Thursday, April 23, 2015

Independent Review Of Amway Nutrilite Double X

You know how when you go to Scamway meetings the cult leader will be raving on about how all of Amway’s products are organic on farms owned by Amway in 3rd world countries, lovingly tended by devoted farmers and then sent to Amway laboratories to be turned into overpriced products.

Everyone knows this around this blog because Amway Ambots keep showing up with the same claims about Amway’s natural, organic products on farms owned by Amway that are used in their products and that’s what makes them superior – according to brainwashed Amway Ambots.

Am I the only person in the world who checks my products to see where they’re made or were grown? Unlikely. And I’m not going to mention specific countries here but there are some I would never buy from for a number of reasons. Third world countries do not have the same sanitary conditions that we’re used to in America. Cleanliness and product handling are not given the same care or fall under strict guidelines. Some third world countries use human waste as part of their fertilizers. There are so many ways people can pick up some bad diseases.

There are also countries that are well known to run sweat shop labor for the benefit of some big bad American country. How do you think these low paid workers feel? Pissed off? In more ways than one. Yup these pissed off employees literally piss on the product, or shit or spit on it. Getting even by spreading e coli back in the states.

Getting back to Scamway meetings, where do the cult leaders say these organic farms are located? Usually in some off the beaten path where a tourist or say a curious Ambot would not normally seek out to go there while on vacation hell probably not even search out online. This could be a farm in the Mongolian desert or deep in the Amazon jungle, you know where you got to cross the crocodile infested river to get to.

These third world laborers send their produce to an Amway factory in America where the organic products are turned into XS cat piss water and snake oil treatments such as Nutrilite vitamins. That’s the general fairy tale told at Amway meetings.

A pissed off Amway worker from the Nutrilite factory stopped in to this blog to bitch about his boss, the low pay, the no benefits, you know the type of stuff that pisses off an employee enough to show up at a blog like this to get the truth out. The truth being the fairy tales told at Amway meetings about how Amway products only have organic ingredients grown on Amway farms is exactly that – Amway fairy tales. Amway purchases their products from wherever, probably not even organic, in many cases synthetic products are used. Why are synthetic products used? And not just referring to Amway here but generally speaking. Because they’re cheaper and they’re good enough for the natural product they’re replacing.

Here’s a link to a scientist who talks about Amway’s Double X products and blows the Amway Ambot myth all to hell by pointing out do you dumb fuck IBO’s even read the label. There are synthetic products in there. And then the usual comments by Amway devotees refusing to believe the truth and instead believing what they’ve been brainwashed to believe by their Amway cult leaders. And then an Amway employee at Nutrilite – presumably not the same one pissed off one who showed up to leave a comment on this blog – agrees with the scientist and says yeah you got us, those are synthetic products used and then the conversation turns all technical and boring. But here’s the link if that kind of stuff fascinates you. Or pisses you off if you’re an Amway asshole.

And probably some fucking Amway asshole is going to show up here shrieking that post is from 2007 and is only about Double X. So what? Nothing ever changes in Amway except the prices going up. And one low quality Amway product is the same as another low quality Amway product. Besides the comments have gone on for years afterwards with no changes to the low quality product Amway Nutrilite sells.

I love the comment left by a brainwashed Amway ambot with “facts” about Nutrilite and the scientist agrees those are impressive claims. Unfortunately mostly not true! LOL! And then she comes back to say why are you bashing Amway. Gee, where have had I heard that before – like every comment left on this blog by an Ambot! To which the response is, not bashing, just getting the truth out there.

Wrap it up in a bow and the scientist recommends cheaper vitamins out there that also have synthetic products, no different than Amway’s Nutrilite vitamins. Just save your money and get similar quality. Like its well known that Amway sells generic and substandard products at premium prices and gets its sale force ambots to lie about the high quality and natural organic products and its better for you and all the other canned brainwashed bullshit that Amway Ambots spout off. Amway lacks high quality vitamins and minerals in their Nutrilite line – no matter how many lies an Amway Ambot will tell you to buy their snake oil.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amway Products & Sex Problems

Dozens of searchers end up at this blog after searching for “Amway sex” or “Amway sex products”. Or “Double X is good for sex”.


The latest searcher is having sex problems and thinks they’re related to Amway products. Or possibly looking for Amway products to solve the sex problems.


Let me break it down simply:


Sex problems?


Not getting laid?


