Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amway Ambots Want Their Slice Of Greed Pie

A qualification of being a successful Amway IBO is to be driven by greed. In other words IBO’s with a conscience will never become part of the elite teensy fraction of 1% ambots who makes money in Amway.


When an Amway asshole shows the Amway business scheme its got all these circles and numbers and other bullshit designed to confuse people with the numbers. The numbers look good on paper but what’s the reality of finding one person open to being scammed by the Amway cult to sign up, let alone 6 people. And then they find 6 people. And so on and so on and so on etc etc etc.


The plan makes it seem that the way the Amway IBO makes money, and before we go any further the Ambot must buy the minimum monthly quota of Amway products to be eligible to earn commission, but the pyramid scheme technically goes that the ambot earns commission on everything the ambots in their downline sell. The more ambots in your downline the more commission you earn. For Diamonds and Emeralds making their cut of that lowly ambot’s commission, they might not even know the bastard they’re making money from. Or want to know the bastard either! In a nutshell that’s how the Amway pyramid scheme works.

But when the Amway ambot reaches a certain level they now become eligible to earn more income. This would be their piece of the pie from sales to the downline ambots of CD’s, books, and tickets to attend Amway meetings. This is where the real money is made. Also better known as the Amway tool scam.


Each Amway cult sect has several cult leaders running the show but they all report to the big head honcho kingpin cult leader in their sect. So that would be one person (couple) who are at the top of the pyramid. They make most of the money when it comes to the tool scam sales but that’s because they’re the ones who created and owned that cult sect and have little worker ambot bees below them who take care of producing CD’s and ticket sales for speaking at Amway meetings.


Take the lowly worker bee ambots out of the equation because they don’t make jack squat shit on Amway tool scam sales. You got to reach a certain level inside the Amway cult to get a slice of the greed pie. Diamond level that is. Even though Amway ambots shows up leaving comments here bragging about the hundreds of Diamonds Amway is breaking every year, reality is only 1 or 2 new Diamonds every few years, in other words only a teensy fraction of 1% of all Amway cult followers will reach Diamond level. Taking the Amway business plan is set up for failure out of the equation, let’s look back at the Diamonds on the top of the pyramid. They’re making a nice income off the Amway tool scam, how its divided up is unknown to the sane world. Only the highest cult leader gets to make that decision. And however the highest Amway cult leader is dividing the profits among the other Diamonds, that’s always going to be less money in his pocket. And more infighting of the other Diamonds as they shove each other out of the way trying to get a bigger slice of greed pie.


The Amway cult leaders who’ve reached Diamond level know this. Too many Amway cult leaders wanting a slice of Amway Greed Pie means less money for them.


It would be in the Amway Diamond cult leader’s best intersts not to get too many other Amway ambots reaching this level because that’s even more to split the greed pie with. They might act all excited when they’re brainwashing the cult followers at Amway meetings and saying we want you up here on the stage with us. But the whole time they’re likely thinking they don’t want anyone else up on the stage to share the Amway Greed Pie with cause that means a smaller slice for them.


Its like when you were a kid and your parents had a big dinner party for adults going on and they were cooking or bringing in some pretty good looking foods and you ask if you can have some. Your parents say no, its for the guests but if not too many people show up and there’s leftovers then you can have them. So you’re hoping not too many people show up so you can get some leftover food the next day.


The way that kid thinks is no different than the Amway Diamond. If less Diamonds show up then there’ll be more leftovers of the Amway Greed Pie to themselves.


Ambots want to get as big a slice of Amway Greed Pie as they can. And they sure as hell don’t want to share it.



Monday, October 20, 2014

The Horrors Of Working At An Amway Function!

Just in case any ambots show up here freaking out about how they missed Amway World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED this comment was left by a person employed by the arena. So if some fucked up Amway asshole shows up here bitching that WWDB FED was not held last weekend, it was indeed “last weekend” to the writer when this comment was left but not when we’re bringing it up here as a topic. So you ambots don’t have to be dumb fucks anymore than you already are by being all high and mighty that Amway didn’t have a function going on “last weekend” somewhere. I always watched the staff who work at the arenas where Amway functions are being held and wondered what’s going through their minds while they listen to the bullshit being spouted from the assholes up on the stage. And now none of us has to wonder anymore!


