Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things To Do In Irvine California Instead of WWDB Amway FED Free Enterprise Days 2014

Here's another guide about better things to do in town instead of attending an Amway function.


This year WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days will be held in Irvine, California September 26 to 28 2014.


You can  reach a lot of attractions and beaches inside an hour or so drive of Irvine and I think most people are aware of these places so there’s not much more to say. And just a heads up. Every attraction and beach is gonna charge you more than a few bucks to park in their lot. There is no shortage of shopping and large malls in the area like the Irvine Spectrum Center or the South Coast Plaza. Good places to come and drown your sorrows shopping if you're married to an ambot wasting money on Amway! 


Disneyland is the big attraction in southern California and Anaheim is not too far from Irvine and its way better and cheaper than going to WWDB Amway FED. One day ticket costs $96 if you're older than 10. Slightly less if you're under 10 and different prices if you're buying a multi day package or California resident or buy in advance. By the time you pay for parking, buy a ticket, and eat a snack, you're probably pretty close to spending the same amount of money as a ticket to FED but you'll have a whole lot more fun at Disneyland!


Orange County Zoo is inside Irvine Park and is a pretty good deal at $2. Check out the bears and imagine setting them loose inside an Amway function! Hours are 10am to 3:30pm. 


I'm going to throw in Knott's Berry Farm even though its not my favorite park there are people who would probably want to go there seeing as how they're this close anyway. One day pass is $65 and less if you're under 12 or a senior. Also less if you buy tickets ahead of time online. There always seem to be coupon books flying around with discounts to Knott’s. Its still much cheaper to go to Knott’s than go to FED. And Knott’s is a whole lot more fun because you don’t have to spend the day listening to a bunch of fucking Amway assholes!


There are lots of beaches in the area. Head the car to PCH and drive north or south until you find a beach you like.


Or get out of Irvine and spend a day at Universal Studios or take a tour of the star’s homes. Or down to San Diego to visit the zoo or Sea World. Everything you want is inside a 2 hour drive and much cheaper than buying a ticket to Amway FED. I have a few favorite things that I like to do that are free except for the parking and not in this area - hint hint go north go south.


FED Free Enterprise Days sucks!

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

Amway sucks!

All Amway Functions suck!



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Amway Ambots Financially Irresponsible

Scumbag Amway assholes mainly prey on less fortunate people and those who are down on their luck scamming them into believing in a few months they’ll be making thousands of dollars every month in Amway and after 2 to 5 years they’ll be gazillionaires with barrels of money rolling in every month while they sit back and do nothing. Often these Amway bastards target victims who are already in a financially dire situation with promises and dreams of riches. Unemployed, new immigrants, people in minimum wage jobs, students, etc.

There are Amway ambots who went to college and are in professional occupations who also want to believe that they’ll strike it rich in the Amway scam. And these are intelligent, educated people who you’d think would know enough to do research before getting suckered into a too good to be true “opportunity”.  Smart people who couldn’t fall for a scam like Amway. You know people who might have a chance at putting money aside for a mortgage or retirement if they weren’t throwing away all their money tithing the Great Amway God.

There are people from all walks of life, all income brackets who are financially irresponsible. They take out a car loan on a super expensive luxury car with huge monthly payments instead of looking for a car more in their budget or buying one with whatever cash they have. Same thing with buying a house. They take out the wrong kind of mortgage. They buy a more expensive house than they should have and struggle to make the payments. They get credit cards and go crazy spending but don’t pay the card off in full every month. Instead they pay the minimum and spend the next 20 or 30 years struggling to pay off that card because as soon as they got some room on it they spend it again. Just because someone is a CEO or a doctor or whatever doesn’t mean they’re financially responsible and make good financial decisions.

It costs a lot of money every month to belong to Amway’s expensive buying club. You have to buy around $300/month in Amway products just to earn a commission of around $10. You want more commission you gotta buy more of their expensive shitty products. Yup buy from your “own” store. Most ambots spend more than $300/month buying shitty overpriced Amway products. Depending on whether or not there’s a major function that month and how much it costs to get there, stay in a hotel, eat out, the additional costs in Amway could be another $200 to $500 more each month. And it goes up from there. They spend $50/month on membership to the Amway cult sect they belong to. Communikate, another $30 or $40/month. CD’s, books, tickets to go to Amway meetings. It all adds up. To be a member of the Amway cult it costs hundreds of dollars each month, probably $500 to $1000/month. For $10 in commission?

