Thursday, May 28, 2015

Amway Ambot Bible: The Slight Edge

There was a book that was a must read for all ambots called The Slight Edge. One of those expensive Amway tools that all good little ambots must buy. I don’t recall what Ambot paid for it maybe $20 because he had to buy it from the upline bastards at their inflated price instead of finding it cheaper on Amazon or Ebay. You’d think one copy would be enough but Ambot bought at least 5 copies of this book over the months we were in the Amway scam. Had to put something on those tools orders to get his upline richer! We’ve long since given them away. Typical return on your Amway dollars spent!


I remember going to an Amway function and just about every Diamond couple that marched across the stage was holding a copy of The Slight Edge. They’d wave it around and encourage all their cult followers to buy it. They neglected to say that they’d probably bought a container load for a stinking deal of a dollar each and they were selling them for $20 each on the tools orders and what a profit they’re making!


I’m pretty sure The Slight Edge was the book that had a story about a man on his deathbed and he called his sons over and gave them a choice of a million dollars or a purse with a penny in it and every day for the next 30 days the penny would be doubled. One son took the million dollars and went out and had a good time spending it on stuff that I’ve long since forgotten about. The other son took the purse with the penny. His brother predictably taunted him because after a week the penny brother has 64 cents in his purse and the million dollar brother has a new house and new car and whatever. By 30 days the double your penny brother has over $5 million. Who gets the last laugh?


So many people lose money in MLM’s and many keep trying over and over trying new MLM scams. Take that penny doubled story and put it in a chart with a people doubled theory like the Amway cult leaders preach – remember eat and drink one Amway product daily and find 2 people who do what you do and so on and so on and so on. Except they leave out the part that with pyramid schemes like Amway the pyramid collapses sometime between one and thirty. Millions is the stuff of ambot dreams but it won’t happen.


So why do the assholes in the Amway upline want everyone to read The Slight Edge - other than the obvious profit they make from selling it - and why they tell the penny doubled story from the stage to convince every ambot recruit how they too can succeed at Amway. Damned if I know but I do know the upline liars conveniently forget to mention that this pattern will not work because of the high number of drop outs at the lower levels. IBO’s leave when they realize they’re not making any money at Amway. 


Oh and if anyone approaches you with a reading suggestion on a great book they’ve just read and loans it to you and its called The Slight Edge - RUN! Its an ambot!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amway Ambots Doing Fast Track

Fast Track =  a bullshit WWDB/Amway program to whip the cult followers into a frenzy of making a few bucks fast.

In reality the Amway ambot fast track is a program that goes nowhere fast. Its to hype up new ambots you know the bastards who go around bragging that they’re just getting started in their new business. Amway and the assholes in the Amway upline hope that when these new recruits make a few extra bucks in the first few months they’re in the scam that it will motivate them to keep going for a few more months even when the money aint coming in no more. You get a few friends and family at the beginning who will buy stuff but no one likes paying high prices for shitty products so unlikely to get repeat business from suckers the ambot has already ripped off.

Maybe some ambots will show up to say I’ve got Fast Track all wrong and the criteria has changed but I’ll try to lay it out how our Emerald told us. In other words its the usual Amway fast talk double talk to excite the audience and confuse them with the facts. Or lack thereof.

Fast Track is usually on the agenda at any Amway WWDB function, Dream Night, FED Free Enterprise Days, Family Reunion, Spring Leadership, all smaller meetings.

If they’re still calling it Fast Track and judging by people searching for it it must still be, then that tells you times ain’t changing much even though the upline tries to scam everyone by saying “exciting changes are just about to happen”. Ambots are still showing up at this blog after typing in Amway Fast Track into Google so that tells me its still around.

So Fast Track ain’t new. It ain’t exciting. It ain’t a change. Its the same old bullshit they were teaching years ago.

OK the Emerald talked real fast, all the better to confuse us. Seeing as how most of the cult followers in the room were already brainwashed they were able to accept what he said with their usual unconditional love and devotion and never question upline.

And I could have the facts wrong. Perhaps some Fast Track criteria has changed over the years.

