Thursday, May 23, 2019

Where Are The Angry Negative Amway Losers?

I think a memo must be out from Amway’s head office to all their cult leaders reminding them to preach to their followers the sins of reading and commenting on websites like marriedtoanambot.

Usually a bunch of angry fucking Amway losers show up to bitch about this blog and spew out their bullshit canned Amspeak propaganda and screech at us for being negative unchristian dreamstealers who are losers and quitters and we’ll be broke or dead by age 65. Most of their comments end up on posts titled 100 Ways Amway Ambots Say Negative. It usually took 3 or 4 months to fill the 100 slots! LOL!

Now it takes longer.because Ambots have slowed down their bitching. Surprising because that’s the one thing all Ambots do bitch bitch bitch.

Now this is the type of blog you’d think Amway Ambots would avoid because of the swearing and Ambots are prudes so you’d think they’d stay away but it doesn’t stop them so much and they show up here to curse at us for running a blog like this. So much for listening to the Amway cult leaders about not saying negative! LOL!

There’s several reason why Amway’s head office doesn’t want their cult followers reading blogs like this is because it talks about all the money they’ll lose in Amway and about being abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Whenever this blog is read the page views helps bump it up in the search engine ranks. Even more so when comments are left. Plus Amway’s head office must not be happy with the way those fucking Amway losers are representing their company online spewing forth their lies and negative bullshit. It all adds up to why Amway has a bad reputation and a lot of that is thanks to their commissioned sales reps.

Also maybe a man can clue us in here because I doubt it’s women doing this. I compare this to when a woman goes into a clothing shop and she’s looking for a specific style of dress and all the other criteria that goes along with it like color, size and price. So she’s at the clothing rack and flips through it looking for what she wants. And she can probably do this pretty quickly. She knows what she likes and what she’s looking for. This blog gets visitors who are probably Amway losers on their mobile device and they’re clicking the next post button, which goes backward in time. Next next next. Or should I say back back back. Now nothing wrong with going back and reading a few of the latest posts. Except we know the loser isn’t actually reading the posts because the page view stats show how long is spent on that page and no way can you read any of these posts plus comments in 2 or 3 seconds before moving on to the next one. So guys give me some insight. Is it kind of like looking for the perfect dress thing and flipping through looking for the perfect post? Are they looking for a particular title that interests them to read? We try to title the posts to reflect what one could expect to read and so they can be found when doing a search. What the hell are these Amway losers looking for? And of course the good thing is they’re doing exactly what the Amway cult leaders don’t want them to do and that’s giving this blog lots of page views which bumps it up even further in the search engines. And yes it has to be Amway losers. People who have a loved one inside the Amway cult might read a lot of posts too but they’re actually reading them spending a few minutes reading a post before reading another and learning more about the financial and emotional distress the Amway cult brings and looking for support and knowing they’re not alone in this Amway hell they’re going through.

Oh and just in case anyone is wondering it took one person just over 4 hours of hitting the back button to get near the beginning of this blog. They stopped a few weeks before the first post ever. Not sure why. Doesn’t matter. Maybe their finger got tired. I mean who’s got 4+ hours to spend pushing a button over and over on a blog to see every post written but reading none of them. Didn’t they have any Amway meetings to run off to or texts to respond to from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline? But hey thanks for the page views and the bumping the blog higher up on the search engine ranks!

I don’t get it. Read the posts if they interest you or go find somewhere else on the Internet that has stuff you want to read. I don’t know why Amway prudes would show up here in the first place or what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for a specific topic they can do a search to help find what they’re looking for. We’ve covered just about every Scamway topic here. Or leave a comment asking if we’ve written about something. One day someone who was dating a Diamond or a former one and pretending to still be one and the two of them had an Internet presence complaining about someone, showed up here to leave a comment asking about writing a post about this person. Uh no I don’t think so. Don’t want to bore the readers, we don’t profile fucking Amway assholes except the occasional moron who leaves a really dumb ass comment here and then its pasting that comment on a new post and making fun of it cause we don’t know who the author is and probably don’t want to know who the fuck it is anyway. But the “Diamond” and girlfriend leave comments campaign went on that night into the early hours and they left comments just about on every web page like this like all the ones on the reading list on the upper right of this page, asking the same thing until one of the web owners said Hey I know who you are and take your vendetta somewhere else.

