Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nothing Ever Changes In Scamway

Here’s a reader who tells us nothing much has changed in Amway in the past 20 years. Except the tapes ambots have to buy on the tool scam are now CD’s. The story is the same as many people who’ve got taken in by the Amway scam. A couple looking to make a better life, have extra money, have the wife be a stay at home mother. Dream Night = nightmare. 40 people crammed into a hotel room at an Amway function. No sleep. Love bombing. Having words like quitter and loser ingrained into their heads from the assholes in their Amway upline. Fear of being ostracized keeping them in the Amway cult. Figuring out Amway is a losing business opportunity. Stockpiling Amway products. Savings gone. Credit cards maxed. Fighting all the time. Being financially set back several years trying to recover from the Amway scam. How many times has this story been told? Get involved in Amway and step into hell. 

Every now and then I get an urge to look up the latest info on the Scamway world. So this time I landed on your blog and I'm glad I did.

My wife of twenty five years and I were coaxed onto the soap slickened slopes of Mt Scamway back in the early 90's after we were first married. We were a couple of wide eyed 23 yr olds who wanted simply to help ourselves financially by making that extra few hundred bucks a month and buy products we were already using from ourselves. Sound familiar?

Our sponsor was a guy I went to school with. It all seemed pretty good until we attended our first function, a Dream Night if I recall. Start of a fucking nightmare is what it was. We were newly married and as such didnt have a lot of money. We did have good credit however. So we paid for this with mostly credit, partly cash, all with the blessing of our upline direct. It was quite expensive even with like forty of us crammed in a room in Richmond. And we didnt sleep all damned weekend. And above all I was really uncomfortable with a lot of what was being said but tried to keep an "open mind".

But I digress. After this I began dissecting facts and crunching numbers and realized in the back of my mind that this was a losing proposition. But I wanted to give it a fair shake and I'm not a quitter, and my bride whom I did and do love dearly, was all in. So we continued. For two long years and the birth of our first child. His birth caused us both to take a long look at how we were spending our resources and we finally had the clarity of mind to say fuck it.

The addiction for her was the people. You know the ones who hug you incessantly and tell you they love you? The ones who tell you how great you are, you're a winner, and all that shit? I'm not really a touchy feely guy and wasn't really into that but she was raised in a home where praise and encouragement came at a premium. Just another angle for the programmers to use. For me it was the desire to achieve success for me and my wife and honestly, I wanted her to be proud of me like those gals up on stage were proud of their hardworking hubbies. (Even tho I hear a whole bunch of them were having fun on the side and are now no longer wed).

I have to this day no real idea how much we lost on that whole damned mess. I know it took a huge toll on our married life because of the bills we racked up in pursuit of "The Dream". By the time we escaped and deprogrammed we were flat broke, the cards were maxxed, the savings were gone, and we were constantly at each others throats over everything, but the fights always started about money, or rather the lack of it. And there was enough fucking LOC in our closet to float a battleship. Rather than helping us, the Ama-Scam set us back a good five years financially.

Today I would never fall for it, but as a young and gullible man I was sucked right in. And I actually tried. I went out and met people. You know, "cold contacting" and setting up "QI's" and the whole damn tamale. Went to the meetings, CONventions, and slept 3-4 hours a nite. And never made enough to cover the gas and the fucking food, let alone hotel rooms. Looking back it was like escaping from a booby hatch. After probly a year of no Scamway influence, no tapes in our car tape deck,(no they weren't friggin CD's they werent invented yet) and telling every upline Ambot who called to apply pressure to have an arsenic and LOC cocktail, we were free. We are now approaching our Silver-no longer in Scamway-Thank You Lord Anniversary. Carry on your good work, Anna Banana.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lying Amway Ambots Love Being Bashed!

The Married to an Ambot blog is a magnet for Amway ambots who like to leave canned Amspeak responses and have a masochistic desire to be bashed by me and/or some of the other commenters.

Yeah, sure show up here and leave an unoriginal comment and be an asshole and I’ll curse you out no problem. In all my posts when I curse out my Amway upline I’m cursing out everyone’s upline. People who wished they could have cursed out their own upline love it and keep coming back to read more. I give my readers what they want! Curse out Amway ambots!

My Amway upline is everyone’s upline. I’ll curse them all out for anyone who needs helps cursing!

I have a new commentor who seems to mostly be focusing on older posts when IBOFB used to stop by this blog and leave comments so everyone could laugh at him. But he’s been gone a long time now because he didn’t want to continue getting laughed at by debating why women should buy Amway’s leaky prestige tampons instead of buying tampons that get the job done so its not like he’ll be stopping by to read messages the scambot destroyer has been leaving him:

tinscam piece of scambotwaste sputtering dated Scamshit-programmed dialogue Quixcum! What a loaded memory-card you must have scambot, sure hope you don’t try to upgrade on your own amshit.

