Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Who Cares? Not Fucking Amway Assholes!

There’s a Diamond couple whose names I don’t remember and the only time I saw them was at a rally - one of those all day events that ends in the evening with new pins crossing the stage.

A couple of things stood out about this couple more than any other Diamonds I heard. These were the only speakers who didn’t bring religion into the Amway meeting. I’ve been to business meetings over the years and religion was never brought up. It was always uncomfortable at Amway meetings when the speakers brought up religion but since I’ve left Amway and understand its a cult and skewed religious puking are part of cult teaching it makes sense. But at least good on these Diamonds for doing the right thing and keeping religion out of a business meeting.

I wasn’t impressed with the wife. She’d brag about all the things they had and how they’d take off and go skiing at Aspen at the drop of a hat or take their kids out of school just to have fun with them and fly to Disneyland for the day. Greedy, greedy, greedy. The main thing I remember about listening to her talk is she punctuated a lot of sentences with “Who cares?”

So the kids are missing a day of school. Who cares?

So I’m here to scam you out of your money. Who cares?

I think they both had Hummers as part of their fleet. Who cares?

Or maybe only one Hummer and another big gas guzzling SUV too. Who cares?

She was talking about the price of gas going up. Who cares?

She can afford it. Who cares?

Here’s the thing about the price of gas. I’ve done a lot of travelling and the price of gas in the USA is cheaper than everywhere I’ve been in Europe. The last time I was in England the price of gas there was about double what we pay. So what are we doing bitching about the price of gas anyway when for the past 30 years its been higher in other countries?

Or as the Diamond wife would say - who cares?

What was disturbing had less to do with the price of gas and more with her shitty attitude to the environment. I make an effort to be environmentally friendly. I don’t have an electric car or hybrid yet but that’s something I’ll probably consider the next time I’m in the market. In the meantime I drive a car that gets 40mpg. I don’t drive it all that much either. If I can walk or ride my bike I’ll take those options. I try not to use my car any more than I need to and it has less to do with the price of gas than being environmentally friendly.

Look at the last royal wedding in England. Prince William and the wedding party were being environmentally friendly using horse drawn carriages.

Last week I went to buy some books at Barnes & Noble about 45 minutes away. I noticed the price of gas was $4.15 or so, but about a mile from B & N I saw a station selling gas at $3.89/gallon. I almost thought about pulling in to fill up except I was meeting a friend at B & N and didn’t want to be late so I kept going. I headed home and filled up near the house. $4.05/gallon except I paid cash and got .05 cents off = $4/gallon. So yeah I notice the prices especially when they’re different 10 miles apart.

Lets quote the Diamond. Who cares?

What a fucking lousy attitude she has. There are people out there who do care about the price of gas and worry that they might have to choose between filling up the tank or buying groceries. But she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself, typical of most Amway IBO’s greedy bastards that they are.

When you’re creating cash flow by scamming people I can see why you’d have a who cares attitude.

That doesn’t mean that you go around flaunting a 100K gas guzzler and don’t economize. Just because a person has no trouble paying for natural commodities doesn’t mean they should be abused. Ever hear of conservation? Ever hear of being environmentally friendly? Ever hear about leaving your ecological footprint?

Do your part to save our planet!

I’m sure she’d just look at me and sneer.

Who cares?

I wonder how many IBO’s out there have the same shitty attitude they duplicate from their upline about the gas price is going up and then go around bragging about how they don’t care. After all they’re Amway IBO’s = they have no problem affording anything. That’s the lie they have to project to everyone else.

Who cares?

Its the same thing with electricity. I am always turning out lights if they don’t need to be on. I’m always shutting off TV sets when I walk into a room and see no one is watching it. Though sometimes I’ll get a yell of outrage from a room down the hall where someone claims they’re watching it. I try not to turn on the air conditioning unless its unbearably hot in the house. Its not that I can’t afford the electrical - its just conserving energy and powering down and off unless I need something to be on.

From what I observed in meetings and what was taught to us by the cult leaders Amway IBO’s are brainwashed into thinking they are superior to everyone else because they own their own Amway business. Just by virtue of owning an Amway business means the money is plentiful and they no longer have to worry about money or paying the bills. Ha! What a laugh! Using the same philosophy IBO’s probably say they can afford electricity (whether or not they can or can not) so they're damn well going to use it to the max. If the rest of you want to conserve electricity - who cares!

