Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Part Of Being An Ambot Is Amway Debt

People in the Amway cult are more than likely in heavy debt.

Ironic because one of the bullshit lies that Amway cult leaders feed to prospects is that Amway will get them out of debt! LOL!

That’s just another line Amway Ambots toss out there because many people are in debt and the idea of being debt free is attractive. Also the idea of having bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month after 2 to 5 years while you sit back and do nothing for the rest of your life is also attractive.

Nerd Wallet analyzed average debt based on various sources like the US Census, New York Federal Reserve, etc

The average household has about $135,000 in debt and over $15,000 of that is in credit cards.

Let’s look at that $15,000 and say that’s about what Amway costs an Ambot each year. If they take a credit card with a zero balance on it when they start, they’ll be at the national average in a year of signing up to the Amway cult. If they already have a balance – say already around $15,000 – then they can expect to double their credit card thanks to Amway in one year. And that amount is probably drawn out over several credit cards where interest could be as much as 30%. Yikes! And if the Ambot is late making their minimum monthly payment by the due date add on late fees and probably an interest rate hike.

Amway does NOT help Ambots get out of debt – they add on to it.

It’s basic math. If an Ambot is CORE and has no downline or no customers, a usual condition for Ambots, and they buy at least 100PV around $300/month in shitty overpriced Amway products then they’ll qualify to make a commission of $10. But that $300 isn’t the only Amway expense that Ambot will have that month. First off towards the end of the month some fucking asshole in the Amway upline will phone and put the screws to the Ambot that some fucking Amway loser further upline has PV BV goals to meet that month and therefore all Ambots are ordered to buy more shitty overpriced Amway products. Add on $50/month membership to the Amway cult sect they’re part of, tickets to Amway meetings, Communikate, other money losing ventures in the Amway tool scam and the Ambot is spending well over $500/month. Double that monthly amount is more like it depending on how much room the Ambot has on their credit cards.

And is that money coming out of the Ambot’s saving account or being charged to the credit card?

Seeing as how most Ambots have a non-existent savings account the answer is the credit card.

And the Ambot gets more and more desparate as the months go by and the credit card keeps climbing as they keep tithing the Great Amway God waiting for that day when they'll make all their money back and so much more when bazillions of dollars will come in from Amway every month.

Does anyone see a resemblance to a gambling addiction? Gamblers who run up huge debts are frantic to get their money back and they keep thinking that next hand of blackjack or the next spin of the slot machine is going to be the big one so they keep on going. You know, the old “you can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner” bullshit that Amway cult leaders feed to their downline also applies to gamblers. How about another Amway bullshit slogan “you’re a winner just for showing up” even though you’re not making money. Yeah you’re a winner just for showing up all right and throwing away fistfuls of money.

I’m sure someone will point out that with gambling there’s a better chance of making money than an Amway IBO.

Lets get back to the tons of credit card debt the Ambot now has thanks to Scamway.

What do normal people do when they have credit card debt and are motivated to become debt free? They look for ways they can save money so they can pay down their debt. For some people that might mean saving money on cleaning supplies. Say they’re used to spending $50 on Amway laundry soap, $25 on Amway dishwasher soap, and maybe another $50 on various cleaning supplies. Every month of course even though the old package might not be used up because Ambots stockpile shitty overpriced Amway products. So there’s $120 a month spent on Amway cleaning supplies. The Ambot goes to Walmart and buys the same size laundry detergent for $10, dishwasher soap for $8, and various other cleaning products for about $15. That’s $33 for similar Amway cleaning products that cost $120. Ambot saves $87/month buying better quality lower priced cleaning products and likely doesn’t have to repeat buy them for a few months because no one in the Amway upline is mocking them anymore and ordering them what to do so the Ambot takes a more realistic approach to shopping – buying only when needed. So Ambot takes that savings of $87 that first month and applies it against the credit card debt and instead of buying shitty overpriced Amway cleaning products costing $120/month, can take a few months break from buying cleaning supplies and throws that $120/month at the debt instead of at Amway.

NerdWallet suggests people can save money by cancelling subscriptions. So other ways Ambots could start saving money and paying off their debt is cancelling their subscriptions to Amway’s expensive buying club, cancelling Communikate, cancelling premium membership to their cult sect, cancel their monthly standing order, etc etc.

Those are just examples using Amway shit. There are tons of other ways to save money. Don’t believe those fucking Amway assholes when you meet them and they’re trying to con you into their pyramid scheme and they’ll bullshit you that you’ll “save” money buying products from Amway. There is NOTHING Amway sells that people can’t buy a lower priced better quality product at a retailer.

There are other ways people can find to help save money until the credit card debt is under control. People serious about getting out of debt can search on the Internet for advice or even go to their bank and ask to talk to a consultant about reaching financial goals and figuring out how to pay down their debt and put money aside into a savings account at the same time.

Buying more and more shitty overpriced Amway products and charging up the credit card is NOT going to get you out of debt.

The best advice I have for anyone looking to pay down their debt is to stay the hell away from Amway.


  1. Unmanageable debt is probably the biggest financial crisis facing individual Americans today. We are drowning in debt that is next to impossible to pay down.

    Naturally people are desperate to find a way out. So they listen to anyone who promises them an escape. The glitzy hype of an MLM racket like Amway seems like a chance for hope.

    But it isn't. Amway is just another sinkhole for your money.

  2. I'm married to an ambot. I feel like I need to set him up for failure so he stops spending our limited amount of money we already dont have. The cult has brainwashed him into not listening to me and accusing me of being ignorant/closed minded. It truly is destroying our relationship.

    1. Anonymous- I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I know what hell it is being married to an Ambot.

      You don’t need to set your husband up for failure. Amway has already done that for you. Less than 1% of IBOs make money because Amway is a system set up for failure. Your big concern is your husband dragging you into a financial mess. Now is the time to make sure you have separate bank accounts and take your name off any credit cards he uses.

      If all you get called is ignorant and close minded consider yourself lucky. I got called a negative unsupportive unchristian dreamstealing wife. And that was the nicest thing those Amway losers have to say about me.


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