Monday, January 30, 2017

Give Me SEX Demand Horndog Amway Assholes

Got more laughable searches by horndog Amway assholes who landed at this blog. We’ve decided to copy and paste the searches and keep bringing up this post so you might see duplicates if we didn’t already notice that Ambots search for Amway sex products over and over.

Here’s the thing if you’re in Amway and you’re not getting laid, no Amway snake oil is going to help you. Amway Ambot = huge turn off for women.

And first off its very important to note that NOTHING Amway sells can make you look or feel sexy. NOTHING!

Second off DO NOT buy Amway condoms. There’s a whole post dedicated to that somewhere around here. Our opinion – if such a thing exists - Amway condoms would be no different than other overpriced substandard shitty Amway products. Amway is probably selling dollar store baggies and rubber bands and calling them condoms.

And to show you what a huge difference there is between brainwashed Ambots and normal people – who would want wallpaper with any Amway product on it let alone wallpaper with Amway condoms. Like what the fuck!!!!!! Who’s looking for that shit. Amway losers that’s who!

Nothing ignites passion in a woman more than going to the bedroom and seeing wallpaper with Amway products on it let alone fucking Amway condoms! LOL! NOT! LOL! LOL! LOL!

And I doubt anyone reading this blog thinks that it’s a woman who’s looking for Amway sex power products for women. Any woman who’s got a significant other in the Amway cult is probably looking at online love shops for toys. Gotta have something to do while the Amway loser is out attending cult meetings.

And I’ve always said if you want to drive more traffic to your website the keywords you need are Amway sex. Whether or not your website has anything to do with either.

Try not to laugh. Maybe put your drink down before reading this list. And somewhere around here is a post where we ask if there is an Amway sex manual. Ambots are looking for it judging by the sex depraved Ambot horndog who wants to find out more about how to do Amway sex.

Yup the Amway Ambot sex stars. Also the sex misspelled stars.

Copy and paste. Spelling errors belong to the Amway losers. And some of those fucktards can’t even spell the name of their beloved employer.

Amway sex limit table
Witch is the medicines for sexual powers time increasing in amway product
Amway sex power supliment
Amway female sex pro
Amway vitamin increase sex
Amway vitamins tablet sex
Amway sex improve tablets
Sex life Amway products
Amway sexy use products
Manfaat double x Amway buat sex
Amway condoms
Amway product for sex stamina
Amway oll sex produced
Amway sex oil produced (probably the same horndog as above!LOL!)
Amway can solved sex problems ?
Amway sex
Amway sex supplements
Amway product for semen leakage
Amway protein powder for sex power
Amway company sex product
Amway sex power increasing medi
Sex table Amway
Amway fuck images for frnds
Sex Amway
Sex product Amway
Sex product in Amway
Amway condom
Amway after sex product Youtube
Amway sex product Hindi
Sex produced Amway
Amway sexual products
Ammway sex product
Amway male sex supplement
Amway product for sex power
Duble X sex
Nutrilite medicine for men sexual problem
Amway extra sex power for men
Amway condems wallpaper
Amway sax product
Amway sex tablet
Amway products to increase sex stamina
Amway sexul product
Amway man sex medicine
Amway homophobic medicine for sex stamina
Amway Nitrilute daily does is help for sex
Amway sex power product
Amway nutrilite libedo booster for women
Amway protein powder for sex
Mway products for sex power
Best Amway product for sex
Ammway sex power product
Amway product for sex power increase
Amway products to increase sex power
Amway sexual power
Sex inhansment in Amway
Sex Medicine in Amway
Ammway sex power product
Amway sex power increase
Sax power up Amway
Amway products sex for men in hindi
Amway medicine in hindi list for men sex
Amway products for sexual problems
Amway product that’s good for men sex life
Amway comdam
Sex power mefixe i n Amway
Amway sex dabay
Amway long time sex tab
Amway sexual medicine
Amway sexwal prodact
Amway Diamond enjoyed sex
Amway men sex power grow product
Amway products for sex life
Amway sex booster product
Amway sexual medicine
Amway sexual problem products in hindi
mway sexproducts
Sex powar
Amway product for sex improvement
Amway sex capsul
Double X sex only
Sex improving produce by Amway
Extra sex power in Amway
Amvay sex product
Amway product for sex problem
AMWAY SEX PRODUCT (I guess some fucking Amway loser hasn’t got permission from the fucking assholes in his Amway upline to turn off the caps lock button!)
maway sex com
Amway sexual procuct
Amway low sex
Amway nutrilite semen
Amway sex power medicine
Amway products sextual problem
Nutrilite treatment for sex
Amway suppliments for sex
Nutrilite for sexual disorder
Sexual product for man on Amway
Sex increase medicine at Amway
Amway product for sex stamina
Amway sexual vitality
Amway protein powder for sex power
Is Amway a cover for swingers
Amway prodruct for sex and energy
Amway sex pawar mediseen
www .com
Amway tablet for sex
Amway product for growth sex power
Amwa women sex power products
Mway sex
Amway pruduct for extra sex
Downlayn sex
Best product for male sex in Amway
Medicine for sex in Amway
Amway product for erection
Double X sex
How to do Amway sex
Amway product for sex stamina
Amway sex proadect
Amway men sex power
Amway products for sex issue
Amway sex powder
Amway stamina sex medicine for man
Amways sex medicine
Amway productd for sex stamina
Amway products for impotence
Nutrilite medicines for sex stamina
What is Thesex Nutrilite products
www.amway sexual enhencement pill
Amway product for sexual health
Best Amway products for long sex
Amway sex power product India
Sexs Amherk
Men pawer sex Amway
Any Amway product useful to conceive
Nutrilite product for improve sex power
Amway sex booster
m-way medicine for sex stamina
Amway Nutrilite protein to enhance sex
Amway sax photo
Amway sex booster
Amway sexx video
Amway product for sex life
Amway product for erectile dysfunction


