Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Executive Diamond Talks About Getting Rich Quick In Amway!

I had an Amway Executive Diamond stop by the blog to leave a comment! Wow I should be so flattered! An Amway Diamond is reading a blog devoted to cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline! You wouldn’t think people who love Amway would be reading a blog like this! This is the first time an Executive Diamond has left a comment here. Gazillions of dollars rolling in each month so they can just sit back and do nothing except read this blog. Yup!.............. Life is good! Freedom! Flush that stinking job!


So what a privilege an Amway executive Diamond stops by. Here’s what he has to say:



Wow, I knew it. The Caucasian groups of amway must be absolute crap, look whoever you are I am an executive diamond my name is Theo im Columbian and I started my buisness about 3 years back and look where I got now, I earn 300k a year on a bad unproductive year and 460k a year when my 11 groups of 100 people each try hard, I'm with Equipo Vision and we qualify diamonds and new emeralds almost monthly, under me I have 15 Diamonds, 30 Emeralds, And so many platinums, you are very negative I can tell you just failed, you must not have dreams, or any sort of ambitions. I can't believe my associates and I came to america illegally and in a few years made a fortune, wow you white people are cocky and just suck at business marketing.... Yeah look amway pays me a solid check every year but with that check I became the proud owner of 4 McDonald's franchises, 2 Dennys Dinners, I own 1 Holiday Inn, 5 Gas Stations, and I own 1k shares of Apple, Cerner, Manchester United, and MicroSoft yeah but sure I'm an "amway lying cheat", I try to help people but they're to negative, lazy, with no ambition, but why care about people like you I'm rich and im not even legal, and I don't care if I get deported, ill just get to live in my Columbian Mansion, don't join any of those white people groups join equipo vision (team vision) my name's Theo again have a happy miserable life, working while im 33 and retired! Cya at my McDonald's Anna :p


Theo seems to have a problem with Caucasians. A little racist perhaps but that could be the mind set of how an illegal alien is treated here. I don’t know. “The Caucasian groups of amway must be absolute crap”. Remove the word Caucasian and Theo is dead on right!


Look how far Theo has come in 3 years of being an illegal alien in our country! WOW!!!!! He makes around $400k at Amway, and with that income he has bought multiple well known restaurants, gas stations, and a hotel. Who knew that these businesses were selling for so cheap that someone on an Amway income could afford them?!


And why isn’t Amway’s media machine blowing this out their asses? In 3 years Theo was able to purchase all kinds of businesses on his Amway income! Amway’s media people should be bragging about this every chance they get how people can get rich quick in Amway just like Theo and use that money to invest in other businesses worth millions of dollars. Is Amway keeping this hush hush quiet because they’re worried Theo will get deported when word gets out how he got rich quick in Amway and is an illegal alien? Hell even Theo isn’t worried. He seems to be quite happy to go back to his mansion in Colombia.


I asked him to tell me which McDonald’s and we’ll stop in and say hi.




Crickets chirping.


The big shot hot shit Amway Executive Diamond doesn’t want to make a couple of bucks off me when I offer to come in for a Big Mac and fries?


Damn! What kind of ambot passes up the chance to make a buck.




Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Amway Love Bombers

I remember getting love bombed by members of the Amway cult when Ambot was still a devoted worshipper of the great Amway gods. If you’ve ever been in a cult you know how it goes. People who barely know you want to hug you everytime they see you. They gush about how much they love what you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, the book you’re reading, etc. If you’ve done something awe inspiring like park your car between the lines in the parking lot they rave about what a wonderful driver you are. You know all the over the top praise for pretty normal things that could only come from cult members. Pretty fucking creepy. Pretty fucking creepy sums up Amway and ambots.


What is love bombing? Here is a partial description from Wikipedia:


Critics of cults often cite love bombing as one of the features that may identify an organization as a cult. When used by critics, the phrase is defined to mean affection that is feigned or with an ulterior motive and that is used to reduce the subject's resistance to recruitment.

The term was popularized by psychology professor Margaret Singer, who has become closely identified with the love-bombing-as-brainwashing point of view. In her 1996 book, Cults in Our Midst, she described the technique:

As soon as any interest is shown by the recruits, they may be love bombed by the recruiter or other cult members. This process of feigning friendship and interest in the recruit was originally associated with one of the early youth cults, but soon it was taken up by a number of groups as part of their program for luring people in. Love bombing is a coordinated effort, usually under the direction of leadership, that involves long-term members' flooding recruits and newer members with flattery, verbal seduction, affectionate but usually nonsexual touching, and lots of attention to their every remark.