Not keeping a profit & loss statement?

Of course not! This is Amway. They don’t do stuff that real businesses do.

So are people who are already financially irresponsible more open to the Amway scam? These people don’t really notice where their money is going. By the time they notice they’re probably already in trouble and can’t dig themselves out of the hole. That’s the price of keeping your Amway cult leader happy.

Financially irresponsible people believe these fucking Amway assholes who say all you need is to have a dream (and a credit card!) and you’ll get rich in Amway. Its all about dream this and dream that and getting distracted with all your dreams of material riches that you don’t notice all your money is going into the Amway shit hole and the ambot isn’t getting any richer. Well what do you expect when you earn pennies on commission if you’re lucky to have a downline or a customer who buys something. Pennies! This isn’t a salesman at a car lot or a realtor selling houses where they could make more than pennies on a commissioned sale. This is Scamway. Only the cult leaders who have their own cult sects and the company owners are making money. Not lowly commissioned salespeople. Plunk down $100 or $200 to register with Amway and “own your own business”. LOL!!!!! Scammers!!!!

Would these same people answer ads that say earn $10,000/month stuffing envelopes – send $20 to find out how? What about an email from the king of Yawma (yup spell it backwards LOL!!!!) who is in hiding and needs to sneak out $10 bazillion dollars and transfer it to your bank account and you send him back $9 bazillion and keep the other bazillion for your trouble and commission.

They’re all scams that rely on people’s dreams of getting rich and they don’t need any special skills to get rich doing these things. Just be a dumb ass dreamer.

Amway relies on financially irresponsible people to keep the scam going on.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Scammed Into An Amway Meeting Part 2

This is continued from a previous post about getting scammed into an Amway meeting when thinking its some kind of hiring fair, in response to the “not interested” text he sent to the Amway bastards. X got a text full of canned brainwashed Amspeak from a scamming lying Amway asshole! If you’re an Amway Ambot you got to spend a lot of time begging and pleading with people to join the Amway cult. And X has the perfect description of an Amway meeting: freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre. Thanks for sharing your story!

This is a word for word reply I got back.... with my comments in (**)s.

"Please understand we didn't wake up one morning and say "this is totally for us" either but it works and working for someone else's dreams doesn't or you wouldn't be open to opportunities! (*Um, we have our own dreams, and they don't involve EVER having to go to any more meetings or their freaky "family reunions" they were talking about*) We've got an association of retired, debt-free people who control their time.

The purpose of this process is to get you more Information on what we actually do and you don't have enough information and answers to make any type of decision. (*Wait, what? We don't have enough information?? You gave us a whole info sheet which clearly states that only 0.3% of all of your IBOs make that 60k a year you promise, and the 150k a year goes down to like, 0.018% or whatever.... oh, and you're CRAZY*) Also, we wouldn't extend an offer to you unless we felt comfortable it was a good fit, only looking for "a" players. (*I know they met my wife, and she's super smart and amazing, but how am I an "a" list player?? They never met me! I'm probably B-Roll at best!*)

This isn't to offend you in any way, but what we do find with people with your current mindset is two things...
1. You didn't read the book or listen the CDs which we gave you to start to understand what we the potential is and what it can do for your family through extra time and money. (*We read enough to know we're not likely to ever make any money off this, based on your OWN STATS...but whatever*)
2. You listened to a friend-family member who knew of a friend who wasn't successful or tried to research from the internet (Google- bathroom wall of society) (*I think they mean news articles and FCC fines and other forms of factual reporting?*) from an ignorant source (ie. blog) (*I think this is a jab at YOU*) instead of looking at the Better Business Bureau which gives us an a+ rating in 2013 or the actual source. (*Which my wife found out you can buy....*)

Call us please to arrange a time to continue the conversation...."

She encouraged us to do research, which we did, and now she's mad because we didn't do the RIGHT research?!

If your mission statement was to save people from this cult, you helped in a way. We actually read this blog post on our way as we sped away from the hotel it was held at.

Never again!


