Thursday, January 29, 2015

Amway Ambots Are Better Than Everyone Else? LOL!

One of the things that really disturbed me about our Amway upline was their shitty attitude towards people who weren’t in Amway. These snobby snotty Amway ambots were of the mindset that they were superior over the rest of the population.

They bragged to others that they drove BMW’s and Cadillacs. They neglected to mention their cars were 20 or 30 years old rust buckets falling apart and in poor mechanical condition. How can someone driving an old clunker be superior over someone who has purchased with cash a newer model car, maybe not of the expensive luxury type, but looks good, has a clean interior, and isn’t breaking down all the time I’ll never know. But then I was never a brainwashed ambot.

The IBO’s put on business suits and tell everyone they dress for success and that makes them superior to everyone else wearing casual attire. Wearing suits to all Amway meetings and functions is the dress code for these 8pm Amway warriors and in their delusional minds that makes them superior over everyone else who at that hour is relaxing in shorts and T’s, chilling out on the patio with a beer or watching TV. That also makes ambots superior because they would sneer at people relaxing in the evening and say how is watching TV making any money for you. Well at least they aren’t losing money by shelling out ten bucks to go to an Amway brainwashing session. Maybe its more than that now for those meetings. Someone who’d recently been to an Amway brainwashing meeting said it cost $15.

We’d have to arrive at Amway cult meetings an hour early because the cult leaders had brainwashed the ambots into believing that “serious business builders” arrive at least an hour early. So the early bird IBO’s are even more superior than the rest of the IBO’s who arrive closer to 8pm.

Yeah get there early enough and you can set up chairs and rearrange the living room! That’ll really make those IBO’s feel superior because they got assigned that task by some Amway cult leader.

So these superior ambot bastards get to the meeting an hour early and what do they do? They stand around with their cell phones plastered to their ear trying to show off an air of superiority over any ambots who aren’t on the phone. The superior ones on the phone are obviously conducting Amway business. Business is going great! Can’t you tell by the amount of time I’m on my phone?

Then they show off their superiority by being the first to kiss the Diamond’s ass who is speaking that night. They rush the stage after he’s finished brainwashing the crowd. Got to get close enough to press flesh and to have some of the superiority aura to rub off on them.

Add them all up and its what makes Amway IBO’s superior to everyone else in the world. That’s what their little brainwashed brains believe.

I fail to see how some brainwashed ambot who’s losing fistfuls of money in the Amway scam is superior to me.

I guess I’ll never get it. But then I’m not a brainwashed ambot.....


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Latest Amway Ambot Scam

An Amway Ambot showed up here to let us in on the latest scam.

“Amway is rated one of the best home biz opportunities by the better business burow.”

In Amway’s terms and conditions of all the shit that Amway IBO’s are allowed to do or not do one of the things they can’t do is bragging about Amway’s affiliation or lack of with the Better Business Bureau – BBB. It’s a reason an Amway IBO can be fired.

If Amway actually followed through on enforcing their own terms of conduct they would end up firing their entire commissioned sales force. LOL!!! Every Amway meeting I went to the fucking assholes in our Amway upline would be bragging about all kinds of imagined affiliations with the BBB. Tons of fucked up brainwashed Amway assholes show up on this blog and leave comments basically saying that Amway is in bed with the BBB.

So much for following the IBO terms of conduct! Amway ambots give the big old FUCK YOU to their employer and are always bragging about any imagined Amway affiliation with the BBB. Its like the BBB is kissing Amway’s ass and sucking dick according to brainwashed Amway ambots.

Anyone who reads the BBB website can get the true scoop. Any company that wants to have a BBB accreditation fills out an application and pays an annual fee. Amway pays for this. Companies are not required to do this. I have no idea why Amway does pay the BBB fee and it doesn’t really matter anyway. The BBB is set up to be the middleman when consumers have complaints about a company. When the BBB receives a customer complaint they forward it to the business and give them a deadline to respond by. In order to remain in good standing with the BBB the business has to respond within that timeline. They do not have to respond favorably to the customer. The business does not have to be accredited with the BBB to deal with any complaints that are forwarded to them. Its in their best interest to respond because the BBB gives the company a grade depending on whether or not they responded.