Are you in Amway?


Mystery solved!


Amway = huge turn off.


Come on guys! You’re in Amway and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any? Couldn’t have anything to do with you bringing a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products into the house could it?


Couldn’t have anything to do with bringing a bunch of fucked up brainwashed arrogant asshole cult members into the house could it?


If you have a woman in your life that you love you need to be always looking for more ways to love her, NOT looking for other things that you can love more than her.


The assholes in the Amway upline insist Amway must always come first. Tough shit if you’re celebrating something else in your life the same night an Amway meeting is on or if your upline holds an impromptu mandatory meeting.


Women like security. They like owning a house. They like real food in the house. They like having products in the house that they’ve purchased for a reasonable price and they actually use. They like money in the bank. They like having investments.


The Amway pyramid scheme offers no security. Own a house? The upline probably doesn’t and is jealous if you do. They will “counsel” you to sell your house, your security to a place to live where you’re not forced to live under someone else’s rules. The assholes in the Amway upline want you sell the house and then you use that money to pay off the credit card debt you’ve been running up to buy Amway products and tools and then they look like smart ass moneybags financial guru that they got ambot out of debt and the ambot will kiss their ass and shower them with undying worship and probably a bunch of gifts. What happens next is the ambot starts over all again using the credit card to buy more Amway shit. In debt again soon enough but now without the security of owning a house. You will never have financial independence as long as you’re a renter or working for Amway. There is no money to buy real food once $300+ has been spent buying shitty overpriced Amway groceries with no nutritional value: Perfect Water, XS Energy Drinks, food bars, vitamins, etc. Overpriced cleaning products? Bullshit when there are better products for lower prices readily available in the marketplace. Investments? Not in Amway. Need to cash them in to buy more Amway shit. No money in the bank.


Women don’t like that. They hate to see Amway destroying their lives. They hate to see fucking Amway products in the house, the cause of the credit card debt and no money in the bank, and no extra money for investments. The emotional turmoil of dealing with the fucked up Amway cult leaders is sheer hell. Unable to convince their husband to get out of this evil Amway cult is frustrating and causes a lot of anger.


Women don’t want NOTHING to do with Amway. And that might get around to including their Amway brainwashed ambot husband.


So if you need to do a search on the Internet to figure out why Amway isn’t the huge sex turn on you thought it would be, I can tell you why.


Putting a fucking company over the woman you love? BAD idea.



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things To Do In Minneapolis Instead Of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2015

Amway World Wide Dream Builders is holding WWDB Amway Spring Leadership in Minneapolis, Minnesota April 24 – 25, 2015.

Hmmm. Shows what I know. Never knew Minneapolis is known for holding conventions. I always thought the only thing Minneapolis was known for was home to the Mary Tyler Moore Show!

No really. Practically everything I know about Minneapolis I know from watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Seeing as how its been many years since I last saw one of those reruns well that pretty much puts me as good as knowing nothing. I remember there were a lot of snow storms during the show. Anyway if you want to see the statue of Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat in the air its in front of Macy’s at 700 Nicollet Mall. Here’s a page that has some photos of the statue. Doesn’t cost nothing to go over and look at the news girl who’s gonna make it on her own. Unlike the Amway ambot crowd! They will NEVER make it!

Segway Tours  A little pricey at $80 for a 2 or 3 hour tour around town on a Segway but at least it comes in well under wasting $125 to be brainwashed at an Amway convention.

I have discovered the much coveted zoo in town. The Minnesota Zoo. At $18 its pricey but still comes under that pricey zoo up in Calgary! Seniors and children are $12.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts gets high marks on Trip Advisor. And its free!

Stone Arch Bridge Who wants to walk over the Mississippi River? Kodak moment!

OK. I found the perfect place for me in Minneapolis. Surly Beer! They used to offer free tour and free beer, but no more. It’s $4 and that includes the beer tasting and a souvenir glass. At least its better than those schnooks up in Calgary with the big rock problem doing a rip off $25!!!!

Here’s some more key words to help Amway IBO’s find their way because the assholes in their upline don’t help out with this top secret information. And because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2016. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!