Love bombing - or the offer of instant companionship - is a deceptive ploy accounting for many successful recruitment drives.


This description is very accurate of the love bombing that goes on at Amway cult meetings.


These Amway phony ass “business owners” are brainwashed so they don’t realize they’re in a cult. How about a social club instead? A very expensive club because all Amway meetings are social gatherings and brainwashing sessions and it costs hundreds of dollars each month to be a member.


Back when I worked I attended real business meetings as opposed to the phony ass Amway pretend business meetings, whether it was in my workplace or travelling to another person’s workplace. I have never greeted anyone or been greeted by a business professional with a hug and flattering comments. A handshake yes. Maybe a compliment if I like their outfit or a painting on the wall.


When I showed up at the workplace I never once walked around the office greeting coworkers with hugs. Probably not a handshake either unless I was meeting someone for the first time. The only time I’ve seen or participated in coworker hugs has been at the office Christmas party or on someone’s last day of work with the company.


Its called being professional inside the workplace. A concept that Amway ambots don’t understand.


Real business people operating legitimate businesses don’t go overboard. Professional niceties is one thing.


Love bombing is something else. Something creepy that is. And it makes people go what the fuck is going on here. These people are unnaturally delirious about meeting everyone.


Seeing as how Amway IBO’s are fake business people the rules don’t apply because its a fake business meeting. So hug away is the WWDB Amway motto!


I mean for fuck’s sake I don’t even go around hugging friends I’ve known for years when we get together at a social gathering. Maybe. Depends on the circumstance like if its a funeral.


Amway love bombing. A common cult tactic. Creepy. Meet people for the first time and they all want to hug me? Like back off Amway assholes! I don’t want other people in my space I don’t know and especially people I already know and don’t like. And here its important to note that the fucking asshole that sponsored us in Amway never once tried to hug me. Bastard knew better than to fuck with me!


Walk into an Amway meeting held in someone’s house and everyone pounces on you and wants to hug you. Even if you’ve never talked to them before or only seen them occasionally. They are overly excited to see you and they want to touch you affectionately. All fakey affectionately. What’s really creepy is walking into a larger Amway greeting say an auditorium where a Diamond is going to show up to brainwash the masses. Everyone out in the lobby is hugging everyone else. Walk into the arena and the hugging is still going on like crazy. And the screaming and squealing as if they haven’t seen this person in years instead of last night at a Scamway meeting. And then the fake compliments and the fake attentiveness and the want to introduce you to everyone else they know so they can all hug you too. CREEPY!!!!


Love bombing. Instant companionship.


That’s what Amway is all about. Instant friends. And you’ll need new friends because once you’re inside the Amway cult you’re not supposed to associate with anyone who is not in Amway or not interested in joining up as an IBO or buying shitty overpriced Amway products.


Love bombing = entrance into the cult. We are all so loving and welcoming!


WE WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What about the fake I love what you’re wearing? Oh this old rag? Tell me about the book you’re reading. This woman’s banging three different guys and she can tire them all out. Where’d you get those beautiful shoes? Payless. I love what you’ve done with your hair. Well that’s what happens when you wash your hair before you go to bed and sleep on it wet.


And all the smiling and happy happy. A bunch of Chucky dolls!


Beware of someone you’ve just met who wants to hug the shit out of you and ply you with compliments and is overly attentive to you and has a fake smile pasted on their face the whole time.


Its an Amway ambot love bomber on the loose!



Monday, July 21, 2014

Pay Up NOW For WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2014 is wrapping up and the upline assholes already have their hands out demanding payment for the next Amway function, Free Enterprise Days or FED.

The tickets to WWDB FED cost around $125 give or take around $25 but probably on the upswing side. Amway prices don’t go down in price! I’m sure someone will eventually show up to the blog with this years price.

Amway Free Enterprise Days is usually held in October except one year I think someone in WWDB fucked up and didn’t book the arena in time and it was held in November instead. Its one of the 4 major Amway World Wide Dream Builders functions for brainwashing the masses. Its important for the assholes in the Amway upline to get payment from their downline either at Family Reunion or shortly thereafter while the ambots are still high from the Family Reunion brainwashing. They’re motivated. They’re FIRED UP!!!!! They’re going big! They’re gonna get Amway rich quick!!!! Success is just around the corner! WOO HOO!!!!!

Meanwhile the assholes in the Amway upline got their hands out. Gimmee gimmeee gimmeee!!!!! Where’s the cash for FED? NOW!!!!! Ambots pay up NOW!!!!!!