I worked as an usher at the Portland FED event this past weekend. I have worked this event for the past several years, and find it an interesting study in human nature. I came to the conclusion this past weekend that it really is a cult. I understand the human desire to be successful and rich. It is nice to have the feeling that someone else can show you the way to these riches. However, when I heard several of the speakers say that if your family and friends try to talk you out of this endeavor, you need new family and friends (i.e. your Amway family). That is so definitely a cult tactic, it's terrifying. There were a lot of things said by these "diamonds" that were excruciating to me, especially saying anyone who has a "job" is living a life of mediocrity. They didn't use the term "loser," but it was most definitely implied. I work two part-time jobs and am the owner of two small businesses (working on a 3rd). I am very happy and fulfilled and love my jobs and businesses. Every day is a joy and I'm doing fine financially. Please don't call my life mediocre, and know that there is no way on earth I would want to live the Amway lifestyle. Good luck to those of you that do.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amway S.C.A.M.

Read this and thought – this is what Amway is all about!


S.C.A.M. – Seducing Creative Ambitious Minds


Amway has scammed millions of people by filling their heads with dream. Dreams that involved spending thousands of dollars to tithe the Great Amway God. Dreams that carried them way past the point of reality. Dreams that made them ignore the warning signs of reality. The reality that there savings had been diminished and their credit card debt had skyrocketed. Maybe even a reality that involved foreclosure, bankruptcy, and divorce.


In attempting to get rich quick in Amway, and moving up the ranks to get some dumb fuck Amway ambot title like sack of shit Platinum, ambots allow their greed to get in the way of truth. Educated, creative, ambitious people get sucked into scams like Amway more often than we’ll know because too many are embarrassed to admit they weren’t smart enough to figure out they were being scammed. But the others want others to know so they don’t fall victim too and their stories are all over the Internet and sometimes on TV. “I never thought something like this could ever happen to me.” or “I thought I was too smart to fall for a scam like this.”


These creative ambitious people get seduced by the Amway scam because they want to believe in something – that in 2 to 5 years they’ll be gazillionaires with barrels of money rolling in every month while they sit back and do nothing for the rest of their lives except walk the beaches of the world. They want to feel that they belong somewhere and Amway is all about love bombing so they feel loved and wanted when Amway cult members shower them with compliments and love.


Creative ambitious minds want to do something with their lives that bring them joy. And hopefully a good income too. How many people when they were growing up thought that being a commissioned salesperson would be a career that brings them joy? I’m guessing none. Most kids when they’re growing up think about more traditional careers that will bring them happiness like a police officer or doctor or pilot. Most don’t grow up thinking they want to sell soap and get a few pennies commission on each sale.


When they become adults they dream about what career might bring them joy and start taking the steps to reach that goal. And that’s usually when a vicious blood sucking Amway ambot comes along to destroy their lives because that’s what they do. Always on the lookout for their next victim. Always! At their J.O.B.s, at weddings, at funerals, at the gas station, in the shopping mall, at Barnes & Noble, these fucked up Amway ambots will stalk you anywhere. Ambots are looking to seduce creative, ambitious minds because they know these people are eager.


But that doesn’t mean they want to get scammed by disreputable, unethical Amway ambots who have zero integrity and morals. They’ll fuck over anyone who shows interest in being a “business owner”. Never mind that its only a pretend business in a system designed for failure.


These creative ambitious minds just want to earn a living doing something that brings them joy and instead they’ve run into dishonest Amway ambots trying to recruit new people into their cult.

We had a post on here that one reason Amway Ambots are attracted to the Amway scam is because they’re financially irresponsible. People who aren’t good with money and financial planning come from all walks of life. Certainly the disadvantaged and people in low paying jobs might be in that category. Though I’m sure there are people in that category who have the possibility of being financially savvy if they can get out of the lower income bracket. Maybe they’re already making progress with saving and investing with what little extra funds they have. People who have good paying jobs does not mean they are financially responsible. They can be professionals in their industry but suck when it comes to money management, running up debt, and financial planning for their future.


These could be the people who have creative, ambitious minds.


The people that Amway ambots want to capture into their cult. These are the people that Amway ambots use for bragging rights to attempt credibility inside their pyramid scheme. Well we signed up a dentist (lawyer, software CEO, owner of a chain of restaurants, etc) so obviously we’re a legitimate S.C.A.M.


Yup lets just send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Long Lost Friends Armed With Amway Propaganda

Beware of long lost friends who contact you out of the blue who want to tell you about this new business they’re involved in or asking you if you’re free or if you hate your job or if you want to start up your own business. If its not some Amway asshole its probably a similar MLM scam. Here’s a reader’s story who tells us that nothing ever changes in Amway. The same old 8pm Amway witching hour meeting time. Get there early to find good seats. Insults flung at J.O.B.s. A story from the cult leader preaching to the followers about how poor they used to be and now thanks to someone who showed them the Amway plan they’re rolling in riches.

