Thursday, December 1, 2016

Amway WWDB Dream Night 2017

Amway and World Wide Dream Builders hold a major function at the beginning of each year called Dream Night. It is held in locations around the USA and Canada and according to our Amway upline everywhere else in the world too but I never saw any international cities listed. We were told even if we are on vacation in January that we’d have no excuse to miss Dream Night because its EVERYWHERE!!!!

People in Amway are just a bunch of fucking liars. I don’t recall seeing this Amway brainwashing convention listed in Aruba or St. Thomas or other hot spots that people who aren’t broke Amway losers can afford to vacation in.

So what is Dream Night? It includes dinner and listening to some motivational Diamonds if you believe the hype from WWDB. If you believe the hype from the assholes in your Amway upline Dream Night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the must attend event of the year, not to be missed, puts you 6 months ahead of everyone else who didn’t go and blah blah blah bullshit.

So what is Amway WWDB Dream Night all about?

To paraphrase from World Wide Dream Builder’s propaganda (cause I wouldn’t wanna get accused of plagiarism!) this is an elegant night that will show the ambots how to turn their dreams into reality.

Ha ha! Yeah right! And if you believe that bullshit I have some prime swampland in the Amazon jungle I’d like to sell you!

The best part of the night - OK Wait for it!!!!! - is when the cult leaders share how their dreams came true and if they can do it then any of you dumb ass ambots can do it too!

I can sum it up how they got to be Diamonds. They ripped off thousands of unsuspecting ambots in their downline telling them to buy useless, overpriced Amway shit to self consume and if they can’t find any customers - make them up. They bullied those further down the pyramid into attending Amway functions. They told them to buy CD’s featuring Diamond speakers. They told them to buy motivational books that they received a hefty kickback from the publisher or author. They brainwashed their adoring ambots to buy, buy, buy. So preaches the Amway cult leader: “Hand over all your money to me so I can get rich. And here I sit on the top of the pyramid sneering at you lowly dumb ass ambots!”

Seeing as how those fucking assholes at WWDB head office changed their password to keep out spies I have no idea when or where those bastards are holding Amway Dream Night 2017. I do have the cities on Scamway’s 2016 list of destruction for WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards Nightmare Night. Some of them had more than one Nightmare Night. Not sure if that means there’s more dumb fuck Ambots in these locations that they need more days, if the Ambots in those locations are being ass fucked to attend more than one night, or the venue is so small they need more than one night to accommodate the expected Amway cult worshippers. This 2016 list may or may not be where those WWDB fuckers are holding Amway Dream Night 2017 but what the hell. It’s close enough. What do we care if a bunch of fucking Amway losers go to the wrong town because of this list.

Ann Arbor
Colorado Springs
Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas
New York
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Jose

Whew! I think I got them all so I managed to get more keywords in there for IBO ambots frantically searching for information on Amway WWDB Dream Night 2017.

If you really need to know when and where go to the WWDB website and look them up but suffice it to say the Amway demons will be holding Dream Nights in most of these unsuspecting cities in January 2017.

And which cult leaders will Amway be sending in to bullshit the ambots? Damned if I know. Here’s the list from WWDB Dream Night 2016 and its always the same tired crew that show up for all these Amway functions cause that’s where they make the most money off the tool scam. Dead or alive I’m pretty sure they'll be showing up in some form like a memorial sermon but I’ll leave last years list as it is because it’ll really piss off those Amway losers.

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
Robert and Shelly Kummer
Dan and Sandy Yuen
Scott and Cris Harimoto
Terry and Linda Felber
Greg and Laurie Duncan
Samir and Theresa Atallah
Matt and Sandee Tsurada

Who’s seen all these bastards listed before on every Amway World Wide Dream Builders function. Where are all these new Diamonds that Ambots show up here screeching about that Amway is breaking out hundreds and hundreds of new Diamonds every week. Oh lets just send out a big old fuck you to every Amway asshole who shows up here bragging about all the new Diamonds Amway is busting out. That’s a bunch of bullshit. The Diamonds are the same ones who’ve been sitting at the top of the pyramid for years bullshitting the followers at every Amway function. They’re getting pretty long in the tooth. I just don’t understand. I have so many fucking Amway assholes showing up here bragging about how they’re retired at age 21 thanks to Amway. So how come they’re aren’t any youngsters on the Diamond speaking list? Its just the same old tired bastards.