There’s a reason why my searches for “how to quit Amway” go up around the times of Amway functions. And the upline Amway assholes want to get the ambots money now for the next function before they get a chance to quit.

Once the greedy assholes in your Amway upline have your cash for the next family function, in this case we’re picking WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED its really hard to get it back if you decide to quit. The better option is to tell those fucking assholes in the Amway upline you’ll buy the ticket from the World Wide website when the time gets closer.

Of course the best option of all is to tell the fucking assholes in your Amway upline you’re not going to FED at all and won’t be buying tickets. Then watch the hissy fit those bastards will have when they realize their beloved cult leaders won’t be making money off this ticket sell! That’s how the real money is made in Amway – the tool scam! Tickets sold to hear the Amway cult leaders talk are big profits for the cult leaders.

Save your money. Don’t buy tickets to WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days 2014! Or any other year!

Do you know what happens at WWDB FED? The same bullshit that happens at every other Scamway function. A bunch of Diamonds will stomp across the stage with very similar stories about how they were dirt poor and in debt and now they’re filthy rich. Yeah they’re filthy all right! Got rich by bringing misery to other peoples lives who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

There is no training. There is no business advice. There’s nothing but a bunch of rah rah motivational if I can do it so can you bullshit.

You been to one Amway function you been to them all.

So let’s get a few keywords out there to reel in Amway ambots. And because they’re so fucked up brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders and don’t know what year it is I’ll throw in last year and next year. And don’t laugh. Searchers are still looking for 2011 and 2012! That’s what happens in Amway. The assholes in your upline brainwash you into believing just cause you’re in Amway that gives you the power to turn back time! Holy fuck!

Free Enterprise Days 2014

Amway Free Enterprise Days 2014

WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2014

FED 2014

World Wide Dream Builders FED 2014

Amway FED 2014

Amway Family Reunion 2014

WWDB Family Reunion 2014

Free Enterprise Days 2013

Amway Free Enterprise Days 2013

WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2013

FED 2013

World Wide Dream Builders FED 2013

Amway FED 2013

Amway Family Reunion 2013

WWDB Family Reunion 2013

Free Enterprise Days 2015

Amway Free Enterprise Days 2015

WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2015

FED 2015

World Wide Dream Builders FED 2015

Amway FED 2015

Amway Family Reunion 2015

WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Free Enterprise Days sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Amway sucks!



Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Gloves Come Off When Dealing With Amway Scammers

One of our readers is being harassed by his boss at work to sign up to the Amway scam:



Just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy your blog! I've been reading it from start to finish, and I enjoy your candid commentary along with the horror stories other victims of Amway have shared.

My boss, of all people, brought me here. He doesn't know he brought me here. He doesn't know I know he's part of the Amway pyramid scheme. He thinks I'm easy prey; a new recruit ripe for brainwashing.

He's been subtly grooming me to become part of his scam, or "business opportunity" as he calls it.

The way he's doing it is devilishly sly, and had I not had a bad run-in with Primerica (another pyramid scheme), he may well have gotten me.

The subtle product placement - he always has an XS energy drink in plain view, or a bottle of his Perfect drinking water nearby. The Tip/Balance/Twist tests he performed when I questioned the claims of his miracle water. Boasts that he would be a millionaire within a decade. Mysterious meetings that required a suit and tie. Talks about how I could save money on household goods if I bought them from myself.

This all built up to a discussion one day after work, when he talked about an upcoming business meeting he was having with his partners. I asked for more info, but he said it was very secretive and he'd have to talk to his partners first.

The next day he said he'd talked to his partners, and that they thought I'd be a great candidate. Could I come to their next meeting, and did I own a suit?

Recalling my experience with Primerica, I wanted to know more about the business so I could research it a bit, and be able to make informed decisions. I asked what exactly this business was and if he had any literature on it.

In response, I was given a link to WWDB and asked to read testimonials by the Puryear and Duncan families.

Right then and there I knew something was very, very wrong. The whole testimonial was a bunch of feel-good ass kissing, along with these people rubbing their wealth in my face. I don't care how big your yacht is, I want facts and figures about your business. None of these testimonials provided any factual business information.

Frustrated by this secrecy, I Googled WWDB and the Puryears and the Duncans. This led me to Amway, and to countless horror stories of people whose lives have been ruined by it.

After much work, I did find the facts and figures I was searching for. And as I suspected, it was all a sham. These "Diamonds" at the top of the chain live a charade. They barely pull in six figures, most of which is from their tools/speeches (NOT the Amway business plan!). They put themselves in financial peril to fool their cult into thinking they're rich!

