Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amway Warriors

At some of the major functions I attended I often heard the speakers from stage refer to the husband as a warrior. The man would call himself a warrior fighting for his family’s financial future. And the wife, good little Barbie Ambot, would look adoringly at her husband and sigh “My warrior.”

Too sickening even for a paperback romance novel!

Amway warriors. Off to fight a war. Of course the big battle is signing up new IBO’s and convincing other people to buy overpriced Amway products.

Ambot would be so fired up after getting home from the function that he’d often send me text messages signed “love, your warrior”.

I’m a pacifist. My blog isn’t the venue to get into a political discussion on any wars or civil unrest going on in the world but suffice it to say that pacifists oppose fighting and war and therefore the term warrior is not such a popular choice to sway any pacifists.

I couldn’t possibly be the only pacifist in a stadium with 10,000 people or however many the stadium holds.

Warriors! Sounds like a game kids play.

Maybe somebody else has better insight on why Amway Diamonds call themselves warriors. Off to war. Fighting a battle against those who oppose the Amway scam.

I came across a post written by a blogger who calls himself the 8pm Warrior where he discusses if MLM is a good opportunity for 8pm warriors.

First off I want to say I love the name “8pm Warrior”. That is so true of Amway Ambots marching off to their 8pm cult meetings. This blogger is not an Amway IBO but when I first heard of him I thought he might be which is why I took a peek.

This particular post got a few comments including several from a “James” who admits to 10+ year involvement in Quixtar/Amway. He writes rather lengthy responses explaining his point of view as an IBO. A lot of typical Amway speak. To give the guy credit his responses are well written and thought out but for all I know he’s copied and pasted from similar posts that he plasters all over the Internet. Many months ago Joecool had a blog visitor named James leaving similar comments and responses to his posts. I can’t help thinking it might be the same guy because he invites others to contact him to further discuss the Amway opportunity. So did the poster named James who commented on Joecool’s blogs. Doesn’t really matter one way or the other except that Joecool’s “James” has not been heard of in a long time and I wondered if this was him resurfacing.

Lets all wait a couple of days and then go back and look at the 8pm Warriors blog and see if Tex has showed up to educate James on his idiotic comments!

Amway warriors? Go to bed little boys.


  1. I hated everything starting at 8. Geez, by that time I want to be winding down my day and getting ready for bed.

    But, noooooooo. We had to clean up and head out the door.

    True story: Background - we showed the plan 6 nights/wk. C.O.R.E., and ate CASSETTE TAPES with our amway corn flakes (O.K., so we didn't actually eat them but you know what I mean. And if they had told us we had to prove our loyalty by eating, you can bet, by golly, we would have done it and bragged about how tastey they were)

    Now where was I? Oh, yeah. We worked all day at our dreaed jobs, then went to the gym for an intesnse hour long workout. After that we cleaned up in the extremely hot and humid gym lockerroom and headed off to show the plan.

    Oh, I forgot. It was our anniversary. We would be going to dinner afterwards.

    Well, folks, I fell asleep at the coffee house drinking coffee showing the plan to a single lady. Warrior was not amused. I simply had hit the wall. Amway was killing me slowly and it caught up with me that night.

    Made for an awkward dinner. I shit you not.

  2. I hear you Anonymous. At 8pm I want to have the kitchen clean and relax before going to bed, NOT heading out the door for a brainwashing session.

    Man you were CORE! I wonder if IBOFB eats AMWAY CASSETTE TAPES for dinner!

    That sucks about your anniversary. What kind of restaurants are open that late at night? Denny's? The drive thru window at McDonald's?

    Falling asleep at the coffee house is better than falling asleep at the wheel driving home like we've heard happening to other IBO's.

    You're right. Amway does kill us. Maybe not so slowly.

  3. IBOFB and his challenged sidekick Bridgett Baron must eat a lot of gunpowder because they're always shooting off their mouths.

  4. Stand by for my post being published on that site.

  5. Uh, going to dead-end jobs while your money and security dwindles before your eyes will kill you. Quickly, because you won't be able to afford good healthcare! Don't put down people who want something more out of life, with just a couple years of sacrifice. The alternative is 50 years of working with nothing much to show for it. Think about it...

  6. I'm sure you won't disappoint us Tex. Maybe you'll find some new playmates over there!

  7. Angela - my husband and I have owned our business for many years with a good income. We work almost daily but some days just an hour or two, other days longer. We own our home, take nice vacations, have investments, and retirement savings. All this accomplished within half of your 50 year time limit. We also have good health care insurance plus life insurance. You know the type of stuff responsible adults have. Contrary to the opinion your upline might have, there are successful business owners out there who are not Amway IBO's. At least a dead end job brings in more money than what most Amway IBO's earn.

    Angela I am not putting down people who want something more out of life. I am putting down my upline for being assholes. These are the people who sneer at people who have jobs, dead end or good paying jobs.

    You are very typical Amway speak parroting your upline or the CD's/tapes you're listening to. Take another look at Amway's business plan. The small print. Where it says that less than 1% of IBO's will earn the money the plan says can be earned. That's 99% of IBO's who will not make money at Amway. Not for lack of trying. The business plan is stacked against them from the beginning. There are better business opportunities available for you out there. Good luck to you.

