Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Amway Ambots Showing Up Here To Bitch

What exactly is the definition of “trying hard enough” when it comes to Amway? Clearly it is spending more than 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings, functions, prospecting, etc. It is clearly spending more than $1000/month on Amway and Amway tools like my ambot husband. And I know this because of those Amway assholes that show up here and bitch at us that we didn't try hard enough. Fucking sacks of shit that they are!

And how do the fucking Amway upline assholes motivate their cult followers to keep trying hard enough? Oh wait. Those bastards do not motivate. Like the good Amway cult leaders they have been trained to be, they scold, they mock, they insult, they punish, they blame, they brainwash. Even more than wanting to succeed at an Amway business, the followers want to please their leader. They try harder, they put in more effort like 100 hours a month wasn’t already trying hard enough. They buy more shitty overpriced Amway products like spending more than $1000 month wasn’t already good enough. The ambots are scolded and belittled time after time when they don’t get results. The Amway cult leaders blame the ambots for their own lack of success. But then what else do you expect from Amway: a blame the victim scam. And then those Amway ambots who just got ragged on by the cult leaders they love so much, get online, end up here and bitch at us just the way they just got bitched at from their Amway cult leaders.

These fucking Amway assholes never blame the Amway system designed for failure with only a fraction of 1% success rate to make money (according to Amway’s brochures – look for the small print) and spending shitloads of money on Amway tools and overpriced Amway products. Blame the ambots instead! They didn’t try hard enough. Amway = blame the victim scam!

Fortunately, many IBO’s get tired of this degrading treatment and quit “the business”. Now the only thing they have to do is try hard enough to keep one step ahead of their Amway upline who will be hopping mad that they just lost this stream of income. That’s what happens when you bitch at people too much. They say fuck it I’m outta here.

These fucking Amway assholes show up to this blog with their attitude that they’re better than we are because they’re in Amway and the rest of the world who aren’t in Amway are broke losers. They bitch at us that we didn’t try hard enough. They bitch as us that you get out of Amway what you put into it. Fuck I’d sure like to get back the $20,000 or so we “invested” in Amway. Maybe those fucking Amway assholes that show up here saying we’ll get back what we put into Amway will tell us when we’re going to get that money back instead of bitching at us for not trying hard enough. So let’s just send out a big old FUCK YOU to the Amway ambots who keep showing up here saying we’ll get back what we put into Amway. Ambots will show up here and bitch that our Amway upline or line of sponsorship don’t know their piss from their shit and too bad we weren’t in a better group.

Bitch bitch bitch! Amway ambots bitch about this that and the other but mostly they bitch because there are places on the Internet where victims of the Amway scam can get their stories out there. Stories of emotional and financial distress. Getting abused by the assholes in their Amway upline. Spending hundreds of dollars buying shitty overpriced Amway products every month.

Let’s see where’s those fucking Amway assholes that say we’ll get back what we put into Amway. We put in thousands of dollars. Got maybe a hundred or so back in puny commission checks from Scamway. So everyone who shows up here to preach that - you’re just another bunch of fucking lying Amway assholes.

But when you’re a bunch of lying Amway assholes and you’re pissed off that your numbers are diminishing since the launch of the Internet and people are letting it be known how they got scammed, which limits your customer base, I guess you gotta go somewhere and bitch.

So lets send out a big old FUCK YOU to all Amway assholes that show up here to bitch.


  1. Yes indeed -- the Amway freaks are hopping mad about the Internet, and about the many anti-Amway blogs out there. It's making it next to impossible for them to recruit new suckers, and to prevent dissatisfied Ambots from quitting the scam. Amway North America has been in a downward spiral ever since Internet usage became general.

    A nice thing about bravely telling the truth: all of a sudden it makes other people brave as well. They begin to speak up about the lies and abuse they have gotten from their fucking up-line. And soon it spreads like wildfire. EVERYONE who has been ripped off by Amway begins to speak up, telling their stories and their experiences.

    Naturally, Amway up-lines are furious. Well, too fucking bad. Let 'em go up to Ada, Michigan and cry to the DeVos and Van Andel bigshots about it.

