Monday, June 27, 2022

Trade Show At Amway WWDB Family Reunion

When we arrived at the hotel we stayed at during Amway WWDB Family Reunion we barely checked in and put our bags in the room when Ambot wanted to haul ass over to the convention arena because something was going on - meaning Amway products would be out on display. For lack of anything else to describe it I’d call it a trade show but that is using the term very loosely.

Now I’ve been to real trade shows. They usually revolve around a theme: boats, home & gardening, RV’s, etc. Trade shows are usually held in fairgrounds because there are usually exhibition halls or arenas, etc that can be converted into trade shows and plenty of parking. There are usually a couple of hundred exhibitors, maybe more depending on the venue. Usually the people who rent booths at these events either provide products or services roughly related to the theme of the trade show. However there are always the usual suspects who show up at these events even though what they’re selling has nothing to do with the theme. There will probably be booths selling nuts or fudge or cotton candy, probably some realtors have booths, maybe some tourism bureaus from other towns, and usually some MLM’s like Mary Kay will be flogging their wares. I have never seen Amway represented at any trade show. Whew!

OK so we bust our asses getting to the arena so we can partake of the world’s most awesome LOL Amway trade show. Its a not to be missed extravaganza for serious business builders.

Ha ha! This was the shittiest, sorriest excuse for a trade show I’ve ever seen in my life. Well what else do you expect from Amway? There were only a few booths, maybe 10. One of them had Perfect Water dispensed in dixie cups. Artistry was there and they had little sample packs of face cream. You know the use it once kind. Someone from XS Gear was there with their products. This is where Ambot ran into trouble with getting ripped off by XS Gear. He got the guy’s business card and decided to be their best customer but it didn’t work out so well.

I don’t remember what else was there. I know it took less than 20 minutes to see everything. Pretty shitty. Surprisingly enough there weren’t the hoards of brainwashed ambots you’d expect to see here. There were maybe a hundred people and that includes IBO’s and the exhibitors standing behind the tables. Of course due to the shitty exhibits it only took minutes to see it all so its very possible IBO’s were trailing in and out over the 2 or 3 hours it was open. So there could have been another couple of hundred IBO’s viewing the trade show before and after we got there.

There was the Amway registration desk and we could pick up our “kit” - as I recall a ticket on a string that we hung around our necks. There was also early bird parking passes for the weekend for sale. A real screaming deal at $20. Only available to the poor suckers who showed up at the trade show. And yes Ambot bought one.

Shitty trade show aside going inside that arena brings back another memory.

Prior to our departure I’d been looking around to buy a cappuccino machine with all the bells and whistles and I brought an extra $200 cash with me because I thought I might find one on sale this weekend. I’d seen an ad at JC Penney with a one day Saturday sale and even though we’d be out of town I thought I could still find one while attending Family Reunion. The problem is big mouth Ambot blabs to everyone and anyone that we had extra money with us. Asshole Eagle was at the trade show plus a few other losers in his downline. Like its any of their fucking business how much money we happen to have on hand! I was pissed off at Ambot because these kids in their 20’s probably didn’t even bring enough money to buy meals and would likely hit us up for a loan that they wouldn’t repay.

Apparently one of the people in Asshole Eagle’s downline claimed he bought his Family Reunion ticket online at the last minute. Except when he checked in at the registration desk they had no record of it. So there he was stuck at Family Reunion with no cash, a maxed out credit card, and no ticket. Because Ambot had conveniently blabbed about the extra cash Asshole Eagle asked him to buy the Family Reunion ticket for his downline and he’d get his money back once they got it all straightened out. Because Ambot has been brainwashed to “submit to upline” even though the fucking asshole is about 20 years younger than him he willing to fork over the cash. The problem is the cashola is in my purse so now he has to beg me for the money. I am pissed. I have the cash earmarked for the cappuccino machine. Their problems aren’t my problems. But because I am such a kindhearted soul I finally agree the fucking Amway bastard can borrow the money.

Ended up buying a $30 Mr Coffee machine instead. Brought it into action a few times when we tried to trick people into coming over for coffee klatches when it was really an Amway event in disguise. Nobody every showed up anyway. What? Nobody likes lattes?




  1. Did you ever get the borrowed money back?

    1. Anonymous - fortunately we got the money back reasonably fast. If I recall within the week. Amway Ambots stole other stuff off us. Nothing I'd want back anyway except for the stolen camera that was "conveniently" broken. I never saw it again so can't say if it was broken and discarded or not broken and stolen.


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