Its just weird that angry Amway losers haven’t been around as much lately to spout off their negative bullshit. Amway’s head office reads the blog and they must get pissed off seeing all the negative comments their sales reps leave all over the Internet so I think a memo must be out to the Amway cult leaders warning their followers to stay off the Internet. Oh well they’ll be back. It’ll have as much effect as that memo Amway’s head office sent out warning their sales reps not to bug customers at Barnes & Noble.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Amway Losers Are Experts At ??????

Another thing that really pissed me of about the Amway ambots I had to put up with was that every single one of those arrogant bastards was an expert on EVERYTHING! You name it those fuckers knew everything about the subject whether or not it had anything to do with Amway. The biggest bunch of bullshitters I’ve ever met in my life have all been Amway assholes.

The arrogance of those pompous Amway bastards is something I have never dealt with before our time in the Amway hellhole. Fortunately it is something I’ve never had to put up with since we got the hell away from those fucking Amway assholes!

You name it those ambot assholes pretend they’re an expert at it. I guess the fact that they run pretend businesses and they’re pretend business owners gives them all the credibility they need to be pretend experts on every subject under the sun.

I’m not saying that there are not ambots out there who don’t have expertise in certain areas through job, education, or life experiences. What I’m calling out are Amway assholes who just by virtue of the fact that they are Amway IBO’s means that now makes them know it alls. 

Those ambots are all experts when it comes to cars. Too bad none of them take their own fucking advice and drive around in shitmobiles that are 20 or 30 years old and always breaking down due to lack of maintenance. By that age many cars do run into mechanical problems and need to be completely overhauled or junked. Being an Amway IBO means you are constantly broke because you have to hand over all your money to the Amway cult leaders so there is no money leftover for car maintenance or to save up to buy a new car.

Those Amway assholes are experts on all things plumbing and electrical even though most of them have never picked up a hammer or a screwdriver. I saw a house an Amway “expert” jack of all trades was working on. The ceiling lights were falling out of their fixtures. He said he was getting electrical shocks every time he turned on the light switches he’d replaced. LOL! The tile in the bathroom was not grouted right and squint and uneven. He was taking forever to paint the exterior because he had to keep stopping what he was doing to deal with the phone - calls and texts from the assholes in his Amway upline.

Those Amway assholes are experts when it comes to filling out your income tax. “Everything in Amway is a tax deduction! Claim that toilet paper!”

Those Amway assholes are “counsellors” even though they’ve never taken any formal training in counselling for behavior problems, emotional disorders, marital issues, etc. etc. “The facts don’t count!” Not when you’re an Amway asshole = automatic expert on everything! “Counsel with upline!”

Even fucking Amway assholes who are self proclaimed experts on everything - typical of know it all bullshitting Amway assholes. Jumping into discussions where women complained Amway’s eye cream didn’t do piss all for us and telling us if it doesn’t work then that means we’re not applying it correctly because Amway Artistry sells prestige products and there’s nothing wrong with them - the problem lies with the user. Yup its the typical old Amway standby response of blaming the victim. Same thing with Amway’s prestige tampons. Amway is a blame the victim scam. Us women who’ve been using tampons for years have only ourselves to blame if we can’t figure out how to use Amway tampons and they leak. What you Amway Ambot men don’t seem to get is tampons all work the same way and women figured out how they worked a long time ago, doesn’t matter if we change tampon brands they all go in the same way. If Amway’s tampons leak after 30 minutes then you Ambot men accuse women of putting them in wrong. Couldn’t have anything to do with the inferior quality of these products could it? Blame the victim. Blame the women for putting them in wrong if Amway’s prestige tampons are leaking. Amway is a blame the victim scam.

As people gain life experience they learn to sort through good and bad advice, take what works for them and reject the rest. Counselling with qualified financial advisors or other professionals can be smart for your business and personal life. Hearing a man giving  tampon advice is something that makes most women break down into uncontrollable laughter! But that’s an Amway asshole for you! Fucking arrogant pricks. Experts on everything!

