Thursday, June 23, 2016

World Wide Destructive Bastards

I’ve received another sad story from a wife whose marriage is falling apart thanks to Amway brainwashing her husband.

I couldn't figure out why our marriage and relationship was deteriorating. He's become very egocentric. Everything is about him, his way or no way, he doesn't even consult me about going on holidays, he just took some because he wanted too, I found out because he didn't go to work one day. His behavior is that of someone who's been brainwashed! Then it hit me, Amway! This all started shortly after he start there.He listens non stop to there cd's. He preaches there ways. Our marriage is going to end because I want us to be a couple and communicate but he's lost the ability. I believe he's in trouble and doesn't even know it.

I am here to speak for the women who can’t. I curse out my Amway upline the way many women wished they could do. My Amway upline and cult leaders are everybody’s upline. It doesn’t matter what line of sponsorship they’re in, they’re all a bunch of rotten miserable lying cocksucking bastards. Seeing as how we belonged to WWDB this is the group we bitch out in the blog but from what other people post its no different than other Amway cult groups.

Our pompous sack of shit Platinum often said “If I don’t like you I won’t do business with you.”  Liar! Fucking asshole would do business with anyone he could just for the almighty dollar.

A better slogan for him would have been “If I don’t like you and you refuse to do business with me, I’ll destroy your marriage.”

That was the slogan of WWDB the Amway cult group we were part of.

WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards

I was at an Amway meeting once where the sack of shit Platinum ranted about one of the fellows in the room. They were in the same car driving back from Amway WWDB Family Reunion and the fucking asshole spent the 6 or 7 hour drive nagging him to leave his wife because she was holding him back in “the business”. He would never succeed in Amway as long as he was with his wife. And on and on it went. Sack of shit Platinum was outraged when they had a baby without asking his permission if they could start a family.

All I could think of was shut the fuck up asshole. Other people’s private lives are none of your business. Leave them alone. Asking “permission” for stuff going on in their private personal lives? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Like I need any further proof that this is a cult leader trying to control other people’s lives! Cult! Cult! Cult! Fuck the Amway Cult!

Like I need any further proof that WWDB stands for World Wide Destructive Bastards and all those fuckers are out to do is destroy other peoples relationships.

On the drive home I told Ambot that the sack of shit Platinum has no business trying to destroy that couple’s relationship. Not a big surprise to me that Ambot admitted the fucker was trying to convince Ambot to leave me because I wasn’t supportive of the Scamway pyramid scheme.

After a few unsuccessful months of trying his damnedest to convince Ambot to leave me, the cult leader tried another tactic. I’d quit going to Amway cult meetings and Ambot told me one night the bastard led the group in a prayerfest. He was bitching at Ambot and saying he wasn’t man enough for the Amway business and he didn’t deserve to be married to me because he wasn’t man enough. The sack of shit Platinum on behalf of World Wide Destructive Bastards led the Amway cult meeting into a prayer group, praying that I would find another man and leave Ambot.

And these fucking Amway cult members wonder why I can’t stand them and their WWDB values of busting up families and finances and bringing destruction to peoples lives. 

The only good thing that came out of that prayerfest is that Ambot saw the truth of this evil cult and stopped attending Amway meetings.

The Platinum’s reasoning which is part of the WWDB teachings is for any man not getting ahead in the Amway business is because his wife is holding him back and he should leave her. If an IBO has a potential prospect and the wife isn’t interested, the World Wide Destructive Bastards immediately jump on the bandwagon and proclaim its because this couple already has existing problems in their relationship.

The relationship problems only happen after getting involved in Amway. Happy marriages go sour after one spouse gets immersed in the Amway WWDB cult and is constantly badgered by the upline to get the PV/BV up there and buy more products to the point of sucking dry the bank accounts and maxing out credit cards. Attend more meetings chasing futile dreams. Put another dollar in. Put a few more thousand dollars in. Got to keep the Amway cult thriving.

World Wide Destructive Bastards WWDB really is dishonest, unethical and immoral. They do not encourage a good family relationship and are only out to get your money.