Tickets were $70 for Amway WWDB Dream Night 2016 so its probably about the same price this year. And that’s a steal because when we were in Scamway the fucking assholes in our Amway upline charged us $75. The real ticket price was $65 but the fuckers in our upline demanded we pay them $75 directly instead of buying tickets on the World Wide Destructive Bastards website and for their trouble they charged everyone an extra $10. Yup the old Amway tool scam hard at work to rip you off. Not only did we get ripped off an extra $10 the assholes in our Amway upline managed to fuck up buying tickets too.

OK lets break down this $70. Hotel banquets charge around $15 per person and that covers the cheapest meal available plus the room rental and wait staff for a few hours. But its easier for me to work in round numbers so lets call the actual cost $20 per person. On a $70 ticket that means somebody – oh hell not somebody – an Amway cult leader is making $50 profit on each ticket sold. Let’s just say the banquet room holds 400 attendees. That’s a $20,000 profit for the night. But hang on there are usually two Diamond couples showing up to each Dream Night brainwashing function so that $20,000 is split. How evenly its split is unknown because there’s Diamond infighting on how they slice up greed pie. But just to make it easy lets split it down the middle and say $10,000 each couple per night.

There are 40 cities where Dream Night will be held and its unknown of the 8 couples how many cities each one gets. Some of the cities hold more than one dream night and its my guess it’ll be the same Diamond couples doing the multiple nights seeing as how they’re already there. For the ease of my numbers lets call it 48 Amway WWDB Dream Nights evenly split 8 ways for each Diamond couple. So each Diamond couple gets 6 nights to bullshit the Ambots at $10,000 per night. That’s $60,000. Not a bad profit for one month’s work of bullshitting.

Selling tickets to functions like these are how the people sitting at the top of Amway’s pyramid scheme make the bulk of their income.

Bottom line like every other Amway function Dream Night is a waste of time. You don’t learn nothing and you don’t hear nothing that you haven’t heard before if you’ve already attended another WWDB Amway function such as Spring Leadership, Family Reunion or Free Enterprise Days FED.

This post has served its purpose of throwing out lots of keywords to suck in ambots who can’t find the information they seek from the assholes in their Amway upline. And to the ambots who have been brainwashed to believe they have the power to turn back time I need to match up my keywords to recent searches and that includes Dream Night 2015 and Dream Night 2016. Oh let’s just throw in WWDB Amway Dream Night 2018 cause you gotta know some Ambots gonna come along looking for that.

Dream Night sucks!!!!

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!!!

Amway sucks!!!!!

All Amway WWDB functions suck!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Husband Is Married To Amway

“My husband is married to Amway!” Those could be my words but instead someone found their way to my blog by Googling my husband is married to Amway.

Been there done that. The resulting baby is a blog called Married to an Ambot!

Its a horrible helpless feeling when your husband is married to Amway which also means he’s married to the assholes in his upline. There was a time when your husband vowed to love honor and cherish his wife. Unfortunately when he signed up with the Amway cult he stopped loving honoring and cherishing his wife and he now loves honors and cherishes Amway and the Amway assholes in his upline.

The Amway cult group we were part of WWDB is better referred to as World Wide Destructive Bastards because all the assholes in this cult want to do is destroy other people’s lives.

The first thing the assholes in your husband’s Amway upline want to do is drag the wife into the cult. If the wife is also brainwashed then its easier to convince both of them to spend hundreds of dollars each month buying shitty overpriced Amway products, buy CD’s and books, and attend every Amway meeting and function.

If the wife is like me they probably attend some so they’ve got some idea of the creepy brainwashing worshipping shit that goes on at Amway cult meetings.

If the wife is like me and can’t stand the fucking asshole that sponsored them into Amway she’s not too likely to show up anywhere - whether it be an Amway meeting or a Rolling Stones concert - if that fucking asshole is planning to be there.