You stupid little Scambotshit piece of quixcum!

You’re a laughable unit at best Scamfuck! What a little scambucket of shitbolts that’s soon to be shattered into pieces of Quixcam shit!

Scambotshit, your ambolts must be malfunctioning

Pretty funny stuff! I’m not the only one around who has no problem cursing out those lying Amway bastards! And yes - anyone is welcome to show up on my blog and curse out their Amway upline or any lying Amway asshole that shows up here to leave a canned Amspeak response. We’ve been on to you for a long time you fucking little Amway liars!

So the latest lying Amway IBO shows up to accuse me of having a job. Oh gee I’ve never heard that one before! Even if I did have a job what’s so bad about that? All those lying Amway IBOs have been challenged to tell me what my job is, who I work for, how much money I make, and where is this money cause it sure ain’t hitting my bank account! None of those Amway liars have an answer. It’s how Amway Ambots operate: lie, deny, distract, defend and then disappear. The Amway cult leaders mission is to sneer at everyone who has a job even though many Scamway cult leaders hold outside jobs from Amway as do most of the ambots so they can afford their expensive Amway habit. It is so inconceivable to Amway assholes that there are people in this world who don’t work jobs because: they’re self employed business owners (and here we’re not talking about phony Amway business owners, I mean real businesses!) they’re independently wealthy, their spouse earns enough that they both don’t need to work, they’re lucky professional gamblers, they won the lottery, they came into an inheritance, they’re successful investors, they’re physically or mentally handicapped (or otherwise incapacitated that they can’t work), they’re retired, they’re not old enough to work. Other than our own business I haven’t worked a job in years. Lying Amway assholes refuse to accept that its possible that there are actually people in the world who don’t work a job.

Get a fucking clue you lying little Amway assholes! Once people hit 40 most of them are looking to go into semi-retirement which means either working less hours or starting their own business - which will probably mean they work even more hours. When you’re the owner you don’t stop working until the work is all done. Scamming Amway assholes don’t have any concept of THAT!

I’m also told I’m broke. We easily make the same range that Amway’s published literature states an Amway Diamond makes, around 150k. That’s a nice income for semi retirement. It means I don’t spend as much time working in our business as I used to. It means taking time off when we want, having decent vehicles, and a nice house. It means all the expenses that go along with those things. Seeing as how Diamonds earn about as much as we do they likely live similar lifestyles if they’re able to keep their spending under control. Its my guess they have debt through the ying yang trying to maintain an imaginary lifestyle of riches that their cult followers expect Diamonds to have. If the lying little Amway bastards show up at my blog and accuse me of being broke - similar income as a Diamond - then that shows what they think of their Diamonds - all broke too! Which is probably very close to the truth. Its my guess that most Diamonds are more broke than we are! But then we’re not living a lifestyle beyond our means to impress anyone. People work hard to build their businesses to a point where they make a nice income and can take time off and go on vacations and live a nice lifestyle. 6 figures is a nice income but its not nearly enough to quit and retire on for the rest of your life. No matter what those fucking upline Amway assholes try to brainwash you into believing! Ever notice how those Diamond cult leaders are still flogging their wares? They stop they got no income. Then they will be even more broke than they are now.

Lying Amway ambots that show up here to bitch because they can’t contain their anger that someone is getting the truth out there on the Internet about what its like being inside the Amway cult - so a big fuck you to all of you. That’s because there are people in your downline likely wives of ambots who are dying to tell you to fuck off and rot in hell for scamming them into the Amway pyramid scheme. And if you don’t have a downline yet, then I speak on behalf of your future downline when I tell you to fuck off. And that future downline is probably a figment of your Amway imagination because its really hard for IBO’s to sign up one person to Scamway. Amway is a pretend business so Ambots can pretend they have a downline making them rich.

You lying little Amway assholes go around with your negative canned Amspeak bullshit that you’ve picked up from listening to your cult leaders accusing me of having a job, being an unsupportive wife, being an unchristian dream stealer, being broke, being a negative loser, being a quitter, not trying hard enough, blah, blah, blah. How unoriginal can you be? Brainwashed ambots don’t have an original thought in their head. They parrot what their upline say and come off looking like a bunch of assholes. You bring misery to other people’s lives. You recruit them into a cult, brainwash them, steal their money, cause financial ruin, and destroy marriages and families.

And you wonder why people like us take to the Internet and talk about why their Amway uplines are a bunch of assholes who should go fuck themselves instead of fucking over others.

