Monday, November 30, 2015

Amway WWDB Dream Night 2016

Amway and World Wide Dream Builders hold a major function at the beginning of each year called Dream Night. It is held in locations around the USA and Canada and according to our Amway upline everywhere else in the world too but I don’t see any international cities listed. We were told even if we are on vacation in January that we’d have no excuse to miss Dream Night because its EVERYWHERE!!!!


So what is Dream Night? It includes dinner and listening to some motivational Diamonds if you believe the hype from WWDB. If you believe the hype from the assholes in your Amway upline Dream Night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the must attend event of the year, not to be missed, puts you 6 months ahead of everyone else who didn’t go and blah blah blah bullshit.

So what is Amway WWDB Dream Night all about?

To paraphrase from World Wide Dream Builder’s propaganda (cause I wouldn’t wanna get accused of plagiarism!) this is an elegant night that will show the ambots how to turn their dreams into reality.

Ha ha! Yeah right! And if you believe that bullshit I have some prime swampland in the Amazon jungle I’d like to sell you!

The best part of the night - OK Wait for it!!!!! - is when the cult leaders share how their dreams came true and if they can do it then any of you dumb ass ambots can do it too!

I can sum it up how they got to be Diamonds. They ripped off thousands of unsuspecting ambots in their downline telling them to buy useless, overpriced Amway shit to self consume and if they can’t find any customers - make them up. They bullied those further down the pyramid into attending Amway functions. They told them to buy CD’s featuring Diamond speakers. They told them to buy motivational books that they received a hefty kickback from the publisher or author. They brainwashed their adoring ambots to buy, buy, buy. So preaches the Amway cult leader: “Hand over all your money to me so I can get rich. And here I sit on the top of the pyramid sneering at you lowly dumb ass ambots!”

Hold on to your hats there’s a bunch of cities on Scamway’s 2016 list of destruction for WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards Nightmare Night. Some of them have more than one Nightmare Night. Not sure if that means there’s more dumb fuck Ambots in these locations that they need more days, if the Ambots in those locations are being ass fucked to attend more than one night, or the venue is so small they need more than one night to accommodate the expected Amway cult worshippers.

Ann Arbor
Colorado Springs
Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas
New York
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Jose

Whew! I think I got them all so I managed to get more keywords in there for IBO ambots frantically searching for information on Amway WWDB Dream Night 2016.

I’m not going to list the actual dates for each city. If you really need to know go to the WWDB website and look them up but suffice it to say the Amway demons will be holding Dream Nights in these unsuspecting cities in January 2016.

And which cult leaders will Amway be sending in to bullshit the ambots?

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
Robert and Shelly Kummer
Dan and Sandy Yuen
Scott and Cris Harimoto
Terry and Linda Felber
Greg and Laurie Duncan
Samir and Theresa Atallah
Matt and Sandee Tsurada

Wait a minute. I’ve seen all these bastards listed before on every Amway World Wide Dream Builders function. Where are all these new Diamonds that Ambots show up here screeching about that Amway is breaking out hundreds and hundreds of new Diamonds every week. Oh lets just send out a big old fuck you to every Amway asshole who shows up here bragging about all the new Diamonds Amway is busting out. That’s a bunch of bullshit. The Diamonds are the same ones who’ve been sitting at the top of the pyramid for years bullshitting the followers at every Amway function. They’re getting pretty long in the tooth. I just don’t understand. I have so many fucking Amway assholes showing up here bragging about how they’re retired at age 21 thanks to Amway. So how come they’re aren’t any youngsters on the Diamond speaking list? Its just the same old tired bastards.

Tickets are $70. And that’s a steal because when we were in Scamway the fucking assholes in our Amway upline charged us $75. The real ticket price was $65 but the fuckers in our upline demanded we pay them $75 directly instead of buying tickets on the World Wide Destructive Bastards website and for their trouble they charged everyone an extra $10. Yup the old Amway tool scam hard at work to rip you off. Not only did we get ripped off an extra $10 the assholes in our Amway upline managed to fuck up buying tickets too.

OK lets break down this $70. Hotel banquets charge around $15 per person and that covers the cheapest meal available plus the room rental and wait staff for a few hours. But its easier for me to work in round numbers so lets call the actual cost $20 per person. On a $70 ticket that means somebody – oh hell not somebody – an Amway cult leader is making $50 profit on each ticket sold. Let’s just say the banquet room holds 400 attendees. That’s a $20,000 profit for the night. But hang on there are usually two Diamond couples showing up to each Dream Night brainwashing function so that $20,000 is split. How evenly its split is unknown because there’s Diamond infighting on how they slice up greed pie. But just to make it easy lets split it down the middle and say $10,000 each couple per night.