It says right on the BBB website that they do not recommend any business, product, or service. That is done so they remain an impartial 3rd party in dispute resolution and to earn public trust in their fairness.

So what’s the latest scam Amway ambots are coming up with? They have slightly changed the name of the Better Business Bureau to become the “better business burow”. It still sounds the same but Amway Ambots have coined a new word “burow”. They’re still hoping to scam prospects into thinking Scamway is - well to quote the fucking little Amway asshole who left the above comment - “one of the best home biz opportunities”. I guess ambots can say anything they want like that about the fictional “better business burow” but the rest of the world knows the similar sounding and legitimate Better Business Bureau does not rate home based business opportunities.  This phony ass “better business burow” that Amway ambots are now bullshitting about apparently does rate home based businesses. Fucking Amway scammers. And why be a dumb fuck and show up on a blog that is all about cursing out Amway assholes and brag about Amway’s latest scam so we can get the word out there to everyone about Amway’s latest scam and lies.

When you’re a pretend business owner running a pretend business I guess you got to come up with some more pretend businesses that love you to death like this imaginary “better business burow” that rates Amway in imaginary terms that the real BBB does not get involved in.

Kiss ass and suck dick. Amway ambot rules to live by.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Amway Cult Members Need To Ask Permission To Use Bathroom

There’s a dumb fuck Amway ambot who shows up here from time to time under different aliases. We call him the Amway Masturbator because he likes to jerk off into SA8. Sometimes he comes here pretending to be a product tester. A biased one because Amway’s products, especially SA8 come out at the top of the Amway Masturbator’s criteria. But then he doesn’t use any other companys products in his panel. Other times he shows up here as bo. Interesting he chose the initials for body odor.

Like we need any further proof that Amway ambots stink in more ways than one! LOL!!!!

So body odor shows up to leave a comment bragging that he shits and pisses his pants. I’m not sure why someone would do that, like we need any more proof that people in Amway are fucked in the head. He says that Amway’s laundry soap SA8 gets out the yellow and brown stains. News flash! Just about every laundry detergent can get stains out if you put the soiled clothing in the washer right away.

The problem is that many laundry detergents can’t get the smell out even after multiple washings.

A woman showed up here telling us her daughter wets her bed and she’d washed the sheets 3 times in SA8 and couldn’t get the urine smell out. I suggested she try a better laundry detergent that masks odors such as Tide or Gain. Or throw out the sheets and buy new ones. Or have her kid wear bedwetter diapers.

Now body odor showing up here to brag about shitting and pissing  his pants reminded me of something about Amway meetings. You’re not allowed to get up and leave for any reason. Its not like when you were back in school and you had to go bathroom and you put up your hand and asked the teacher to leave the classroom.

In Amway you can’t do that.

Well you do have to ask permission from your Amway cult leaders before you do anything but when you’re in an Amway meeting you’re not allowed to leave for any reason. That explains why body odor stays in the room and shits and pisses his pants instead of seeking out a toilet. Can you imagine the smell to the other ambots in the room!? LOL!!!! The reason you can’t leave the room according to the assholes in your Amway upline is that will be the exact time when the Amway cult leader will give out that one golden nugget of advice that will propel you into riches. Yup there’s another LOL!!!!!!

At Amway functions it was easier to leave the room to go to the bathroom, go find a restaurant, go for a walk, leave and go home, whatever. That’s because Scamway functions like Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, Free Enterprise Days FED, and Dream Night are held in larger venues. Could be hotel banquet rooms, auditoriums or convention centers. Places where its crowded enough you can get up and move around and maybe the Amway cult leaders notice maybe they don’t.

You can be pretty sure that the ambots sitting around you are giving you the evil eye for getting up and leaving instead of staying in the room and worshipping the Amway cult leaders and not missing a word those fucking bullshitters say. And those whiny fuck asses are probably going to rat you out to the sack of shit Platinum later on. Because that’s what fucking Amway assholes do to make themselves look all big and important to the Amway cult leaders. They squeal like the rats they are.

