Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shoveling Shit At WWDB Amway Family Reunion

This year World Wide Dream Builders is holding Puryear Family Reunion on June 18 2016 in Spokane, Washington and Duncan Family Reunion in Portland, Oregon July 8 to 10 2016.

Let’s throw out a hypothetical situation. Say you got offered a job to shovel shit for $10,000. The choice is to shovel shit for one day or shovel shit for 3 days. Either way you get paid $10,000. Most people would take the one day job. You work less and get paid the same amount.

Now why do you suppose Puryear Family Reunion is only for one day and specifically the arena is booked for 2-11pm so 9 hours but Puryear probably has to book it for 12 hours, lets say an hour on either end for ambots to come in and out and maybe an hour early for slave ambots to set things up. On another post someone pointed out that it costs less to rent an arena for one day compared to renting an arena for 3 days. Puryear is cutting their operating costs by renting the arena for only one day this time. I don’t know what it costs to rent the arena but often it doesn’t cost as much as you’d think because the arena is dinging participants on parking fees and concession sales and that’s where they make their money. So Puryear makes a decision based on a cost cutting measure. He can get paid the same amount in ticket sales whether he shovels shit for one day compared to 3 days for Family Reunion. Good decision for him. Expenses versus income he spends less money on arena rental and makes the same amount of money on ticket sales that is if the Amway cult leaders are keeping the ambots in line forcing them to attend this brainwashing conference.

It looks like Duncan drew the short straw because he’ll be shoveling shit for 3 days for the same money.

But you know what? The brainwashed Amway Ambots probably think they’re getting a good deal by going to the 3 day bullshit function because either way the ticket price is the same. It all depends on which side of the stage you’re standing on.

And speaking of shit…. Amway WWDB cult leaders only give out vague shit about their brainwashing conference so Ambots hit the Internet and read what those of us share about our experiences and what we heard and saw and what we really think of Amway functions those Amway ambots get furious that we get the truth out there and load up the comment box that we’re quitters, we’re losers, we’re lazy, we didn’t work hard enough, we’re fat, we’re ugly, we’re unchristian, we’re dream stealers, etc etc. And all the other negative Amspeak that Amway assholes throw around because they’re the most negative bastards around. But you’ll notice that Amway Ambots use the Peewee Herman handbook of “I know you are but what am I” philosophy and Amway losers go around accusing the rest of the world of being negative.

Because WWDB and Amway keep the information surrounding their major functions very secretive its not easy to find out stuff unless you’re unfortunate enough to be an Amway ambot and have the assholes in your Amway upline drilling into you over and over the dates and the amount due of the next Amway WWDB conference at every Amway meeting you go to. There are probably other Amway Family Reunions out there but this post features the Amway WWDB Family Reunion whether you’re going to kiss Puryears ass or Duncans ass. The cost used to be $250 and that included a hotel room, well technically sharesies as they anticipate couples showing up but this year the price is $210 and no hotel. You Ambots need to figure out where you’re sleeping and how many Amway losers you can cram into one hotel room. Ambots must shell out their own money for transportation, hotel, money to eat real food, and other incidental costs that I’m not thinking about. Buying the ticket is the cheapest part of wasting time, money and brain cells at this Amway meeting.  Most IBO’s spend closer to $1000.

And what’s in store for the Amway ambots who are fucked up enough to waste their money going to WWDB Duncan Family Reunion 2016. And yeah I’m picking on Duncan cause I know what happens in 3 days compared to Puryears 9 hour show. How the fuck is Puryear going to get all those new Platinums on stage that’s part of the World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion ritual? Fuck them Platinums. Not many new ones anyway. They can squeeze into the Duncan Family Reunion so here’s what’ll happen.

On Friday night there will be some sort of trade show where Amway’s shitty overpriced products will be on display and some Amway loser will be extolling the virtues with a bunch of jaw dropping wide eyed Ambots listening in awe. And maybe a seminar featuring an Amway product or the latest must have in the Amway tool scam. Mostly it’ll be a bunch of Ambots walking around bullshitting each other that their PV or BV or their sales or whatever is skyrocketing and business is going great. Probably no Amway cult leaders will show up to sign autographs or take selfies so any Amway losers hoping to be in the company of any of their worships will be disappointed.