And if you're not that fraction of a percent on the top, you are losing money! You are bullied into buying junk you don't need, alienating friends and family, taking on debt, and told that success is right around the corner!!

No thank you. I'll keep my J.O.B. At the end of the day, I know I earned my paycheck and didn't have to sell my soul to get it.

So thank you very much for this blog! Your efforts, as well as the wealth of knowledge here, spared me a lot of pain and heartache. I'm so glad I was able to avoid going down the scAmway path.

When I speak to my boss again regarding his "business opportunity" I will politely say I'm not interested. If he persists, then the gloves come off.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Too Many Amway Meetings!

Its bad enough on the night of an Amway meeting to actually have to attend one Amway meeting but the horror of horrors is that there are usually several Amway meetings planned for the evening and some ambots have the misfortune of attending all of them. The first is a “pre-meeting” with the Platinum or maybe the Emerald but that’s only if you’ve scheduled an appointment and if the fucker deems you worthy of his attention. Seeing as how ambots all have J.O.B.s no matter how hard they try to bullshit you they’re “business owners” and “own their own business” these appointments would be in the early evening after the Platinum and the ambots are off work for the day, so lets call it this appointment could be between 5pm and 7pm lasting 15 to 30 minutes or longer. This is usually held at a fast food restaurant or a coffee shop where the meddling bastard wants to see a budget, a contact list, or ride everyone’s asses why they weren’t bringing prospects to meetings and lack of customers. If we were “privileged” to have the first appointment we were expected to buy the Platinum a coffee and snack. Even if we weren’t first sometimes the Platinum just turned to Ambot and asked him to get him a burger. No cash exchanged hands and of course Ambot hopped into action because the cult leader had stroked his ego and called him a server. Yeah in more ways than one! Serve me a burger and coke you fucking lowly IBO!

The Amway board plan meeting was either held at a cult leader’s house or someone elses house. They started at 8pm.

I’ve got better things I can be doing at 8pm like some good TV shows are on then. Ambot used to duplicate the assholes in his Amway upline and bitch at me and say “how is watching TV making me any money?” Well at least we weren’t losing any money by staying home and watching TV! Can’t say the same thing about time and money wasted at Amway meetings!

The pompous sack of shit Platinum loves the sound of his own voice. He’d spend the first hour telling the same old bullshit stories mostly about what a wonderful cult leader he is or about something going on in the news. Or doom and gloom predictions with all these businesses closing down. Ranting and raving mostly and often with a good dose of religion thrown in as following the Jim Jones manual for running cult meetings!
Maybe take him an hour or longer to fess up and mention the dreaded A word. He’d use a whiteboard and flash cards to present the Amway business plan. Eat, drink, and duplicate. Find other people and teach them to do the same. Find enough people and you'll be earning $300,000 a year.

The board plan drags on for 3 hours because he keeps getting sidetracked and goes off on various rants usually something an ambot mind perceives to be negative that's happening in the news. The sack of shit loves spreading negativity and scaring his ambots into submission.

I was ready to go home before I even arrived. By 11pm I just want to get the hell out of here. Go home. Go to a bar. Go to McDonalds. Anywhere but listening to the sack of shit!

Then the cult leader finally takes a break. Yay! We can go home. Then horrors! It ain't over yet! Anyone who’s not a “serious business builder” or anyone who brought guests can take them home so that pretty much means everyone stays because nobody can con a prospect sucker into attending and of course everyone in the room wants to get the glowing praise of being a “serious business builder”. The rest of us unfortunate bastards are stuck for round 2 or maybe round 3 if you were unfortunate enough to be part of the pre-meeting bullshit. Sometimes Ambot can catch a ride home with someone else and tells me to go home. Yee haw! I don’t stick around in case Ambot or the cult leader changes their collective brainwashed mind.

I stayed for too many late night teachings. These meetings last another hour or two. Very typical for Amway cult meetings to last well past Midnight. When cult followers are tired its easier to brainwash their minds. Now is when the pompous sack of shit criticizes the way people dress, the car they drive, their haircut, the people they hang out with, etc. Bitch bitch bitch. Mostly he bitches at the group for not sponsoring anyone or bringing prospects to meetings. He'll talk about the movers and shakers in his downline and sing their praises for the rest of the meeting gabbing on about how those are the people going Platinum, going Diamond. Not so far! Including him the fucking loser!

No teaching. No business advice. Lots of rants. That sums up what people are really doing late at night at Amway meetings.

Getting brainwashed!


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Amway Cult Is WAY OUT THERE!

