Tuesday, February 25, 2020

4 Sneaky Ways Amway Tricks Ambots To Spend More Money

These are common problems that happen to Amway ambots when the assholes in their Amway upline tell them what they should be doing or investing into their Amway “business” which is a real piss off when you realize these fucking Amway scammers didn’t disclose hidden costs at time of sign up. Bait & Switch! Amway is a fucking Bait & Switch scam!!!!!
1.     Not upfront about all Amway costs. When a new ambot is getting love bombed and hyped up after listening to some sack of shit Amway cult leader they’re told something like where else can you get started in your own business for only $100. Or $200. Or whatever the current membership costs to belong to Amway’s expensive buying club. That’s an annual cost. Something that the fucking assholes in your Amway upline probably didn’t mention. You pay it every year. The scamming assholes in the Amway upline also “forgot” to mention that in order to be eligible to get a monthly commission check from Amway you have to buy products that total 100PV, in other words around $300/month for personal consumption. Those sack of shit Amway assholes also “forgot” to tell you that you must buy “tools” aka invest in Amway’s tool scam that can cost  - well the sky’s the limit. These are books and CD’s. Most Ambots spend at least $50/month if they don’t want to get a shit kicking and be subjected to abuse and humiliation from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Also $50/month is membership to cult sects, lets pick on WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards because I know what those fucking bastards are all about. That $50 gets you a portal website so if you know anyone dumb enough who will buy overpriced shitty Amway products you can give them your web page. It also has an online calendar and contact list but don’t put anything in there because it ain’t private. WWDB accesses it and spams the contact list. $35/month for Communikate, a voice messaging system that serves no purpose than makes the upline Diamond richer because they get the bulk of that money. And speaking of making the Diamond richer the Ambot is required to attend all Amway major functions because the Diamond makes the bulk of their income from ticket sales to this event. That couple hundred bucks to “get started in your own business” has now increased to $500 to $700/month depending on how ambitious the Ambot is about buying Amway products and tools. If those scamming Amway assholes disclosed upfront to prospects how much it really costs to belong to Amway’s expensive buying club each month there’d be a lot less sign ups, so its all about tricking the prospect into thinking they slap down their membership application fee and that’s all they have to do. Too many expenses. So lets just send out a big old FUCK YOU to Amway and those fucking assholes in the Amway upline for tricking prospects.

2.     Wants Versus Needs. This is a big thing that just about everyone, not exclusive to Amway cult members, goes through when shopping. Do I need that? Or do I want that? Especially tough if you’re on a limited budget. Do I want those supercute $150 shoes or do I need them? Or could I get by on a $50 pair of plainer shoes? Amway Ambots don’t have that luxury of making decisions on wants versus needs. They do whatever the fucking assholes in their Amway upline demand they do. Like who really needs to pay $40 or $50 for laundry soap or $100 for a one month supply of vitamins. Everyone needs laundry soap but you can go to Walmart and get better quality laundry soap for $10 or less. Same with those vitamins. Probably $10 or less. And did you even need vitamins to begin with or did some fucking asshole in your Amway upline order you to buy them and get the old PV up there. I can take that $150 that would have been spent on Amway soap and vitamins (stuff I don’t want or need) and get those supercute shoes instead! What the hell they’re both wants not needs! When an Ambot joins up with Amway they find out there’s suddenly a whole bunch of things they “want” that they never wanted before like vitamins, bottled water, energy drinks, etc etc. Bet they don’t keep buying that shit once they get out of the Amway cult!

3.     Keeping up with the ambots. When an ambot goes to Scamway meetings they listen to the sack of shit Amway cult leaders bragging about how rich they are. And before they were rich they were working minimum wage jobs, eating out of dumpsters, and sleeping 4 to a bed (Amway orgies!!!!!) If they can get themselves out of that broke loser lifestyle and now own mansions, sports cars, helicopters, designer clothes etc etc then you ambots can do it too. Its kind of like the old want versus need above. Do people really need designer outfits and helicopters or can they get by with regular clothes and a car. Not everyone who has money goes out and spends it to show off to everyone else how rich they are. Many rich people invest their money and take vacations instead of spending their money on bling. Not Amway assholes. They got to spend it and show off to the Ambots how rich they are. Forget those Amway bastards. Even though they lie about buying everything with cash they ain’t making that much in Amway to afford all that nice stuff they brag about. Anyone declaring bankruptcy or going into foreclosure had to borrow money from somewhere which pretty much shoots down the Scamway lie about buying everything with cash.

4.     Just borrow the money for your Amway business and pay it back later when you’re rich. Yup more words of wisdom from those upline Amway assholes. These sack of shit cult leaders give out the world’s worst financial advice. Skip mortgage or rent payments and use the money to invest in your Amway business and you can pay it back later. Unlikely. The bank will foreclose or the landlord will evict before the Ambot ever makes any money in Scamway. Same thing with taking money out of your savings or retirement account. Invest it in your Scamway business now and pay it back later when you have gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month.


Those Amway bastards are only out to trick people into signing up for their scam and will use every sneaky lie they can come up with to do it for the sole purpose to steal your money.

So lets send a big old FUCK YOU out to Amway assholes who bitch at their downline to invest in their business. The only thing Amway ambots are investing in is their uplines getting richer off of them.


  1. There's a real nugget of general wisdom in the above post, Anna. And it's one that can be applied universally in financial matters. Here it is:

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get involved in a business scheme that requires you to lay out money every month, based on a contractual agreement, with no guarantee of a profitable return.

    It's different if you're running your own business, where you have overhead and certain other recurring expenses. That's the normal price of doing business. But getting involved in some sort of phony racket like Amway, where you have to shell out a regular series of cash payments month after month? DON'T DO IT! It's a rip-off and a scam!

    All of these hidden charges in Amway are there for one reason: to make up for the plain fact that Amway products are UNSELLABLE any other way! Amway would get its ass kicked by competitors if it tried to sell its crappy generic products in a real store. The only way to move the garbage is to set up this vast empire of fake "IBOs" who will either self-consume the stuff, or force it on their friends and relations, or simply stockpile it to pump up a PV level.

    And yes -- when you get involved in Amway, your up-line sees you as nothing more than an income source. That's why they will urge you to make financially insane decisions such as skipping a rent or mortgage payment, or selling your house, or maxing out your credit cards, or borrowing wildly. Your Amway up-line doesn't give a shit if these things ruin you. All they care about is you paying those endless monthly fees.

    1. Anonymous - the big thing here is the employer pays the employee. Not the other way around! That's why these scam MLMs are getting their asses kicked in states with gig laws. They're going to have to pay minimum wage. And even that wouldn't offset the much higher costs Ambots incur buying shitty overpriced Amway products.

      Yeah if Amway put their products in mainstream retailers they'd get their ass kicked by similar products that are priced lower and are better quality.

      The fucking assholes in the Amway upline have no shame in destroying other people's lives with their stupid "financial advice" that only benefits the upline. Skipping mortgage and rent payments is only going to bite the homeowner/renter in the ass. Why should anyone in the Amway upline give a flying fuck. They're all about bringing financial and emotional distress to their downline.


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