Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Amway Ambot + Date + Shitmobile = Disaster!

So it seems this Amway ambot sees a hot prospect in the form of a cute young lady. So he pretends to be interested in her like he wants to be her new boyfriend. He brags to her about how he's a business owner and how business is going great and tells her how much money he makes.

"Lets see your bank account statement." She asks him.

"Oh, no. That's private". He answers.

She has her doubts. Is this really a nice guy or is he a scam artist.

So he asks her out on a date. He says he's taking her to a BBQ and she should dress nice.

She's a little suspicious. Dress nice for a BBQ? Whats wrong with wearing shorts or jeans like normal people wear to BBQ's. Its not like its a formal event. But he tells her there are some people at this BBQ he wants to impress so she wears a nice dress.

He picks her up in this hunk of junk car.

"What's with the car? I thought you were a big time business owner making lots of money. Why are you driving a piece of shit like this." She gives him and the car the evil eye cause it looks like it’ll fall apart at any minute.

"I'm investing my money back into my business. I'm buying my next car with cash so I have to save up." Brags the Amway Ambot.

Then she asks him why he's wearing a business suit and tie. I mean who dresses this guy. Too formal for a BBQ. He tells her this is how he always dresses because he dresses for success cause thats what his mentors told him to do and he explains that he is in a mentoring and leadership training type of business.

Even though she wonders what the fuck thats supposed to mean she gets in the car anyway. Then he confesses to her that they are really going to an Amway meeting and he's only pretending its a BBQ.

Now she's really pissed off. She's heard of that company. Words come to mind like pyramid scheme, scam, cult, overpriced products.

Could this day get any worse? But she kind of likes him so even though she's pissed she doesn't bitch too much about the Amway meeting. Fortunately for her she never gets there.

Watch this video to find out why.

Ha ha! Gotta have a good laugh going into the weekend! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Amway Scam Rips Families Apart

A reader’s mother is caught up in the Amway scam. Another sad story while a loved one watches Amway rip their family apart, fill the mothers head with false hope and dreams that one day she'll be rich and brainwashing her with bullshit Amspeak. Throw in a dose of twisted religion and the Amway cult is hard at it destroying another family.

Hi Anna, was googling for solution to help my mum and chance upon your blog. Thank you for sharing all the negativity ex from people ard the world with Ambots. I couldn't managed to read through all your blog post and comments as they were so many of them. However from some of the many information I've gathered from your blog; Is watching them 'Ambot' helplessly the only solution? Sorry if I've missed out anything. Like many others, thanks to your blog at least I know myself or my siblings are not alone in all these Scamway drama.

Sadly, the Ambot for my case is my mum, someone that I once respect and love dearly. My mum divorce and remarried since I was young. Myself and my brothers stayed with our grandparent while my mum stay elsewhere with my step-dad and step-siblings. My mum have a tough life, her second marriage is not a happy one either. She feel into depression and found Amway. She soon visualizing herself being financially independent and could break away from this asshole (my step dad)and take care of all of us (all her childrens). We all know that this will not work out and tried to talk her out but like many others.. we FAILED.. Badly at times if we tried too hard.. Her Life now is all about Amway. Especially when she link Christianity with Amway. Things got even worse. It's like GOD plan for her to do this.

In order to make peace in the family, we have no choice but to support her by listening to her business plan, weekly Friday night meeting with her $%#^ upline at her place (to the extend myself and my wife have to work overtime so as to excuse ourself fr the stupid meeting.. when we are so dying to see our baby at home.. we can't go home..)

It's really a true nightmare for the whole family. Despite all that we have done and compromise. She still think that we are not supporting her. Her idea of support is that we must all do this ACTIVELY which is ridiculous as we all have our job.

As usual they will start to scrutinize everything that you are engaging with.. your job etc. I used to value the limited family time that I have with her when we can talk about anything under the sun but now I am truly afraid of seeing her as she will link every single thing to AMWAY and talk only about this bullshit. Why have it become like this?! How I feel now is that the person that I once love and respect dearly is gone.. If that person is a boyfriend/girlfriend/Husband/Wife/Best Friend.. We can simply let it go.. But this is my MUM.. How can I possibly give up on her?