Hang on to your hats while I try to dissect the mumbo jumbo.

The program called Fast Track has 2 phases. The first phase is referred to as 50/150. The IBO has to create volume, their own personal shopping and get clients. (Ha ha! Yeah good luck with that!) If the IBO is at least 150 PV (and here the Emerald says $500 in Amway purchases) out of which at least $50 is from clients the IBO gets an extra $50 bonus.

Wow! Whooppee! How exciting!

Then the Emerald drops the bomb. This Fast Track program is only available to new IBO’s in the first month of being in “the business”. Sucks for all the other IBO’s who have plugging along for months or years. Look around the room. There are no new IBO’s. Just the same cult followers who’ve been showing up for months and years.

But wait! The first phase ain’t over yet! In the second month the IBO has to keep the same suckers, err customers, and do the same thing over again for another check for $50. And do it again in the third month. Extra $50/month = $150 total for 3 months.

I’m sure everyone is sitting on the edges of their seats breathlessly waiting to hear about Phase 2 because after all the asshole Emerald said Fast Track has two phases.

OK. Wait for it. You don’t want to go home before this very important information is disclosed.

Phase 2: show 10 people the plan and sign up two of them. (Yeah right. We all know how easy it is to find 10 suckers to show the board plan presentation to let alone sign up 2 of them.) But forget two people. Go for three. Sponsor three people who can do the above 50/150 and the sponsoring IBO will earn an extra $200.

Then the asshole Emerald spends the next ten minutes going over the numbers if you can find even more people than the three previously mentioned.

You’ll be an Amway gazillionaire by the end of the year! That’s right! Working part time ten to fifteen hours a week in your spare time! Then you’ll never have to work another day in your life! You’ll be walking the beaches of the world and the residual checks will just keep rolling on in forever! It gets even better!!! When you die you can will your Amway business to your spouse or your kids or whoever and they will have residual income for the rest of their lives too! Woo hoo!!! Riches for the descendents forever and ever!!!

Makes you wonder if the Emerald was smoking something funny before he showed up for the meeting!



Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WWDB Amway Family Reunion 2015

There’s usually some World Wide Dream Builder Amway Family Reunions floating around in the summertime but they’re top secret stuff. Ask the Amway upline for more information about it and the answer goes something like “It’s a life changing event”. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” “it’s the not to be missed Amway function of the year” “By going to Family Reunion it’ll put you 6 months ahead of everyone who didn’t go”. Well that tells you sweet piss all so you can see why Amway Ambots end up at this blog desparately searching to find out what Amway Family Reunion is about.


The Duncan family reunion is being held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on July 17 to 19, 2015. Seeing as how they’re a few Duncans in Scamway most of them showing up at WWDB Family Reunion anyway to flaunt their riches, this is probably hosted by Brad and Julie Duncan going on past history of the Amway Family Reunion held in Portland Oregon.


The other Amway WWDB Family Reunion is held in Spokane Washington July 11 to 12, 2015 at the Spokane Convention Center and is hosted by the Puryears.


So you can see it would be pretty easy for Ambots to go to both of them because they’re held on different weekends in bordering states. How many Amway ambots need a double dose of brainwashing?


We need to send out condolences. The really shitty thing is there’s a high school reunion booked on July 11 2015 also at the Spokane Convention Center. It’s the SPHS class of 75 reunion. Anyone know what SPHS stands for? I’d have thought it was the Spokane High School but that P has thrown me for a loop. But my old friend Google helped out and its Shadle Park High School in Spokane. Either way it doesn’t matter too much except those unfortunate enough to be attending the high school reunion are going to have the shit bugged out of them by Ambots attending the Puryear Family Reunion. The high school probably thinks its just some big family. But then horror of horrors when they figure out its not really a family just a bunch of fucking Amway assholes at their quarterly brainwashing conference. It’s a cult family reunion! And what are Amway Ambots always doing? Sniping prospects. Class of 75 makes them, what 58 years old now? They’ll have Amway Ambots chasing them around the convention hallways shrieking that if they don’t sign up with Amway and become a “business owner” that means in 7 years they’ll either be dead or broke. I know I’m not the only one who feels really bad that someone on the SPHS reunion committee really fucked up and booked space at the same building on the same night that Amway assholes are going to be hanging around torturing unsuspecting people.