There are 40 cities where Dream Night will be held and its unknown of the 8 couples how many cities each one gets. Some of the cities hold more than one dream night and its my guess it’ll be the same Diamond couples doing the multiple nights seeing as how they’re already there. For the ease of my numbers lets call it 48 Amway WWDB Dream Nights evenly split 8 ways for each Diamond couple. So each Diamond couple gets 6 nights to bullshit the Ambots at $10,000 per night. That’s $60,000. Not a bad profit for one month’s work of bullshitting.

Selling tickets to functions like these are how the people sitting at the top of Amway’s pyramid scheme make the bulk of their income.

Bottom line like every other Amway function Dream Night is a waste of time. You don’t learn nothing and you don’t hear nothing that you haven’t heard before if you’ve already attended another WWDB Amway function such as Spring Leadership, Family Reunion or Free Enterprise Days FED.

This post has served its purpose of throwing out lots of keywords to suck in ambots who can’t find the information they seek from the assholes in their Amway upline. And to the ambots who have been brainwashed to believe they have the power to turn back time I need to match up my keywords to recent searches and that includes Dream Night 2015 and Dream Night 2014. Oh let’s just throw in WWDB Amway Dream Night 2017 cause you gotta know some Ambots gonna come along looking for that.

Dream Night sucks!!!!

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!!!

Amway sucks!!!!!

All Amway WWDB functions suck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Secret Scamway Man

We’re taking time off to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. And of course to show up early for kick ass sales. Not that there’s anything I really need to buy. I just want to get in a crowd and kick ass! LOL! Pretend it’s Amway ass! LOL

We’ll be back sometime on Friday to check messages. Maybe. Or Saturday. Whenever.

In the meantime enjoy this flick about an Amway gangster. Is it just me but when you see this smirking Amway bastard don’t you just want to slap that shit eating grin off his face!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Getting Prospected By Amway Ambot Part 2

Continued. A reader shares his story about how Amway scammers follow a script and how Amway Ambots are tax evaders.

Monday night I went to this meeting. I told the upline that I didn't think that I would be able to get enough people to buy Amway products. No one that I know does extensive online shopping, they all prefer to go to a physical store, and I can't imagine anyone spending $68 for Vitamin C when they can get twice as much for 10% of the price at Walgreens. I told him that I didn't have enough time right now to devote to Amway, and that the idea that the only way to make money was to recruit more people concerned me. Oversaturation maybe?

My favorite part was when I brought up taxes. The upline kept talking about how all the travel could be deducted as a business expense, so I asked how reporting income for tax purposes works.
Him: "Well, it's more of a hobby, so we don't need to pay taxes on income."
Me: "So how can you deduct travel as a business expense, if it's not a business?"
Him: "It is a business, you own your own business."
Me: "But you said it was a hobby, then a business."
Him: "You can't really understand how it works until you're operating your own business."
Riiiiight. I'd rather not get audited for screwing with my taxes like that, or find out that you're lying and screwing me over.

Anyway, I was the third or fourth person that night that he tried to sell on the idea, and the only one that asked any questions or wanted to research the idea. Everyone else signed up immediately and dropped $165 without even knowing what they had to do. Complete idiots! I told the guy that I wanted to look at my schedule and look into Amway more and see if I thought it would be good for me. Essentially, I just wanted him off my ass for the night, I had stuff to do and he just kept pushing.

So at the end of the meeting, he sent me on my way under the assumption that I would be returning the next week overflowing with excitement about Amway and would sign up. He also gave me some of the XS stuff (one sip was gross enough for me) and a cd to listen to (Eric Thomas is far more motivational).

The next meeting was supposed to be last night, and I told the guy that had tried to recruit me (he only contacted me about 5 times to see when I could meet, I do have a life outside of constantly checking my phone) to tell the upline that I was too busy to be at the meeting and felt that I was too busy to "open my own business" (I love how they pass off Amway as their business, it's not their own at all) and didn't have time for Amway. Haven't heard from anyone in over 24 hours, so they've either given up on me, or are planning a new way to make me understand that I do have time for Amway.

As a side note: one of the new recruits asked the upline if he was a millionaire, after the upline told us that it was so easy to become a millionaire in a few years. He told her that he wasn't one yet, but was guaranteed to be by the time he is 30. First of all, this actually could be possible, because he spends his entire life recruiting people for downline and to buy his products, he might actually make some money, but only because he deceives everyone he knows for his own benefit (he forced his mom to buy Amway product), but he won't make a million in the next 8 years, only way to do that is to have a REAL job or own a REAL business. Second, no income is ever guaranteed, things happen, there is no way to guarantee money will be there outside of a CD or savings bond. Maybe these Amway fellows need some personal finance classes. Finally, when she asked to see some numbers, he wouldn't show her anything, which would logically tell someone that the numbers he says are false. Sad thing is, she still paid $165 and signed up for Amway.