On Saturday the Ambots will be bored by recently qualified Platinums and Rubys. You know how that goes. Those bastards will stand up on the stage kissing ass and sucking dick. They’re allotted about 10 minutes each. It only seems like it drags on for hours each because they’re so fucking boring and say the same thing. And they’re all going Diamond!!!! Woo Hoo! Go Diamond! Yeah! And all the brainwashed Amway ambots in the audience will scream and cheer “Yeah!” “Right on!”

What is your story? No, I’m not asking for your story here but feel free to share if you want. What is your story was the theme at Duncan Amway Family Reunion a couple of years ago. And they claim every story is the same. Well no shit, they got to slightly change their stories don’t they. Gotta keep the crowd entertained with fresh material. I mean they can’t all come onstage and say she used to be a waitress and he used to clean porta potties. They need to coordinate so the next ones come out and say she used to be a cashier and he used to pump gas. And if they can do it then anyone can. Yeah! Sneer and insult that audience!

On Saturday night some Diamonds will show up to brainwash the cult followers to have a dream and believe their dream and the only way their dream will come true is to stay in Amway and buy buy buy into the Amway tool scam. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

On Sunday morning one of the Amway cult leaders will preach a church service to the Ambots. And of course they’ll be passing a hat so the cult leader can steal some extra cash off the followers. Then in the afternoon the Diamonds will try to bullshit the Amway cult members about building a business.


Amway WWDB Worldwide Dream Builders claim during the Family Reunion weekend there will also be technology training, product expos, and motivational and promotional videos. Yeah we’ve all seen those professionally shot staged videos where there are mansions and sports cars and the Diamonds brag about their lifestyle.

But what about the workshops? They had a Satinique aka Satanique workshop all about brainwashing the ambots to spend $25 on a hair care product instead of the one they can buy for $2 at Walmart. And the Walmart one will be better quality. Oh wait, I just stole the IBO “line” for bullshitting people into why they pay more money for shitty overpriced Amway products.

Then there was Body Key by Nutrilite - a new weight loss system that Amway IBO’s are flogging. Amway just changes the name every few years but the high prices and the no results and no support don’t change. Likely the sales pitch that Amway ambots are taught to use on potential customers doesn’t change either. “You’re fat! I sell a weight loss program for $600. Wanna buy it fatso?”

Then there was a workshop about competitive comparison. Holy shit Amway better stand the fuck down on this one! That’s their downfall. They’ll lose every time! Everyone who does comparison shopping knows they can go anywhere else and buy lower priced, better quality products than what Amway offers. This workshop apparently will teach Amway ambots how to bullshit customers into believing they are paying more money for better quality. You know the old Amway ambot line: wouldn’t you like to pay more money for better quality? Not necessarily. If someone is lower priced and gets the job done that’s good enough for me. Besides nothing Amway sells is better quality than its counterparts at Costco or Walmart or anywhere else. Paying more money at Amway, yes. But you ain’t paying for quality. You’re paying so every asshole in the Amway upline can get a piece of the commission and so Amway can make a good profit too for its owners.

How does everyone like the sounds of this workshop - World Wide Group presents “What’s New”. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!! LOL!!!!

Who will be brainwashing the masses at Amway World Wide Dream Builders Family Function?

Damned if I know because those Amway motherfuckers are keeping it top secret but here’s some of the old tired crew that shows up at all these events to get their share of the proceeds of the ticket sales:

Glen and Joya Baker
Greg and Laurie Duncan (presenting chapter 11 workshops!)
Jim and Judy Head
Dave Severn
Matt and Sandee Tsuruda
Dan and Sandy Yuen
Jim and Kelly Puryear

But don’t blame me if they don’t all show up. Any of them can fall out of Diamond qualification any time. The missing snake oil salesmen must be really fucking pissed off they’re not getting a piece of the pie of the Family Reunion ticket sale profits. This is how they make the bulk of their income after all.