And of course the right attitude from anyone who attends an Amway meeting – getting the hell out of there thinking this is fucking creepy!

So here’s what you say to those Amway ambots with their bullshit once in a lifetime opportunity – SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!

Hi Anna, first, I have to say I love your page and “thank you-straight from my heart for your blog!” Second, I went to a night-meeting this past Tuesday with a LONG-LOST-COLLEGE friend I forgot I EVEN knew! We bumped into each other at the gas station…talked some business and before you knew it, I WAS BOOKED in a network business systems, marketing meeting taking place at a Holiday Inn in town.

Currently I’m working on my MBA, certified in bookkeeping with a 9-5 with an “okay” benefits package. So we get to this meeting, it starts at 8 sharp, but we want to be there a few minutes earlier, he said it gets packed and we want to find seats! I ate before we got there, but still asked about snacks, he said there would be (WATER FOR EVERYONE!). We sit, I was introduced, first to a GOOD colleague of his, and later to the business EXPERT at the front of the room chanting away about why a JOB is being a DEAD-BEAT! I heard some “ I used to eat from the dumpster” stories and “we shared a bed-all four of us, at the homeless shelter” testimonials. Then someone showed them the PLAN, and BOOM, they’re RICH!!! All this time I’m waiting for some relevant Independent Business Owner strategies, customer-base, product-marketing, business-promotion techniques…licensing, location…ANYTHING! At around 10pm, the EXPERT guy goes around the meeting room finalizing the recruitment process on some of the other prospects… “Say you’re joining the business to bring change to your family, to bring your family together, to one day provide them with a brilliant future…say it to them with me now (his holding some young couple’s hands and their friends saying this really loudly).

He does this all around the room, holding hands with couples, instructing them on what to say, telling them there is no other way to bring their families hope, support, and unlimited money.

He told me it will never be too late to join, just to make sure I think about it quick, so I can join right in time with the rest of them and be able to retire, making about $20, 000 a week managing my own company and not having to pay for my groceries or having endless discounts on everything I buy or lease (apparently this includes vehicle-leases or financing…HAHAHAHA). My ‘SO-CALLED’ friend said we could get together the following day to help me DIGEST all this NEW information and ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity…I just had to name the place, the time, and he would bring some of his business partners and if need be someone with a Master’s in Business Administration, they have people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE!!!!!!

I haven’t answered my cell-phone or looked at my email, and if I see him I’ll just say it’s not for me…EVER! That FUCKING meeting gave me the creeps…the way they look at you and the way their voice sounds makes my skin crawl…AND I’M A DUDE!!!!!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Amway Ambot Mantra: Your J.O.B. Is A Pyramid

How many people remember being at Amway meetings and the cult leader would screech out “Your job is a pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


And then to punctuate it the sack of shit would draw a bunch of circles, you know how Amway cult leaders love doing that, in kind of a pyramid style. The owner of the company would be at the top and then various tiers down of managers and supervisors and then workers.


The Ambot will always be at the bottom of the pyramid whether it’s the Amway pyramid or the J.O.B. pyramid that the Amway cult leader is bitching about.


Companies come in all sizes so the J.O.B. pyramids they were drawing would be more like a larger corporation where there could be all kinds of managers. Maybe something like a big box store.


Typical Amway ambot propaganda. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And duplicate. Let’s not forget the Ambots going rabid parroting their Amway cult leaders and accusing everyone that their J.O.B. is a pyramid.


Most people who work jobs don’t have to put so much effort into defending their employer. And if they did, why would they keep working there? Who needs that kind of headache. Wasn’t hired to be a PR machine.


Seeing as how most people when referring to a pyramid scheme think of Amway, naturally Amway Ambots have to fight back and defend their beloved employer and try to distract the person who is not an Amway cult member. So that’s why the Amway cult leaders come up with this dumb fuck mantra: Your J.O.B. is a pyramid.


The thing is most people who work jobs, even if it’s a minimum wage job and even if they only work one hour a month, still make more money than an Amway ambot picking up a $10 monthly commission. But most people work more than an hour a month so all those people out there working jobs are making a hell of a lot more money than an Amway “business owner”.


People who work jobs have the opportunity to get benefits, vacation time, pension plan, etc. People who work jobs and if extra training is required, its usually paid for by the employer. If any travel is required either for training or as part of the job, normally the employer pays for travel, hotel, meal allowance, and car rental. People who have jobs don’t have to buy from their company as a condition of employment in order to receive a paycheck.