Those scumbags took advantage of a vulnerable depress victim and brainwash them with fake dream. Being the eldest in the family I felt really helpless that I can't bring MUM back to the family. I wish I could just walk away but I can't. I wanted to help my mum, I buy her a ticket to watch a motivational talk by Nick Vijicic with me with the hope that she will view life differently, be more positive with her life and that Amway is not everything but guess what.. She chose to attend some AMWAY bullshit seminar rather then going to the talk with me because she said that AMWAY thingy is more important..

I really do not know what else I can do further. Sorry for such a long post Anna. Thanks for reading and giving me a chance to pen down rather then keeping inside which is killing me..

Thursday, November 20, 2014

MUST Attend Amway WWDB Dream Night

As soon as WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED has ended, at every Amway cult meeting over the next couple of months the pressure is on for Ambots to attend World Wide Dream Builders Amway Dream Night.

The Amway cult leaders drill into their followers that they MUST attend all Amway functions and they can’t miss Dream Night. It’s the not to be missed event of the year. It’s a life changing opportunity. It’ll put the IBO 6 months ahead of the other ambots who don’t attend.

Wait a minute. Those fucking Amway assholes said the same thing about FED, Family Reunion, and Spring Leadership. We should be 2 years ahead of everyone right now and we’re not. Those fucking Amway cult leaders lied to us! Now there’s a shocker. Amway. Lies. They go hand in hand!

Always remember and never forget: if someone in Amway says something – it’s a LIE! Never believe anything a fucking Amway asshole says because they’re all liars. Easy to remember advice. Amway Ambot = liar.

I remember the Amway cult meetings leading up to Dream Night. Our sack of shit Platinum would demand everyone in the room tell him how many tickets they were buying for WWDB Dream Night. He would gloat that he’d bought 2 or 3 tables worth of tickets. I just don’t remember if the bastard said 2 or 3 but who gives a shit what that lying Amway asshole bullshits about. Whatever, lets say 10 people per table cause those banquet tables are big. Lets go with 20 people the lower number including the sack of shit and his wife. Tickets to Dream Night cost $70. That’s $1400 bucks right there to buy a bunch of disinterested people a holy shit expensive dinner. So the sack of shit goes around the room pointing at people. Some ambots faced huge abuse and humiliation when they said they didn’t know or weren’t sure they were going. Most said 2 or 3 tickets just to avoid getting a shit kicking from the fucking Platinum. Of course when the bastard gets to my Ambot he brags 10 tickets. What the fuck! $700!!! On Fucking Amway WWDB Dream Night?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

That would make the Amway cult leaders happy. That’s about $500 to $600 profit they’re making on those ticket sales after they’ve paid the hotel the $15 per person catering meal price.

Then the obvious question – who the hell do we know that wants to go to a slimy scammy fucking Amway meeting. We haven’t been able to get anyone to come to an Amway cult meeting when they’re free and now Ambot wants to spend hundreds of dollars on 10 tickets. There’s going to be a lot of empty places at our table. Unless you’re a brainwashed ambot you don’t want to be anywhere near an Amway cult meeting.

So the pressure is on. The Amway cult leaders are riding the ambots asses to buy tickets for Dream Night and to give them a tally of how many tickets they’re buying. Don’t buy any tickets or don’t buy enough according to the fucking Amway asshole in the upline, then get ready to be abused.

My advice? Save your money. Don’t go to Amway WWDB Dream Night. And don’t let the Amway cult leaders force you into buying extra tickets because nobody is interested in a free meal that comes at the cost of being trapped in a room with a bunch of fucking Amway assholes and watching them pledge allegiance to the lying Amway cult leaders. Its just fucking creepy.



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Price Tag Of Getting Sucked Into Amway Cult

Thanks to AnonTB for providing some info on what to expect if signing up to Amway, advice for a woman whose husband is thinking of getting sucked into the cult:

1- You will need several hundred dollars a month to pay for product, books, tapes, meetings, rallies, gas. Ask him where that will come from, and what he/you will be sacrificing to pay for that. He may say that this phase won't last long, that you will soon be making enough money to cover expenses. Ask him to be specific: how many recruits do you need to break even, and how are you going to get those people?