If the wife is like me and can’t stand the sack of shit Platinum Amway cult leader then she’s also going to avoid being anywhere that fucker is.

If the wife is like me and doesn’t want overpriced shitty useless substandard Amway products in the house she is going to go out and buy reasonably priced products that she actually needs and wants that taste good or get the cleaning job done and face the wrath of the Amway cult for not supporting their business.

If the wife is like me she’s going to say if the only customers your business has is yourself then you’re a fucking moron!!!!

The wife is not going to be at all impressed by the amount of money that is being sucked out of them thanks to her husband being married to Amway.

The wife is not going to be too happy at all the time her husband is forced to spend with the assholes in his Amway upline thanks to her husband being married to Amway.

The wife is going to hate the personality change that comes over her husband thanks to being brainwashed by the Amway cult and being married to Amway. The nice man she married has now become a condescending sneering Amway asshole who has the attitude that he is better than everyone else simply because he is in Amway and they’re not.

The husband also becomes paranoid of all things that he deems to be “negative”. This would be everyone and anything that has a different opinion than his sack of shit Platinum cult leader. Yup, the wife can thank her husband being married to Amway for the brainwashed demon ambot he has become.

The Amway assholes in her husband’s upline are now brainwashing the ambot that his wife is an unsupportive, negative, unchristian dream stealer and that he would be better off without her. That’s all part of the ulterior motive of WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards to separate their cult followers from anything that has the potential to cut off the money supply flowing upwards to them. The only thing that brings Amway assholes happiness is destroying other people’s lives. Yet another joy that comes to the wife thanks to her husband being married to Amway.

The husband has now become a bigamist because he is also married to Amway. Cult brainwashing complete: Amway is the only thing that all ambots must truly love over and above everything else.

In this day and age most women will not tolerate a husband who has a love interest relationship outside their marriage. Some women might try to hold their marriage together and give the husband an ultimatim - your mistress or me - forgive him, go for counselling, and rebuild their marriage. Other women will kick the bastard to the curb and file for divorce. And I’m talking about Amway here not a real live woman girlfriend. Hard to tell the difference isn’t it?

Most women who say “my husband is married to Amway” - one way or another won’t be saying it for a whole lot longer.

On behalf of all women whose husbands are married to Amway I want to send a big old fuck you to the Amway assholes in the upline!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nasty Amway Shit Lurks In The Cupboard


Its been a few years since we jumped off the Amway hell wagon. We used up or threw away most of the Amway shit fairly quickly.

I thought that was the end of all shitty Amway products that have been contaminating our house.

Nope. But I’m sure its not the first time in my life I’ve been wrong about something!

I was looking for a cookbook a small paperback that must have slipped behind the bigger books. I pulled out books and YIKES! There it was lurking in the dark depths and first time to see the light in many years. A Nutrilite raspberry joint health twist tube.

Yuck! Nasty! Sour stuff!

Ambot used to buy a box of all 4 or 5 flavors every order he put in every week. These little buggers are supposed to cure all known illnesses. They were to be used in conjunction with a bottle of Perfect Water to give it that extra edge for the miracle cure. Case of Perfect Water cost around $50. I think those twist tubes were $10 for 20 in a box. Different flavors to cure different ailments. The twist tube staring me in the face says raspberry and its for joint health. I don’t remember the other flavors or what they cured except for one other flavor was for immunity. Hell if it provided immunity from Amway I might have guzzled those suckers like there’s no tomorrow! As for the raspberry twist tube I like sour things so it wasn’t as bad as XS piss water but it did have an extra nasty little kick unpleasant aftertaste to it and it was usually impossible for me to finish off the entire bottle of spiked Amway water.

Even though I was usually able to almost finish drinking the sour raspberry water it did absolutely nothing for me in the way of joints and mobility and I took at least 5 of these a week for many months. Neither did it help the arthritic person we sold a box of raspberry twist tubes and Perfect Water to. Did piss all zippo! No difference taking this much hyped Amway snake oil product than drinking water out of the tap. $10 might seem like a small price to pay for 20 vitamin sticks but when they do nothing they’re yet another waste of money on some Amway product with over inflated claims of the miracles it can perform.