Prices for Amway Ambots going to Family Reunion? World Wide Destructive Bastards puts together packages including one night hotel (their choice of hotel) and ticket to the Amway brainwashing conference so pay up whether or not you use the hotel! Or more than likely cram 10 other Ambots into the same room though I don’t know why they would because there doesn’t seem to be individual ticket prices to just go to the Amway brainwashing sessions. $340 for a single or $560 for a couple. Add $10 if you miss the early bird discount. And you don’t want to do that or you’ll be in for a shit kicking from the assholes in your Amway upline demanding you pay up NOW!!!! Apparently it also includes meals on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Amway’s idea of a meal and my idea of a meal is probably thousands of miles apart. Get ready to pick up a food bar and can of XS when you enter the room is probably what’ll happen. If they’re really generous they’ll be passing out a Nutrilite vitamin for you too but I doubt they’ll be that generous.


The speakers are the same old tired bunch who’ve been around forever. Hey what happened to those Diamonds Amway Ambots were bragging about who joined the ranks 2 years ago? No sign of them. Still Diamonds? Does the old guard just not want to share their piece of greed pie with the young’uns?


Ron and George Lee Puryear

Greg and Laurie Duncan

Glen and Joya Baker

Dan and Sandy Yuen

Matt and Sandee Tsuruda

Jim and Judy Head

Trevor and Alexis Baker

Leif and Bonnie Johnson

Jim Puryear


What happens at Amway WWDB Family Reunion? If you believe the World Wide Destructive Bastards propaganda - and only a brainwashed Ambot would! - it’s a function that includes hotel accommodations, two meals, and meetings and some of the speakers will be recently qualified Platinum and Ruby IBOs who talk about the rewards of building an Amway building an Amway business. The rest of the speakers will be Diamonds who talk about the power of having a dream and believing your dream will come true if you want success in Amway. Apparently they’ll be teaching effective business methods (I guess there’s a first for everything!). All weekend (again if you believe the Amway WWDB propaganda) will be technology training, product demonstrations, and motivational videos. The last I have no doubt about. Videos. Not motivational. Just videos showing how rich Diamonds are thanks to the Amway tool scam.




Now for what really happens at Amway Family Reunion.


And what’s in store for the Amway ambots who are fucked up enough to waste their money going to WWDB Amway Family Reunion 2015. On Saturday they’ll be bored by recently qualified Platinums and Rubys. You know how that goes. Those bastards will stand up on the stage kissing ass and sucking dick. They’re allotted about 10 minutes each. It only seems like it drags on for hours each because they’re so fucking boring and say the same thing. And they’re all going Diamond!!!! Woo Hoo! Go Diamond! Yeah! And all the brainwashed Amway ambots in the audience will scream and cheer “Yeah!” “Right on!”


And now for what happens when those ass kissing Platinums and Rubys are done…. There will be a never ending parade of Ken and Barbie Diamonds stomping across the stage. Brainwashed ambots will shriek and rush the stage to get closer to their beloved cult leaders. The arena’s security staff will beat them off. “Get back to your seats motherfuckers!!!!” Barbie will talk first. She’ll say something like I was working a minimum wage job as a waitress in a biker bar and had to flash my boobs to make tips. Ken was working for the man cleaning porta potties. Do you know what its like coming home to a man who smells like shit every night???? Then one day a dear friend showed us “the business” plan. We borrowed $20 for gas to make it to the Amway conference. And now we are rich rich rich and we pay for everything in cash. I love Ken so much for giving me the lifestyle of the rich and greedy. He’s my warrior…… Then some lowly piece of shit Amway ambot brings a chair onstage and Barbie sits there and stares down warrior Ken while he brags about their mansion, their fleet of cars, their private jet, the vacations they take and then shows a slide show of all their material possessions that Amway the cult of greed has provided for them. Or maybe its just stuff they rented for the day for the staged photo shoot. They finish by mocking the adoring ambots that if they can do it then anyone can. Meanwhile the only thing on Ken and Barbie’s minds is how much of the ticket sales proceeds are they going home with for showing up today to bullshit the Amway cult followers.


