Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ambot Dick Wastes A Weekend At Amway Family Reunion

(Thanks Dick for sharing your story!)

I remember one year we were driving down to a major function.

It was myself, my wife, another couple in our downline, and a single guy in our downline (all friends of ours before the amway scam and still friends till this very day). We had recently replaced my wife's car with a brand new van. One of those Ford Wind-star or Something-Star. Can't remember the exact model name, but it was super luxo, comfy, cushiony, roomy... Just perfect for a road trip. So I suggested we all go down together. We were friends as I mentioned so it wouldn't be like driving for hours with a bunch of people that made us uncomfortable. Basically, we could all be ourselves and enjoy the ride, stop and eat, take in some sights etc. The wives insisted we have some fun cause they never were into the whole amway scam-- they were just being good wives and playing along.

So. It's a HOT summer day--Hotter than most. We live in Canada and are driving to the US. So like any NORMAL human being would do on a day like that-- we were all wearing shorts, tank-tops, sandals... You know-- beach attire. The a/c was blasting, the van was cold, and we were all super comfy.

We pull up to the Canada/US border and what do we see??? Ambots everywhere!!!! Hahahahaha.

Now one of the reasons I love to read your blog so much is because I can just visualize some of the stuff you describe and I'm really into the details. I remember reading your post about the clunker brigade lol. I don't think the border guards had ever seen a bigger collection of oil leaking, black smoke spewing, clikering clackering, rusted 17 year old Corollas and Civics at one time... EVER.

So we look over to one particular sub-sub-compact shitbox that looks like this -------- and we see 5, count em-- FIVE ambots, all suited up with their fine Italian suits from Walmart (lololol). Wearing their full gear, ties bound all the way to the top, strangling them. Now keep in mind it's 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit) and probably closer to 120f with the humidity factored in. And judging from the amount of sweat, (I'd say perspiration but believe me-- this was SWEAT), on their faces and on their suits, the a/c in their fine automobile was NOT working.

Because of all these serious business people all crossing the border at the same approx time-- we were at a near stand still. We didn't mind much cause it would give us a chance to stretch our legs as we slowly crept up to the border guard booth.

So.... Out of our icy cold van comes the unmarried guy in my downline (we'll call him Bill). Bill, like most of my downline and myself-- was into the biz as a biz (till we figured out it was impossible to make money) but couldn't really deal with the stuffiness of the ambots. And this particular guy was a little ruff around the edges but a good person none the less. So picture this....

Bill just woke up, he gets out, scratches his head, yawns in a real annoying way-- kinda loudly and rudely, looks over at that car which was parallel to us, realizes they're a bunch of ambots, looks at them... looks again, looks closer, and yells -- "what-da fuck is wrong wit ya ga-eeezzz?!?!?!?!.... It's fucking boilin!!!!" Imagine the sheer horror in the ambots' eyes. They looked over completely shocked, saw Bill in his shorts scratching himself, and quickly looked forward, in fear.

My married guy friend and I, under the full protection of the new van's dark, factory-tinted windows, were both laughing so hard that I had to hold my private parts for fear of peeing on myself. I didn't recognize any of the ambots in that particular car but still-- I was sure that eventually, we'd show up at some local event driving that particular van and we'd run into them, and someone would recognize that it had been us that day... but I just didn't care-- I couldn't stop laughing.

It was 150 degrees for sure with the five of them in that car, and you know how polyester goes with humidity... Hahahaha. They were baking in there for sure, but they probably attributed it to the fact that they were so-- fired up, fired up!!!! Yuk!!

I asked the girls how the hell someone could dress that way on a day like that and cram into a car and drive for hours.

My wife's opinion....
These stupid bastards are driving down there in those clothes cause they haven't brought any other clothes with them. They have no intention of paying for a hotel. Whenever there is down time (1:00am to 8:00am) they're gonna hang around a 24 hour Starbucks just waiting for the the function to begin. Hey-- why pay for lodging when you could stand around all night as to not wrinkle your suit!!

She was probably right.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Amway Ambot + Date + Shitmobile = Disaster!

So it seems this Amway ambot sees a hot prospect in the form of a cute young lady. So he pretends to be interested in her like he wants to be her new boyfriend. He brags to her about how he's a business owner and how business is going great and tells her how much money he makes.

"Lets see your bank account statement." She asks him.

"Oh, no. That's private". He answers.

She has her doubts. Is this really a nice guy or is he a scam artist.

So he asks her out on a date. He says he's taking her to a BBQ and she should dress nice.