    Nothing can stop us from telling the truth. Not Amway, not assholes like IBO Fart-Back, not dumb bitches like Bridgett, not any of the other whores-on-retainer that Amway pays to try and cover up the truth.

    1. You're right Anoymous. Amway Ambots are furious that people get online to share their true stories of losing money and being abused Blythe fucking assholes in our Amway upline. And those outraged ambots in typical blame the victim scam say our upline was bad but everyone else in Amway is roses and sunshine. Nope. Not by all the people who were in Amway and aren't scared to tell the truth of the time in the Amway cult. People have been scammed by Amway and abused by the fucking assholes in their Amway upline going back decades. With the Internet we can share our stories with a larger crowd instead of in person smaller groups. The on,y truth Amway Ambots know is what they've been brainwashed by their cult leaders to believe and accept as he truth. Everyone else who has a different version of their true experiences of being in Amway can't possibly be right. Ambots fail tomrealize there are a lot of people who have bad experiences in Amway. With similar stories about being scammed. They can't all be wrong. And they need to look at the bottom line. Who has more to gain financially by getting Mbots to believe them. No one sharing their Amway experiences online is getting paid. We don't charge people to read here. We do this to help others stay away from Amway because it only brings financial and emotional distress. It's a public service. Compared to people in Amway who are only out to scam you out of as much money as they can get and when the money flow stops they get vicious in their attacks.

    2. Absolutely correct, and Anna, that is something which Amway freaks simply can't comprehend. Nobody at these anti-Amway blogs gets paid for writing. There is no profit or payoff for posting here, or sharing experiences, or for writing these blog entries. NONE WHATSOEVER. It is done as a public service, as you point out.

      That's why so many of the Ambots who dare to come here express bafflement that we continue. "Why are you doing this?" they whine. "Why don't you get a life?" they scream. "Why aren't you putting all your energy into something useful?" they complain.

      In other words, these Amway assholes can't fathom why anyone would do anything as a public service, without a chance for profit. They are dyed-in-the-wool materialists, despite all their fake religion.

    3. Anonymous - yup Ambots are only out to make a buck off people in their scam. They fail to realize that people volunteer their time for worthy causes and sure cursing out Amway ambots and taking about how we got scammed and lost money and were abused bu the fucking assholes in our Amway upline might not be a worthy way to volunteer according to an Amway Ambot. But at Amway meetings we were told the reason we're in Amway is so we can help others. This blog is all about helping others not get sucked into Scamway or providing support to those who need it. This blog might not be what Ambots had in mind but it's here to help others, just as preached at Amway cult meetings.

  2. Hi Anna,
    My bf is sadly in amway. 18 months and 10k. I read other people's experience and it's like I wrote it. The stories are so similar.

    So far I'm not aware of any nastiness from his up line, they (there are 3 upline Plats all one up line from each other) that have all taken a keen interest in him. Which he unfortunately loves. If there is no nastiness maybe he will never leave?

    One of them (they know I do not believe it at all and think it sucks) has told mr that he makes $1000 per week. I didn't ask him. Could he really be so openly lying to my face? He told my bf this figure too.

    And what about the monthly spending is compulsory? What happens if the cash isn't spent?

    1. Lorikeets - sorry to hear about your boyfriend. That's a lot of time to spend inside the Amway cult. He's getting to the point of being a lifer. Most quit after a few months when they realize they got scammed out of their money.

      If you haven't already done so, look on the right side of this page under more info about Amway for a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. You need to read that to understand more about this. Ult he's got involved in and maybe you can get him to read it too to understand he'll never make the kind of money his upline is lying to him about.

      And sure they all take a keeninterestin them as long as they're making money off him. And he might not tell you about the abuse but if he's not signing up new Ambots and bringing suckers to Amway cult meetings, he's getting chewed out. One time my husband missed a cult meeting and we were together somewhere when the sack of shit Platinum called him just after 8pm to give him shit. And my husband sat there and took it. I told him to give me that fucking phone but he wouldn't hand it over knowing I was going to give shit right back to that bastard.

      In other words you don't know everything that's going on inside his cult sect.

      Good luck.