Las Vegas April 10 – 12, 2015
Spokane April 17 – 19, 2015

Honolulu April 18 – 19, 2015

Calgary, Canada April 24 – 26, 2015

Minneapolis April 24 – 25, 2015

Denver May 2 – 3, 2015

Fort Lauderdale May 2 – 3, 2015

Kingston, Jamaica May 23 – 24, 2015

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Things To Do In Calgary Instead Of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2015

This year Amway World Wide Dream Builders is holding WWDB Amway Spring Leadership in Calgary, Canada April 24 - 26, 2015. I reviewed a previous post and its also known as Cowtown. I might not have grown up around cows but I know where there’s a bunch of cows you gotta watch what you might be stepping in! Pretty typical of any Amway meetings they’re all full of shit so it seems like a fitting place.

Keeping with my theme of finding better things to do than spend $125 for a ticket to World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2015 going to an Amway function to get brainwashed I have to say Calgary was nearly as tough a town to find things to do as Spokane was. Not too many attractions that aren’t seasonal or out of town. It looks like Calgary has parks and festivals and rodeos but with time constraints, none that are happening at the same time as WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2015. Calgary is also one of those Spring Leadership cities that Amway expects a bunch of really fucking dumb asses to show up so they hold it over 3 days instead of 2. The slightly smarter Amway IBO’s are given permission to attend Spring Leadership in Honolulu, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Kingston, or Minneapolis because some upline Amway asshole has decided they can “get it” in 2 days in those cities instead of 3 days dumb ass ambots going to Las Vegas, Spokane, and Calgary.

Calgary Tower - Its open daily 9am to 9pm. The description says from the top you can see the city, the Rockies, and the prairies. Sounds a little dull to me. Tickets cost $18.00, slightly less for other age groups. You get on an elevator ride up and look at the city and the prairie?

The Calgary Zoo.  Yup, I have found yet another zoo in a city where Amway WWDB is holding Spring Leadership! The zoo here costs a few bucks more than other city zoos at $24.95. Maybe it costs more to feed animals in Canada? They could lower the feed bill and feed some Amway assholes to the lions and tigers!

Glenbow Museum.  Some people on Trip Advisor say its a nice museum. Costs $15, slightly less for other age groups. I’d still go to the zoo over the museum especially if the menu was Ambots.

Big Rock Brewery - Seeing as how I’ve found other beer breweries in other towns offering free tours and tasting I decided to check this one out. First thing I found out is they want you to cough up $25 for tour and tasting! $35 if you do the night tour. Holy shit! Did they hear a bunch of ambots were going to be in town and decide to rip them off seeing as how they’re already used to being ripped off by Amway? So I’d say stick with where you can get the freebie beer tours and tasting. But the name intrigued me. Did this Albertan have a big rock in his yard he had to figure out what to do with? The website gave a little more info and apparently there’s this big rock out in a field a few miles south of Calgary that was deposited there by a glacier and people go out there and look at it. Yup. Life doesn’t get much more exciting in Calgary than driving around looking for rocks out in fields!

No offense to anyone from Calgary but it looks like the biggest hit with tourists would be the highway heading out of town!

If you’re married to an ambot and haven’t gone to Spring Leadership yet try to steer him to Fort Lauderdale where at least you’ll have stuff to do while he’s out being brainwashed by the cult leaders. You’ll get to walk one of those beaches of the world that Amway cult leaders are always preaching about.

Here’s some more key words to help Amway IBO’s find their way because the assholes in their upline don’t help out with this top secret information. And because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2016. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!

Las Vegas April 10 – 12, 2015
Spokane April 17 – 19, 2015

Honolulu April 18 – 19, 2015

Calgary, Canada April 24 – 26, 2015

Minneapolis April 24 – 25, 2015

Denver May 2 – 3, 2015

Fort Lauderdale May 2 – 3, 2015

Kingston, Jamaica May 23 – 24, 2015

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Spring Leadership sucks!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Do I Get People To Buy The Expensive Amway Products

A searcher showed up here to ask “How do I get people to buy the expensive Amway products.”

This is hardly the first poster to show up asking a similar phrased question. And the answer to this question is not taught at Amway meetings. Overcoming objections is something the Amway cult leaders do talk about. Those Amway bastards have an answer for just about everything.

When an Ambot tries to make a sale and the customer says its too expensive, the ambot is supposed to respond something like don’t you want to pay more for quality. Or Amway’s high prices reflect their quality. The usual Amspeak bullshit. If Amway’s prices reflected their quality nothing would cost more than a buck! LOL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! So true!