Fucking Amway demons! Burn in hell!


  1. Anna, the more I read about what your vicious up-line tried to do, not just to you and your husband but to other couples as well, the more infuriated I get.

    Amway is a sick, criminal organization. It is a fucking CULT, operated by arrogant control-freaks who want to determine everything in the lives of its members.

    You know, these lying Amway bastards pretend to be devout Christians. I wonder if they know this passage from the Gospel: "What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."

    Trying to break up someone's marriage because of something as stupid and trivial as a lousy MLM plan is a sin that cries out for divine vengeance. Your fucking up-line, and all those other WWDB scum, will burn in the deepest pit of Hell.

    1. Anonymous - I'd say the most vicious people I've ever met have all been in the Amway cult.

      Like most cults Amway twists religion to suit their own purposes. Ambots justify their actions that it's part of the teachings or instructions handed down by the Great Amway God. People in Amway are control freaks and bullies.

      Many others have similar stories to ours. Upline abuse runs rampant in the Amway cult.

  2. I am the same anonymous that's been having problems with a girlfriend involved with Amway.

    I recently received a message from my upline about the "dangers of crosslining." Guess what? My girlfriend is crosslined with ME. He told me about the dangers of "having meaningful relationships with crosslines." WTF. No one on this earth has the authority to tell me who I can have a relationship with. I don't think he knows I'm in a relationship with a "crossline" but the concept alone is creepy enough. F this cult mentality. I can't believe this is going on!!!

    Look, "not interfering with business" is one thing, but telling me who I can and cannot have a relationship with is another. I am a grown ass man.

    The thing is...I still like Amway. I think Amway is a decent organization with decent (albeit overpriced) products. Why should this COMPANY tell me who I can associate with?

    I really do think it's the World Wide Destructive Bastards...or, let me coin my own term in the sake of my own rage... "World Wide Douche Bags." This cultish bullshit seems to be coming from them, and I honestly don't know if Amway even knows what's going on.

    1. Hi Anonymous. We have some posts around here where we make fun of the Amway cult leader's rule of do not associate with crossline. CULT!

      I don't know how much you know about cults but many cults the followers have to obey their cult leader when it comes to who they can have relationships with or marry or about having children or any other life decisions that grown ups can make on their own without asking permission. The Amway cult is no different that way. You have to ask permission from your Amway cult leader before doing anything.

      Why do you like Amway? They sell overpriced shitty products that no one wants to buy unless they're a brainwashed Ambot. Less than 4% of Amway's sales are to people who are not registered IBO's. If Amway's products were all that good and weren't overpriced they'd have a higher market on sales. Amway brings financial and emotional distress to everyone it touches. Even though you haven't specifically mentioned how much money you've lost or your girlfriend's lost, everyone who's been before you knows you're spending at least $500 month to get to 100PV and membership in WWDB and the other Amway tool scam shit you have to buy. Your emotional distress is quite obvious.

      Amway has a bad reputation. People who know about Amway don't want anything to do with it or the people who sell Amway shit. Why do you want to be mocked at by normal people once they hear you're flogging Amway shit?

      And Amway knows exactly what is going on. So here's what you do now. You phone Amway's help desk or customer service desk or whatever bullshit term they're currently calling their "I don't give a shit" department. You make sure you get the name of the lazy ass bastard you're talking to at Amway. Now you complain about your upline and how creepy and cult like he is. Amway's head office doesn't give a flying fuck. The staff will tell you they're not responsible for what is said at Amway meetings. I mean what the fuck! How can Amway NOT be responsible for what is said at Amway meetings. Shit! Then the lazy ass staff will tell you if you have a problem with that person in your upline then discuss it with them. Yeah that's real helpful. If you have a problem with your boss at work there's always someone higher up the food chain you can take your complaint to. Which is what you're doing now, going over that bastard's head and reporting it to Amway. Point out that the upline is violating Amway's IBO contract and that's grounds for dismissal and ask what Amway's going to do about it. The answer is piss all by the way. Then tell the lazy ass Amway bastard you've got their name and you're going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

