Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Amway Is Toxic!

I really appreciate my readers offering insight to their Amway experiences and love it when there’s some humor involved!

This fellow assuming its a guy, most women in the Amway mess got dragged their by their significant other and weren’t prospected fits one of the criteria I heard at Amway cult meetings. That is to prospect people who are new immigrants. Not to be insulting that this guy is a new immigrant but he did say new to the USA and left a Vietnamese link so I’m just putting 2 and 2 together. The reason to prospect new immigrants is there’s a good chance they haven’t heard of Amway before. They’ve arrived in the land of opportunity and here’s an opportunity where they’ll be millionaires in 2 to 5 years working part time 10 to 15 hours a week. A lot of immigrants come to this country and start businesses and become successful. And they do all that without Amway. Imagine that. Those fucking Amway assholes will be shitting bricks because they refuse to believe that there are any other money making business opportunites besides Amway. Try opening your eyes you fucking Amway assholes and research legitimate business opportunities. Put some hard work in. Sitting around someone’s living room listing to an Amway cult leader ain’t working hard. Its spending time hanging out with other Amway assholes in an expensive social and buying club.

My reader is dead on about everything.

Amway is toxic.


I was almost going into this Amway thing few years ago when I'm still new to the U.S.A, because a person whom I trusted the most invited me in it. But luckily when I talked with a tons of law/business professors, they all slapped me in the face with the truth about this company.Needless to say, our relationship is totally screwed up right now.

The funny thing I remember after reading this post is that there few days ago when I somehow read a "training" guide for IBOs and saw the section where they to give "medical advice" for the customer if there is any "problem" after using the product.

It's like this:
"-If the customer feel hot in the body and having acne after using vit B product -> tell them to use it together with Vit C
-If the customer have constriction after using the mineral product -> Reduce (yes, REDUCE, not stop) the intake amount.
-If the customer experience insomnia and diarrhea after taking the vitamin C -> reduce (again) the intake amount."

(Kinda curious what if the customer have acnea and diarrhea at the same time?)
http://www.slideshare.net/CuongNguyen16/ky-nang-ban-nutrilite (I know you're already know it and this link is Vietnamese but just to show you that this thing spread everywhere now.)

I'm speechless. I feel that my BSN degree is really meaningless, I should have join Amway and become medical adviser immediately. Look how awesome they are. They know exactly how to deal with intoxicated customer, with the treatment is... taking more toxic?

Monday, March 2, 2015

9 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Amway Cult Leader

There was an advice column where being married to an abusive man was questioned and the columnist partially quoted from a list of 15 signs. I was amazed when reading the list that this is exactly how an Amway cult leader can be described. Some of the signs of an abusive man wouldn’t be applicable to an Amway cult leader or at least not publicly known to that Amway cult followers such as forceful sex, history of battering and cruel to animals but I’m going to cover some of them here as they do apply to Amway cult leaders.