In the Amway scheme of not caring about anything except the almighty dollar I can see why they are taught not to care about leaving an environmental impact. Just because you can afford something is no excuse for not conserving. Just because you give the impression to everyone else that you can afford everything is also no excuse for not conserving. What about about future generations? Just because Amway IBO’s are taught not to care about conservation and environmental impact means the rest of us have to work a little harder at keeping our earth clean and green. Fortunately the majority of the world don’t have the brainwashed attitude of IBO’s.

I can hear the collective IBO’s now on my position of being environmentally friendly.

Who cares?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Who Wants To Haul Ass To Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2018

Yup its getting close to that time of the year again when Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2018 function is coming up. If anyone has information about it for 2018 feel free to load up the comments.

This blog is getting inundated from Amway ambots searching for information about Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2018 and other years too because Ambots seem to think they have the power to turn back time just by the virtue of the fact that they’re in Amway. And yes they’ve come to the right place. Spring Leadership is yet another Amway WWDB function that is top secret and the Amway cult leaders won’t tell the IBO’s what its about so Ambots frantically search online.

World Wide Dream Builders and Amway holds 4 brainwashing conferences through the year: Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Reunion  and Free Enterprise Days FED. The Amway cult followers go ballistic crazy in their love and devotion and shower their leaders with $125 each to buy a ticket. WWDB Spring Leadership is usually held in April but so far the Amway cult leaders haven’t put the actual dates anywhere that I can find them so too bad for those Ambots desparately trying to find out cause so far I don’t know. And bottom line I don’t really give a shit either. The dates are more to help the search engine ranks. I will say there are lots of search hits by Ambots looking for Amway Spring Leadership in Spokane. Yeah look that one up on the map. Its in Washington out in the boonies. Not where you’d think would be a prime convention area like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other big cities. Apparently Amway cult leaders live in that area. Anyway all I know is those Amway motherfuckers at World Wide Dream Builders changed their guest log in and password in keeping with their deep cult secrets so outsiders can’t see where and when and how much. That’s cult behavior. Cult secrets and brainwashing sermons not to be breached.

So for those of you who are wondering what the fuck is Amway WWDB Spring Leadership its just another expensive social Amway gathering where ambots go to worship their Amway cult leaders and hand over their money. The ambots coming from out of town and that’s just about everyone, add in the travel expenses plus hotels and meals.

In past years for some cities this agonizing Amway convention drags on for 3 days and other cities its 2 days. I guess the 3 day events are in cities with dumber than average Amway ambots if such a thing could exist because the jury is in that everyone in Amway is dumber than shit!

According to the Amway propaganda the Amway cult leaders will be teaching Ambots how leadership plays a role in building “the business”. I’m not going to debate whether or not that’s true in the real business world but just LOL that they’re peddling that bullshit at an Amway brainwashing conference. Too many leaders and not enough Ambots based on the old too many Chiefs and not enough Braves syndrome comes to mind. And how does that work out? There will always only be a small number of Amway cult leaders. All the other lowly ambots are only being bullshitted with the leadership mumbo jumbo because the bastards at the top of the pyramid don’t want to share too many slices of greed pie. Apparently mostly the Amway cult leaders will be preaching how important it is to have a dream and how having a dream makes someone successful. Again just a bunch of bullshit Amspeak propaganda. Amway is all about dreaming. The Amway scheme is to dream yourself into riches. Motivational and promotional videos will be shown all weekend. Let me break that down. The motivational videos will be about the Amway Diamond’s material possessions and how they aspire to be featured on the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The promotional videos will have to do with the Amway tool scam. Sign up for Communikate, buy more books and CD’s. That sort of shit. In the past John Maxwell has been a speaker so maybe he’ll be back again for another bullshitting session and the Amway cult leaders make a point of saying he’s sold over 16 million books. I bet we can all guess what some of those promotional videos will be showing –  LOL! - buy some of his books.

