Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Amway Quacks

When an IBO signs up to be a commissioned sales rep with Amway that also means they now become a professional expert on everything.

Yes everything. Fuck those college degrees. You can become an expert by paying a couple of hundred a year to become a card carrying Amway asshole. That’s only the membership fee. Doesn’t include the thousands of dollars you have to spend to keep the Amway upline happy.

What’s really scary are Amway ambots dispensing medical advice. Their “patients” suffer from various illnesses and because the ambot is in Amway that means they are now a medical professional and can treat and cure these diseases.

Its really scary the comments that have been left here and questions asked. Amway ambots are telling people with terminal illnesses that Amway products will cure what ails them and patients are searching the Internet to check out the claims made by these Amway quacks.

25 years ago Ambot and I took one of those weekend first aid courses so that meant we were the most medically trained professionals in our line of sponsorship. That plus the fact we’ve watched on TV just about every medical drama out there. Every ambot in our group would phone for medical advice. For christsake! – see a real doctor. And sometimes they did but they would still come to us for a second opinion because we were better qualified than highly trained doctors because we were in Amway.

My long ago first aid training consists of learning to do the Heimlich maneuver, CPR, and put on bandages. Don’t come to me for medical advice. If you got a splinter in your finger I can probably help you. If you’re dying of cancer I’m not going to suggest you take Amway snake oil for your miracle cure. But that’s because I’ve got morals and I’m no liar and I’m not trying to fuck a buck out of you by scamming you. An Amway quack standing at the gateway to hell will lie just to get your money for the phony medical advice they give.

Amway ambots have no morals. They’re only out to make a buck so these Amway quacks have no problem dispensing bad medical advice while pretending they have a medical degree from Amway university.

Amway ambots are quick to insult doctors who actually went to medical school and got degrees. What a waste of money when its so much cheaper to become an Amway quack.

Amway quacks also use some bullshit line about would you ask your friend for advice on surgery instead of a real surgeon. Ambots don’t even see surgeons and instead they do ask their Amway quack friends for surgery and medical advice. Ambots seek medical advice from Amway quacks instead of qualified doctors who graduated from medical school with a degree.

Amway ambots are know it alls. Today they might be an Amway quack dispensing medical advice and tomorrow they might be an ambulance chaser giving legal advice.

“Paging Dr. Quack. Paging Dr. Quack. Amway is calling.”



  1. One of the worst things I have ever heard about Amway arrogance and stupidity is this: an up-line said to people in his down-line "You're not taking your Nutrilite vitamins every day? Why not? If you don't take them you'll just shrivel up and DIE!"

    It's hard to fathom the malicious ignorance of anyone who would tell people a lie like that.

    1. Anonymous - Amway Ambots lie about everything to sell their snake oil.

  2. Anna, this question is off topic. How do you order the shitty overpriced supplies from Amway? Do you mail in a form, do you do it in the computer, do you do it over the phone? Who pays for shipping? I just cannot believe an Ambot would have toiletries like toilet paper mailed to their house - fucking house weird! I’ll just pick up my TP at the store!

    1. Anonymous - the Ambot logs onto Amway website and places the order online. Of course the customer - the Ambot - pays for shipping. If the Ambot spends at least $750 on shitty overpriced Amway products then ScAmway ships for free. That dollar amount could have changed that's the last I heard. Go to Amazon and I think you spend $25 to get free shipping. Not sure. We're Prime and get free shipping even if only order a bag of pretzels. Many companies offer free online shipping if you buy a minimum amount. But it's not usually in the hundreds of dollars like Scamway.

    2. Everything from Amway has to be shipped, because the company has no brick-and-mortar retail outlets. Having simple toiletries and other drugstore-type things shipped to you only adds to the outrageous expense, not to mention the waste of time.

    3. Yup - that's ScAmway for you. Ripping you off on shipping too.


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