  1. Pushes for quick involvement. We’ve all been there. Being inside an Amway cult meeting is kind of like going to a time share presentation. They want to close the sale before you leave the room and can get online to investigate more. The Amway cult leader says things like “now is the time to join, Amway is about to explode and you’ll get really rich if you sign up today. If you get in today you’ll be a gazillionaire in 2 years. You don’t want to get in a few months from now, it’ll be too late.” They’ve been throwing out that bullshit since the 1980’s that I know of and maybe earlier and Ambots just aren’t running rampant “going big”.
  2. Isolation, tries to isolate you from family members and friends. Again we’ve all been there and heard this. The Amway cult leader wants to separate the Ambot from negative (their opinion) influencers. This could be friends and family who can reason with the ambot and say what the fuck are you doing messing around with Amway the cult of greed. It’s a scam. There’s over 99% failure rate. Only losers get involved with Amway. If the wife isn’t on board with the Amway pyramid scheme then the fucking assholes in the Amway upline go out of their way to do everything possible to destroy the marriage. Its all about keeping the ambot inside the cult and having no other friends except other Amway cult followers.
  3. Makes others responsible for his feelings. Go to an Amway meeting and the sack of shit running the cult meeting will be bitching about just about everything under the sun. Because that’s what people in Amway do the best BITCH BITCH BITCH!! And then the Amway cult leader puts the ambots into a guilt trip saying because you didn’t do this that and the other, like didn’t make your 100PV or spend enough money on the Amway tool scam, some sort of doom and gloom is happening like some asshole in the Amway upline didn’t make their goal that month, then the cult leader comes down hard on the ambots. Blames them for the way he feels. Blames them. Oh I’m pissed off enough to stop. Guess what you fucking sack of shit Amway cult leaders. I don’t give a flying fuck about your feelings. So shove that up your ass!
  4. Hypersensitivity. You see the Amway cult leader heading off on to a rant should anyone say anything they perceive to be negative about the Amway scam or shitty overpriced Amway products. Can’t take the truth you fucking bastards?! Most people don’t get overly sensitive when a customer complains about their employer or their employer’s goods or services. If I worked for McDonald’s and someone said Big Macs taste like shit, I wouldn’t be so hypersensitive that I’d go screeching off on a rant about how you shouldn’t say negative or I’ll rat your out to Ronald.
  5. Verbal abuse. Yup we’ve all seen this too if we’ve ever been inside an Amway cult meeting. The sack of shit Amway cult leader is ranting and screeching about an Ambot that has quit. Or maybe the Ambot is in the room getting a shit kicking for not buying enough PV that month or because he didn’t go to the last Amway function or hasn’t bought tickets yet for the one coming up in 2 months.
  6. Sudden mood swings. After the above verbal abuse the Amway cult leader may do a sudden mood swing and bring out the old “we still love you” bullshit. Anyone whose ever been inside an Amway cult meeting knows those fucking Amway cult leaders are all over the place. Its like dealing with Sybil 100 times worse!
  7. Very unrealistic expectations. Everyone’s going Diamond aren’t they! LOL! Everyone is going to be bazillionaires in 2 to 5 years as long as they attend every Amway cult meeting and eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink daily. Then they’ll walk on the beaches of the world and do nothing for the rest of their lives while gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway roll in every month.
  8. Controlling. The Amway cult leader demands the ambots must ask permission before doing anything! Amway Ambots are not allowed to watch the news on TV because the Amway cult leaders do not want their followers get information from outside sources. Amway cult leaders will twist the news to suit their own purposes and then give the news broadcast according to them at the next Amway cult meeting.
  9. Jealousy. This has to do with excessive phone calls and texts and wanting to know what the Ambot is doing every second of the day. Also jealousy directed towards new Amway cult members. This could be due to the new ambot owning a house, a nice car, having a good job, etc. Like how dare they! According to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline that is. If some motherfucker in the Amway upline doesn’t own a house, nice car, or good job, then neither should the lowly ambot at the bottom of the pyramid. Amway ambot jealousy comes out when “counselling with upline” and the ambot is “counselled” to get rid of these things because they can’t be further ahead in life of any fucking assholes in their Amway upline. 

Yup now is another good time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to all the abusive Amway cult leaders out there.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can I Find It Cheaper

You know what its like listening to the assholes in the Amway upline brag about their overinflated opinion of Amway’s overinflated shitty products. When Amway Ambots are begging people to buy their shit the most common objection they get is that Amway shit costs too much. The standard Ambot response goes something to the tune of don’t you want to pay more for better quality. Or our high prices reflect the high quality of our products.

Lies and bullshit! But what else do you expect from lying Amway bastards.

There’s a line between quality and using quality to justify why you’re spending more money on something. Brainwashed Amway Ambots use that justification about Amway’s products are priced to reflect their quality. If that was really true Amway’s products would be selling for less than a buck!

Most people have some sort of budget they live by. They know how much money they make, how much things cost at the grocery store, price of gas, cost of water and electric, cable, etc. Some things you can’t control the cost of if there are no competitors. Things like phone and cable there are several companies offering these services so you can shop around for those things. Groceries most people know which grocery stores offer the best prices and most people have a rough idea of the cost of items they often purchase.

And when people go shopping for groceries and clothes and looking at an item they’re thinking of purchasing and maybe they think it’s a little higher priced than they want to pay they think – can I find it cheaper.

Let’s say $100 to buy a one month supply of Amway vitamins. Can I find it cheaper? Sure. I can go to Walmart and buy a 2 or 3 month supply of multi vitamins for $10. Maybe less. Quality? About the same. Amway’s quality is probably lower.

Are those $100 vitamins something you really want to splurge on?

How can I find it cheaper?