      And then do it. Now here's the thing about the BBB. Amway Ambots love to go around bragging that Amway and the BBB are in bed together and Amway has whatever rating they have. First off its a violation of the IBO contract to do that and the IBO can be fired so if you've heard anyone saying that, report them to the lazy ass bastard you're talking to at Amway's head office even though it does no good. Back to the BBB. When a consumer files a complaint the BBB forwards it to the company and gives them a date to respond by. All a company has to do is respond by that date to stay in the BBB good standings. They don't have to resolve the complaint or make the customer happy. All the company has to do is respond by the BBB deadline. Amway has a small army of staff devoted to responding to BBB complaints and meeting the deadline. They don't have to make the customer happy or offer a good solution. All Amway does is justify their actions. Or lack thereof.

      It would also be helpful for you to keep track of who, when and where are committing fraud when it comes to Amway meetings. That way you can report them to the police when you finally decide to get out of this cult.

      Hope some of that helps.

  3. I already coined "World Wide Douche Bags" a few weeks back. But you are certainly welcome to use it as much as you like.

    It's futile to try and distinguish between WWDB and the larger Amway Corporation. Amway turns a blind eye to whatever the various LOS groups do, as long as the money keeps flowing upwards to Ada, Michigan. If you complain to Amway about what WWDB does, they'll simply tell you to handle the matter yourself with your immediate up-line, and not bother them about it.

    This business of your up-line trying to dictate whom you can have a relationship with is only the beginning, believe me. Only the beginning!

    Once you give in on that question, they'll push even further. You'll be pressured to break with any friends and family who are skeptical about the Amway "Plan." You'll be bullied into becoming "Core," which means that you'll have to purchase scads of Amway products that you don't need and can't sell; you'll have to sign up for absurdities like CommuniKate and Standing Order and Ditto; and you'll have to shell out big bucks for silly "functions" that are nothing but fantasy and hype festivals.

    Amway is not a simple "business." Amway is a religion and a lifestyle and a culture! And if you don't buy into those things, you'll be frozen out of any possible help or advice or profit by your up-line.

    Be warned. Wrecking your relationship with your girlfriend is only the first step that up-line will take against you.

    1. Anonymous - LOL. Someone coined the term ambot years before we got involved with Amway but when I heard it I thought how perfect it is. This blog has got Ambot out there high up on the search engines that people get it that Ambots are to be avoided and mocked.

      I'm pretty sure I heard World Wide Douche Bags years ago! LOL! Somewhere around here is a WWDB post and people were leaving comments about other things the initials can stand for. Many times around here the comments are better than the original post! LOL!

      Yup Amway knows exactly what is going on and turns a blind eye. When you complain to head office they don't give a shit. Amway isn't going to rock the boat and chop off any of their cult sects because that'll mean another huge hit in a loss of sales.

      Seeing as how people in Amway are the biggest bunch of whiny ass crybaby losers around, I'm sure that someone has already ratted out Anonymous relationship with the crossline girlfriend to their Amway cult leader. That's how Ambots get brownie points with their cult leader and get heaped on loving praise. I'm sure they're already working on her to end the relationship. There's nothing those sick bastards enjoy more than destroying other people's relationships.

  4. To Anonymous with the crossline girlfriend:

    Amway (along with all of its goddamned little subsystems like WWDB and TEAM and BWW) is an extremely authoritarian organization. The entire structure of the organization is a top-down, hierarchical one.

    Listen to their basic mantra: "Duplicate what your up-line does!" Translated into simpler English, that means "Obey your Amway superiors to the letter!"

    Amway does NOT encourage independence of mind, personal initiative, or even any new ideas. It wants OBEDIENCE AND LOYALTY above all else. That's why your up-line thinks it's OK to tell you whom you can date, or marry, or whether you can have children, or what sort of car you're allowed to buy. Sometimes they even tell you to sell your house, if you own one, or to liquidate your investments, if you have any. They have no qualms at all about doing that, and they expect you to jump and do it when they say so.

