Monday, June 6, 2016

If I Can Do It Anyone Can!

Is there anything more stupid and insulting than people who say “if I can do it then anyone can”?

Its like they’re implying “I’m such a big fucking moron so if I can do it then anyone who isn’t a fucking moron can. And in the unlikely event that you can’t do it then you’re an even bigger fucking moron than I am!”

Like take that teenage boy who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, probably one of the world’s most famous suicide spots. This kid jumps for the hell of it to see if he could. A nearby surfer paddled up to him and got him back to shore and chewed him out the whole way. The kid was relatively unhurt from the jump. So does this teen go around bragging if he can jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and not get hurt then anyone can. He jumped and survived. If he can do it then anyone can. Though I’d go out on a limb here and say the majority of jumpers off the Golden Gate Bridge don’t plan to survive.

What about people who say if I can ride a motorbike then anyone can. Also implying that if they can do it then anyone who can’t has to be a fucking moron. Not everyone has the talent, the balance, the fearlessness, or whatever it takes to ride one those things. Some can. Some can’t. What about people who play football and say if I can do it then anyone can. Same problem. Not everyone has the athletic ability or desire to run around a field chasing a ball and tackling others or ending up on the bottom of a dogpile.

What we used to hear at Amway meetings when the Platinum or Diamonds talked was “if I can do it then anyone can”. I heard it a lot. Also “its so easy anyone can do it”. Yup the implication is there. If you can’t do what I can do even though it is SOOOOOOO easy, and I can do it and I’m already a loser moron, then you have got to be the world’s biggest fucking moron loser!

Not everyone can be a good convincing liar.

Not everyone can bullshit people into believing the reason Amway products are so high priced is because the price reflects the high value/quality of the product.

Not everyone has the qualities to be a good cult leader.

Not everyone can learn brainwashing techniques.

Not everyone is good at pretend games. (I own my own business! I’m a business owner!)

Not everyone can treat other people like shit.

Not everyone is obsessed with money like Amway ambots are.

Not everyone has a high limit on their credit card to keep buying expensive Amway products.

Not everyone has transportation to get them to the endless Amway meetings.

Not everyone enjoys being mocked when they admit they’re with Amway.

Not everyone can destroy other people’s lives walking all over them in their greedy pursuit of material possessions.

“If I can do it, anyone can.”

How about sending out a big fuck you to every Amway cult leader that says that!

Whether or not I “can” isn’t the point.

I “won’t”.

Not interested in your Amway bullshit so fuck off!


  1. Not everyone can easily be swayed by a sweet talk.

    Not everyone has a soft mind to just believe in anything that are being said.

    1. Anonymous - I never was. I saw right through those sweet talking love bombing Amway Ambots and didn't believe a word they said.

  2. Easy", "foolproof", "you can do it" are the pitches used to attract gullible recruits.

    1. Anonymous - those are just some of the Amway Ambot lines they use. They also like to call everyone winners. Well only the people inside Amway cult meetings. Not the rest of the world.

  3. Imagine a business where (according to the business's own admission) 99% of the members fail. That's Amway.

    And now imagine the persons in that business telling prospective recruits "If I can do it, anybody can!"

    Is there some kind of logical disconnect here?

    1. Anonymous - the facts don't count in Amway. And neither do the dollars! LOL!

  4. Anna, the Amway recruiter invariably tells the persons he wants to sign up that "It's easy! You can be rich in from two to five years!"

    But why is it that when Amway assholes show up here to defend Amway, they invariably argue that Amway is a hard thing to do, that you have to devote lots of time and energy to it, and that you can't expect success without years and years of dedication and labor. And then they tell us that we're "quitters" and "losers" because we didn't recognize these facts.

    Well, which is true? Is Amway easy, or is Amway difficult? Or do these Amway liars have one speech for the recruits, and one speech for us?

    What a bunch of hypocritical fucks these Amway people are.

    1. Anonymous - that's a really good point. Ambots claim that Amway is so easy any moron can do it. But then these Amway fucktards show up here screeching about putting in the hard work and not trying hard enough and blah blah blah bullshit Amspeak propaganda.

      I think the real answer as you guessed is those Amway liars have one speech for prospects and a different speech for those who share online their Amway experiences of emotional and financial distress.

  5. Amway WWDB Kingpin Ron Puryear passed away. Article is on Joecool's blog.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Was it murder?

    2. No details but I presume it was natural causes.


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