She's a little suspicious. Dress nice for a BBQ? Whats wrong with wearing shorts or jeans like normal people wear to BBQ's. Its not like its a formal event. But he tells her there are some people at this BBQ he wants to impress so she wears a nice dress.

He picks her up in this hunk of junk car.

"What's with the car? I thought you were a big time business owner making lots of money. Why are you driving a piece of shit like this." She gives him and the car the evil eye cause it looks like it’ll fall apart at any minute.

"I'm investing my money back into my business. I'm buying my next car with cash so I have to save up." Brags the Amway Ambot.

Then she asks him why he's wearing a business suit and tie. I mean who dresses this guy. Too formal for a BBQ. He tells her this is how he always dresses because he dresses for success cause thats what his mentors told him to do and he explains that he is in a mentoring and leadership training type of business.

Even though she wonders what the fuck thats supposed to mean she gets in the car anyway. Then he confesses to her that they are really going to an Amway meeting and he's only pretending its a BBQ.

Now she's really pissed off. She's heard of that company. Words come to mind like pyramid scheme, scam, cult, overpriced products.

Could this day get any worse? But she kind of likes him so even though she's pissed she doesn't bitch too much about the Amway meeting. Fortunately for her she never gets there.

Watch this video to find out why.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amway Ambots Posting Fake Job Ads

Although there are genuine jobs working at home, there are many more fake jobs where scammers post ads online in places like Craigslist and maybe even phone poles. There are too many job ads that aren’t valid employment and have the sole goal of getting victims to make an initial “investment” in “their own business”.

Who can say MLM pyramid scheme!

But say you get suckered in by an Amway scammer and phone or email to get more info because the way the ad is worded makes it sound like a lucrative job offer. Beware! It could cost you your savings, your credit rating, your marriage and more. Learning the signs of an multi level marketing scam can protect yourself against these bloodsucking Amway assholes.

Let’s take a common phrase we see Amway Ambots screeching about when they leave comments on this blog:


Amway losers are unable to take their own advice. If they did follow their own advice about doing your research they wouldn’t have gotten involved with Scamway.

The best piece of advice has been around for eons: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Also, if it was that easy to make money in the MLM scam then everyone would be doing it.

The ads that Amway Ambots place are similar to what is heard at Amway cult meetings. Wouldn’t you like to earn thousands of dollars working from home 10 to 15 hours a week.

OK sure. Wouldn’t we all like to earn thousands of dollars a month working part time from home. How realistic is such a job offer? Again lets go back to the above. If it was that easy to make thousands of dollars working part time from home then everyone would be doing it.

It’s a job offer that millions of people have been suckered into working for Amway as a commissioned sales rep but after a few months most of those reps realize they got scammed. No one wants to buy their shitty overpriced products. And then they realize they got suckered into the Amway tool scam spending hundreds of dollars a month buying tickets to Amway meetings, WWDB or other cult membership, Communikate, CD’s and books. Not to mention buying hundreds of dollars of shitty Amway products after being brainwashed to believe its high quality shit.

Shit is shit.

People looking for legitimate work from home jobs need to weed out the majority of the Amway Ambots and other MLM scammers who are just out to steal their money. One of the most common jobs to work from home is taking orders. Live Ops comes to mind but I don’t think they advertise for workers on Craigslist. Saw where American Express was hiring customer service staff to work at home answering calls. Not making thousands a month but $15/hour and 30 hours a week the staff are making more a month than Amway losers. Hell after working only one hour a month they’re making more than Amway Ambots! LOL!

Beware of any work from home jobs that ask for money upfront. Whether its stuffing envelopes, making jewellery or investing in your own business. Legitimate employers pay their employees not the other way around.

Weeding out fake work from home jobs is almost like asking the same questions if you showed up at a legitimate business for a job interview. Ask what tasks you do. Run like hell if tasks include making a list of everyone you know! LOL! Ask if you’re paid by the hour, monthly salary, or commission. Who pays you and how often and when will you be paid. Legitimate employers usually pay every two weeks or the middle and end of the month. What are your hours? Sure everyone wants to know that. Some businesses are open 24 hours. Will your shift stay the same or change frequently. Ask questions about a health plan or 401(k) and vacation and sick days. And how about this one – can you explain your organizational structure. Hopefully it doesn’t include drawing a bunch of circles! LOL! Here’s a good one -  ask the interviewer how long they’ve worked for the company and what’s the best thing about working there. Any jabbering about a “business opportunity” shut the fucker down right away and say not interested.

If you get a bad feeling such as evasive answers – RUN!

Report the scammer to Craigslist. Or the police. A “business opportunity” advertised in the jobs offered section is fraud.