    Am I getting through to you? Amway is a CULT! It is as viciously controlling and destructive as Scientology, or The People's Temple of Jim Jones. They make a few products that you like? Big deal. Nazi Germany made some pretty good stuff too. But it didn't change the reality of what it was.

    1. Anonymous - that's well said. That's life in the Amway cult.

  5. You're getting through loud and clear. I know it's a cult. I had no idea this kind of LUNACY was occurring right under our noses--cults masquerading as legitimate businesses. Is there any way to help these people? I've legitimately been researching how to deprogram people from cults and brainwashing, but my criticisms don't amount to much within the context of all the frequent, sustained brainwashings.

    1. Anonymous - have you taken a look at a link under more Amway info about a podcast why MLM doesn't work? Check that out. The lawyer who runs the pyramid scheme alert website is the featured speaker and he says something to the effect that if he had a dollar for everytime someone asked him how to get someone our of an MLM cult he'd be rich by now.

      There was a woman who wrote a blog about commercial cults. I think she was a Monavie victim but it was aimed towards any business that operates under cult doctrines. And it pretty much bankrupted her, a common scenario for many people who get involved in MLM scams.

      All we can do is get the word out online about the financial and emotional distress we suffered. The misery Amway has brought to our lives and hope to stop more victims from signing up. We have Ambots showing up here screeching at us to do our research like our real life experiences don't count as research. Ambots don't like the truth about their Amway cult getting out there because its a dirty little secret. And its like take some of your own advice. If you'd done your research you wouldn't have gotten scammed into Amway. Scamway's sales have dropped about 4 or 5 billion in the past couple of years so everyone sharing their stories on the Internet is helping shut down the Amway cult.

  6. Anna, you're right. The best we can do is keep on plugging away here at this website and the several other anti-Amway ones. The message is indeed getting out. My secret pal in WWDB tells me that it is becoming next to impossible for Amway and its various subsystems to recruit new IBOs here in the States. Amway's reputation stinks, and everyone has heard the horror stories about financial ruin and cultish control. Ada, Michigan is infuriated, but all they can really do is order new Ambots not to consult the internet about Amway. That's like telling a 14-year-old boy not to surf porn.

    The forcible deprogramming of MLM cult victims is difficult, and very risky, legally speaking. You can't kidnap an adult and detain him against his will. Also, it won't work with someone who has totally drunk the Kool-Aid of Amway's insane "Plan." Adherence to a cult is not based on an intellectual decision, but on the will and the passions. No argument will break that sort of commitment.

    1. Anonymous - even though Amway gloats about how their IBO's can operate their business online, the Internet has been their downfall. Before computers people getting scammed in Amway shared their stories through word of mouth and reached a tiny audience. In the past 15+ years people get on the Internet to share their stories thousands and thousands. All these people have similar stories. We can't all be wrong. We get no financial compensation to talk about being scammed by Amway. Its like people who go online to share stories about how they cure the cold. We do it to help others without financial gain.

      Unlike Amway Scambots who are only out to screw you over to make a buck.

      I'm sure Amway is pissed off about people sharing their stories who've been scammed. Someone in their head office was here yesterday and reading this blog including the comments about how their head office does piss all when it comes to complaints. It sounds like we're getting the word out if Amway and its various cult sects are finding it tougher to recruit new suckers into their scam.