In smaller places like when Amway cult meetings are held in living rooms it’s a little tougher to get up and find the bathroom because the Amway cult leader can see what you’re doing.

“Hey where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Demands the Amway cult leader.

“I got to go the can.” Confesses the Ambot.

“I didn’t hear you ask me for permission first.” Taunts the Amway cult leader. “Get back in your chair.”

“Please please please please please give me permission to go to the bathroom. I’ve got to go. I’m gonna mess my pants if I don’t find a toilet.” Begs the ambot.

And still the Amway cult leader refuses. So the Amway ambot has to figure out a way to hold it in.

Or as in body odor’s case stay where he is and shits and pisses his pants instead.

And then show up at this blog and brag about it.

And then bo gets all offended when everyone calls him body odor!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Amway Ambots Lack Basic Financial Planning Education

I received a newsletter from my financial advisor and a couple of sentences stood out enough to make a blog post out of it.

Financial education is the necessary foundation to build a secure financial future.


Americans lack basic retirement planning education.

Very true and pretty much what I already know.

I’m sure most people would like to put more money away for their retirement but for whatever reason they can’t. Most likely because they’re struggling to get by living paycheck to paycheck and there’s nothing left to invest or put in savings. Also many don’t know where to go to get financial advice and learn about planning for retirement. In this age of the Internet there’s a lot of good information out there. Financial advisors have blogs and newsletters that are free. Of course they’d like to pick you up as a client but that’s not a requirement to read their advice online. There’s books. There’s financial planners at your bank who will help you for free.

Amway Ambots look to the fucking assholes in their Amway upline for their retirement planning to build a secure financial future. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Just because they hold an Amway IBO card ambots are under the false impression that now makes them experts on everything when they know jack shit about nothing.

How do people think are going to fund their retirement? I remember reading somewhere that a surprising number, may have been the largest percentage, are relying on lottery winnings.

How much does a person spend on Powerball? $10, $20, $100? Might be a lot more depending on if its a big one. There’s a 1 in 32 chance of winning a prize and most likely one of the smaller ones. But still a lot of people do win a few bucks back. Probably didn’t even invest anywhere near as much as an Ambot spends in a month buying shitty overpriced Amway products.

That’s a whole lot less than investing in a month in Amway and the lottery player has greater odds of making more back in a month than an Ambot’s commission of around $10 once the Ambot has forked out around $300 on shitty overpriced Amway products.

What do others expect to have as part of their retirement income? Some have an inheritance. Others might sell their house and downsize to something cheaper and have equity to fund their retirement. Others have a pension plan through their work. Others have contributed to retirement savings. Others play the stock market or have other investments that they hope to cash in to fund their retirement.

What’s an Amway ambot’s retirement plan? It goes something to the effect of eating one Amway food bar and drinking one Amway beverage daily and finding 6 people to do what you do and they find 6 people and they find 6 people and so on and so forth. And all these hundreds of people in your downline must continue to buy a minimum of 100 PV in Amway products every month (approximately $300) and they have to do this for the rest of their lives. LOL!!! Now there’s a secure financial investment plan!

Meanwhile the guy at the top of that little empire can just sit back and do nothing while gazillions of dollars in residual income roll in every month from Amway.

That’s the gist of the Amway Ambot retirement plan. That’s the financial education that the ambot gets from the fucking assholes in his Amway upline.

Except an Ambot can never retire. They got to keep their cult followers in line buying all this Amway shit and motivate them to hang in there for another month because success is right around the corner. They got to keep showing the Amway bored plan and showing up at Scamway meetings. Because if the cult leader stops showing up and bitching at the downline to buy shitty overpriced Amway products, the cult followers will stop being brainwashed to buy that shit. They’ll drop out of sight and there goes that income stream.

Its pretty precarious sitting at the top of the Amway pyramid. Its got to crumble sometime.