Oh yeah, did you report those assholes to Amway’s head office for violating one of Amway’s policies? That would be the one about bragging about Amway’s BBB rating. According to Amway’s terms of conducts that can get the IBO fired. Why do Amway assholes go around bragging about A+ or AAAA+ rating or whatever? Any company that pays the BBB annual fee and responds to any complaints within the time period given, whether or not the customer – or in Amway’s case the victim - agrees with the response, can get an A+ rating. That’s all it means. Pay the BBB annual fee and correspondence response within time frame. If Amway fired every IBO that violated their policies – they’d have no one left! LOL!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting Scammed Into An Amway Meeting Part 1

Thanks to X for sharing how he and his wife got scammed into coming to an Amway meeting thinking it was some kind of hiring fair for a legitimate job. This is a common tactic used by lying scamming Amway assholes. And he nailed it when he described an Amway meeting: freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre.



So. My wife had someone try to recruit her, on the premise of "hiring" her for a new business they were starting. And she even met the couple for coffee, where they said their "friend" could better explain the whole thing, and my wife wanted me to come along because she said it just sounded fishy and weird.Our 8pm World Wide Group (I think?) Amway meeting. So we honestly thought "How long could this be?" and made plans for dinner and everything later that night.

THREE FUCKING HOURS LATER.... they said they would be taking a 15 minute break.

Anyways. The whole thing was freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre.

The head guy giving the speech received a standing applause as he walked into the room....while my wife and I sat, crossed arms, glaring. And the meeting hadn't even happened yet. We just didn't understand why someone should get applause before he does ANYTHING.

Most of the first two hours was about how much money you could make and how easy it was. And how he found out through a younger woman who was making lots of money, to which he told us his thoughts was "Man, if a woman can do it, how hard could it be?" Uh... wut?

Everything was about how you, the man, can take care of your wife so she never ever has to work again, because working is hard and your woman should just spend her days taking care of and popping out babies and getting mani/pedis and make up her self. It was kinda gross. And insulting, because my wife is brilliant.

So at the end of THREE HOURS of Kens and Barbies being brought up to tell us how their lives were amazing now (testimonials), the wife of the guy who brought us here handed us this black info box (with a diamond on the seal, with the world behind it) and told us to look it over. We were encouraged to do our research and that we'd be expected to have a meeting with the couple once the husband got back into town. And we were told the box was something they'd personally paid for, so they wanted it back once we were done with it.

As we got to the car, we both just looked at each other asking "What the fuck was that?" She encouraged me to run back inside to drop off the box because if I didn't, we'd have to deal with them again. I told her I didn't want to because I'd have to run back inside where everyone still was, and that sounded awful to me, and I'd rather try to ship it back (which we just did today).

So finally, the wife of the couple started txting my wife to see when we could meet. This was a week after our meeting, and we'd decided during the meeting that this was just freaky and not for us. So my wife told them we could meet for just a few minutes (which was just to hand off the material), but they were relentless. They kept saying we should come to another meeting (HAH!!) that her husband was giving, and she kept trying to tell them no.

Finally, she asked me to txt them to play the "bad cop" and say I was denying my wife the chance to do this and thus we weren't interested.

More in the second comment... because apparently, her txt is super long and makes this post too long to post...


That black Amway box is a new one but absolutely the Ambot must pay for everything and that’s why they want their shitty tools back. And the reason an Amway asshole gets applause before doing anything (and its not like he’s going to do anything spectacular anyway or say anything that normal people want to hear) – its all part of the brainwashed cult worship thing: Blessed be our Amway cult leaders, let’s shower them with our love and adoration. PUKE!!!!!!

Yup stay tuned for Getting Scammed Into An Amway Meeting Part 2 coming soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ambots MUST Attend ALL Amway Meetings

There’s a recent visitor to this blog who let us know her ambot husband decided it would be more important to go to an Amway meeting than to celebrate their anniversary that happened on the same night. No scheduling conflict here. That’s the life of an Amway ambot. Their cult leaders drill it into them that nothing repeat NOTHING is more important that going to an Amway meeting and devoting your love and allegiance to the Amway cult leaders. Forget birthdays, weddings, funerals, work, family get togethers, kids activities, and anything else that falls on the night of an Amway meeting or if some fucking asshole in the Amway upline has summoned the ambot to an immediate bullshit waste of time counselling session or whatever fucked up Amway devotional is going on.