Everyone is my upline. So fuck off you lying Amway assholes!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Amway Won’t Let You Out And Won’t Refund Your Money? Shocking!

A searcher found their way to this blog with “Who do I complain to if Amway won’t let me out and refund my money.”

This gets a person thinking about other places where they shop. Do people ever go around complaining that Walmart, Sears, or Safeway won’t let them out? I mean there’s the door. Leave.

Well every now and then you hear about a customer that got locked inside a store, maybe they were in the restroom around closing time, and the staff left, locked up and the bathroom customer couldn’t get out. Can you imagine what a horrifying experience that would be someone to get locked into an Amway store with all those shitty overpriced Amway products? Holy fuck! But Amway doesn’t have retail stores because that wouldn’t work too good for their pyramid scheme and their member based (Independent Business Owners bullshit) buying club.

No one goes around complaining that a store won’t let them out unless there are some other kind of circumstances going on like a missing kid and the place gets locked down. In the rare instances where someone is physically unable to leave a store its usually only a temporary situation and they’ll eventually get out. I’m talking about normal circumstances where nothing is going on. You walk into a store, buy what you need and leave. So most people don’t go around saying Sears, Safeway, Costco, Walmart won’t let them out. These places aren’t holding them hostage. Can the same thing be said about Amway?

Why does this complaint come up over and over again with Amway? I’ve seen many similar searches that end up on this blog.

Why won’t Amway let you out?

Its like any other store. Just leave. Don’t go back. Don’t spend your money there. That’s how you get out of Amway. You’re not locked in or stuck in a physical location. Amway Ambots blow it out their asses all the time that they’re an Internet business. Unlike real stores they don’t have actual locations that you can walk inside and do your shopping.

Why do people even have to ask this question: why won’t Amway let me out? Its creepy. But then its Amway and everything Amway IS fucking creepy.

It probably has more to do with the fucking assholes in your Amway upline than the company itself. If you tell your Amway upline you’re quitting to begin with they’ll tell you stuff like: you can’t quit now, not when success is right around the corner. You’re about to go really big, I can feel it.

And when that doesn’t work the fucking assholes in your Amway upline will insult and humiliate you. Accuse you of not working hard enough. You’re a quitter. You’re a loser. You’ll be broke for the rest of your life. And all the other bullshit abuse you put up with from the Amway upline. And you’ll be the subject of rants from the Amway cult leaders at the next few meetings.

I still say its like any other store. Just stop going there. Stop buying their shitty overpriced products. That’s how you get out.

And then all the other things that go along with getting out of the Amway cult. Stop going to Scamway meetings. Cancelling your $50/month membership to your cult sect, cancelling Communikate, and quit listening to CD’s where some fucking Amway Diamond is brainwashing you. Stop hanging around fucked up brainwashed Amway assholes who devote their lives to spouting out lies in the form of bullshit Amspeak.

Some people compare quitting Amway to trying to get out of your Comcast contract. Getting out of Comcast is easier! Ha ha!

So who do you complain to if Amway won’t let you out? If you have a news station that features a consumer complaints section, start there. However its pretty fucking embarrassing letting it get out there that you got scammed into Amway so most people don’t want to call attention to themselves and have people say if that fucking loser is so stupid to get involved with Amway they deserve to get scammed out of their money. What about the BBB? Amway ambots love to violate their IBO agreement and brag about how the BBB kisses Amway’s ass they’re so happy to be affiliated with them. Complain to the BBB. Its hard to say if that will work. All a business has to do to keep their good standing with the BBB is pay their annual fee and respond to any complaints within the time limit set by the BBB. The business does not have to respond favorably to a customer’s complaint and fix the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. All they have to do is get a response in to the BBB before the time’s up.

Don’t even waste your time phoning into Amway’s customer service department aka the I-don’t-give-a-shit department.

Amway is like any other company if you refuse to pay their monthly or annual fees. Don’t pay and they’ll drop you.

Getting a refund is another story. Amway ambots will brag about their wonderful refund policy but very few have ever tried to put it in action. If you send back Amway products and get a refund your PV/BV goes down according to the value assigned to that product. Domino effect which means all the fucking assholes in your Amway upline are also going to see those points hit the shitter. And then you’ll have to put up with the verbal abuse from those bastards for doing a refund. But if you’re quitting Amway anyway why do you give a shit if those bastards are taking a nosedive on their PV/BV. You got to jump through hoops with Amway to get a refund so most people don’t bother. They’ll just throw the shitty overpriced product in the garbage and write off their loss.

Some could also say its easier to get a refund from Comcast than it is from Amway. LOL!!!!