Secure financial future thanks to Amway? Not when Amway’s own literature shows that only a tiny fraction of 1% of participants in their scam will make money. That’s over 99% failure rate. The majority of the ambots expecting Amway to provide them with a secure financial future are in for a rude surprise. Shouldn’t have believed those lying scamming Amway assholes.

And speaking of lying scamming Amway assholes lets just send out a big old FUCK YOU to them and their shitty financial advice.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

4 Sneaky Ways Amway Tricks Ambots To Spend More Money

These are common problems that happen to Amway ambots when the assholes in their Amway upline tell them what they should be doing or investing into their Amway “business” which is a real piss off when you realize these fucking Amway scammers didn’t disclose hidden costs at time of sign up. Bait & Switch! Amway is a fucking Bait & Switch scam!!!!!

  1. Not upfront about all Amway costs. When a new ambot is getting love bombed and hyped up after listening to some sack of shit Amway cult leader they’re told something like where else can you get started in your own business for only $100. Or $200. Or whatever the current membership costs to belong to Amway’s expensive buying club. That’s an annual cost. Something that the fucking assholes in your Amway upline probably didn’t mention. You pay it every year. The scamming assholes in the Amway upline also “forgot” to mention that in order to be eligible to get a monthly commission check from Amway you have to buy products that total 100PV, in other words around $300/month for personal consumption. Those sack of shit Amway assholes also “forgot” to tell you that you must buy “tools” aka invest in Amway’s tool scam that can cost  - well the sky’s the limit. These are books and CD’s. Most Ambots spend at least $50/month if they don’t want to get a shit kicking and be subjected to abuse and humiliation from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Also $50/month is membership to cult sects, lets pick on WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards because I know what those fucking bastards are all about. That $50 gets you a portal website so if you know anyone dumb enough who will buy overpriced shitty Amway products you can give them your web page. It also has an online calendar and contact list but don’t put anything in there because it ain’t private. WWDB accesses it and spams the contact list. $35/month for Communikate, a voice messaging system that serves no purpose than makes the upline Diamond richer because they get the bulk of that money. And speaking of making the Diamond richer the Ambot is required to attend all Amway major functions because the Diamond makes the bulk of their income from ticket sales to this event. That couple hundred bucks to “get started in your own business” has now increased to $500 to $700/month depending on how ambitious the Ambot is about buying Amway products and tools. If those scamming Amway assholes disclosed upfront to prospects how much it really costs to belong to Amway’s expensive buying club each month there’d be a lot less sign ups, so its all about tricking the prospect into thinking they slap down their membership application fee and that’s all they have to do. Too many expenses. So lets just send out a big old FUCK YOU to Amway and those fucking assholes in the Amway upline for tricking prospects.
  2. Wants Versus Needs. This is a big thing that just about everyone, not exclusive to Amway cult members, goes through when shopping. Do I need that? Or do I want that? Especially tough if you’re on a limited budget. Do I want those supercute $150 shoes or do I need them? Or could I get by on a $50 pair of plainer shoes? Amway Ambots don’t have that luxury of making decisions on wants versus needs. They do whatever the fucking assholes in their Amway upline demand they do. Like who really needs to pay $40 or $50 for laundry soap or $100 for a one month supply of vitamins. Everyone needs laundry soap but you can go to Walmart and get better quality laundry soap for $10 or less. Same with those vitamins. Probably $10 or less. And did you even need vitamins to begin with or did some fucking asshole in your Amway upline order you to buy them and get the old PV up there. I can take that $150 that would have been spent on Amway soap and vitamins (stuff I don’t want or need) and get those supercute shoes instead! What the hell they’re both wants not needs! When an Ambot joins up with Amway they find out there’s suddenly a whole bunch of things they “want” that they never wanted before like vitamins, bottled water, energy drinks, etc etc. Bet they don’t keep buying that shit once they get out of the Amway cult!
  3. Keeping up with the ambots. When an ambot goes to Scamway meetings they listen to the sack of shit Amway cult leaders bragging about how rich they are. And before they were rich they were working minimum wage jobs, eating out of dumpsters, and sleeping 4 to a bed (Amway orgies!!!!!) If they can get themselves out of that broke loser lifestyle and now own mansions, sports cars, helicopters, designer clothes etc etc then you ambots can do it too. Its kind of like the old want versus need above. Do people really need designer outfits and helicopters or can they get by with regular clothes and a car. Not everyone who has money goes out and spends it to show off to everyone else how rich they are. Many rich people invest their money and take vacations instead of spending their money on bling. Not Amway assholes. They got to spend it and show off to the Ambots how rich they are. Forget those Amway bastards. Even though they lie about buying everything with cash they ain’t making that much in Amway to afford all that nice stuff they brag about. Anyone declaring bankruptcy or going into foreclosure had to borrow money from somewhere which pretty much shoots down the Scamway lie about buying everything with cash.
  4. Just borrow the money for your Amway business and pay it back later when you’re rich. Yup more words of wisdom from those upline Amway assholes. These sack of shit cult leaders give out the world’s worst financial advice. Skip mortgage or rent payments and use the money to invest in your Amway business and you can pay it back later. Unlikely. The bank will foreclose or the landlord will evict before the Ambot ever makes any money in Scamway. Same thing with taking money out of your savings or retirement account. Invest it in your Scamway business now and pay it back later when you have gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month.