Well if it’s a Scamway product and I desperately wanted it look for ex-ambots trying to unload the shit on Ebay.

For the rest of the world’s products I could keep my eyes out for a sale. I love buying quality merchandise when its really marked down. Amway can’t win on that front. They don’t sell quality items and they don’t put their stuff on huge mark down sales.

In addition to can I find something cheaper I have to also ask how much quality do I need or want. In Amway’s corner – nothing! Zero! Shove it up your ass ambots!

Remember that $40,000 handbag Oprah tried to buy in Switzerland a couple of years ago and the sales clerk wouldn’t serve her because of her attitude that a colored woman couldn’t afford to buy such an extravagant item and Oprah hit the media saying she was a victim of racism. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know for sure what happened but how many people really need a $40,000 designer purse no matter what kind of quality it is, or can I find a cheaper purse at Sears for $40. That’s kind of my benchmark price for purses but I do keep an eye out when they go on sale so I can get a better quality purse for cheaper. How much quality do I need or want when it comes to buying a purse? Do I need a higher quality $200 purse or will that one on sale for $40 do its purpose for me. I mean really the stuff a woman puts in her purse isn’t going to change that much whether it costs $40, $200 or $40,000. We put our money in there, our cell phone, our keys, tampons, lipstick, a pen, whatever.

Its like going back to Amway’s $100 “quality” vitamins. How much quality does a person want or need when they’re buying vitamins. Why buy them at all if you can eat foods that give you the same benefits. For example I don’t buy a bottle of Vitamin C when I can eat an orange.

How will this purchase affect my finances? If I overpay for vitamins and spend $100 when I could have spent $10 that would be really fucking stupid. I’ve wasted $90 I could have filled the shopping cart with groceries with the money I saved.

It goes back to how will Amway affect a person’s finances? Amway will cause financial distress. An Ambot will easily spend hundreds of dollars on Amway products and Amway tools. A month. Amway will set a person back financially for years if they took out loans and ran up the credit card while they try to pay that back.

Will Amway take me away from my other financial goals? Yes. Absolutely. For one thing you have to ask permission from the assholes in your Amway upline before you buy anything that doesn’t come from Amway or use money to put in a savings account etc when that money could be spent on Amway related items – so counsel the fucking assholes in your Amway upline. Is Amway putting you behind in saving for your retirement or saving up for a down payment on a house or a car. That would be a big YES!

Have you ever had a hobby that you spent more bucks on that you should have only to figure out a few months down the road that you’ve changed your mind? What was it? Taking belly dancing lessons? You pay the dance studio, buy expensive quality outfits etc and when you decide you’re not into it anymore you’re out all that money. Amway’s the same way. You shell out thousands of dollars and a few months later decide to quit. Playing pretend business owner at Amway will be the most expensive hobby you’ll ever have.

Just because you buy a brand name product does not mean that it’s a high quality product. On the other hand you can buy a generic no name brand that might be excellent quality. For example let’s take Walmart’s brand of dishwasher pucks. They’re the cheapest ones on the shelf and they work the best. At a fraction of the price Amway charges for a similar product and Amway’s dish drops dishwasher soap is the SHITS!!!! I had more dishes and silverware coming out of my dishwasher that I had to rewash again by hand in Amway’s shitty dish drops soap. You know the fucking crap they sell where the bubbles don’t outlast the dishes in the sink. Pure Amway shit!

There’s no point in spending more money on quality. Like Amway. But then one can argue that Amway’s “quality” is the shits.

Either way don’t spend money on Amway!



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You Should Have Worked Harder Screech Amway Ambots!

Over and over again Amway ambots show up at this blog and screech that we should have worked harder and we’d be Amway gazillionaires by now.

But you know not a single one of those scamming lying Amway assholes has ever defined “worked harder” even though I’ve requested it more times than I could count. Those fucking little Amway bastards disappear. They’d have to “counsel with upline” to come up with some vague response I’m sure. And then they’d get a shit kicking from their Amway cult leaders for looking at a website like this.

Ambot worked his Amway “business” for over 100 hours/month way more than the Amway bragged about 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time, so obviously to become an Amway gazillionaire an ambot would have to work more hours than 100/month. Tough to do when there’s only a limited amount of time in a month when you consider working your real occupation, sleeping, running errands, etc etc. An Ambot abandons a lot of that stuff to concentrate on their scammy Amway business to squeeze out extra hours to worship Amway and their cult leaders.