  7. Ty for your blog. The husband got introduced to Scamway/WWDB through coworkers (husband and wife ambots) who said they became debt free in a year and are in a better place because their marriage was falling apart. They never specified why it began to fall apart. We meet them for lunch where they talked about cashflow quadrants and to shift your thinking to be in the BIG BUSINESS quadrant bc its a smart move to a successful IBO. They teach you to hate your traditional job, but tell you to not can do this part time. After lunch, they could not go into further detail until we meet after attending their church (they invited us). After church they gave us a book by R. KIYOSAKI 21st business century and told us after we are done reading it in their given time frame (3days) call them up and meet with them.
    My husband finished the book,but I had a just a few more pages. They couldnt tell us anything bc I did not finish reading. We talked slightly so far about what the book was geared to " building a network marketing business."
    Long story short, my spouse and I argue about how I have become so guarded and not able to take an opportunity that they are offerring. We seperated for a couple of days from that night.
    We then meet with them at an small apt that was sardine packed. The speaker who is a platinum mentioned about ones manhood, told about how many hate their job, how he became financially free and where he and the wife are able to semi-retire, how he had marriage problems (he made it sound like amway took care of that). They had 3 couples that shared their successful stories, one whom worked for the government and quit, did scamway/wwdb and was a ble to buy a house cash only, manned up and married his baby momma. Another who was in debt and marriage problems no longer had it bc of being an IBO. At the end of the meeting we were given tools to read and listen and need to meet them.
    We argued bc we werent on the same page about this. I have heard about amway years ago and did research after reading the book bc I noticed the book talked about his success with amway, also given the fact that this coworker gave my spouse products of that line to try for free-whixh still sits in the pantry today.

    I find it funny how the platinum speaker and his spouse,and the other couples mentioned the same thing about your manhood, ego and pride, being submissive, long gone are the marriage problems, are debt free, able to be a stay at home parent (while the otherworks as an ambot ibo), and able to purchase a home or car with cash only...yeah right.. doenright bullshit to me. This business is in the middle of my marriage! I hate the sponsors so much that I want to tell them off and jarate chop their fucking neck to stop talking their bullshit and stop brainwashing my spouse of over 17years.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story and I feel your pain and anguish. So many others have gone through what's happening to you.

      Amway is a good old boys club for male chauvinist pigs. If the man wasn't a male chauvinist pig before signing up to Scamway then he sure becomes one afterwards. Boys on one side of the room and girls on the other side. What is this? School gym class?

      Amway still is flinging the old bullshit about how they save marriages when the bastards can't give good examples. I can tell you there are more stories on the Internet about marriages ending in divorce than in happy endings thanks to Amway.

      Amway is all about teaching ambots to hate their J.O.B. If they didn't have a bad attitude to their job before, they get a personality change once they join the Amway cult and they become assholes at work. One way or another an ambot won't hold on to his job too long.

      Amway will always do the secretive thing. Love that shit about the book and how they won't talk to you until you finish reading it. I wish the fuckers in our Amway upline had pulled the same shit with us. I would NEVER finish reading the book!

      Yeah just tell your sponsor they're a lying sack of shit and you're going to report them to the police for fraud if they don't leave you and your husband alone and see if that works. Start keeping track of their lies, when and where. You might need this later for the police or your lawyer.

      The good news is most ambots quit the Amway cult in a few months. Most women just try to hang in there even though the nice sweet man they married has turned into a nasty sneering fucking Amway ogre. Amway's figures show that 95% of suckers quit within 2 years so the odds are on your side.

      Good luck!

    2. Dear Anonymous at 12:16 PM --

      Everything that WWDB tells you is basically a lie. This is the case for every Amway subsystem (BWW, TEAM, etc.)

      The Robert Kiyosaki book is utterly fraudulent bullshit. The man Kioyosaki is a con-man who has NEVER run an MLM business, and he admits it. The money that he makes is purely from the publicity, hype, and advertising that he does for MLM schemes.

      Give your husband some straight, honest talk. Tell him that close to 99% of Amway IBOs lose money, and that this is a figure published by Amway itself. Tell him not to fall for the fake "love-bombing" that this creepy couple is giving him.

      And DON'T enable him! Tell him that you are NOT going to any more "meetings" with these manipulative people, and that you are uninterested in reading any more books or listening to any more cds or tapes. Tell him that if he makes the financial mistake of getting involved in Amway, he makes the mistake ON HIS OWN, without your participation.

      If he truly loves you, he will see the light and give up this absurd fantasy.

  8. Thank you for the insight on WWDB and Amway. My husband and I have been having marriage problems since he got convinced that getting into the bigger business leads to bigger wealth- an income generating asset. I want our marriage to work, but I feel that he is easily persuaded into joining this club. He says he is doing it for us, but I do not want to be apart of this. Im afraid that divorce is in the near future if he does continue/ sign up for amway/wwdb. Do you have any advice on what I can do to change his mind? The books(educational tools) that we have read is about changing your frame of thinking and geared toward network marketing scam. I dont understand how one can make money by spending money on their own "store?"