Those Amway bastards are only out to trick people into signing up for their scam and will use every sneaky lie they can come up with to do it.

So lets send a big old FUCK YOU out to Amway assholes who bitch at their downline to invest in their business. The only thing Amway ambots are investing in is their uplines getting richer off of them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Amway Ambots Snipe Prospects At Grocery Store

I usually do one big grocery shopping trip a month and inbetween I shop as needed for perishables. Ambot had been so preoccupied with Amway meetings that we’d fallen behind on shopping and running low on everything. We had our night set aside that we were going shopping and shortly before we headed out the door his cell phone chirps that he has a text message. I tell him to ignore it because the only texts he gets are from the fucking assholes in his Amway  upline.

Sure enough the arrogant prick that sponsored Ambot and the fucking idiot that sponsored him have scheduled an immediate meeting at Taco Bell. I tell Ambot to tell them to fuck off - we have other plans. Instead Ambot declares that we must drop whatever we’re doing because these Amway cultists expect him to be available at their beck and call 24/7. Well seeing as how we hadn’t eaten dinner yet I said I’d eat some Mexican fast food and then we go grocery shopping. And I mean it. Before the store closes.

For the life of me I can’t remember what those two assholes wanted other than to harass us about “the business”. These two bastards are much younger than us and although Ambot was of the attitude that they’re our upline and we must treat them like gods and kiss their asses I wasn’t under any similar brainwashed delusions. I made it very clear to those two bastards that I had to get to the grocery store before it closed even though they kept trying to sway Ambot to stay in Taco Bell so they could go over some “very important” business strategies. I sort of won this battle because Ambot and I headed to the store but those two fucking idiots followed us in their car. What are they going grocery shopping for? They both still lived at home and had their mommys taking care of the shopping and cooking.

Those two idiots told Ambot to find prospects in the grocery store. Oh shit how embarrassing is that. There’s a security guard standing outside the store so Ambot pounces on him while I push the grocery cart into the store and abandon him to his stupid Amway games. Eventually Ambot catches up to me and tells me the security guard is a hot prospect and he got his phone number. How sick is that? Its like he’s trying to pick up a date at the grocery store.

Eventually those two upline bastards get bored of walking around the grocery store or else they weren’t having much luck sniping shoppers and they left. However they continued to phone and text Ambot while we were shopping to see how the prospecting is going. Ambot tried to strike up a conversation with a couple of other shoppers but mostly they looked at him like he was some weirdo while I pushed the grocery cart the hell away from his shenanigans.