A reader shares his experience at Amway cult meetings:


THANK YOU…I had a friend (reference on the word HAD), he took me to three of these meetings. Once on a Tuesday night, then on a Friday, and the last on a Sunday night, and it reminded me a bit about the Waco Texas massacre!

All they talked about was being positive, having a positive drive; devoid yourself of NEGATIVE emotions, any negative thoughts need not be in your mind. Think ahead, THINK BIG, HOPE LARGE, LIVE POSITIVE! Hear positive, see positive, stay positive…everything in this business IS POSITIVE! Act happy, smile, laugh, MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS, show them your products, introduce them to the business, and make them feel welcomed. Tell them how great this venture is, make sure they know how BIG your hitting being a part of this business! He also said, “remember, everyone out there STILL has a boss, they still have debt, they have no personal time, they rarely see their spouse (if they’re married). Go out there and make them wonder what they’re missing out on by not being a part of something like this!”

What freaked me out the most was his next comment… “remember, if you’re even a tad-bit negative, please leave, the doors are wide open, DON’T COME BACK…in this business, there is no such thing as depression, the media tells you you’re depressed…in this business, there is no such thing as anger or rage, the people out there convince you you’re angry or enraged…in this business, there is no such thing as skepticism, that is something our education-system has since forever promoted…IN THIS BUSINESS, THERE IS JUST YOU, AND WILL-POWER TO CHANGE, TO BETTER YOURSELF, TO BE AS BIG AS THE WORLD, TO GO AS HIGH AS THE SKY, TO BUILD THE NEW YOU OUT OF THE ASHES, IN THIS BUSINESS THERE IS ONLY DRIVE, SUCCESS, THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IT BIG AND TELL YOUR BOSS HE CAN KEEP HIS JOB, TO MANAGE YOUR OWN RETIREMENT, TO WORK ONCE A MONTH IF YOU FEEL LIKE…ect.

I left at around 10:47pm, we’ve been there since seven, afterwards I was introduced to some BIG shots. They asked if I would be joining, and if not…why not? I simply said the meeting felt like a revival (EEeeek), they just frowned. I also added I loved my job, and loved what I would be doing after I finish school.

The whole thing about being positive 24/7 is just not me…SOMETIMES I’m very NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ambot Desperate To Retrieve Check

Check out this video. I’ll help out with the translation and keeping the cast of characters straight.

Comrade 1 – the man with his hand in the fish mouth

Comrade 2 – the man trying to help him get his hand out

Comrade 3 – filming the action and finds a stick to help

Comrade 4 – Comrade 1’s Amway upline

Comrade 1: Help!

Comrade 2: How did you get your hand stuck in that fish’s mouth?

Comrade 1: This fish ate my Amway check  and I’m trying to get it back.

Comrade 2: How much is that check for?

Comrade 1: $9.18

Comrade 2: Holy shit! After all those long hours you spend being a commissioned Amway salesman you only made $9.18. Christ! Just let that fish eat the fucking check. It’s not worth losing your hand over.

Comrade 1: Don’t say negative!

Comrade 2: Here’s a stick. I’ll see if I can pry open the fish’s mouth with it.

Comrade 1: No! Not that stick! I bought it from Amway for $100!

Comrade 2: Are you fucked in the head? You spend $100 for this shitty little stick? I can go to the hardware store and buy a stick just like this out of their junk pile for .50¢.

Comrade 1: Aren’t you willing to pay more money for higher quality?

Comrade 2: No! Why do you want to pay more money for something you can buy at the store that costs way less money.

Comrade 3: Oh for fuck’s sake. Just use this stick I picked up off the ground.

Comrade 2: That free stick is better quality than your $100 stick. I can’t believe you spent that much money buying a stick. How much money did you spend on Amway products this month?

Comrade 1: Around $300.

Comrade 2: Are you a fucking moron? You can get a job selling fish at the market and make more money than that. When I get your hand out of this fish I’m taking it to the market and I’m going to sell it for $20 so I’ll make more money for a few minutes work than you make in Amway after putting in a hundred hours of work.

Comrade 3: Yeah, who’s making more money with less effort.

Comrade 1: Shut up. Here comes my upline. Oh hallowed, beloved leader of mine. This fish ate my Amway check. This fish is a negative unchristian dreamstealer.

Comrade 4: You didn’t ask my permission if you could put your hand in this fish’s mouth and get that check back.

Comrade 2: What?!!! You’ve got to ask your Amway upline’s permission before you do anything! What kind of cult did you get yourself into? OK that should do it. Pull your hand out.

Comrade 1: Not without my Amway check.

Comrade 2: Just let the fish eat it.

Fish: This Amway check tastes like shit!