Forget the hours. Way more than Amway’s estimate of 10 to 15 hours a week. What exactly is Amway work?

Let’s turn the tables on those fucking Amway assholes because that’s what this blog is all about. Too many times Amway assholes show up here with their holier than though sanctimonious better than everyone else shitty attitude and leave a comment demanding answers. To stuff that’s already covered somewhere in this blog. That’s how Amway assholes are when they make demands they expect the rest of the world to snap to attention and cater to their every need.

When they demand that from people like me who have put up with too many fucking Amway assholes that don’t fly. So sending out a big old FUCK YOU to those fucking Amway bastards.

So when these demanding Amway assholes show up here demanding answers my response is that has already been addressed somewhere else on the blog. If you really want the answer, do some reading here. Or are you too fucking lazy to put the work in to do that?

Yeah you heard me. You know how you holier than thou Amway assholes go around accusing everyone who’s no longer inside the Amway cult of being too lazy to put the work in I’m turning the tables on you fuckers and saying the same thing. You want to find something on this blog chances are its already been covered and probably covered multiple times. You Amway ambots are too fucking lazy to put the work in to find it yourself? Reading is too much work to a fucking Amway asshole. Because of their self righteous attitudes they demand everything be done for them. And done by people not in Amway because to a brainwashed Amway ambot everyone who is not in Amway is below them.

How about this? You fucking Amway assholes are the lowest of the low. You’re the dog shit that people got to scrape off their shoes. That’s what Amway ambots are. Lower than dog shit!

Well here’s what its like in the real business world you fucking Amway assholes. We figure out a business we want to run, we put in the hard work to get it started, and we work even harder and long hours to get it up and running and make it profitable and keep it profitable. Hard work that you fucking Amway assholes know nothing about. Going to Scamway meetings and watching a fucking Amway cult leader draw circles and tell you how rich you be isn’t hard work. Its painfully excruciatingly boring and pisses off attendees who are not brainwashed ambots because they know that cult leader is spouting off lies and bullshit.

So for every fucking Amway asshole out there screeching about working harder – take some of your own advice you lazy bastards!



Monday, February 23, 2015

Review Amway XS Energy Drink

One of the more popular posts on this blog has to do with a review of Amway’s XS Energy Drinks in which a link to an outside source is given.

If anyone out there hasn’t yet tried Amway’s XS Energy Drink my advice is DON’T!!!!!

XS Energy Drink tastes like how I imagine cat piss must taste like. Depending on the flavor perhaps a combo of cat piss and the worst tasting cough syrup you can imagine.

Amway sells them in a dozen 8 oz cans to a box priced around $35 and up depending on the flavor. Not sure why some flavors cost more but Amway figured out that ambots like a certain type of flavor and jack up the price. To compare go to Walmart and buy a 12 pack of Red Bull for around $15.

People seem to like Red Bull. I don’t know I’ve never tried it. When we were in Amway the cult leaders all bragged that XS was the best tasting energy drink out there. If the best tasting energy drink “out there” tastes like cat piss then I tell you I’m scared shitless to try any other type of energy drink! I mean what if just this once those those fucking Amway assholes aren’t lying? LOL!!!

So this fellow who runs a website and one day he rates XS Energy Drinks. Amway cult followers have been brainwashed to believe that Amway’s XS Energy Drinks are made only from pure and natural products just like every other Amway product out there. All home grown on organic farms owned by Amway. LOL!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! These Amway Ambots show up at his blog and spout off their brainwashed Amspeak. At first this fellow is very nice and tells the Ambots that XS has synthetic products in it, no matter what they’ve been told by the lying bastards in their Amway upline. And I mean he’s even nice when his ethnicity is bashed by an Amway asshole telling him that “you people” eat monkey brains. But there’s only so many times a person can be nice to a brainwashed Amway asshole with their better than everyone else in the world attitude and finally he has enough of dealing with these Amjerks and starts insulting them. Now he should spend some time on this blog if he wants to know how to really insult Amway assholes. LOL!

