Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Blogger On The Scene!

Does everyone know about new blogger URAsucker?

Here’s a link to his site:

And its also added in the reading list links on the upper right side of this page.

Amway hates it when people share their stories online about the financial and emotional distress their company has brought to our lives. People share their stories in different ways and I like this is very straightforward and this is how it happened.

Of course this blog is fueled on telling it like it is while at the same time make Amway Ambots look like a bunch of fucking idiots while we insult them. Everyone’s got a different agenda.

One story URAsucker shared about going to an Amway function was taking a break and going to buy an overpriced cup of coffee. Most of these venues Amway holds brainwashing conferences whether its an arena or hotel typically overcharges for drinks and snacks. They might not rip you off as much as Amway does but they still gouge you. It’d be better to take a break and go for a walk and look for a McDonalds or Starbucks like I used to do but most Ambots wouldn’t dare leave the facility for fear of the shit kicking they’d get from the Amway cult leader later on. Amway Ambots are a bunch of fucking squealers so they’d rat out anyone just to get heaped on praise.

Remember the Amway cult leader dishes out love and punishment as a form of keeping the downline obedient.

So anyway URAsucker spends $5 on a cup of coffee that wasn’t spectacular in any way. Meanwhile runs into another Ambot who wants a coffee but has no money so he generously gave the IBO $5 to get a coffee.

Does everyone see what’s going on here?

Most working people have $5 to buy a drink or snack even if they have to dig through the couch cushions or pockets of clothes hanging in the closet. People might watch their pennies but if they’re dying for a coffee they usually have $2 to buy one and a donut if they’re at Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts they probably get change from that $5 too.

But not people in Amway. They’re all broke. But they’ll go around with their lies and bullshit about how business is going great. It can’t be going all that great if you don’t have $5 for coffee.

When we were in Scamway the sack of shit Platinum ordered a bunch of Ambots to show up at a coffee shop for a pre-meeting before the 8pm Amway cult meeting. We never met at Starbucks but it was always a similar type coffee place selling higher priced coffee drinks and baked goods. Maybe 5 or more Ambots would be summoned to show up. We’d usually get something to drink. And no one else did. And its not like they didn’t like coffee. They’re broke Amway losers so they don’t have extra money to buy that $2 cup of coffee.

And then our sack of shit Platinum would show up and order my Ambot to buy him a coffee and a snack. You know those overpriced sandwiches or coffee cakes these coffee houses keep in their glass displays. And why didn’t he order one of the other Amway losers in the room to buy his snack?

Because they’re in Amway and they’re all broke losers. Including himself. He placed his order with the one person in the room who has a real business that makes a real profit knowing that would be the only person who’d be able to afford to buy him something to eat and drink.

Unless you want to be a broke loser who can’t afford to buy a cup of coffee, stay away from Amway.

And good luck to the new blogger on the scene. Stop by and read his news. Show him some love. But not the Amway cult love bombing type of love. No one except creepy Amway Ambots want that.


  1. Yes, his blog is quite good!

    1. Looking forward to reading more of his experiences. :)

  2. I'll never forget having to get snacks and drinks at the FED I attended in October of 2015. It was out in the middle of nowhere at a stadium I had never heard of before. The prices of their food and drink were ridiculous. The cheapest thing I could get was a hot dog for $5.00, and it didn't come with a drink of course. When I asked for a cup of water, they actually told me they don't have cups for water. They only have their soda cups and it would be $5.00 to fill it up with water, or I could get a soda. I literally looked at the lady like she was insane...the water bottles behind her were $3.50...why the hell would I pay $5.00 for her to fill up a cup with tap water!?!?! They didn't even have working water fountains (They were the kind that make the water dribble out and force you to lick the nasty hardware it is coming out of to get anything)...what a disgrace!

    1. Ben - a lot of places especially fast food will sell you a cup the same price as soda so you can get water. But yuck to those water fountains. Probably a management decision to force patrons to buy drinks from th snack bar.

    2. Typical of Amway to have their function at a place where you're ripped off for a lousy cup of water.

    3. Anonymous - and then to have the drinking fountains out of order or so gross no one will drink there - how convenient is that!

  3. Anna - I checked out his blog and yep, it is true to form. I was briefly involved in an MLM once and it was run EXACTLY the same as Scamway. First thing they do is love bomb you, really turn on the charm. This is to get you to trust them because the next thing they do is they LIE to you. Not little fibbers but great big whoppers. Then they get you to put your money down, hurry hurry before it's too late! That's a laugh and a half in itself because the MLM scam is as old as the hills and the same "opportunity" will still be there tomorrow, next year and so on because it never changes. Once they've got your money and you have put some effort into "building your business" it becomes hard to admit to yourself and others you just plain got took. That's the hook they get in you, but I saw through it pretty quickly, got out and am here to warn others and have a laugh while bashing these bastards. Hard to believe that some people go for years giving their money and their lives to this destructive cult.

    1. Ray - nothing every changes in Amway. And other scam MLMs use similar techniques. Love bombing and the fake nice act. Get you to like and trust them and then they lie and scam you.

  4. What this blogger wrote showed that little has changed in these brainwashing groups. Businesses, I mean real businesses, need to continuously evolve in order to survive in this market- in terms of product, marketing, promotion, and service etc. etc. the list goes on.

    When things stay the same for decades, it could only mean one thing-scam.


    1. Anonymous - yup nothing ever changes in Amway no matter how hard the Ambots show up here screeching about how different their cult is today. No changes since the 1970s other than the prices keep going up.

      Something Amway losers don't understand is that a business needs to turn a profit in order to sustain itself and keep operating. No real business person is going to keep running a business that's losing money under the reasoning is its making him a better (or nicer) person.


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