Who remembers going to Amway meetings and the cult leader telling this story about an ambot who had a loved one in the hospital. I heard this story at just about every Amway meeting and function I attended, told slightly differently. It goes something like this. The Ambot has a family member in the hospital. For the sake of this blog let’s call it mom but the family member changes depending on the Amway asshole telling the story. The Amway cult leader hasn’t seen the ambot in awhile and calls to bitch him out because he’s missing Amway meetings and as part of the deprogramming himself domino effect isn’t buying shitty overpriced Amway products or investing in the Amway tool scam. So the Amway cult leader demands to know about the Ambot’s absence and lack of buying. Ambot says moms in the hospital and he’s been spending time with her there. In that smug condescending bastard way that all assholes in the Amway upline have, the Amway cult leader says that’s good you’ve been with your mom in the hospital. At no time does the Amway cult leader say he offered condolences or asked about mom’s condition or anything that a caring human being would do. But then that’s because Amway ambots are greedy bastards and the only thing they care about is getting richer. They don’t give a fuck about anyone else and they sure don’t give a fuck if any of their downline has family in the hospital. To quote an Amway Ambot: how’s that making me rich?

Then the Amway cult leader in that snide sneering manner they have asks how Ambot’s boss at work is taking it that Ambot is unable to be at their J.O.B. because they’re at the hospital with mom all the time instead of making the boss richer. Then ambot says I’m still going to work. I’m at the hospital before and after work and my day’s off. Then in an even more snide sneering manner the Amway cult leader says: well if you had built your Amway business right you’d be a gazillionaire by now and have no J.O.B. and no boss and have all the freedom you want to do whatever you want including visiting your mom in the hospital.

So who remembers that similar story told at Amway cult meetings?

Who remembers thinking what a snide sneering bastard that fucking Amway asshole is. Doesn’t give a flying fuck his downline has a family member in the hospital but instead bitches at him that he’s not a gazillionaire yet in a business system that’s designed for failure. And just comes across as the asshole that he is for bringing up the guy’s J.O.B. and how does the boss like it that his employee’s not at work, when all the while he is smugly thinking: gotcha you fucking little ambot, I know you're going to work. I get it that Amway’s a shitty company to work for but not every company treats their employees badly. Maybe employers don’t give 2 months off work with pay but a good employer will work with the employee for a flexible work schedule in emergency situations.

I didn’t see any Amway ambots offering to assist the family member with money, help around the house, babysitting, or whatever. But what else do you expect from a bunch of greedy Amway assholes who don’t give a shit about anyone else. Their life is all about how they can get rich. And of course tithing the Great Amway God. Amway: the Cult of Greed. Where nothing else matters. Attend ALL Amway meetings. Get that brainwashed into your head. When you’re an Amway Ambot NOTHING else in life is more important that worshipping the Great Amway God.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Pyramid Of Amway Ambots

I heard a phrase on TV that I’m pretty sure said pyramid of friends. I didn’t pay much attention to how the phrase was used. All I heard was pyramid and immediately thought Amway and I heard friends and I thought of those phoney fake Amway bastards that are your immediate friends when you sign up with the Amway cult and after you quit you never see those Amway assholes again. YAY!!!!!! They’re only friends as long as they can make money off you. Once the money dries up those fickle Amway bastards aren’t your friends anymore. Well they weren’t really your friends to begin with anyway.

If anyone has ever wasted their time at an Amway meeting they know the Amway cult leaders got a chalk board and draw a bunch of circles. One circle at the top is you and then they draw a couple of sticks and circles below that and say those are the people you sign up for Amway and they duplicate what you do and drink one Amway beverage and eat one Amway food bar daily. But usually they draw 6 circles because everyone should be able to find 6 people HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though they’re circles they’re still drawn to look like a pyramid with you, the lowly Amway ambot at the top and your little empire of brainwashed ambots beneath you. And you earn gazillions of dollars every month because all these ambots further down the pyramid are making millions of dollars in sales.