Yup just another Amway scam!

What’s really scary is that this joint supplement shit has no expiration date on the twist tube.

This better be the last shitty Amway product I find polluting my house. I'm gonna have to bring in someone to perform an exorcism on this place!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Amway VS Etsy

I’m sure just about everyone out there has heard of Etsy. Anyone can set up a store here and sell there wares. I have a friend who has an Etsy shop and sells bread and sign posts. I know weird combo, these are her hobbies. She doesn’t do all that well but she makes a few bucks. In other words she makes more money a month than an Amway Ambot does and she’s not losing money. Another woman I know has just recently set up an Etsy shop to sell mascara she makes.

Depends on how seriously you take your Etsy business whether or not you go through the procedures of registering a business name, getting a tax #, you’d need a business Paypal account, etc. More serious Etsy sellers probably have prepared a business plan which includes a marketing plan and projected business growth.

Etsy seems to have potential for some people to make a lot of money. A lot depends on supply and demand. Price point.

Here’s an article I read about a woman who makes $65,000/month on Etsy.

And just as a quick follow up, since the first time we posted this the seller and Etsy parted ways

She sells knitted products: socks, scarves, headbands. But you know probably so do a lot of other Etsy sellers. I don’t think the article really covered her secrets to making money on Etsy. Perhaps that has more to do with not getting her secrets out there to her competitors where she does her advertising. I looked at her products but I have no idea if her products are priced low, high, or average. I wouldn’t know what an average price is for handmade knitted scarves, headbands, and gloves because these are products I have no need for. I thought they seemed priced OK for something that is handmade taking into consideration time and cost of materials. I have no idea how long it takes to knit such things. So I googled how long does it take to knit a scarf and I really didn’t get a good answer. It seems to depend on how fast one knits, how long or complicated the scarf is and what size of needles are used. Am I only the person in the world who thought knitting needles only came in one size?! LOL! One person said it takes her a week to a knit a scarf but she didn’t break down how many hours a day. Another person says she can knit two a day also didn’t break down how many hours spent.

The article didn’t divulge secrets but more talked about her passion for her work. She loves fashion and creating things and seeing how things pair up together. She’s a passionate businesswoman, loves every aspect of running her online store.

There’s an old saying about find something you’re passionate about and then figure out a way to earn money at it. Guess she did.

Not everyone out there is going to be passionate about knitting and sewing. I can tell you another thing not everyone will be passionate about – being a commissioned salesperson for a company with a shitty reputation.

The life of an Ambot is all about selling shitty overpriced Amway products to earn a skimpy commission.

When ambots were growing up did they go around saying I’m going to be a commissioned salesperson for Amway because working on commission and making pennies per chance sale is the only thing in life that I could ever be passionate about.

Whether or not they thought that about how passionate they were to be a commissioned salesperson when they were grown up, as soon as they signed up with the Amway cult they were brainwashed by their cult leaders to be passionate about selling Amway products.

So just for the hell of it while I was on Etsy I searched for Amway to see if any ambots are dumb fucks to try to sell overpriced shitty products on a commerce site that is geared to crafters. There’s a lot of Amway jewelery that is being marketed as “vintage”. WTF?! Just goes to show what one persons idea of vintage ain’t the same as someone else’s. But forget the cheap ass Amway jewelery, there is one dumb fuck selling custom t shirts with Amway on it for $20. Wife beater shirts. Couldn’t come up with any other shirt styles? Probably bought them on huge discount. And he couldn’t find something better to print on those shirts? Who would want a shirt with Amway written on it? Who would wear that? People would point their fingers and laugh at the dumb fuck wearing a wife beater with Amway written on it. Whole lot of hidden meanings there! Probably in violation of Amway’s trademark too but way to go for giving the big old FUCK YOU to Amway!

If someone has an entrepreneur spirit and wants to start their own business and is good at making things then they should focus their efforts on Etsy. You take pride in your workmanship and selling something that you put a piece of yourself into. Market it with passion. A person can run a decent business on Etsy instead of playing pretend business owner with Amway and flogging their overpriced shitty products for a few cents commission.