Amway ambots can’t say the same thing about their employer. Ambots are expected to pay for their own training and the transportation and other related expenses to get there. Amway Ambots have to spend at least $300/month buying shitty overpriced Amway products in order to earn a commission of around $10. Ambots have to pay around $50/month to their cult sect, $40 a month for Communikate, $50 or more on books and CD’s, and hundreds more buying tickets to hear Amway cult leaders speak. Say $500 to $1000/month minimum – depends if there’s a major Amway function that month.


So what’s the better path to take. Be part of the Amway pyramid spending $$$ hundreds $$$ each month to earn $10 or work a “your J.O.B. is a pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!” job where you earn hundreds maybe thousands of dollars a month and don’t put out any money.


Which makes better economic sense? Paying your boss to work there like Amway ambots do or having your boss pay you for working there. Except by now Amway Ambots will be screeching “I’m a business owner. I don’t work a J.O.B. and I sneer at everyone who has a boss.”


Pretty sick being brainwashed by Amway cult leaders so you don’t see that you’re a member of an expensive buying club and you receive a tiny portion of commission on the products you buy.


Amway ambots are such dumb shits they can’t see which is the real pyramid scheme. They are brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders to say dumb fuck things like “your job is a pyramid.”


So what do you say when an Amway Ambot screeches at you “your job is a pyramid!”


Response: “Are you one of those fucking Amway assholes? Why does your upline control more of your life than my boss does at my J.O.B.?”


If you’re lucky that’s when the Ambot disappears. No preprogramed response for that one.



Thursday, October 9, 2014

Things To Do In Edmonton Alberta Instead of Amway WWDB 2014 Free Enterprise Days FED

Well hell. It finally happened. Those Amway bastards holding a WWDB function in a city where we don’t already have a previous post of things to do there that we can copy and post.

So let’s just send out a big old FUCK YOU to Amway!!!!

World Wide Dream Builders is holding Free Enterprise Days FED in Edmonton Alberta from October 17 – 19 2014. Why? Because its well known for being one of those locations where Amway ambots love to walk the beaches of the world. LOL!!!! So I go to my old friend Trip Advisor and well the top 4 attractions are either parks or music halls so this tells you something about how exciting this town is! I even found someone referring to this place as Deadmonton! Ha ha! Right on! LOL!

Lets go with #5 on the Trip Advisor list – wait for it wait for it! - Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village! No? Yes? Costs $10 to get in. Oh forget it. Closed for the season early September. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up!

OK so what about #6 on the list - a streetcar, nope not named Desire. They can name it anything they want it ain’t running this late in the year either so scratch another one off your list.

Skip down to #9 that’s not a park or a street or closed for most of the year and it’s the Royal Alberta Museum. Looks like its got pretty much the same things you’d see in most museums. Costs $11. That’s way cheaper than the money you’ll fork out to go to an Amway function. Hell take the money you’d spend on FED $130 and instead you can go to the museum, go to a nice restaurant for dinner, go to a show, and still have money left in your pocket. http://www.royalalbertamuseum.ca/

Jesus just about everything else in the Edmonton top 20 is a park or a street or a hall. Got a couple more museums in the top 20. Eeny meeny miny moe:

Alberta Aviation Museum. This is a good choice if you like planes. Its also a good choice if you don’t like planes and are just looking to find something to do instead of wasting your money at a Scamway meeting. Costs $10 and its not closed for the season so there you go! http://www.albertaaviationmuseum.com/

God who were all these people voting on these attractions – parks and government buildings and music halls and movie houses. I get to #40 and I’m bored out of my tree now but this name catches my eye! Fantasyland! Yes! The place where Amway ambots live. Bears checking out.

Fantasyland says it’s the world’s largest indoor amusement park and it shows a picture of a water park. Well if its indoors its gotta be open all year right? Right? Who the hell knows? I can’t actually find a website for it though I find a couple of other things that might be loosely connected. One is the Fantasyland Hotel and yes doesn’t that sound like a good place for Amway ambots to stay and play in their little fantasy pretend world. The other is a connection to the West Edmonton Mall and while I’m in there I find a link that says rates. http://www.wem.ca/hours-rates/mall-shopping-hours What you gotta pay to get inside this mall???!!!! I thought malls were free for shoppers to come in and well spend their money and shop. Who do they think they are? Amway? Shit! I click on the link for Galaxyland Amusement Park – oh why am I tempted? – yes that sounds like another place for Amway ambots because they’re definitely operating out of another galaxy! I don’t see any rates. Oh wait a minute I see a tag that says click here for today’s rates so apparently the price changes on a daily basis I suppose supply and demand thing. I got the magic number $39 but that’s not written in stone. That’s for an all day ride pass. Still much much cheaper than forking out an extra $100 to go to WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days. And much more fun! Then I see there’s another link for the waterpark and again a sign that says rates may change without notice and click on this link to see today’s rates – ta da – I got $39 again lucky me. Now that sound like a rip off but compared to Amway FED price it’s a bargain! And you gotta fork out extra money if you want a towel, an inner tube, a locker, etc. Its kind of like paying for all those Amway extras: CD’s, books, tickets, etc. And being the sucker that I am I clicked on a few extra links to see how much it costs if you want to look at a sea lion. Beats looking at an Amway asshole!

