Thursday, October 8, 2015

Amway Diet – Trim, Body Key, Healthpointe…..

Liz says: I got talked into trying Amway's Healthpointe 2.0 program for weightloss. Stupid, stupid, stupid! They get you to buy the program ("You can't put a price on your health!") for about $80AU but I didn't realise how much it was really going to cost me until I went shopping for the basic recommended stuff and walked out of the Amway Business Centre with an extra $600 charge to my credit card. And that was just for 4 weeks supply (of a 6-8 week program), not including the meat, fruit, veggies and other groceries for the meals that you won't replace with a protein bar or protein drink. (Oh but I racked up a lot of PV's for it, much to the delight of my upline. BTW I only got like a $24 cheque back for all that, yay!)

As for the program itself, I was totally committed to making it work because it was so damned expensive! I could have paid a whole year's gym membership for that money. Unfortunately, despite all my determination (and all that money) I gained 5kg then lost 4kg of it over the 2 months on the program. I consider it a big fail... but lesson learnt.

We’ve touched on Amway’s diet plan a few times in the past, mostly to poke fun at the speakers on the stage who are walking advertisements Trim does not work so I thought I’d take a closer look at it. Amway has recently changed the name to Body Key by Nutrilite. So call it any name you want. Amway’s diet/weight loss program seems to have the same success rate that Amway IBO’s who actually make money do – less than 1% success rate.

Ambot’s sponsor Captain Fuck Up claimed to be on Trim and was losing weight so Ambot decided to try it. Or more accurately, buy it but not try it. I found this Amway Trim Advantage binder way up high in the cupboard behind where I store spare cookie tins. I doubt Ambot ever opened it. It has several sections in there - Meal Plans, Recipes, Exercises. At the back is a CD. Like we need another fucking Amway CD! Its called the Trim Advantage Body System. Never opened. Can we get a refund? Unlikely. Into the garbage it goes, the best place for Amway shit unless its being flushed down the toilet but this was too big.

There’s an introduction letter at the front of the binder’s contents and then a commitment to optimal health “contract” that the IBO is supposed to sign. And here I say IBO because its unlikely that a person who was not an IBO would spend the hundreds of dollars needed to get going on the Trim Advantage diet plan. Cheaper to sign up with just about any other diet plan or gym and get personal support. What do you do with the contract after you sign it. Give it to your upline Platinum so he can mock you in board plan meetings if you’re not losing weight?

Right behind the commitment contract is a page titled “Plan Ahead” with the Amway products you need to stock up on. Nutrilite Vitamins:

CLA 500 - $80 (prices rounded to nearest dollar, prices have probably increased)

ProDigest  - I can’t find it on Amway’s web site so I don’t know if the name changed or if the product was discontinued - last known cost $60.

Chromemate - As above, can’t find it - last known cost $45

Digestive Enzyme Complex - $50

Below that a paragraph that says “Keep Your Commitment - Stock Up on Favorites”:

Trim advantage Protein Bars

Chocolate Delight - $25

Mixed Berry Smoothie - $20

Nutrilite Protein Powder - $30

I looked on Amway’s website to find this binder thing that we have in the house and the big thing I discovered was that Amway has changed the name from Trim. The diet plan is now called Nutrilite Weight Management Program. I found their Better Balancer Program kit which I believe may be similar to what Ambot purchased a few years ago. It costs $250. I seem to recall Ambot paid over $200 for the system and in addition to this binder full of “important” information it included a box of food bars and meal replacement powdered drink.

So just to get started buying all of the above plus that binder and CD’s – over $500. Wow!

Now lets check out the Amway meal plan in the binder. The first few pages talk about dieting stuff that you can find for free in the library or on the Internet such as drink water, serve meals on smaller plates, choose low fat products when grocery shopping, etc.

Let’s look at Day 1 meal plan:

Breakfast: Trim Body System Berry Vanilla Shake. I won’t give the whole recipe but the Amway product needed to make it is Nutrilite Protein Powder ($30) which may have already been purchased if you followed the above rules and stocked up.

Snack: 1 bag Trim Advantage Crunch Zone Snack Chips. Can’t find it on their web page but if I recall correctly it came in a box and had 2 different flavors and cost around $60 and this was for like 10 bags of chips in each flavor. At this snack time you also get a cup of vegetable juice. Horror of horrors. You need to go to the grocery store for that one because they’re not slinging an Amway product.

Lunch: Apple and cheddar salad. There’s a recipe. No Amway products. Sucks to have to go to the grocery store again!

Snack - Trim Advantage Meal Replacement Bar - $25 for a box.

Dinner - Beef Stir Fry - there’s a recipe, no Amway products. 2/3 cup Uncle Ben’s instant whole grain brown rice,  1 cup skim milk.

That’s over $100 of Amway products to have on hand just for Day 1. I won’t bore you with the rest of the week. Does anyone wonder if Uncle Ben is getting a kick back from Uncle Dickie?

Does anyone else see a problem here besides the cost? What about at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day? Let’s throw that out the window, though there is about 3 servings in their recipes for lunch and dinner. Oh wait. What the hell do you need to eat fruit and vegetables for? Amway has a vitamin for that. $40.

Obviously this is a ploy by Amway to sell more overpriced products to IBO’s who feel they need to lose weight.

Amway is hardly the only company out there to flog a diet system using their products.