I got two words for all you fucking Amway assholes stealing money and lying to the suckers who forked over a few hundred bucks (or maybe more than that) to attend WWDB Amway Family Reunion and pretend to teach them “effective business methods” and how they can make a difference in other people’s lives. FUCK YOU!!!! The only difference you bastards are making is making your cult followers poorer and even further in debt. We don’t call WWDB World Wide Destructive BASTARDS for nothing!


Time for some keywords to draw in Amway IBO’s who are desperately searching the Internet for information because the assholes in their Amway upline don’t tell them piss all. Putting the wrong years in is intentional because Amway Ambots are so fucked up they don’t know what year it is or just because they’re a card carrying Amway asshole that gives them the power to turn back time.


Amway Family Reunion 2015

WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2015

Puryear Amway Family Reunion 2015

Puryear WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Puryear Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

PuryearWorld Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2015

Duncan Amway Family Reunion 2015

Duncan WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Duncan Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Duncan World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2015

Amway Family Reunion 2014

WWDB Family Reunion 2014

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2014

Amway Family Reunion 2016

WWDB Family Reunion 2016

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2016

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2016


Amway sucks!


WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!


Amway Family Reunion sucks!


All Amway functions suck!







Monday, May 25, 2015

One Million Visitors!

Wow! We had our 1,000,000 visitor last week! This calls for a celebration and today is Suzy’s story.

Hi everyone! Sue here, one of the Bananas! My husband and I live in Colorado and we were in Amway and WWDB a few years ago for about 5 months. The jerk who signed us up cost us a lot of money and grief. He worked with my husband and sucked him in with lines like don’t you want your wife to be home for your children, and don’t you want to be a business owner so you can choose your own hours and be home with your family. Sound familiar? Now that I know more about how Scamway is run and reading so many comments, this is a common Ambot line.

I’d never heard of Amway. When we joined it was Quixtar changing name back to Amway. Either name it sounded slimy to me. We were told we’d be making $10,000/month after 6 months. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just goes to show what drawing circles and throwing numbers around does to confuse people. I tried to be supportive, I wanted make back the money we were losing. Talk about losing, that’s what Amway is all about. You lose your money, you lose your mind, you lose your friends, you lose your family, and you lose your job.

I didn’t mind a lot of the people we met in Amway. They were nice, but looking back I can see they were over the top nice. I liked a lot of the women and I thought they had pretty decent lifestyles thanks to Amway. They fooled me. I thought they liked me too, but they all dropped me after we left Amway.

I found out after the fact that my husband and the idiot who signed us up had been warned by their boss to shape up or ship out. They were spending too much company time on Amway stuff and were being obnoxious to their coworkers. The warning didn’t help. Every time they got a phone call or text from their upline they dropped what they were doing to discuss “important” Amway business, like who can bring chairs to tonight’s meeting. They both got fired. That put us in a bad spot financially and we had to reevaluate our life fast. I put together a spreadsheet of the money we’d wasted in Amway and the money we’d earned. And I’m not even talking about what we paid the babysitter while we attended endless Amway meetings. To save money I’d say, you go, I’ll stay at home. They always say the same thing at every meeting anyway so I’m not missing anything. I’d be wavering about going to a meeting, and he would counsel with upline, and then a woman in the upline would phone and tell me very important things would be discussed at tonight’s meeting and talk me into going. Lies. It would always be the same as the last Amway meeting we went to. Nothing new. We spent over $5,000 on Amway and made back less than $200, a combo of the little kickback we got for buying at least 100PV in Amway products each month which was around $9 to $15 each month depending on how much we bought, plus a few more dollars on commission on products we sold to people we knew who were nice enough to help us out but avoided us afterwards. We talked a couple of people into coming to board plan meetings but no one signed up. The only way to make money in Amway is to scam others into signing up and buying products and making a small commission off them. How can we live with ourselves knowing the only way we can make money is by lying to others and making them lose money too? I started to convince my husband to quit Amway, but he was also swayed by his upline, who said how perfect it was he’d lost his job because he can now devote all his time to Amway.