  8. Angela,

    I thought you were writing about being an IBO at first. And then I realized you were! LOL


    You're wrong, there are over 99% people who LOSE money (as proven during the UK court case and the Wisconsin AG investigation), only 1% who break even or make money, thanks to the Amway Tool Scam.

  9. Oh, boy, a live one!

    O.K., I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say she's pretty young.

    Work hard for a ' couple years ' and that's it, huh. Dang. I musta' missed something.

    Years of C.O.R.E. (we averaged 3 hrs. sleep per night for 6+ years) will put the screws to ya!

    Angela, Dahling......... save the tapespeak for other driveling ambots.

    Here's the toughest question I will ask you.

    How are the majority of seniors doing on your block? (no 98%-dead-or-broke-by-age-65 tapespeak allowed) Your own observations, if you please. Not what you've been told to think and say.

    You really are sweet. Get out while you still have any health, youth, finances, dignity left.

  10. actually, that should have read, "Get out while you still know everything."

    Angela, if you're hyperventilating at this point, grab a CASSETTE TAPE an inhale.

  11. You guys must have missed Angela's first visit to my blog. Poor thing was doing a Google search to find out if Amway does business in Costa Rica and my blog was the first hit.

    I'd say she's single. Woman in relationships come here and relate with what its like being married to an ambot.

    Total Amway speak. She's well under way of being brainwashed by her upline because they're blaming her for for being a slacker.

    I feel bad for her. Undoubtedly she's a well meaning person who wants a better life for herself and thinks Amway is the only way to do it.

    Angela - if you come back to read this, go to a library and check out a book about starting your own business. There are lots of possibilities out there for you where you will make much more money than in Amway. Angela, did you see this article on Yahoo about jobs you can do from the beach? Costa Rica has some nice beaches.

    Angela said...
    Wow, all this hatred and negativity about a business that has been around 50 years... somebody ( including many people that I know personally) actually do make money, only temporarily give up some tv and other recreation, and have lots of security for their families.
    I happen to have excellent mentorship from honest, caring people, I'M the slacker who hasn't done it yet.
    No job will give you this type of ongoing, secure income.
    Please stop making excuses for why you didn't do it-it wasn't for you, ok, but it is a very legitimate business all over the world.


    January 15, 2011 9:48 PM

  12. Tex, Amway's own business plan literature shows 0.0726% make $95,000/year. I earn more than that. There's a lot of people who own their own (not Amway) businesses who make much more than I do. But I'll say incomes around $100k are decent and where many people would be happy earning. The chances of reaching that by Amway's own literature are miniscule. I'm sure you've read up on the lawsuits and know that 99% of IBO's lose money. And yes that figure sounds about right to me. The 1% making money of at least 100k don't seem to show up on the Internet telling us.

    So why don't you hire yourself out as a professional witness to the legal teams who are suing Amway? It seems to me you could make a decent income doing that.

  13. Anonymous, you're right, I'd say she's young too. Also probably single. And has been brainwashed into thinking there's nothing else out there for her except Amway. She has joined an expensive social club. She's not going to listen to us tell it like it happens. I hope she figures this out before she loses too much money. Any education costs money. For some, like my ambot, it costs more than others.

  14. Amway's "literature" is BS. They don't talk about the Amway Tool Scam on their "literature," do they? Plus, the $95k is gross, do you make more than $95k gross or net? The 1% don't show up because they are lying cowardly "kingpins."

    Most people suing Amway can't be found, and most of them are LCKs. They wouldn't want me as a witness.

  15. You know Tex I can see why they wouldn't want you as a witness.

  16. Tex, how long have you been suing? Are you close to any settlement?

  17. Anna,

    Why is that?


    Amway sued me last July, the trial date is May. A settlement could occur at any time, or never.

  18. I was just agreeing with you why they wouldn't want you as a witness.

  19. Tex, Just curious that's all. I dont visit your site so dont have the updates.

  20. Which state in May Tex? I mean some of us might like to show up in the court room and get educated.

  21. Lobotomized for AmwayJanuary 18, 2011 at 1:53 PM

    Gag... the warrior metaphor. I find that almost as annoying as constant sports metaphors. Look IBO you are NOT a warrior, you are not taking fire, or dodging bullets. You don't get in your car and pray you aren't taken out by an IED as you drive to your next meeting. You don't sleep in a desert thousands of miles away from your family....

    Simple fact is you are a schmo trying to polish your turd of a business into a diamond...

  22. I doubt you're interested. If you want to get educated, read my blog. I'll be writing about it, just like I did with the previous hearings.

  23. I've read your blog and I still ain't educated.

  24. That's consistent with how much sense you make on your own blog! LOL

  25. Gee Tex you sure seem to spend a lot of time hanging around a blog that makes no sense! I'd even go so far as saying you're more devoted to my blog than I am!

  26. That's why I'm here - to make sense out of it! You're welcome....LOL

  27. Anna, thought you might find this tweet amusing. Look what they did! :-)

    “The #MarketAmerica Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today by @marketamerica @biebert”

  28. Yes Aaron, you made a great contribution to society with that post, except I have no idea what it means! LOL

  29. Thats OK Tex. I already apologized to Aaron about you but apparently you took the wrong fork in the trail!

  30. The point is apparently you're walking down the path less travelled and I choose not to educate you!

  31. I'm definitely walking down the path less traveled, and it is making all the difference.

  32. dag nabbit, Tex, be nice, says I.

    Yo ho and a CASSETT TAPE


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