There are lots of diet programs out there ranging from fees to use the program to purchasing the program’s meals and supplements. It looks like Amway’s plan is the most expensive for what you get. It offers no support, no individual counselling (ha ha counsel with upline!), no discussion forums, nothing. Just pay your money, buy the overpriced shit, and hope for the best.

Yup just another scam diet program run by scammers.

Lesson learned here? The only thing you’ll lose on the Amway diet plan is your  money.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stick It Amway! In Fact Stick It Up Your Ass!!!!

When we were inside the Amway cult we were told to stick pictures of new cars, dream homes, and other material possessions on the refrigerator.

First of all I don’t like stuff stuck on my fridge. I’ve chucked out my fair share of tacky fridge magnets over the years.

Second even if I did like shit stuck all over my fridge it would be photos of my family not pictures of things I covet.

It just stinks of greed to stick photos of sailboats, Ferraris, and Hearst Castle on the fridge. Do these photos really help IBO’s achieve these dreams or do they serve as a sad reminder that their bank accounts are diminishing while they grasp for the dreams their upline has brainwashed them into believing they’ll own one day?

Amway: the cult of greed.

Back in the days before computers and phones with online calendars I used to buy a day planner each year to keep our lives organized. At the front of the planner is a place to write down goals and a target date. Sometimes I’d have to carry them over from the previous year. Then I was supposed to slot time in my planner daily or weekly to spend time accomplishing these goals. Somewhere in my past I remember hearing that if people write their goals down they have a higher success rate of achieving them than those who don’t write them down and this is why I wrote down my goals. And sure enough as the year came to a close and I was switching off planners I’d see that I’d either accomplished my goals or was on the way to doing so.

Mostly the goals were bettering myself professionally or personally but one year I did have something on my list that was an object - a red car I wanted. It didn’t happen that year so I carried that goal over into the next year and that’s when I did buy the car. Different color so I didn’t quite meet my goal. I changed my mind on the color I wanted when I was at the dealership. But I never had a picture of that car stuck on my fridge.

Can you imagine what an Amway ambot writes in their goals: Go Diamond! Freedom! Flush that stinking job!

So why does the upline want you to play greedy Gretchen and stick photos on the fridge of the things you dream about owning?

That’s just how life is when you get sucked into this scam. Amway: the cult of greed.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The American Dream Ain't Amway

I recently read an article about how the concept of the American Dream has changed. And that might be due to changing technology and job and travel opportunities. People don't have to stay in the little town they grew up in.

The things most people want out of life have changed from when we were kids. What our parents felt was the American Dream and what younger generations think it is is miles apart..

Our parents owned nice houses. They owned businesses. They had nice cars. They had a few toys like a color TV and a new fangled dishwasher. And got cablevision. Oh and what about that big old microwave oven! Our parents liked having a few toys and taking vacations. They liked to redecorate the house every few years with new carpets and new furniture. They didn't have debt. They had investments.

And speaking of debt credit cards didn’t really come around in full swing until about 30 or 40 years ago and not everyone was convinced plastic was better than cash. In this day and age not everyone carries cash they mostly keep credit cards in their wallets.

The American dream of our parents was a lot simpler.

What's the American Dream today? Is it still to own a house, a car and a business? Probably to some people depending on if they're following their parent's lead. Technology has rapidly changed. Owning the latest gadgets aren't kitchen appliances anymore. They're phones, cars, and computers and other electronics. People get jobs if they don't own a business. They have credit cards. They have debt.

And then one day a fucking Amway asshole walks up to them and taunts them about how they'd like to be debt free. Living their dreams. Walking the beaches of the world. Have gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month in the next 2 to 5 years.

And the Amway asshole browbeats the prospect into demanding to know what their dream is. And whatever the prospect says the dream will never be good enough for an Amway fucker. The prospect says they want to own a house. The Amway asshole says dream big you want to own a mansion. The prospect says they want to buy a Ford Mustang and the Amway fucker says dream big you want to own a Bentley. The prospect says they’d like to take a vacation in Italy. The Amway asshole says no you want to spend a week on a private Caribbean Island named Peter and have 24 hour servants taking care of all you. 

In other words whatever your dream is it’ll never be big enough for Amway the Cult of Greed.

Amway has destroyed the dreams of many people. Amway is like a hurricane of mass destruction leaving in its path debt, divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction. That’s the real path of Ambots following the Amway Cult of Greed.

If you want a better life for yourself and your family stay the hell away from Amway.

The American dream isn’t all about selling shitty overpriced products. The American dream isn’t all about selling $40 Amway laundry soap when shoppers prefer to buy $10 Tide laundry soap at Walmart that gets the clothes cleaner. The American dream isn’t all about self consuming $300 in shitty overpriced Amway products every month just to get a $10 check. The American dream isn’t lying and scamming people that perfect water cures cancer or any other terminal illness. For Christ sakes aren’t there enough scammers in the world selling snake oil that Amway had to compete? 

The American dream isn’t all about tithing the Great Amway God in a pyramid scheme where the only ones making money are the ones sitting at the top of the pyramid who got in a long time ago. 

Can’t people searching for the American dream find one with better odds of success than a fraction of 1%.

The American dream is a better lifestyle choice than the shitty plan offered by Amway chasing a dumb fuck dream with over 99% failure rate. 

The American dream ain’t get scammed out of your money by a lying scamming fucking Amway asshole.

The American dream ain’t Amway. Except for brainwashed Ambots who believe in fairy tales.