2- The products are very expensive, and you will be buying far more product than you can use. If you don't buy products like this now, why are you going to be excited about buying them in the future, and why will you be excited about overbuying expensive products? If you can't get excited about the products, how successful will you be in convincing others to buy the products?
--> After the 3 week cooling off period, Instead of signing up as an IBO, ask your husband to just buy a bunch of product and use it for a month. See if his excitement for the product matches his excitement for the business "opportunity." That's a fair request. The business will still be there for him at the end of the month.

3- If you do become an IBO, your efforts will be in recruiting. Your earliest recruits will be people that you know. How will you feel about trying to sign up family/friends/neighbors by omitting key information that they need to make an informed decision, such as all the recurring monthly expenses (tools, web site, voicemail, meetings, excess product inventory, etc.)? This is called a lie of omission, and is essential to recruit people. Can you do this to people you know?

4- Your presenter mentioned he would not miss a meeting even if he was very sick with the flu. Ask yourself, why would you need to go to every meeting, even if you have no prospects there? Answer: there is no good reason, other than because they say that's what successful people do.

5- Tell your husband that if you don't join him as an IBO, Ambots have been known to try to get him to choose between you and Amway. Get him to commit to you that when this happens, he will leave the business. Not in a year. Not in a month. Now.

6- You mentioned that the Ambots you met were smart, educated people, too smart to fall for a bad opportunity. Therefore, it must be a good one. This is a fallacy of logic. This is what made Bernie Madoff able to convince lots of other smart people to give him $50 billion.

Don't EVER stop thinking for yourself or trusting your gut instincts.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ambots Pay To Watch Amway Diamond Take A Shit?

I went to countless Amway meetings where the Diamond would brag and gloat about how he makes more money taking a shit than the Amway ambots in the audience make working their J.O.B. for a week. Or a month. Or a year. Apparently some profitable shitting (or bullshitting) going on here.

At other meetings I’d hear our sack of shit Platinum or Emerald making the same claims. About the Diamond that is. I don’t remember either of those Amway assholes saying they made the same money taking a shit as the Diamond did but they sure liked to brag about all the money Diamonds made shitting.

I’m sure there are people out there who’d like to know where they can get a paid J.O.B. where all they have to do is shit. Maybe you gotta get a job as a tester with a company that makes laxatives.

Someone posted a link to a video that features an Amway son of a bitch er make that the son of an Amway Diamond doing a bilingual interview sort of. The son of a bitch only spoke English. A couple of other guys are speaking Spanish in the intro and then one of them is translating. They’re at a hotel in Maui I don’t remember which one. Looks like a nice place but then one could say that about pretty much every hotel in Maui I suppose. So the son of a bitch is bragging about what a nice property this is and the suite he stays in and says there are so many beds that him and his wife were thinking they should bed hop. You know make the maids work extra hard making up all these extra beds but that’s just the way Amway assholes treat people beneath them. I bet those fuckers don’t even leave a tip for the maid either. You got that many extra beds I’m sure there are ambots out there sleeping 20 to a room who would take them. But anyway the son of a bitch starts on about the toilet. Wow wow wow toilet and that he should hold an Amway meeting in there sitting on the shitter. And yeah the translator does a great job of putting all this in Spanish.

I don’t know about the rest of you but when a man goes into the bathroom I don’t want to know what he’s doing in there and I sure as hell don’t want to be in there either!

But then I’m not an Amway Ambot! Those dumb fucks worship and go all gaga over a Diamond taking a shit.