I searched online for information about Amway and found other women in the same boat as me and we formed a little support group. Thank you ladies for helping me keep my sanity! I read Merchants of Deception and encouraged my husband to read it too. He finally saw the light. What chance do people like us have to make money when we have no downline and can’t profit from the Amway tool scam?

We got really lucky and my husband found a job in 2 weeks. We decided to get our finances and our lives back on track and quit Amway.

The people in our upline were brutal. They phoned and texted us with never ending insults telling us we’re going to be broke losers for the rest of our lives and that we’ll never retire. And those were probably the nicest things they said to us. The heartless, cruel, ruthless attack we were subjected to was a 180 from the very nice people we’d met a few months earlier.

Many companies learn the hard way they don’t want a group of women pissed off at them. Companies like Amway, are arrogant enough to ignore pissed off customers. We got this blog underway and I wrote a lot of posts in the first year. Our first blog casualty was our blog master who kept the blog registered, up and running, uploaded new posts, and moderated comments. After a few months another person stepped in and is still keeping this blog up and running for us. Hip hip hooray! I’m sure I had nothing to do with our first casualty! I was pregnant at the time. Maybe all those hormones kicking in helped me write posts, but I took a maternity leave for about a year and then came back to moderate the comments. Yeah, you heard me! If your comment doesn’t get posted then you can bitch at me! See if that gets you anywhere. Delete! Just about every comment gets approved, except I’m not releasing any more comments from the Amway masturbator. The first few times it was funny, but how many times do we need to hear about a sex fetish involving Amway products? I’ve been going over old blog posts and revising them, but I don’t have the time or the hormone energy level that I had a few years ago to write posts!

What have I learned from looking at all the comments before publishing them? Most people are genuine and have been hurt by Amway. They’re looking for a place to help them heal and where they can help others by sharing their stories. Comments left by people in Amway – Ambots! – can be really nasty. Nothing Ambots say that I haven’t heard or read here before. People in Amway are ugly, nasty, vicious, scum of the earth bastards. That’s nothing new to me. People in Amway are bullies. Again, not news to me. I have firsthand real life experience before this blog was ever born. And like most bullies, people in Amway are cowards.

I try to check throughout the day for comments, but sometimes I forget or I’m out, or I’ve checked a few times and there’s nothing there, so I stop checking, so if you don’t see your comment published as soon as you like, what can I say? We’re like Amway, no complaint desk! They always told me at Amway meetings, I was in Amway to help others. This blog has been a remarkable experience and has helped a lot of people. Being part of this blog was probably not what the upline had in mind for me to help others! LOL!

If you want to leave a comment and say hi to me, I might even say hi back, but not if you’re an Amway jerk because I don’t like you. If an Ambot wants to bitch at me that the reason my husband failed at Amway is because I’m an unsupportive wife or anything else that ambots are experts at bitching about, and I can’t see your location because it’s a mobile device or you use hide my ass then your comment won’t be published. Delete! Fun times for me! You’d already know that if you read our disclaimers before leaving a comment. So don’t piss me off! Do you want to take your chances and find out if I’m as nice as Anna! If you don’t like the way I moderate comments, then that tells us you’re an Amway creep who tried to leave a creepy comment.

When I’m not being a Banana, I’m an eBay seller, mostly children’s and maternity clothes. There are a few other things I keep on the lookout for, but children’s clothes are mostly my niche. It’s not a living, but combined with my husband’s income, I can work at home and be here when the kids get home from school. And I make more money thanI did in Amway. Yes!

Thanks to our readers who’ve helped make this blog a success. Here’s to our next million visitors!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amway River House Still For Sale?

After a few years there doesn't seem to be any movement on the mansion the Puryears built from their income scamming poor little ambots into buying overpriced Amway shit and useless books and tapes and CDs and other products that make up the Amway tool scam.

The original price was $20 million. Then they dropped it down I think by 2 million and then dropped the price again and its been sitting priced at $15,995,000 for years now.