When an Amway Ambot is “getting started in their own business” they can usually seduce family and good friends to make a purchase. And to those people I have one word for you: ENABLERS!!!!! In the first couple of months the new Ambot is motivated, perhaps made a few hundred dollars in sales. Then suddenly the sales dry up. The Ambot pesters their customers. Some of the answers might be nice they still have plenty of soap left, they don’t need more just yet. And others might be for the high price of the product the buyer expected it to do a better job than a less expensive similar product that can be bought at the grocery store. And others will say that piece of shit Amway product didn’t do what you promised! Fucking liar!

Most people like to think of themselves as smart shoppers. Everyone likes to get a good deal, buy a product when its on sale. Most people know approximately the prices of their usual household purchases. Then they see the price tag on Amway’s catalogue. Holy fuck! Rip off!!!!

So the answer the Amway loser who wants to know how to get people to buy expensive Amway products. You don’t. People don’t like to pay premium prices for substandard shit. RIP OFF!!!!! You might get a few one off pity sales but you ain’t gonna get repeat business.

Don’t forget in Amway its all about sell the hope not the soap. Ambots are in a pyramid scheme. The object is to recruit people not to find customers to buy expensive Amway products. If you can find a sucker in your downline its all about them buying “from their own store” aka buying around $300 worth of shit in Amway’s catalogue every month, then make commission from that sucker. And if you find more suckers and those suckers find more suckers then you’re all gonna be RICH!

Amway is an expensive buying club. You recruit people, bitch at them to buy at least 100PV every month (around $300) and that’s how you make money. You make pennies per sale. For Christ sake if you want to be a commissioned salesperson there are better paying gigs out there.

That you don’t have to search online for how to find customers.



Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership Honolulu 2015

Amway Worldwide Dream Builders is holding WWDB Spring Leadership in Honolulu, Hawaii April 18 – 19, 2015. So that means another post where I find things to do in town instead of attending Spring Leadership. Actually sitting in your hotel room watching TV would be more productive than attending the Spring Leadership brainwashing session. So would staying at home because that would save you time and money instead of blowing it on the Amway tool scam and the incidental costs incurred getting and staying there. Anyway gotta get some keywords in cause I got lots of ambots searching.

Hawaii is the type of place I can go to and just hang out at the pool or the beach and go swimming and I don’t have to do anything else. You lousy ambot bastards go to Spring Leadership 2015 and I will hang out on Waikiki Beach and be very happy, except knowing my Ambot is somewhere else getting brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders.

So Waikiki Beach is the place to hang out. If you get tired of swimming or reading a book, take a surfing lesson or go on an outrigger canoe ride. These are the touristy things you came here to do so have fun! Fun! A word that is foreign to an Amway ambot!

I’d say everyone should go out to Pearl Harbor. There are tour operators who take visitors there usually in combination with some other kind of city tour. Most hotels will have information on tour companies. Or you can get to the visitor center yourself. Tickets are free unless you reserve ahead of time and pay that fee and include a park ranger telling Pearl Harbor’s history and a ferry ride out to the memorial.

I always like going to the Polynesian Cultural Center but its kind of a bugger getting there. General admission costs around $49.95 and goes up from there depending on whether you want to add dinner, shows, island tour, etc which if you do the full thing costs as much as admission to Amway WWDB Spring Leadership with the big different the Polynesian Cultural Center is a whole lot more fun! This is one attraction that its almost best to find a tour company that will pick you up at your hotel and drive you out there for the day and bring you home again.

Some people like to go hiking at Diamond Head State Park.

And my things to do list on any city where Amway WWDB is holding a function is never complete unless I can find a zoo! Yes, Honolulu Zoo! Costs $14 if you’re over 13 years old or $6 if you’re younger.

Go to a luau! Beats whatever food they’re slopping up at Spring Leadership. Oh, I guess that would be none. You got to find a nearby eating establishment if you’re hungry or buy an overpriced hot dog and drink at the arena’s concession. And hotel restaurants in Hawaii = $$$$. Oh well. Ambots are used to overpaying for things, one of the joys of being in the Amway cult and getting used to being ripped off. Back to the luaus. There are more than I can possibility count. Almost every hotel on Waikiki Beach offers one. Pick one and enjoy some roasted pig and poi. No really. Everyone goes for the entertainment not the food. Some give you a free mai tai when you arrive. Probably get lei’d too!