You know how those Amway Diamonds are all bragging about how much money they make taking a shit maybe the way they’re making all this money shitting is they’re selling tickets and giving a brainwashing sermon at the same time. How would the Diamond do this? I mean you gotta get the timing right. Can’t hold it in and text downline and say be here in 20 minutes cause the Diamond might end up shitting his pants before he can collect ticket sales and lead the ambots into the bathroom. Probably tells Ambots to stand in line outside the house waiting for when the big moment will be announced. Tickets cost $50 each because after all that’s how Amway Diamonds make the bulk of their money selling tickets to dumb asses to come listen to them speak or in this case take a shit and speak. And they said those Amway assholes couldn’t do 2 things at the same time! LOL!!!!
And there would be a line outside the house because Amway ambots are so desperate to have any part of a Diamond that they’d pay to be there in the can with them. And then you gotta wonder which Ambot is going to have the “privilege” of wiping the Diamond’s ass afterwards. Probably have to pay extra for that! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! And then Amway Diamond makes even more money taking bids to see who wants to flush! Or maybe the selling the logs! LOL!!! Dumb fuck ambots would probably buy it too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

So what would the Diamond talk about other than how the shit’s progressing? Would he speak negative? This damn shit’s taking too long to come out! Would this be the time where he would bitch at the ambots for what they’re wearing? Seems a little silly to bitch about others wardrobes when he’s the one with his pants around his ankles. Would the Diamond sneer at everyone in the room - let’s say 10 Ambots showed up and bought a $50 ticket. I just made $500 taking a shit. How much money did YOU make during the time it took me to take a shit? Would he talk about the proper etiquette in taking a shit? Or would he just launch into a board plan meeting and use toilet paper to draw circles on. And guess what he uses to draw those circles! LOL!!!!

Yup the Amway Diamond sits on a throne of lies!

The rest of the world doesn’t care about a shitty Amway Diamond. The rest of the world doesn’t want to know nothing about how much an Amway Diamond makes everytime he shits and how much money he sells tickets for. These are things that only matter to a brainwashed Amway Ambot.

It’s a shitty job but an Amway ambot has to pay the big bucks to do it!



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gonna Show Up Here And Bitch?

What exactly is the definition of “trying hard enough” when it comes to Amway? Clearly it is spending more than 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings, functions, prospecting, etc. It is clearly spending more than $1000/month on Amway and Amway tools like my ambot husband. And I know this because of those Amway assholes that show up here and bitch at us that we didn't try hard enough. Fucking sacks of shit that they are!

And how do the fucking Amway upline assholes motivate their cult followers to keep trying hard enough? Oh wait. Those bastards do not motivate. They brainwash. Like the good Amway cult leaders they have been trained to be, they scold, they mock, they insult, they punish, they blame. Even more than wanting to succeed at an Amway business, the followers want to please their leader. They try harder, they put in more effort like 100 hours a month wasn’t already trying hard enough. They buy more shitty overpriced Amway products like spending more than $1000 month wasn’t already good enough. The ambots are scolded and belittled time after time when they don’t get results. The Amway cult leaders blame the ambots for their own lack of success. But then what else do you expect from Amway: a blame the victim scam. And then those Amway ambots who just got ragged on by the cult leaders they love so much, get online, end up here and bitch at us just the way they just got bitched at from their Amway cult leaders.

These fucking Amway assholes never blame the Amway system designed for failure with only a fraction of 1% success rate to make money (according to Amway’s literature – look for the small print) and spending shitloads of money on Amway tools and overpriced Amway products. Blame the ambots instead! They didn’t try hard enough. Amway = blame the victim scam!

Fortunately, many IBO’s get tired of this degrading treatment and quit “the business”. Now the only thing they have to do is try hard enough to keep one step ahead of their Amway upline who will be hopping mad that they just lost this stream of income. That’s what happens when you bitch at people too much. They say fuck it I’m outta here.

These fucking Amway assholes show up to this blog with their attitude that they’re better than we are because they’re in Amway and the rest of the world who aren’t in Amway are broke losers. They bitch at us that we didn’t try hard enough. They bitch as us that you get out of Amway what you put into it. Fuck I’d sure like to get back the $20,000 or so we “invested” in Amway. Maybe those fucking Amway assholes that show up here saying we’ll get back what we put into Amway will tell us when we’re going to get that money back instead of bitching at us for not trying hard enough. So let’s just send out a big old FUCK YOU to the Amway ambots who keep showing up here saying we’ll get back what we put into Amway. Ambots will show up here and bitch that our Amway upline or line of sponsorship don’t know their piss from their shit and too bad we weren’t in a better group.