    The sponsors that introduced him say that amway is just 5% of the business and the 95% is WWDB( teaching him how to be a leader-to be duplicatable). I dont understand why he would still have to buy from amway when we dont use products like that (we live frugal) when you still have to pay your monthly dues for premier, functions, digital delivery, 'kate'? Can you explain this to me in laymans terms? They noted down the costs and I can honestly say I was blown away by the cost of expense. The cd's given are shit...talking about their stories of growing up poor as dirt to where they are, marriage is even better (why?), and how they travel the world and have more time with family. Its just a hype to that lifestyle and that an average joe can get to their level.
    I despise my husbands sponsors. I just want to karate chop their neck when they talk.

    These fuck heads are ruining my relationship with my husband. We are going into the 8week process...but I am only doing that (my way of meeing my husband halfway). If he does decide to sign up, I am out. Divorce is my only option. He can call me to let me know if he is a millionare. Haha

    1. Anonymous - Amway is the cult of Greed. It's all about getting those at the top of the pyramid Diamonds, richer. They don't call it the Amway tool scam for nothing. That's why you buy all these cult memberships and stupid shit you don't need with the bullshit of mentoring training and leadership. Hell there are cheaper ways to get leadership skills. I'm sure you can find free YouTube videos of those types of seminars.

      Amway is a prime example of teaching the philosophy of too many chiefs and not enough braves. Out of every 10,000 IBOs only 1 is in a Diamond leader role.

      If you haven't already done so download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception and read it. True horror story about a Diamond with 1000 people in his downline and he makes $30,000 a year. He was totally lied to about the expected compensation as we all were at every Amway meeting. Does your husband know 1000 people who will sign up to this scam and buy the required quota of shitty overpriced Amway products every month so he can make $2-$3,000 a month? The link is on the right side of this page under more info about Amway. It'll keep you awake. Scary stuff and true life horror story. Get your husband to read it too. It might make him change his mind.

      And here's what'll happen when your husband signs up to Amway. The fucking assholes in his Amway upline will be all over him to get a divorce because nothing brings those evil bastards more happiness than destroying other people's relationships.

  9. Dear Anonymous at 9:31 PM --

    Those WWDB people are lying through their teeth!

    Of course WWDB is an Amway operation! It wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Amway racket. The notion that WWDB is doing anything other than flogging Amway products and recruiting Amway IBOs is utterly false.

    I have a contact who is high up in the WWDB structure. He says that Amway is the puppet master, and WWDB is the sock puppet. Because the name "Amway" is so utterly despised and hated in North America, the small subsystems like WWDB that do the dirty work for Amway try hard to to mention the company's name.

    All the unending expenses that you refer to, such as functions, cds and tapes, CommuniKate, useless products, and digital delivery are nothing but ways to bleed you of money on a regular monthly basis. These things have absolutely no relation to any real-world business activity. You will be appalled at the level of expenditure that Amway will impose on you and your husband if you join up.

    And Anna is quite correct, unfortunately. As soon as your husband signs up in WWDB, his sponsors will do everything to force him to seek a divorce from you. They know that you are skeptical and unsympathetic to the entire idea of Amway, and therefore they consider you an enemy.

    Tell your husband that "making money in Amway" is pure delusion, and that 99% of IBOs in the company fail totally. Your husband would make more money by running a lemonade stand on the streetcorner during the summer months.

    1. Good points Anonymous. Ambots do everything they can to avoid saying the dreaded A word so they say they're with WWDB or they work with Benny the Bastard Enterprises or whatever they have to do to trick people into not thinking its Amway. I've had people leave comments here saying they signed up and it wasn't until weeks later they found out they signed up with Amway to be a sales rep instead of a leadership training program or whatever is and bullshit they believed.

      And yes that lemonade stand would be a whole lot more profitable than making pennies per sale with Amway.


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