  3. Dear Lorikeets --

    Be careful. If your boyfriend's up-line thinks that you are opposed to the Amway business, they will try to get him to break up with you. This has happened so many times that it is a generally predictable thing.

    Amway freaks don't hesitate to break up marriages, families, friendships, and relationships if they feel that by doing so they can get a better control over their IBOs. They are utterly unscrupulous about this.

    Your boyfriend loves the fake adulation he's getting from his up-line. If he's already spent 10K in Amway, they definitely want to keep him as a source of regular income, and this adulation will continue for a while. But the abuse will happen eventually.

    When it does happen, be sure to support your boyfriend and urge him not to put up with it, but to fight back and stand up for himself.

    1. Anonymous - there's nothing that brings those Amway bastards more happiness than destroying other people's relationships. That's the sick type of bastards that pledge their love and allegiance to the Great Amway God. And their twisted religion guides them to lead prayerfests to break up marriages. They're the creepiest bastards around. Stay away from Amway unless you want your life destroyed.

  4. Thank you for the replies. I really hope he isn't a lifer. Really. We have had some huge fights over it and he doesn't want to break up so that's maybe a positive? I love the guy but if we break up over amway it means he chose amway and I won't have any respect left for him. I've always been against it. He took a month to even tell me what it was. I had to pry it out of him. So he must be a bit conflicted.

    I did read merchants of deception it was very interesting but I read that guy admitted some of it was untrue?

    Anyway thank you for this blog it is hilarious to read.

    1. Hi Lorikeets - Amway reports 95% of ambots quit within 2 years. Most during the first few months so times running out for your guy. He's about to cross into lifer territory.

      And yeah we've all had fights with our ambots about their devotion and worship of the Great Amway God and yeah there are some losers who choose Amway over their family. Other cults can make similar claims. All cults try to rip families and friends apart because these are the people that can make the brainwashed cult follower see the truth.

      It's really embarrassing for people to admit they got scammed by Amway that's why it took him a month to tell you. Amway and their ambots are the laughingstock of many generations.

      Glad you're enjoying the blog. We're all about making fun of Amway and ambots. We entertain and educate at the same time!

  5. Dear Lorikeets --

    Everything in Merchants of Deception is true. Amway and its lawyers and paid apologists have been spreading the lie that the book is partly fictional. It isn't. It's deadly serious.

    Amway wouldn't have fought for years to prevent the publication of Merchants of Deception, and have spent thousands of dollars to buy up and destroy copies of the book, if it weren't a true account. They're still scared shitless of the book.

    1. Anonymous - I think you're right. As far as I know the author of Merchants of Deception has never said he was mistaken or embellished anything he wrote. It's only Amway Ambots that say its fiction. And bullshit to that. Everything that man wrote I was thinking the whole time I could have been right there in the room with him because everything he experienced I saw and heard the same stuff years later. Well the only thing that happened to him that never happened to us was he was at a Diamond's house and the Diamond whipped out a can of cleaning solution and set him to work scrubbing oil stains off his driveway. I can tell you if any fucking asshole in our Amway upline did that to me I said are you too fucking lazy to do it yourself. And maybe that's why I never got called in for any work committees.

      Yup agree with you that Amway and Ambots are scared shitless of Merchants of Deception. And of anyone else who talks about their Amway experiences.

  6. Ok thank you for that reassurance. It's quite a read. I applaud the man's efforts. I also read Steve Hassan's books so I'm still hoping my bf can emerge from under the pile of foul vanilla protein powder and protein bars that he is buried. And maybe laugh about it but that seems unlikely. For now I have to bite my tongue when the deodorant stains his clothes and the washing powder doesn't get the stains out. Most of his up line are on a cruise at the moment and he skipped the brainwashing session ('preview') last night but I'm sure he'll attend tonight.

    Anyhow thanks again for the input and this blog.

    1. Hi Lorikeets - Steve Hassan is another expert on cults and has worked with family members to get Ambots out of the Amway cult and deprogram them. Oh don't you hate those Scamway "cleaning" products. What are they? Dollar store rejects they slap an Amway label on. Glad you're enjoying the blog.


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