Has it sold? I don’t know for sure. Maybe and the new owners are trying to unload this elephant at a loss. The original link doesn’t work, so figuring they’re using the same realtors I did a search for properties over $5,000,000 and came up with this link which I believe is the same house It’s the same listing real estate company and the pictures look familiar even though its been over a year since I last looked at the listing. The price is now $10,995,000 so I’m not sure when in the past year it dropped in price whether it was one big $5 mil chunk or it dropped in increments over the year. How many overpriced properties are there on the Spokane River? Pictures look the same. Looks like the same cul-de-sac- those 2 guys on the minibike were riding on while yelling “Go Diamond”! What are the odds that more than one dumb fuck built similar looking mansions in an area undesirable for these monster houses. And selling them. They might as well built it in Detroit! The place hasn’t sold. Has dropped to half the orginal price. And it still won’t sell. Come on you Amway Ambots who pay for everything in cash. Just buy it and put your cult leaders out of their misery!

Obviously it’s a huge beautiful house. You’d think ambots would be lining up to buy this place. I mean they’re always showing up here bragging about how much money they’re making in Amway. They should be able to afford it no problem – right? Unless they’re lying little bastards about how much money they’re really making in Amway – right? Yeah I must be right. I figure the mortgage has to be around 40-50,000/month. Ambots are always showing up here bragging they make way more money than that so that measly little payment should be no problem. Ambots claims Diamonds make gazillions of dollars a year and they pay for everything in cash so you wouldn’t think this house would be sitting on the market all these years when Amway ambots must be beating the shit out of each other for the privilege of buying this house. And if not ambots you’d think there’s got to be other millionaires out there who’d want to have a beautiful house like this that’s built for entertaining.

Location location people. You first need to find a qualified buyer and then find one who's interested on living on a mosquito infested river in Idaho.

Like we always do whenever we run this post, we feature better properties in the same or lower price range in more desirable parts of the country as comparison. Here’s a nice one in Arizona for just under 10 mil, though I’m not so certain about those murals.

And also under 10 mil and on waterfront is this one in Florida. Yup we always need a TV in the sauna.

And here’s an oceanfront in Hawaii for just over 8 mil that comes with a helicopter landing pad on the roof and what looks like either an elevator or a fireman’s pole going down the middle of the living room.

Back to the no sale on the Puryear house. Its kind of like buying Amway products isn’t it. You can find similar items for better quality and better prices just about everywhere. Amway real estate follows the same pattern.

How come the Puryears haven't approached that little British heiress who bought Aaron Spelling's mansion for $150 million. Now there's someone with a few extra bucks to spend.

Of course there's a huge difference between living in the glamor of Beverly Hills compared to the Spokane River. Let's see Beverly Hills has movie stars, rock stars, millionaires, mansions, nightlife, and warm climates year round. Spokane River has potatoes, mosquitoes, and probably very cold winters.

Or maybe its just the whole Amway creepy factor keeping buyers away.

Its like they're always saying at Amway meetings: dream......



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Living A Life Of Hell With An Amway Ambot

A reader tells us about life with an ambot boyfriend.


My boyfriend joined amway over the summer and has increasingly become defensive about it when I mention that it's weird and how I refuse to join. This is the only thing we fight about and I avoid talking about it at all costs! He's now starting to find negative things that come out of my mouth. One time I yelled at him about it and he apologized and said I wasn't negative. But he'll ask me to join. This last time we fought he told me that if I said no this time, he'll leave me alone about joining. He hasn't mentioned it since but I'm scared that this will come up again. He promised he'd never leave me for this and because of this and tht I'm being too paranoid. I don't show any support for this. He's actually in the process of applying for real corporate jobs and I'm praying that this is my only hope in him waking up and realizing its a scam. When people ask him "what do you do for a living?" He mentions NOTHiNG about it and says he's looking for a job, and if someone asks him about why he's been out of town for a "conference" he says "it's for a little side thing I'm doing." ... Those are SOME good signs but I'm having anxiety attacks when he goes to their weekly brainwash sessions and when he's at a conference. I'm walking on thin ice. If I don't show support for amway maybe he can start noticing what I see in it... Or he can think I'm not supporting him. Help :-(

Yup boyfriend shows the classic Amway ambot symptoms. Ambots are angry despicable bastards and make life hell for the people around them.