Then we get to the line up for the cash register and Ambot starts talking to the man in line in front of us who looks rather uncomfortable. Ambot is using F.O.R.M. on him as taught at Amway meetings but bypasses F (Family) and goes right for O (Occupation). The man has something to do with developing computer games. Ambot gets that much out of him before his cell phone rings. Its the arrogant prick sponsor. Ambot gets all excited and tells his upline bastard he’s not going to believe who he’s talking to - some dude who invents computer games. After the call ends he turns back to the man who is probably wishing like hell that the cashier would move a little faster and tells him his friend that was on the phone is interested in a similar career (BULLSHIT!) and was wondering if he might be available sometime to talk to him. The man reluctantly gives Ambot his work phone number.

I have no idea if Ambot or the arrogant prick ever tried to contact the man. Probably lost the piece of paper the number was written down on.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing. Faking interest in somebody’s career in the hopes of trying to trick him to come to an Amway or trying to snipe grocery shoppers to come to Amway meetings.

Ambots always say there's no other business out there like Amway. Yeah I’d say I can’t think of any other company that sends their employees out to forage for prospects in places where most people don’t want to be bothered by some rabid Amway cult follower.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Join Amway And Your Dreams Will Have An Expiration Date

Amway is a scheme to sell you on a dream. A dream to have your own business. A dream to have a mansion, fleet of sports cars, luxury vacations, what have you. Amway cult leaders promise that the answer to making your dreams come true is becoming an Amway Ambot.

The reality  is Amway is all about having your nightmares come true!

At Amway meetings the Amway cult leader is all about selling dreams. Many times they’ll go around the room asking people what their dreams are. And some of them are very normal stuff that most people want like a house, a nice car. Then there’s the stuff you have to have mega movie star income to buy. Dream big in Amway. Whatever. Daydreams. Pretend business.

The Amway cult leaders always want to know what your dream is so they can use it against you at a later date. Maybe you’re living in an apartment and your dream is to buy your first house. Probably you’re thinking a smaller house but the Amway cult leaders will encourage you to dream about mansions worth millions of dollars. Paid for in cash LOL!

After a few months the Ambot figures out Amway is a scam. The Ambot is sinking hundreds of dollars every month buying Amway products, investing in the tool scam, going to Amway meetings. And all for a measly commission of about $10/month back from Scamway. Maybe the Ambot finally looks at the small print on Amway’s literature and realizes that only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO’s will make money. Maybe the Ambot goes online and finds information from other people who got sucked into the Amway scam and reads stories of their financial and emotional distress.

Yup time to get out. Any business opportunity with over 99% failure rate was a bad idea to get involved with. Should have read the small print. Should have read the former Amway cult members stories sooner.

The best thing to do is just leave the Amway cult quietly. Don’t buy no more shitty overpriced Amway products. Don’t answer phone calls and texts from the assholes in the Amway upline. But most ambots end up telling some asshole in their upline that they’re quitting. Then the ambot is told you can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner. “You’re about to go really big I can feel it.”

Maybe the ambot hangs in for a little while longer so the assholes in his Amway upline can make a few more bucks off him. Or maybe he just says fuck you I’m outta here.

At some point the assholes in the Amway upline taunt the Ambot, I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough. And then the bastards insult you:  I guess you’re never going to own a house. Just think of all those houses out there that will never have anyone living in them and its all your fault cause you quit Amway. Loser!

It doesn’t matter what your dream is or how big it is, there’s over 99% chance it’ll never happen as long as you’re in Amway. There’s only a few cult leaders at the top of the Amway pyramid who are making money, mostly from selling tickets to ambots to come to a meeting and hear them speak. That’s where the money is. Not from begging everyone you know to buy overpriced vitamins and laundry soap and scam others to sign up to the Amway cult.

The ambot is now dealing with the fucking assholes in his Amway upline sneering at him about his dream not being big enough because he couldn’t fund that mansion after getting scammed by Amway.

That dream had an expiration date on it. That dream was probably only good for a few months during the time inside the Amway Cult of greed.

Quit the Amway cult and the dream expires. If it was even the Ambot’s dream to begin with.