Thursday, June 14, 2018

Amway Ambot Mantra: Find People Who Want To Save Money (LOL!!!!)

“We want to show you how to save money buying from your own shop and then you find other people who want to save money and teach them how to set up their own shops so they can save money too.”

I heard that phrase many times - or similar wording - at every Amway meeting I attended.

The statement sounds reasonable enough. Shop from your own store and save money buying products that you would purchase anyway. Yeah, sounds good. Everyone wants to save money and get good deals on products they regularly purchase.

The problem is our upline bullied Ambot into changing his spending habits to buy shit that we never bought before, shit that I didn’t like, and often we didn’t end up using. He didn’t save money while in the Amway cult because he spent way more money than if he’d purchased comparable lower priced products at the grocery and drug store. And we ended up wasting money by throwing out a bunch of useless, shitty Amway products.

How is that saving us money? We’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on Amway products that we’ve never had on our shopping list. Energy drinks, food bars, bottled water, and vitamins to mention a few.

I don’t consider myself an avid shopper but I hit the drug stores and grocery stores enough times that I have a good idea of prices and quality and good value.

Ambot does not. Oh he might spot a good deal and stock up on the item but for the most part he doesn’t know how much things cost at the store.

He blindly accepted the upline’s (bad) advice that Amway’s products would save us money and these items were better quality than what could be purchased at the local retailers and that he should buy, buy, buy! He MUST be his own best customer. Including himself and a few occasional pity purchasers out of his customer base – sure he was his own best customer.

Because of the upline’s influence over Ambot being  his own best customer I got stuck using inferior products that did not save us money.

The real damage with the “save money” by shopping at your own store philosophy is IBO’s like Ambot do not do price comparisons with other retailers and overspend by buying stuff that they normally would not have purchased.

I know how to save money when I’m shopping. Its by having a good idea of what the prices are of groceries and sundries that I regularly purchase at the grocery and drug stores and recognizing when something is on sale at a decent enough price to buy it. Then I watch the flyers and when I see something on sale that I regularly purchase I stock up. If I see something in the flyer that’s a good price but its not something I need - I don’t buy it. See? Saving money?

I save a lot of money now that we don’t have to buy overpriced shitty Amway products.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Have I Mentioned I Can’t Stand Our Amway Sponsor?

Today I thought I’d bitch about our Amway sponsor because the bastard is still pissing me off because he won’t leave Ambot alone. He phones to shoot the shit. He phones to ask Ambot if he knows anybody hiring for work. He phones wanting to borrow stuff. He sends text messages. You get the picture. Its like Amway all over again! I have no idea why Ambot is so nice to the bastard. They met back in the early 80's when they worked for the same place until the arrogant prick got fired after a couple of months. He never lasts anywhere long.

The arrogant prick is married. I feel sorry for his wife. It must be difficult living with an irresponsible son of a bitch who can’t hold down a job, has bad credit, never has money, drives around in cars that are always breaking down, and the utilities are always getting shut off due to non-payment. They never had any kids. She never went to Amway meetings which was kind of odd because she seemed a whole lot more gung ho about Amway than I ever was but she preferred to stay home and watch TV or read a book or whatever it is she does at home because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t work. I don’t have anything against her other than her shitty taste in men. She can’t stand my husband. So that’s the one thing we have in common. We can both say “I don’t like your husband.” Bad combination for sponsoring someone in Amway. Did they and the upline not see that this can only spell trouble?

To this day I get after Ambot whenever that arrogant prick phones him and I point out that his sponsor is disobeying the hallowed cult leader’s orders by associating with us. Ambot argues that its not applicable because the arrogant prick quit Amway too. I say big deal. If the Platinum says he can’t associate with us then he shouldn’t whether or not any of us are still in Amway.

Damn it I wished it worked that way but Ambot still seems to be acceptable to the arrogant prick phoning him up whenever he wants something.

What really pissed me off was the time the fucking son of a bitch shows up at our house at 6am wanting to borrow something. We were asleep. So was my dog until she heard someone lurking outside and then the barking began which woke us up. I had a pounding headache all day long thanks to that bastard waking up my dog. Not even an apology to me for waking me up. But what else do you expect from an asshole like him.

I never trusted the bastard to begin with and after the Amway fiasco and the financial and emotional distress it caused me I don’t have anything to do with him. He’s not allowed in the house so Ambot has to go out to the street to talk to him if he drives over or meet him or go to the coffee shop like good little Ambots do to prospect. Shit I hope he’s not trying to reel him into another MLM!

If I was a miserable bastard and one of my friend’s wives disliked me because of all the trouble I caused them, and I wasn’t allowed in the house, I think I’d get a big clue and stay the hell away from them. I mean how dumb can you be? Apparently not as dumb as this fucker because he keeps hanging around.

I can't wait for the day when karma comes to bite him in the ass!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Amway Cult Is Way Out There

A reader shares his experience at Amway cult meetings:

THANK YOU…I had a friend (reference on the word HAD), he took me to three of these meetings. Once on a Tuesday night, then on a Friday, and the last on a Sunday night, and it reminded me a bit about the Waco Texas massacre!

All they talked about was being positive, having a positive drive; devoid yourself of NEGATIVE emotions, any negative thoughts need not be in your mind. Think ahead, THINK BIG, HOPE LARGE, LIVE POSITIVE! Hear positive, see positive, stay positive…everything in this business IS POSITIVE! Act happy, smile, laugh, MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS, show them your products, introduce them to the business, and make them feel welcomed. Tell them how great this venture is, make sure they know how BIG your hitting being a part of this business! He also said, “remember, everyone out there STILL has a boss, they still have debt, they have no personal time, they rarely see their spouse (if they’re married). Go out there and make them wonder what they’re missing out on by not being a part of something like this!”

What freaked me out the most was his next comment… “remember, if you’re even a tad-bit negative, please leave, the doors are wide open, DON’T COME BACK…in this business, there is no such thing as depression, the media tells you you’re depressed…in this business, there is no such thing as anger or rage, the people out there convince you you’re angry or enraged…in this business, there is no such thing as skepticism, that is something our education-system has since forever promoted…IN THIS BUSINESS, THERE IS JUST YOU, AND WILL-POWER TO CHANGE, TO BETTER YOURSELF, TO BE AS BIG AS THE WORLD, TO GO AS HIGH AS THE SKY, TO BUILD THE NEW YOU OUT OF THE ASHES, IN THIS BUSINESS THERE IS ONLY DRIVE, SUCCESS, THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IT BIG AND TELL YOUR BOSS HE CAN KEEP HIS JOB, TO MANAGE YOUR OWN RETIREMENT, TO WORK ONCE A MONTH IF YOU FEEL LIKE…ect.

I left at around 10:47pm, we’ve been there since seven, afterwards I was introduced to some BIG shots. They asked if I would be joining, and if not…why not? I simply said the meeting felt like a revival (EEeeek), they just frowned. I also added I loved my job, and loved what I would be doing after I finish school.

The whole thing about being positive 24/7 is just not me…SOMETIMES I’m very NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!