  1. Did you hear Betsy DeVos is our new education secretary? Sounds like our youth will be educated with the tools

    1. Hi Shamway. To quote an article I read a week or so ago, what's the biggest threat to students? Grizzly Bears or Betsy Devos.

  2. Anna, this is utterly hysterical! Reading those search titles had me convulsed with laughter.

    Amway sex powder? Amway Nutrilite semen? Best Amway products for long sex?

    I mean, what the hell is going on here? Is this stuff for real?

    Maybe the answer lies in one of the stranger titles: "Is Amway a cover for swingers?" Perhaps more is going on at those stupid Amway functions than we realize. It might all be camouflage for wife-swapping and hotel-room orgies.

    Maybe that's why the Amway Diamonds all show up as couples at these functions. This way they have something to trade when they're alone in a hotel suite.

    1. Anonymous - yes this stuff is hilarious. And of course Ambots are outraged that we post lists like this to make fun of Amway Ambots. Since we posted this we have a few more to be added to the list next time. Yup like we all want to know how Ambot minds work when it comes to Amway sex products they want to tryout. And instead of going to a real doctor to assist them with problems in that department they see Dr Quack Ambot.

    2. I do not appreciate the reference of a scam cult to swingers. I happen to be in the lifestyle. Sex sells and as a future sex and relationship therapist I can say that a majority of people are deprived of sex due to mainstream societal views on sex, so people are not knowledge on sex products. Please use better judgment before making statements about lifestyles that you do not know anything about or have an more knowledge skillset to articulate what the lifestyle is.

    3. To Anonymous at 1:30 AM:

      Stop being such a pompous ass.

      You're "a future sex and relationship therapist"? Does that mean you're planning to become a hooker? Well, I'm sure it will be a lot more profitable than Amway. Good luck with it.

      You say that "a majority of people are deprived of sex." What country are you living in? Saudi Arabia? It sure isn't America.

    4. Oh lighten up Anonymous. This blog is all about poking fun at Amway losers and their beloved employer. You don't see pageanters showing up to take exception that Miss America booted this scam cult sponsor and how we poke fun at Artistry. I was disappointed when Swingtown was cancelled. You too?

    5. LOL Anonymous. But true. Most people look at "sex therapists" as hookers. And the only people deprived of sex are Ambots and that's only because of their association with Amway. You got a better chance of getting laid if you're not an Amway loser.

    6. I can't imagine any woman wanting to sleep with those Amway assholes. They all look like over-the-hill used car salesmen.

    7. Anonymous - nothing attractive about that! LOL! Ambot losers or over the hill salesmen!


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