Anyway he adds on to his original post that due to all the comments it generated (from brainwashed Amway assholes LOL!!!!) he puts a link to another article on how genetically modified food affects your health. Then he adds that if you’re a brainwashed Ambot and don’t give a shit about your health and if you like XS then the article is not for them. And that’s me paraphrasing. This guy’s a lot nicer.

I don’t know if its just my computer but it takes a few seconds for the article about Amway XS Energy Drinks to show up. http://energyfanatics.com/2008/03/02/xs-energy-drink-flavors/

Its worth reading just for the comments.

The author has a Bachelor of Science. In a brainwashed Ambot’s mind that is nothing and of course Amway Ambots are far superior because they graduated from Amway University and know EVERYTHING!!!!!.

In case anyone is wondering without going through the whole thing, the author rates an energy drink called Guru as the healthiest and XS as one of the worst. Talk about setting yourself up for a flame war from Amway assholes!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Follow The Passion Not The Money ~ Reverse That For Amway Ambots.

Some entrepreneurs who love what they do every day say to follow the passion and the money will follow.

Of course it’s a different philosophy in Amway The Cult of Greed. It’s all about the money and not giving a fuck about hurting anyone to make a buck.

Every now and then you’ll come across some general advice that goes along the lines of find something you want to do for a living that you’re passionate about and the money will come.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There are business owners who have fallen into it for one reason or another and it might not be their passion but they’re good at running this type of business and they make money so they roll with it. For example are people really passionate about owning a dry cleaning store, a dog shit removal company, or selling t-shirts on Hollywood Boulevard. Or did they find a business they could make money at?

When a group of friends are sitting around talking about what they want to do for a living that they’re passionate about some of the careers tossed around might be being an actor, playing a guitar in a band and serving their country.

How many people say they’re passionate about becoming a commissioned salesperson? Or even more fucking freaky that they’re passionate about becoming an Amway commissioned salesperson. That sure was never on the radar for me. Some people are good at sales. They sell houses or cars. They have the right kind of personality so they can earn a good commission at it. Might not be something they’re passionate about but they get experienced, make good money so they stick with it.

There are companies that pay out shit for commission. Amway comes to mind. But Amway is even worse – the shittiest of the shittiest - because it costs the commissioned salespeople megabucks just to earn a measly $10 commission check… you got to shell out around $300 to earn 100 PV the minimum to earn an Amway commission. Add on to that the tool scam purchases and most Amway ambots shell out $500 to $700/month to earn that skimpy commission. And then the whole emotional distress that goes along with belonging to the Amway cult.

An ambot would probably argue that business owners have to spend money to make money like real estate salespeople have to shell out money when listing a house for sale. They got to pay for advertising and hiring a photographer and they got to kick back some of their commission to the person who owns the real estate company so a real estate salesperson can also be spending hundreds of bucks on expenses, maybe not monthly, but a commission on a house sale will be in the thousands and if they keeping making a good profit they stick with it.

Unless you’re a brainwashed Amway ambot you don’t sit around saying the one thing you’re passionate about being is a commissioned sales rep for Amway. Losing money is only part of it. Getting brainwashed by cult leaders and spending much time defending the company are part of the duties. Its less effort to work for a reputable company or actually own a real business. The life of an Amway ambot is lie, deny, distract, and defend. Takes up a lot of time and a lot of money loss and causes ambot anger.

How many people sit around and say they’re passionate about getting scammed? How many say they’re passionate about signing up with a cult? How many say they’re passionate about being abused by the assholes in their upline? How many say they’re passionate about buying overpriced shitty products? How many are passionate about losing money? How many are passionate about destroying relationships with friends and family?

How many Amway ambots are out there?



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not All Home Based Businesses Are Scams Like Amway

There are a number of reasons why people get sucked into the Amway scam. I think mostly it starts off with the love bombing that some people seem to enjoy and crave and once they like these new Ambot unfriends they trust what they say. Bad mistake because everytime an Amway Ambot opens their mouth only lies come out. Never trust anyone in Amway because they’re all fucking liars!!!!!

There are common themes why some people are drawn to MLM scams like Amway and a lot of times it has to do with being their own business owner, choosing their own hours, and working out of their home. Get started on your own business for only a couple of hundred bucks are lies they hear from assholes already flogging the Amway scam. Sounds good because someone might not have a lot of money to start up a business, might not have the brains or physical ability to start a business, etc etc. And the suckers might not necessarily be scammers , this is just what they’re looking for in their life and then some Amway asshole showed up with all kinds of promises like retire in 2 years with gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Amway.