Family Reunion sucks!

Amway sucks!

World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

Wanna know how to piss off the assholes in your Amway upline? Save your money and stay home!

Ever get an obscene desire to listen to a bunch of fucking liars shoveling out bullshit? Then it sounds like you need to get to the nearest Amway Family Reunion.


  1. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2016/jun/03/amway-impresario-ron-puryear-is-dead/

    1. Yup a link was left in a comment on another post. And Joecool wrote a post about this yesterday referencing this link you have. His blog is on a link on the upper right side of this page. Have you seen that. Oh and by the way check your keyboard. Your caps lock button seems to be stuck in the on position.

  2. Hi Anna
    To support my bf I have been to 2 day 'business development seminars' - propaganda talks - and they are just like parts you've described. No new anything other than silver eagle though. Actually this person I know for a fact still makes no profit and never has was wildly applauded for silver eagle (and was the only one and got a pin for his shirt) but the hype was as though the cash was pouring in.

    One lady gave a speech. Maybe it was meant to inspire but it sounded so bleak to me saying how she used to be really shy but thanks to cold calling people in amway she has gained confidence. I felt sad for her. Glad about the confidence but it seems a depressing way to get it.

    Then the repugnant diamonds who had to travel from another state and have clearly done this talk before as they were being welcomed 'back' (maybe no fresh diamonds I don't know) painting the exact same picture about how humble and lovely they are now rich but still so humble.

    It's a slick juggernaut. If someone is in thrall that kind of stuff must be compelling. I found it ghastly. No business needs such fanaticism.

    1. Hi Lorikeets. Yeah nothing ever changes in Amway. I read others experiences and am thinking I could have been right there in the room with them. I heard and saw the same things including the uninspiring speeches.i heard a man on stage who said he used to be unsocial until he got into Scamway then Inguessonce he became a victim of love bombing and duplicated that behavior all of a sudden he got lots of customers and signed up suckers in his downline. And he had a good job too. What did he need a bunch of Amway losers around for.

  3. Oh boy, Anna this has been an intertaining read. Your blog is just intertaining to read, plus educational of course. I never went to those meetings even though I had buddies who insisted to go for free to those seminars, because I have a lot of potential. However, after watching, reading, studying WWDB and alike my answer is always hell to the NO. I feel like my brain would melt from all the bs being said. Not even bs, it's just this shit is not motivational, nor educational, legit, nor worth my time. I do believe good peoplength join the ranks with good intentions but in the end somehow they get sucked into black hole and it's hard to pull them out. sad bit dammit I wish they can research this shit before they invest dipper into this. Thank you for your awesome blog

    1. Thanks Dennis! Glad you're enjoying the blog. And you got it. This blog is all about entertaining as well as educating. And of course our form of entertainment is insulting and swearing at Amway Ambots and making sure everyone knows what fucking assholes they are. In other words, the way people in Amway treat the rest of the world, around this blog we fling it right back at them and treat Ambots the way they treat everyone else.

      Generally speaking you're right that good people sign up to Scamway with good intentions and they want to become gazillionairs and help others get rich too. Then they get brainwashed to be liars and scammers and as you pointed out sucked into the black hole. Or as we refer to it around here the Amway shit hole. And its hard to pull them out again. At least you caught on fast that Amway is a bunch of bullshit and didn't lose any money or brain cells.

  4. A. You're a hypocrite. B. The Duncan's and Puryears are close family friends and I happen to believe they are wonderful people.

    1. Colton Minor - I'm a hypocrite? That's pretty rich coming from an Amway loser who's got nothing better to do on Christmas Day than search the Internet and find places that don't support worshipping the Great Amway God and bitch at them? So if the Duncans and Puryears are such wonderful people why didn't they invite you to join them for Christmas dinner?

  5. Hey, Colton Minor --

    Are you sure your real name isn't Colon Minor? That would be more appropriate, because you are a little asshole.

    1. LOL Anonymous! Colin aka Colon is the Little Asshole!


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