Bitch bitch bitch! Amway ambots bitch about this that and the other but mostly they bitch because there are places on the Internet where victims of the Amway scam can get their stories out there. Stories of emotional and financial distress. Getting abused by the assholes in their Amway upline. Spending hundreds of dollars buying shitty overpriced Amway products every month.

Let’s see where’s those fucking Amway assholes that say we’ll get back what we put into Amway. We put in thousands of dollars. Got maybe a hundred or so back in puny commission checks from Scamway. So everyone who shows up here to preach that - you’re just another bunch of fucking lying Amway assholes.

But when you’re a bunch of lying Amway assholes and you’re pissed off that your numbers are diminishing since the launch of the Internet and people are letting it be known how they got scammed, which limits your customer base, I guess you gotta go somewhere and bitch.
So lets send out a big old FUCK YOU to all Amway assholes that show up here to bitch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Amway Ambots Refuse To Believe There Are Real Business Owners

Over and over I’ll get some fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot showing up here telling me I have a job. You know in that snide sneering Amway asshole way they have like saying have fun working for someone else for the rest of your life. Just because they’re in Amway that means they’re (pretend) business owners and that means they’re better than everyone else and they’re card carrying assholes who go around insulting everyone they think is below them.

Well when you’re on the bottom of the Amway pyramid its not like there’s anyone below you so you have to come to the Internet and get outraged at people who share their true stories of how they got scammed by Amway and how they suffered financial losses and emotional distress. The outraged Amway ambot is pissed off because when people get their stories out there on the Internet of what its really like being in the Amway cult then that’s going to help others make the right decision not to have anything to do with Amway = less money for the scambots. They don’t dare insult the fucking assholes in their Amway upline so they come to a blog where we have no problem insulting Amway assholes and oddly enough insult us instead. Its like they want even more abuse and are craving to be cursed out and made to look like bigger Amway assholes than they already are. We are happy to oblige those masochists!

These fucking Amway assholes refuse to believe that there are people in this world who do not work a job. Or in Amspeak a J.O.B. and say that with the contempt that an Amway ambot uses. There are a lot of real business owners in this world. Not Amway pretend business owners. Walk down the main street of any town and there will be businesses owned by real people who have nothing to do with Scamway.

But Amway assholes insult these real business owners for that reason – because its not an Amway business.

An Amway “business” earns most “business owners” around $10/month after they’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying shitty overpriced Amway products and tools.

Real business owners probably see a profit way better than that or they wouldn’t continue operating their store.

Amway ambots refuse to believe that people do other things with their lives than work a job, though technically speaking most people have some kind of job they do whether or not they make any money at it. And ambots are experts in knowing what its like to work hundreds of hours and not get paid! In the real world people operate businesses. They hire locals who need jobs and help with the economy. No fucking Amway asshole can say they hire staff to work at their business and they’re doing their part to contribute to the economy but then Amway IBO’s are pretend business owners who don’t make enough money to put gas in the car to get to their Amway meetings let alone pay wages. Other people are retired or semi-retired. Others are housewives or househusbands and their significant other is the breadwinner. But even these retired or homebodies aren’t sitting idle all day. They’ve got a household and maybe children to take care of. They’ve all got incomes of some sort – pension, savings.

That makes me wonder if Amway assholes would walk up to an elderly person in the street who is in a wheelchair or walker and sneer at them. “You have a J.O.B. and I’m better than you because I’m an Amway business owner.”

That’s the attitude of fucking assholes in Amway. Can’t accept that not everyone has a job working for someone.

According to a brainwashed Amway ambot – if you’re not an Amway “business owner” then that means you work a J.O.B.

And let’s point out the obvious. Most Amway ambots have jobs too. They need them to afford their expensive Amway hobby.

Oh yeah. Let’s just send another big old FUCK YOU out to those Amway assholes and their refusal to accept that not everyone has a job.