Here let me break it down to what really happens at Amway WWDB Spring Leadership. At Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership the Diamonds are bullshitting and lying about how to build a business but mostly focusing on having a dream to believe in is the secret to success in Amway. Supposedly the Diamonds are teaching how leadership builds an Amway business and they’ll be yapping about dream building and believing in your dream and the usual mumbo jumbo brainwashing bullshit you can expect at any Amway function. They’ll be teaching leadership and business methods (Yeah right. That would be a first) and showing motivational and promotion videos all weekend.

And now for what really happens…. There will be a never ending parade of Ken and Barbie Diamonds stomping across the stage. Brainwashed ambots will shriek and rush the stage to get closer to their beloved cult leaders. The arena’s security staff will beat them off. “Get back to your seats motherfuckers!!!!” Ambot Barbie will talk first. She’ll say something like I was working a minimum wage job as a waitress in a biker bar and had to flash my boobs to make tips. Ambot Ken was working for the man cleaning porta potties. Do you know what its like coming home to a man who smells like shit every night???? Then one day a dear friend showed us “the business” plan. We borrowed $20 for gas to make it to the Amway conference. And now we are rich rich rich and we pay for everything in cash. I love Ken so much for giving me the lifestyle of the rich and greedy. He’s my warrior…… Then some lowly piece of shit Amway ambot brings a chair onstage and Barbie sits there and stares down warrior Ken while he brags about their mansion, their fleet of cars, their private jet, the vacations they take and then shows a slide show of all their material possessions. Or maybe the ones they rented for the day for the staged photo shoot. They finish by mocking the adoring ambots that if they can do it “then so can you”. Meanwhile the only thing on Ken and Barbie’s minds is how much of the ticket sales proceeds are they going home with for showing up today to bullshit the Amway cult followers.

In the past the jokers showing up on the World Wide Destructive Bastards website were being called “difference makers”. I got two words for all you fucking Amway “difference makers”. FUCK YOU!!!! The only difference you bastards are making is making your cult followers poorer and even further in debt. The only difference between last year’s brainwashing conference and this year’s brainwashing conference is that the majority of faces in the crowd will be different. I’m not going to list the Amway bastards raking in the ticket sales mainly cause I don’t know for sure. But one thing I know it’s probably the same old tired crew who always show up to bore the Ambots. We don’t call WWDB World Wide Destructive BASTARDS for nothing!

Tickets cost $125 and although its unknown where World Wide Destructive Bastards are holding Amway Spring Leadership 2018 here’s where WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2016 was held so maybe the same places. No foreign locations. Guess these bastards aren’t as “Worldwide” as they’re bullshitting you to believe! LOL!

Las Vegas
Fort Lauderdale

Washington DC has been missing from the line up for a few years but I had to put it in this post to help with search results!

Spring Leadership will drag on for 2 or 3 days this year beginning on Friday night, depends on which city you’re going to. The Friday night brainwashing session is mostly a show of Amway products and there might not be any Diamonds brainwashing their cult followers that night in the arena but they’ll probably have a top secret meeting somewhere else for “serious business builders”.

This boring Amway Spring Leadership bullshit goes on all weekend. There is no training how to increase Amway sales, how to find prospects to recruit into the cult, there are no leadership skills taught. Just a bunch of Ken and Barbie Ambots figuring out how to entertain their cult followers and keep them up all night. Sleep deprivation is a common cult tactic for brainwashing.

And there you have it. Ambots wasted lots of $$$ just to hear the same bullshit they hear at every Amway function. But by going to the function that puts them 6 months ahead of the ambots who didn’t go. Yeah 6 months closer to bankruptcy.

And now all Amway ambots can save their money and not make the assholes in their upline richer by buying tickets to go to Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2018 because I’ve already covered the highlights.

And now for a little assistance on the search results including years gone and still to come because Amway ambots are so fucked up they don’t know what year it is. Seriously. They’re searching backwards and forwards. That’s what getting brainwashed into the Amway cult does to a person.

