Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Higher Chance Of Falling Off A Cruise Ship Than Making Money In Amway

I read an article about passengers who fell off cruise ships and lived. https://www.yahoo.com/travel/they-fell-overboard-and-lived-craziest-cruise-108143007717.html

In the article it says that there is a .000085% chance of a passenger falling off a cruise ship. Seeing as how I don’t have Amway literature hanging around the house anymore I don’t recall what the exact fraction of 1% of IBO’s will make money at Scamway. It was something like .00000367%. Doesn’t really matter what the exact teensy fraction is.

It seems more likely to me that a person has a greater chance of falling off a cruise ship than they do of making money in Amway!

First off people in Amway couldn’t afford to go on a cruise. And even if they did have money to put towards a vacation they’d have to get permission from their sack of shit Platinum or some other fucking asshole in their Amway upline and it would be denied. Why spend that money on a vacation when you could be investing it in your Scamway business (according to the fucking upline Amway assholes) or they’ll be dozens of Amway meetings that week and you don’t want to miss them.

Now I really can’t see how someone can fall off a cruise ship unless they’re drunk and goofing around or otherwise put some effort into it. Like drag a chair over to the railing and hop up and oops over you go. If it was that easy to fall off a cruise ship it would be a lot higher than a fraction of 1%.

Kind of like if it was that easy to make money in Amway the percentage would also be a lot higher than a fraction of 1%.

An Amway ambot spends about $700/month in Amway once they add up the minimum 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products they buy for personal use though most ambots spend more than that, plus add in monthly membership to WWDB, monthly membership to Communikate, buying books and CDs to help the Diamonds get richer off their tool scam, and tickets to various Amway meetings or functions if its Dream Night, Family Reunion, Spring Leadership or Free Enterprise Days FED going on that month.

I’ve seen cruises advertised for around $700 for a week. Actually I’ve seen them cheaper but lets say a $700 cruise because that’s the average amount an Amway ambot spends in a month. What does that get the cruise passenger? A place to sleep for a week, meals, entertainment, and visiting a couple of Mexican ports.

If I’m gonna waste $700 that cruise sounds like a better deal to me! And more fun!

I can stick around at home throwing away money at the Amway scam and take my chances I’ll be one of a teensy fraction of 1% who make money. Or I can take a vacation and take my chances I’ll be one of a teensy fraction of 1% who will fall off the cruise ship.

You’re spending that money anyway. Go with the one that’s got better odds!

It is very rare for a person to fall off a cruise ship just like its very rare for a person to become a Diamond in Amway. The news story said that last year 22 people fell off cruise ships. Did 22 people become Diamonds in Amway last year? No? So it appears we have our answer. You have a better chance of falling off a cruise ship than you have of becoming an Amway Diamond.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Reasons To Hate Your Amway Upline

I thought I’d cover some reasons why I couldn't stand our upline. Thanks to my upline I grew to really hate Amway and anything to do with Amway. This is based on my experiences but I see too many similar stories all over the Internet. That tells me I am not unique! No matter how much I think I am! Ha ha!

1. Our sponsor is one of the biggest assholes I have ever met! Our sponsor, aka Captain Fuck Up aka the arrogant prick, is someone Ambot has known for years. He is the most useless piece of shit sorriest excuse for taking up space on the planet that anyone could ever imagine. Besides being arrogant some of his other finer points are he’s unreliable, irresponsible, stomps off in temper tantrums, and is asshole ugly. From there it goes downhill! Its a really bad idea to be sponsored into Amway by a rotten bad ass fucker like him. Existing problems with this jerk ass only worsened. Bad bad idea getting involved in anything - whether it be Amway or anything else - with a fucking miserable bastard like him who I've never wanted anything to do with. The resentment only grows.

2. Loss of money. We had already tried the Amway thing before. I knew exactly what would happen again. We’d throw a lot of money away buying expensive products that I don’t like and don’t use. We’d throw away even more money on various tools to “grow our business” and all the various expenses that go along with travelling to out of state functions several times a year. If I was lucky our losses would be a few thousand dollars until Ambot ran out of money or became disenchanted again. If I was unlucky the losses would run into the tens of thousands. I estimate $700/month to throw at investing into the Amway nightmare. How many people have that kind of disposable cash lying around? If not, see number 3.

3. Going into debt. This could be credit card debt as in Ambot’s case. Other people take out second mortgages on their homes or lines of credit. Any way you look at it IBO’s are borrowing money to fund their upline’s dreams and many former IBO’s have lost their homes and declared bankruptcy when they can’t repay the money they borrowed for the great Amway opportunity.

4. Loss of time. Forget the often touted 10 to 15 hours a week - Ambot wasted way more time than that! His upline ordered him to prospect every person he ran into and tell them about this kick ass home based opportunity where everyone can make at least $70,000/year in their spare time. Ha ha! Not us or anyone else we knew! Ambot's mission turned into begging everyone we knew and did not know to come to a board plan meeting all the while denying it has anything to do with Amway. He spent hours on the phone and text messages with upline. Two or three board plans each week at various downline/crossline houses or it might be a larger function where a Diamond comes to town once or twice a month. Lowball estimate 5 hours a night for these meetings. Weekend rallies happen about once a month where a Diamond comes to town and new pins are awarded. Depends if its a one or 2 day event. Say at least 10 hours but that could be doubled. Family Reunion, Free Enterprise Days, and Spring Leadership always seem to be held hundreds of miles away. Several hours driving each way and then at least 30 hours tied up for weekend events. And that’s a conservative estimate. I'd say the actual hour count was a minimum of 100 hours invested in Amway and the fucking upline's demands. All that time spent with Amway related events means normal people activities such as birthdays, weddings, spending time with family and friends, outings, vacations, shopping, etc are taboo until Ambot makes it real big in Amway. It looks like I forgot to mention the lack of support with household chores.