Hilo Hattie is still alive and well in Honolulu! This is the place to buy Hawaiian themed clothes! I have a Hilo Hattie shirt in my closet that I still haul out whenever I’m going to a Hawaii themed party. Everyone should have one ! They sell other things too. Cans of macadamia nuts and macadamia cookies here for good prices. You’ll find other discount souvenirs like coffee mugs. Oh yes, I’m sure I got my free Hilo Hattie coffee mug somewhere in the house still. There’s a free trolley from some hotels. Here’s the page for the shuttle schedule.

Oh come on really. Hawaii thrives on tourism. You go there for the sun and the surf. Nobody goes to Hawaii and needs Anna Banana to tell them what to do. Pack the sunscreen and have fun. And how do you have fun? By staying the hell away from Amway ambots!!!!!!!

Here’s some more keywords to help ambots in their World Wide Dream Builders searches:

Las Vegas April 10 – 12, 2015
Spokane April 17 – 19, 2015

Honolulu April 18 – 19, 2015

Calgary, Canada April 24 – 26, 2015

Minneapolis April 24 – 25, 2015

Denver May 2 – 3, 2015

Fort Lauderdale May 2 – 3, 2015

Kingston, Jamaica May 23 – 24, 2015

And a couple more key words because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2016. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!

Avoid Amway WWDB Spring Leadership!

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Spring Leadership sucks!

Nothing like wrecking your Hawaiian vacation by attending an Amway function!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Avoid The Amway Scam

I know I’m not the only person in the world  who wonders why so many people have fallen for the Amway scam.


It can’t have anything to do with those overpriced shitty Amway products or more ambots would still be buying them once they quit Scamway. Its amazing how when ambots quit all of a sudden that Amway snake oil they’ve been flogging is no longer, the wonder cure for all that ails you and they stop using and buying it.


I think falling for the Amway scam has got more to do with wanting to belong. The Amway cult is no different than any other cults. Love bombing is huge in all cults and that is part of the Amway cult. Show up to any Scamway meeting and the ambots are all over you hugging and showering with compliments. Phony fake ass bastards who don’t give a shit about you. Except how much money they can steal off you.


Is it the Amway cult leaders who are charismatic, pretend to relate with the cult followers, and says we love you, generally depicting themselves as likeable people. Then how easy is it to brainwash the ambots to do whatever they want. Like spend more money on the Amway tool scam.


The ambot gets swayed by the Amway cult leader, brainwashed to believe everything said in regards to Amway, all things perceived negative, bad things about family and friends, and the Amway cult leader’s opinion becomes the Ambot’s opinion.


These ambots could have been people who said they could never fall for a scam. But most people want to believe in something. In the case of the preachings of the Amway cult leaders its that in 2 to 5 years you’ll be RICH!!!! There will be gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month, and you’ll be walking the beaches of the world with the other ambots who signed up the same time you did. You won’t be working a J.O.B. anymore but you’ll be laughing your asses off at the people who were “too stupid” to sign up for Amway at the same time cause they’d be joining you walking those beaches of the world. People want more out of life. They’d often like an easier lifestyle, a lifestyle of the rich and famous. The Amway cult leaders are out to scam you into thinking it’ll happen once you get onboard with the Amway pyramid scheme.


Months go past. Maybe even years for the ambots dumb enough to hang in there with the Amway cult believing they can’t quit now because success is just around the corner. The Amway cult leaders tell them that the riches at the end of the rainbow are worth waiting for. It’ll just take more time to get there. They’re persuaded by the Amway cult leaders to keep on being broke Amway losers – ironically all the while accusing everyone NOT in the Amway cult that they’re broke losers.


The Ambots believe the hyped up Amway cult leaders and the brainwashing that goes on at Amway functions and all the rah rah we’re all gonna be RICH!


Unfortunately these broke Amway losers chose the wrong path to find the opportunity they were looking for. They should have made a better decision based on the facts the small print on Amway literature – Amway has 99%+ failure rate – instead of the hype from the charismatic Amway cult leaders.


These Amway cult leaders are always on a constant search for their next victims and preach that to their followers – bring in more cult members. Seduce unfortunate suckers who are eager to get started in their own business for a couple hundred bucks. LOL. More like $500 to $700/month once all Amway related expenses are added up but the cult leaders conveniently forgot to mention all those hidden costs.


Don’t be a victim. Avoid failure. Avoid the Amway scam.