All Amway ambots get defensive. That’s the life of the ambot constantly showing their devotion to the Amway cult and how dare anyone not like Amway and not support their business. HOW DARE THEY!!!!! Amway ambots put a lot of effort into defending this scam and that makes them ANGRY.

Amway is king of all things negative. Amway ambots are obsessed with pointing out everything in the world that is negative. The rest of the world doesn’t seem to have this finger pointing thing down. What’s negative to one person isn’t too another. People in the real world learn to tolerate negatives maybe they read a book called Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. People in the real world don’t have to pick pick pick at everything and bitch about things they think are negative. People in Amway make all things negative their life’s mission. Really an Amway ambot pointing out everything around them that is negative – there’s nothing unusual about that. They all do that. Amway ambots pointing out everything they perceive to be negative is how they make themselves feel superior to the rest of the world. The rest of the world perceives Amway ambots to be negative.

Amway ambots calling other people paranoid? Look in the mirror ambot!

Yeah an ambot will need a corporate job to afford being in the expensive Amway social club. No one in Amway admits to being in Amway because that’s just so fucking embarrassing admitting that you got suckered into this MLM cult and you’re out to scam people and recruit new cult members. Its better to say you’re unemployed.

And when we’re married to an ambot or dating one or living with one we’re always walking on thin ice. We’re fearful of saying the wrong thing like GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMWAY!!!!! and have the ambot anger directed our way. Ambots are the most angry people around. They’re angry because they’re losing money. Angry because they can’t find others to join up to the scam and make some money back. Angry they’re being abused by the cult followers they love and worship more than anything else in their lives. Angry because they’re ordered by their cult leaders to hang out with other fucking Amway assholes.

Here’s the good news. 95% of IBO’s quit Amway within 2 years. Most within a few months of signing up. You just got to wait them out and that can be hell with them nitpicking and finding everything negative about you they can point out and they only do that to please their upline. Sometimes you got to wait them out by watching them max out their credit cards and spend all their savings. Some can bounce back even if it takes them years. Others have to declare bankruptcy and go into foreclosure if they have a mortgage.

Amway is all about destroying relationships. The cult leaders turn the ambots into nasty, ugly, negative pointing out bastards so the people around them take a hike. That’s what Amway is all about. Sorry to say your story can be told nearly word for word by every Amway widow out there.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Amway Aftermath – Getting Life Back To Normal

Its always good to hear from a reader whose life is starting to get back to normal.
Anna Bannana and everyone else who was so kind in responding to me with such support, thank you so much. I apologize it's over a year later and I am just now responding with a thank you. To be honest, after I wrote a response, I wasn't sure I would get a reply. I feel so silly for not checking back. ...


I am still with the same man. However, the wedding date has been on hold for quite some time. I am letting him explore this "opportunity"...


He has yet to make any money ...


Rather, what I have realized is that these cult leaders operate on building relationships and fostering a sort of emotional attachment. They become mentors. No one wants to dissapoint their greatest "mentors". It makes me queasy.


My opinion on the business has not changed. Although, I have tried. Truly. I have gone to the meetings with him, the trips, met with his upline etc. I just can't bring myself to trust it. It isn't genuine. ... Genuine people get caught up in it. They bring other genuine people with them. And the scammers screw all of them. ...


I apologize for the lack of a refined description. Luckily, it is becoming less of a prominent fixture in his life. He is slowly coming back to seeing the beauty that exists in the life we lead together--- jobs and all! There is loveliness in the routine of life and so often, we forget to appreciate it.


Soooo, to surmise WWDB/amway is a sick cyclical cycle of being sucked in and conned. Every time, I have ever subjected myself to sitting in one of those meetings, The exit doors become the most prominent things in there. All that being said, thank you with all my heart to each and everyone of you who showered me with wisdom and advice. And Anna Banana, thank you for creating this blog. It's much needed :).