Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Amway Royalty

I get brainwashed ambots doing Google searches for “Amway is awesome” or “World Wide Dream Builders WWDB is awesome” and they end up at this blog. I can hardly help it that this blog is so high up on the search engine! Gotta get those keywords in!

Then these ambots see how I feel about my upline, particulary the asshole who sponsored us into Amway, Captain Fuck Up, and the fucking sack of shit Platinum.

Not to mention my reviews of the overpriced shitty Amway products.

These ambots who are brainwashed to believe that Amway and WWDB are awesome are shocked to show up on a blog where someone is writing about all the dirty little Amway cult secrets. Then they become outraged because of their fierce loyalty to their upline cult leaders who they put on a pedestal and refer to as Amway royalty. How dare anyone tell the truth about what happens inside the Amway cult! How dare anyone disrespect their Amway upline! How dare anyone tell about how much money that Amway cult followers spend each month purchasing overpriced shitty Amway products, buying motivational tools - CDs and books -  signing up for Communikate and WWDB premier membership, how much it costs to go to Amway meetings and functions! How dare anyone reveal the amount of the small commission check Amway issues each month if the IBO meets the minimum requirements! I’ll say it again! You might get $10 back after investing $700 in a month! These prudes are shocked by my language and my honesty and feel compelled to leave a comment bitching about my blog with the usual Amspeak canned response when they only read the one post the search engine pointed them to.

Amway cult followers are brainwashed to believe that their Amway upline are the most wonderful human beings that ever walked the face of the earth who can do no wrong. These god-like Amway upline ambots are supposed to be worshipped and praised and referred to in glowing terms.

No one would ever DARE be disrespectful and speak negative of the Amway upline and curse out the bastards.

Except Anna Banana. I’ll even go one further. I’ve been speaking negative of the asshole that sponsored us into Amway for at least 10 years before getting involved in Amway so I had plenty of practice at disliking that fucking troublemaker before the Amway cult became part of our lives.

I write about how the Amway upline cult leaders fuck over their downline. How the Amway cult leaders destroy marriages. How the Amway cult leaders destroy their downline’s finances. How the Amway cult leaders are dream stealers. Amway cult leaders have a fucked up view of people who work jobs instead of being self employed business owners. How the Amway cult leaders have an intense obsession for listening to motivational CD’s where their beloved Diamonds are the speakers. How the Amway cult leaders are liars. How the Amway cult leaders can’t mind their own business. How the Amway cult leaders are only your friends as long as you’re investing in the Amway pyramid scheme. How the Amway cult leaders cause emotional distress. How the Amway cult leaders are greedy. How the Amway cult leaders are the biggest troublemaking assholes I’ve ever met.

I’ve also talked about the bullshit that goes on inside Amway cult meetings.

The crippling grief that these upline Amway bastards bring to the lives of the victims they sign up for the Amway scam is revolting. Those fuckers deserve to be cursed out. And this blog was created to fill that niche!

Amway cult followers and Amway’s head office might not like me revealing the dirty secrets of the leaders in the Amway cult but I am here to let the world know that the Amway upline are shitless cowards who need to go straight to hell for the misery they bring to their victim’s lives.

That’s what I think of the Amway royalty!

Fuck all of you Amway demons!