World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2018
Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2018
World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership 2018
Amway Spring Leadership 2018
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2018
World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2016
Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2016
World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership 2016
Amway Spring Leadership 2016
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2016
World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2017
Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2017
World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership 2017
Amway Spring Leadership 2017
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2017
World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership 2014
Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2013
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2012
Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2015
World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2019
Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2019
World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership 2019
Amway Spring Leadership 2019
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2019

And as always let’s send out a big old FUCK YOU to the assholes in the Amway upline!

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Spring Leadership sucks!

All Amway functions suck!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Does Amway Have Any Good Products

A searcher found their way here after googling “does Amway have any good products”.

The short answer is NO!

Then the argument can be that the definition of a good product is subjective. For example if you ask an Amway Ambot if Amway has any good products they will shower loving praise on every single Amway product and brag that Amway sells high quality products that are better than the consumer could buy anywhere else. Yup like we need any futher proof that Amway ambots are a bunch of brainwashed lying assholes!

Anything that Amway sells that you can put in your mouth and eat drink or swallow is NOT good. Unless you like drinking XS energy drinks that taste like a combination of cat piss and the worse cough syrup you can imagine. Their Perfect Water is a bunch of bullshit promoted by adoring Amway ambots with dumb ass tricks that work the same if using tap water. Amway circulated a memo saying to stop with the scheming water tricks but most Amway ambots have a huge fuck you attitude to their employer and go ahead and do them anyway. If you like eating granola or meal replacement bars that taste like cardboard that’s been coated with low quality chocolate then Amway is your go to supplier of shitty overpriced food bars! Amway Nutrilite Vitamins cost significantly more than what the drugstore sells vitamins for. Amway ambots will give you a bunch of bullshit that Amway doesn’t use fillers in their products though an Amway employee who works in the warehouse where Nutrilite manufactures this crap showed up to say they’re just average vitamins that Amway sells for significantly more than what the cost to produce them is. And who the hell knows what kind of “fillers” are used in vitamins anyway, Amway’s or other manufacturers? Has anyone purchased vitamins and looked at the pill bottle? There’s usually a bunch of other ingredients on there. Its kind of like buying potato chips. Anyone notice all the other ingredients in there besides potato, oil, and salt? For Amway assholes that get all agitated about the whole “filler” thing, ask them about the fillers in Amway’s energy drink and food bars.

What about hand soap, toilet paper, laundry soap and all the other overpriced shitty products that Amway sells, anything there that could be considered when asking the searchers question, does Amway sell any good products. No, not really. Amway sells products that when compared to what can be bought at the grocery or drug stores could be called generic at best, but are probably are better categorized as substandard.

I don’t know of any “good” product that Amway sells. The canned juices they sell, there was one flavor that tastes about the same as a flavor I can buy at the grocery store. Except that I can buy a half gallon for a lower price than what one can of Amway’s juice cost. And keep in mind that Amway doesn’t sell those cans singularly, they come in a box, so I’m figuring out the breakdown. What about Perfect Water? Ambots try to justify the high price and say it costs $2 bottle and you’d pay that if you went into 7-11. Just going off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve ever gone into 7-11 and bought a bottle of water. A slurpee sure. Or a coffee. I don’t think I’ve even bought a can of coke out of 7-11’s cooler either. It costs around $50 for a box of 24 bottles of Amway water. At Walmart a box of 24’s water costs under $4. Water is water. If I want water I’m more likely to drink it out of the tap. And no I don’t need to buy one of Amway’s expensive water filtration systems for that. But let’s pick on that seeing as how it just came up. What do they cost? $1000? And filter replacement say twice a year? What do Amway filters cost? Just checked eBay and saw one for $50 but that’s probably some ex-ambot trying to get rid of all the overpriced shitty products he had to buy when the assholes in his Amway upline bitched at him to buy more more more and he had to load up on stock. Probably cost more than that from Amway. What’s wrong with a Brita? Either a pitcher or one of those filtration systems attached to the kitchen sink? Either way under $50. Way under $50! And their filters don’t cost too much to replace. Does Amway’s filtration system work better? I doubt it probably about the same as its reasonably priced counterpart.

Back to the searcher’s question “does Amway sell any good products”? If you ask an Amway ambot or ask someone who used to be in Amway the answer swings greatly.

The correct answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A brainwashed Amway ambot will violently disagree and keep you up all night defending his beloved Amway products.