Generally speaking men who are not pompous arrogant fucking Amway losers stay the hell away from any conversations about tampons! LOL! No man will ever be a better expert than a woman when it comes to knowing how to use tampons! Now let’s see male Ambots show up here to disagree! LOL! Come on guys! Want to get into a heated discussion on Amway’s leaking tampons? Bring it on! Normal men won’t touch that subject. Brainwashed Amway Ambots who are experts in everything will jump into tampon arguments. The rest of the males in this world know when to stay the hell away from a topic they can never be more knowledgable than a woman on! LOL! OK let’s see how many male Ambots who are tampon experts want to show up here and make even bigger assholes out of themselves. LOL! Something ambots will never get through their brainwashed heads. If a tampon leaks after 30 minutes its got nothing to do with women putting them in wrong. It’s inferior quality! Like all the rest of Amway’s products. Women! Never take tampon advice from a man! Correction. Unless the man is telling the woman DO NOT use Amway’s overpriced shitty leaky tampons. That’s the only tampon advice that’s OK to take from a man.

OK. As fun as it is bashing male Ambots who are tampon experts lets move on.

A lot of people have similar goals: get out of debt, put money in the bank, buy a house, make wise investments, and retire comfortably not worrying about finances. Those are basics. Some people have different financial goals, perhaps buying a motorcycle or a boat or an ATV or a cottage or taking a half year vacation in the south of Italy. The best bet is to talk to people who have actual experience doing these things and hear their suggestions and listen to their advice.

There are many paths to reach the finish line. Throughout the years I have asked for and taken advice from persons more experienced than I am. Some of the advice works, others not so good.

The arrogant pompous know it all Amway bastards that I had to suffer are the biggest bunch of assholes I’ve ever met in my life. Troublemaking bastards who can’t mind their own fucking business.

The one thing that I’ve become an expert at that no one in my upline will be ever be better than me at and that is blogging about what Amway assholes are really like!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How Amway Ambots Qualify Prospects

This is my opinion: Sponsoring people into Amway who don’t like you = bad idea.

Maybe I’m way off base here but I think when recruiting Amway IBO’s its a good idea to leave people off your list who don’t like you, or even more importantly if their spouse doesn’t like you. Leave them alone!!!!

Instead these assholes “counsel with upline” and are told to make a run at the prospect and if the spouse doesn’t go along then do whatever it takes to sign up the prospect anyway. So what if it destroys their relationship, because obviously (according to a fucking Amway loser) it was in trouble in the first place if the spouse doesn’t willingly go along with the partner’s participation in the Amway scheme.

I was in an abusive line of sponsorship called World Wide Dream Builders. Their philosophy whenever someone wasn’t interested in Amway or unable to “grow their business” that there must be something wrong with their marriage/relationship. I’d heard that accusation many times. Their standard answer to everything. “Something is wrong with their marriage.” And so what if there was? None of your fucking business anyway. People’s private, personal lives are nobody else’s business. Unless of course you belong to a cult whose acronym would be more aptly suited to read World Wide Destructive Bastards because they destroy people’s lives, destroy marriages, destroy families, and destroy financial security.

I attended enough meetings where the sack of shit Platinum talked about qualifying prospects. “If I don’t like you then I don’t want to do business with you,” he’d often say. And then he added that he moved on to the next prospect. Then he would yell “Next!” like he is standing behind the counter at McDonalds and wants to get the next customer in the line up. I did everything I could to get that bastard not to like me! I even remember overhearing our arrogant prick sponsor parroting the same phrase to Ambot. Liar! That fucking arrogant prick would take anyone he could get. Money, money, money to that greedy destructive bastard. Too bad for him the buck stopped with Ambot. This is one son of a bitch that should have taken his own advice. I’ve seen the motherfucker too many times over the years and he knows I can’t stand him and refuse to have anything to do with him. Surely I should have fallen under the “don’t like” category. Fucking lying Amway bastard can’t even follow his own advice.