Here’s the reality. New brainwashed gaga ambot is unlikely to find one sucker to sign up to the Amway scam let alone 2 or 6. The other reality is that the new ambot is down at the bottom of the pyramid with a bunch of other little worker bee Amway ambots. These are the guys who have enough savings or room on their credit card so they can buy hundreds of dollars of Amway products every month to impress the assholes in their Amway upline about how much “business” they have. Dumb fucks taking the whole buy from your own store bullshit overly seriously. The next level of the Amway pyramid will be the fucking assholes that sponsored the one ambot into the scam. They make a little commission off any sales the moron in their downline buys off Amway. And it keeps going up the pyramid like that. Everyone makes a little commission off those Amway ambots below them. As you go higher up the Amway pyramid these dumb fuck ambots get these fucking stupid names like Fucked Up Eagle, Double Fucked Up Eagle, Sack of Shit Platinum, Double Fucked Up Sack of Shit Platinum, Rip Off Ruby, Emerald Bastard, Fucking Diamond, Double Fucked Up Executive Diamond. There are less people on each upper level pissing on the Amway ambots lower than them on each level of the Amway pyramid. But with each level higher up on the pyramid the Amway assholes are likely making more money than the Amway ambots lower down than them. When you reach an Emerald level on the pyramid which is pretty high up there and you probably have close to 1000 people below you on the pyramid that ambot can expect to earn around $2,000 to $3,000/month. This is according to books and Youtube videos of former Amway Emeralds who disclosed how much they really made. Even though at Amway meetings the cult leaders claim Emeralds make around $125,000/year, that’s not true according to former Emeralds with 1000 ambots in their downline. Its closer to $30,000/year. Amway ambots need to do the math. An Emerald is considered king when it comes to Amway ambots. Heres the person where the lowly ambots are expected to suck dick and kiss ass and with 1000 little worker bee Amway ambots below him he’s only making $30,000/year well that’s just fucked up. Who knows 1000 people?

A little higher up on the Amway pyramid are the Diamonds and according to Amway’s literature they make around $150,000/year. A much more decent income than Emeralds make but how many people below them on the pyramid did they have to steal money from and lie and treat like shit. To get to this level you can’t have any conscience and morals mean piss all to you. At this level there is profit sharing in the Amway tool scam and its possible to make more money from selling tickets to Amway ambots further down the pyramid to come hear you speak. Who wants to pay money to hear some fucked up Amway asshole speak? Save that money and go to the movies or a rock concert instead. But even these hallowed cocksuckers aren’t at the top of the Amway pyramid. There’s other Diamonds who have executive titles and who run various Amway cult sects. These are the ones making the real money and dictating how much money the bastards lower down the Amway pyramid make.

And who is on the top of the Amway pyramid? Well that would be the owners of the company or their heirs. That’s where the real money in Amway is. Signing up suckers to their expensive buyers club and selling generic and substandard products at overinflated prices. They can’t get away with that in the real marketplace in drugstores and grocery stores because everyone would buy from their lower priced/better quality competitors. So the owners have to create an exclusive buying club and hire cult leaders who can brainwash these fuckers into believing that they own their own business and they’re paying more money and getting higher quality products and these things mean they’re better than everyone else in the world.

That’s the Amway ambot pyramid. It constantly crumbles away from the bottom because people come to their senses and realize they’re losing money and they’ve been brainwashed by a cult and they quit so the Ambots higher up on the Amway pyramid must constantly replenish the stock and patch up the pyramid and find more suckers to join their cult.

Stay away from the Amway pyramid scheme. That’s the worst pyramid in the world to try to climb. Wanna climb a pyramid? Go to Egypt or the Yucatan. It’ll be much cheaper than climbing the Amway pyramid.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Amway Ambot Prank Call

OK this is not a funny ha ha kind of prank phone call. This was probably funny to the caller bugging an Amway Ambot getting even for all those Amway Ambots out there that bug the shit out of everyone else, but the content itself is something that could really be happening. The prankster has got the phone number of some upline Amway asshole and his story is his father is in the hospital after taking Amway Nutrilite Vitamins and now he wants to know what’s in the shit because the old man has been poisoned and if he dies he’s going to take legal action against the upline Amway bastard who is head of the team that sold it. The whole time I’m listening to this I’m thinking although its not really funny it could really be happening. You know cause Amway assholes go around bragging about the snake oil they sell cures everything. Some people might wonder why the prankster phones the upline Amway asshole instead of calling Amway’s customer service desk better known as the I-don’t-give-a-shit department. If you phone Amway’s head office and complain that an Amway asshole lied to you, the lazy bastards working at Amway’s head office say they’re not responsible for the lies any of their commissioned salespeople say and to take it up directly with the lying Amway bastard himself. Which is what this caller did. And then the fucking Amway asshole gives the caller Amway’s website and tells him to type in the vitamin in the search field and that will give him the information he needs about what’s in that vitamin. And Amway assholes go around calling everyone else lazy? Fucking lazy Amway asshole! I hope the prankster scared the shit out of that Ambot!