Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Helpful Tip: Do Not Buy XS Energy Drink Gear

Ambot was so hyped with everything Amway that he went to the XS Gear website undoubtedly encouraged by his upline and purchased some items. Ambot never drank energy drinks prior to getting involved in Amway but during the Amway dark ages he purchased boxes of XS energy drinks weekly and consumed them with frighteningly urgency. It was only natural he would want to promote the product that his upline convinced him was going to pave his path to riches.

He purchased what could best be described as a nylon webbed cycling outfit - shirt and shorts. He also purchased an XS cooler to store all his XS energy drinks and carry them dutifully to all Amway meetings.

The problem with the shirt and shorts was that they arrived in a smaller size than Ambot ordered and they charged his credit card so they had his money. Thus began many phone calls back and forth between Ambot and XS Gear. After dicking Ambot around for several weeks XS Gear finally admits they don’t have his size and won’t be getting any more because its a discontinued product. After all IBO’s are so busy attending meetings and functions, dealing with multiple phone calls and texts from upline, showing the plan, and all the other time-consuming bullshit that goes on inside “the business” who’s got time to ride a bike.

Ambot tried to return the clothes but XS Gear refused to take them back. Remember they strung him along with telephone tag for a long time and checking the stockroom for other sizes? They have a refund policy only if the items are returned within 30 days. The time frame had expired.

Let’s see. Whose fault was it for charging the credit card and then shipping the wrong size?

Their suggestion to Ambot? “Keep taking the product and one day you’ll fit into the clothes.”

What a bunch of fucking idiots especially since they sent the wrong size in the first place instead of coming clean from the start and admitting to Ambot they were unable to fill the order. No wonder Amway partners with them. Always good to have a partner store on hand that shares similar philosophies in fucking over IBO’s.

I’m not sure what happened to those clothes. I haven’t seen them. Its possible Ambot chucked them out or put them in with other clothes we donate to charity. Maybe they’re stuck in the back of the closet and I’ll run into them again one day. He never wore them.

As for the XS cooler? We didn’t really need another cooler. We have 2 or 3 already. Ambot probably only bought it for bragging rights to impress his upline and crossline about how devoted he is. Ambot loaned it to one of the fucking assholes in his Amway upline and they stole it. Never to grace our house again thank God!

That’s one of the best things about ending our Amway business - no longer dealing with lowlife lying, greed-consumed Amway IBO thieves.



  1. This little incident is a perfect example of why Amway is a fake business. A genuine business does its best to satisfy customer wants, and to deal honestly with complaints.

    Amway doesn't give a shit about customer complaints. It simply expects people to buy their stuff and shut up. And since their customer base is essentially the same as their IBOs, they don't feel it's necessary to worry about customer satisfaction, since their "customers" are just a captive audience of persons signed up in the Amway scam.

    1. Anonymous - Amway, their related business, and Ambots think the secret to customer service is insulting customers and ripping them off.

      I prefer to deal with real companies that excel at customer satisfaction.


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