    1. Ray - that's very accurate. And where else can an Amway loser pretend to be a big shot "business owner" except in a room full of Amway losers where they're all playing games of make belief.

  2. If someone is an employee at a company, and he's making a six-figure salary (as many people do these days), would these Amway assholes claim that he's only got a "J.O.B." and treat him and his work with contempt?

    How the hell long would it take for some Amway asshole to pull down a six-figure income? How many chalk circles would he have to draw? How many stupid "night owls" would he have to attend? How many cases of LOC or SA8 would he have to palm off on his family, friends, and neighbors?

    Anna, a crucial point to keep on emphasizing is that Amway IS A MAKE-BELIEVE BUSINESS. It has nothing to do with the real world of business. Amway is silly people running around in cheap business suits with cellphones glued to their ears, pretending that they are "movers and shakers." Amway is spending $300 a month to get a refund check of ten dollars. Amway is using fake language like "empower" and "pro-sumer" and "multi-level marketing" and "entrepreneurial mindset" to make people think you are some high-powered business bigshot with cutting-edge ideas.

    It's all completely phony.

    Amway is to the real business world like a gathering of Civil War re-enactors is to a real battle.

    1. The Amway cult leaders treated us with contempt because we owned a real business making real money that had nothing to do with Amway. Thereby blowing the Ambots definition that there are no other businesses out there except Amway. Narrow minded gullibility brainwashed cult followers.

      Yup we're here to do real battle against those Amway warriors. LOL!

  3. I seriously doubt if Amway actually has any real warriors. There was that stupid buffoon David Steadson (IBO Fart-back, dressed up like Zorro) but he's vanished. There was some weepy little broad named Bridgette, but she's gone too. And the semi-literate losers who show up here to defend "The Plan" aren't anything to worry about.

    Who'll actually defend Amway? Who'll speak out in favor of the corrupt LOS systems? Who'll argue that Amway products are anything except generic, overpriced shit?

    Sound of crickets chirping.

    1. Anonymous - it must be tough being a fucking Amway loser and have people laughing at you all the time when you spout off lies and bullshit propaganda.

    2. Oops just worried that the above comments could have been misconstrued as aimed towards Anonymous when I was agreeing with him and my comments were aimed at the Amway losers he mentioned and the so many other Amway losers not mentioned. When you're a snotty, snobby arrogant Amway asshole going around acting like you know everything and pretending to be a big shot hot shit "business owner" the rest of the world laughs at you. Therefore my comments are that is must be tough being a fucking Amway loser when people laugh at you all the time. Its time to find another line of work.


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