Motherfuckers like the Amway bastard who signed us up and the sack of shit Platinum are greedy bastards who want to get rich by ripping off other people. Not everyone who wants to start a homebased business is a fucking jackass jerk like them.

But those bastards aside, the big question is are there legitimate home based businesses out there because scams seems to be running rampant whenever the words “home based business” and “work your own hours” come up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows people who operate a business out of their home. A legitimate business not an MLM scam. I bet just about everyone reading this can think of one person they know who operates a home based business that has nothing to do with lying and scamming and causing emotional and financial distress. So not every home based business out there is a scam like Amway.

For many people it would be nice to work at home. Saves time in the commute to work. Saves money to put gas in the car and other vehicle maintenance. There are some companies out there that do offer work from home positions but generally speaking people would have to already be employed by the company and then they discuss it with their boss whether they can do some of their work from home. Its rare for a company to hire work from home employees right off the back. It sucks but those ads in the help wanted section about home based jobs are generally MLM scams. Sometimes other scams, but generally pyramid schemes like Amway.

For people looking for legitimate home based businesses they can do research on the Internet, they can go to the library, or the bookstore and find information how to start up a business and to give them ideas if they’re not sure exactly what kind of home based business might be right for them.

Usually being a commissioned salesperson for an MLM scam flogging shitty overpriced products isn’t the right type of home based business for anyone, except people with no morals.

Read it for yourself it you have an interest in starting a home based business but I’ll touch on some of the suggestions here. Some of the things mentioned on this list of 31 ideas a person would have to already have experience or took classes to learn this kind of trade. Other home based businesses like picking up dog shit and cleaning houses don’t really need any special skills and both can be low start up costs especially if you already have the basics. I mean for the dog shit pick up business you’d want to own a truck so you can put the buckets of dog shit in the back instead of having them ride inside your car with you. Peeyew!!! That would be the same kind of stench you get from going to an Amway meeting!

One of this blog’s bananas sells products on Ebay for a nice income so I asked what is selling. Products for sale are a combo of stuff around their house no longer needed like kid’s toys and clothes. These are also good items to pick up cheap at garage sales and sell on Ebay for a profit. Also picking up used shoes and boots at garage sales are profitable on Ebay. Same with some kitchen items and sometimes even art work. Cautioned here to make sure its something you’d like to keep in your house just in case it doesn’t sell. Other Ebay sellers have a supplier of overstock or slightly damaged goods they resell on Ebay.  

Hanging Christmas lights is a good one and it never occurred to me that doing this for 2 months would bring in a year’s salary. I suppose it also includes take down of lights. And this is a popular one. Just after Thanksgiving Ambot and I were at Starbucks and we were talking about putting up the Christmas lights and the ladder and buying some more light fasteners. A younger couple at the next table interrupted us politely saying they’d overheard us talking about putting up Christmas lights and asked about our rates. My god we could have made a few bucks! But no we told them we were discussing our own house and don’t hang Christmas lights for a living. And here’s where I want to say Whew they weren’t trying to scam us into Amway at the coffee shop! LOL! That need is out there and more so in some areas. Forget it being too hot to go outside and hang lights, clearly there are parts of this country where its too damn cold to go outside and hang lights and yeah it’d be better to have someone else do it. A year’s salary in 2 months? I am stuck on that. Maybe I should get in the business!

LOL. And no not the Amway “business”. Having a LOL moment here. Remember all those fucking stupid Amway meetings and the cult leader would call it “the business” to throw off any prospects who might be in the audience who hadn’t yet figured out they got scammed into an Amway meeting!

Window cleaning business. Don’t you hate it when someone knocks on your door and wants to clean your windows. Its like holy shit are my windows so fucking dirty than they singled me out. But no he, and yeah its almost always a man maybe 2, is hitting up the neighborhood. The problem with these door knocker window cleaners is they always look pretty sleazy. Casing the joint. No thanks. But I can see where window cleaning would be a decent business. Just don’t knock on doors looking for business. People will think you’re a fucking Amway salesperson. Or a JW!!!!

So there you go. Other homebased business opportunities that can be started cheaper than starting an Amway “business”. Real businesses where you don’t have to lie and scam people out of their money.