And I found a zoo on Trip Advisor list but I nearly gave up. The Valley Zoo is #55 on the list. Adult admission is $13.25 and a little less for other age groups. Looks like a pretty decent exhibit of animals. I was surprised to see a skunk on the zoo list. I thought the only skunks in town would all be at the Amway WWDB FED meeting! Check out the Siberian Tiger and imagine how fun that would be letting it loose at an Amway meeting!  http://edmonton.ca/attractions_events/edmonton-valley-zoo.aspx

Save your money. Don’t waste your money and your mind going to Amway brainwashing sessions. Anything is better than going to an Amway WWDB function. Staying home. Staying in a hotel room watching TV.

Amway WWDB FED Free Enterprise Days suck!

All Amway functions suck!

World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

Amway sucks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ambots And The Dream Stealer Paranoia That Fuels Amway

Dream Stealers.

It almost sounds like alien invaders descending from an unknown universe ready to suck out the part of your body where your dreams are kept.

I constantly heard the term “dream stealers” during Amway meetings and then parrotted by Ambot.

In an accusatory tone he condemned our friends and relatives who didn’t support his business as dream stealers. “They’re trying to steal my dream” or “they don’t want my dreams to come true”. Those were terms he threw at me too as counselled by the assholes in his Amway upline.

Its a stupid ass term used as a lame excuse by IBO’s to justify their failure at not making money in Amway. Everyone else is a dream stealer. Always blame other people.

There’s a Disney song about how a dream is a wish your heart makes. If your dream is in your heart then no one can steal your dream. Not without some surgical tools to slice you open and kill you by removing your heart.

So what was Ambot’s dream? It was whatever the upline told him his dream was. It had something to do with leaving me. That was the upline’s dream more than it was his because Amway is all about destroying relationships. Nothing gives those fucking assholes in the Amway upline more happiness than bringing misery to other peoples lives.

But how many of those upline fuckers ever asked me once what my dream was? Not a single one of them. I mean really, why would they? None of them gave a shit about me.

And they all probably could take a good guess at my answer: “To get Ambot the hell away from you bastards and quit Amway!!!”

What about IBOs who leave the cult. They’re also called dream stealers. They’re poison screech out the Amway cult leaders. Stay away from them or they’ll steal your dream too.

A dream is a thought, an idea. Its in your head and in your heart. Its not an actual entity. I’m not sure how you can lose something that is not an object like losing your car keys or your glasses. Or the cat got out of the house and is lost. Or I lost Ambot again at Lowes. Someone can steal the keys, the glasses, the cat, maybe even Ambot as attempted by the Amway cult followers. If someone steals your car you call the police to report the theft. How can someone steal your dream? And how do you explain that one to the cops when you phone to report the theft?

Here’s the conversation when an Amway asshole phones the cops:

“Aw, gee, my next door neighbor is a dream stealer and he stole my dream of owning a Porsche. I demand you arrest that son of a bitch and charge him with theft!”

“Dream stealers” is just one of many ridiculous things I’ve heard spout from the mouths of brainwashed IBOs. Dream stealers are further defined as losers, failures, and people going nowhere who want to drag you down to their level.

The reality about “dream stealers” is they are usually people who love you and don’t want to see you fail, lose your money in a scam, and suffer from any kind of distress.

Dream stealers have an alternate point of view from the upline and that makes them dangerous people - at least in the eyes of the sack of shit Platinum and the other fuckers in the Amway upline because they could be responsible for letting those dollar signs slip away.

Is it a bad thing to listen to the “dream stealers”? Instead of stealing a dream they are really giving good advice. IBOs think the “dream stealers” are being negative and trying to “steal my dream”. Instead all they’re doing is trying to save the IBO from making bad business decisions.

Remember those alien invaders who are sucking the dreams out of your body? They’re not so alien after all. The real dream stealers are the people who actually use that phrase.