5. I really couldn't stand the upline. However I recognize that this dislike is more closely connected to the general dislike of our fucking asshole sponsor and any people he might associate with. But eventually I grew to dislike our upline especially when it became out of control the way they monopolized Ambot's time. And money. And money. And money. And money. Oh did I mention money? But mostly I was just pissed off at all the bullshit spouting out of our upline’s mouths. I didn't want to have anything to do with those fucking liars.

6. Brainwashing. This is part of our upline’s strategy to separate Ambot from “negative” forces in his life which included me because of my lack of interest in Amway and our upline. The crazy thing is our upline were the most negative bastards around spreading their predictions of doom and gloom and misery and the only way to escape this horrible existence is belonging to the Amway cult. And yes absolutely through our association with World Wide Destructive Bastards I was in a line of sponsorship that abuses IBO’s and uses cult-like brainwashing techniques, so fuck you WWDB! Ambot stopped thinking for himself and parroting everything the upline said. Ambot accepted everything the upline said as the truth until he became so conditioned to think this way that there was no way in hell he would ever accept that the information he received from his beloved upline could be wrong. He denied what was happening to himself and his life and under the upline's brainwashing control he separated himself from reality.

7. Deception. Call it whatever you want - all IBO’s are guilty of lying. Our upline were typical Amway IBO's - a bunch of fucking lying bastards. They lied about their affiliation with Amway, their success, and any abuses that might be happening in our group. The upline refused to believe the big lie about the tool scam and how the greedy Diamonds were obsessed with making money at the expense of their downline. Ambot wasn’t too good at prospecting because he’d break down quickly and tell prospects that this was Amway and then he’d lie and say everything’s going really good. All IBO’s are conditioned to say that even though none of them are making money at their Amway business. Its really annoying to listen to  Ambot not being truthful when I knew damn well he wasn't making any money at the Amway scheme. As we all know the opposite was true. Losing thousands of dollars.

Add everything up and these are reasons why I could not stand our upline and/or Amway and why this caused trouble in our marriage.

I hated hearing from brainwashed IBO’s who parroted the upline and claimed “That’s because there is already something wrong with your marriage/relationship”. The standard answer whenever a spouse doesn’t want anything to do with Amway.

But not one of those fucking IBO’s can explain why there were no existing problems before Amway entered the picture.

Our upline were a bunch of fucking troublemakers!

Fuck all of you Amway assholes!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Amway Secret Knowledge Club – Don’t Become A Member

Amway is full of secrets. Those Amway fuckers would even claim that the secret to financial success can be found by becoming an Amway salesperson.

Our sack of shit Platinum was always lording it over us that he held the secret to becoming successful in Amway even though after 15 or 20  years he still had failed to move on to the hallowed ground of Emerald or Diamond before Amway fired him.

And here’s another time for a good old LOL. Where else can you get fired from “your own business” except in Amway.

But whatever - it was something he gloatingly held over our heads. He held the secret and wouldn’t we want to be in his good books and become a member of this secret knowledge club that he was an esteemed member of and learn from him.

Gag! Puke! Fuck you you sack of shit Platinum. The only knowledge I want from you is how we can quit and get back the money we wasted on Amway.

So what secrets do Amway and their brainwashed ambots hold? Actually that’s too broad a question. Amway the company has all kinds of secrets like how much they’re paying ambots in commission each month and breaking it down into a table so prospects can fully understand the business they’re getting into and potential profits they can expect to receive. Columns broken down into number of ambots earning less than $10 a month Between $10 and $50. Between $50 and $100. And so on though numbers would get scarce around the $50 mark. Also how many Amway products are sold to people who are not registered IBO’s. How many Diamonds there are. How much does each Amway product cost to produce and what is the mark up that ambots get dinged with. Those kind of things. And fuck you Amway for your lack of disclosure.

I’ll leave Amway the company out of this discussion. My blog is all about trashing my upline. If I have to trash Amway in the process so be it but not my primary objective.

So what secrets do our Amway upline hold. Part of the secret knowledge club means knowing how to scam and brainwash others. From what I’ve observed here are some characteristics some of the people in our upline held. Fucking assholes like our sponsor and his sponsor didn’t have these traits. The scary thing is half of these traits are not really all that bad. The difference is the people who like everyone they meet and get along well with others who have no ulterior motive in mind other than being a good friend or a good salesperson as opposed to Amway scammers who are only out to rip off others.

1.      Likeable, personable, ability to relate well with just about everyone.
2.      Have an answer for everything.
3.      Offers expensive coaching, mentoring sessions.
4.      Calmly deal with unhappy customers, downline.
5.      Able to bullshit their way out of any sticky situation.
6.      Good speaker, good rapport with an audience.
7.      Ability to put people at ease.
8.      Good at selling: Amway products, business plan, tickets to functions, etc.

Members of Amway’s secret knowledge club learn the above secrets and how to effectively put them to use so the victim does not realize they’re being scammed. Befriend the victim. Be the victim’s best friend. Convince them to buy overpriced useless Amway products and pay big bucks to attend Amway functions.

Being a member of Amway’s secret knowledge club is learning how to use your powers for evil instead of good.