Thursday, October 30, 2014

The AmwayTville Horror

Thanks to our guest poster with a Halloween appropriate tale!

I got it! I got it! The AmwayTville Horror is named after the Amityville Horror! LOL!!! I know the story so for anyone not familiar with the Amityville Horror, about 40 years ago a family of 6 was mass murdered in their home by another family member. A year after the murders a family purchased the home and experienced strange phenomena and they abandoned the house a month later. Was the story a hoax? A scam to make money?

Hoax? Scam? That has Amway written all over it!


In a town called AmwayTville evil creatures of the night congregate at 8pm at the fugly house to worship their cult leaders and hear their tales of greed. Amway Demons have lured unsuspecting victims into their lair with lies, promising sweet treats, good eats, and an open bar. After 11pm, after midnight, into the early morning hours the Amway Demons are learning how to suck money out of their victims. They’re learning how to destroy relationships of any cult followers who have family and friends who are not onboard with Amway. The cult leaders brainwash their followers: “People who are not in Amway are stupid. They’re broke losers. They’re negative. They’re dream stealers. Stay away from anyone not involved in Amway because they do not have your best interests in mind like we do. We love you.” The more tired the cult followers get, the easier it is to brainwash them. The Amway ghouls lead their followers into chants: “Buy more tools. Buy more Amway products. That is the secret to your financial freedom. FREEDOM! Flush that stinking job!”

For victims who ventured out into the moonless night into the grim dungeon of horrors of an Amway meeting in AmwayTville we’re caught in hell. No friends. No money. No hope. No future. Only despicable Amway Demons who want to destroy us. We’re in the fugly Amway house looking out the window into the dark night where a few stars twinkle in the sky. As unreachable and untouchable as the Amway promise of spending 10 to 15 hours a week for the next 2 to 5 years and handing over thousands of dollars of our money, and then we will (NOT!) be rewarded with residual income rolling in forever while we walk the beaches of the world and hang out with Diamonds on Peter Island.

Coyotes howl in the distance prowling the outskirts of AmwayTville. Even they’re scared shitless to get close to Amway Demons. Something smells really bad in the Amway prayer room. The unmistakeable stench of Amway Demon body odor. Guess the Amway deodorant is the shits. Amway Demons paid too much money for a product that can’t get the job done.

We want to leave but we can’t just get up and go and abandon the person we arrived with. Trapped! Finally the Amway cult leader shuts up and we can get out of this hell hole.

“Why are you leaving so soon?” An Amway Demon taunts us.

“Fuck you. It’s one in the morning. Not everyone keeps devil hours.”

The Amway Demon hisses and sneers: “Guess you got a J.O.B. to get to in the morning.”

There’s something about these Amway creatures of the night that makes you want to run and scream and hide. Turn the lights on! Get out of AmwayTville ! Get away from Amway Demons!

Amway Demons and their greedy goals. Amway Devils and their evil intentions of sucking money out of us. Sucking the life out of us. Someone needs to put a stake through the hearts of Amway Demons except that they don’t have hearts.

We try to escape and an Amway cult leader blocks the door and waves a registration form and screams at us to sign up to Amway.

“Where else can you get started in our own business for less than $100?” they taunt us.

NO! The Devil is after me! NO! It’s an Amway IBO from AmwayTville. Devil. Amway. Same thing. The Amway Devil from AmwayTville. Escape. Death would be better than to be stuck in AmwayTville.



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

101 More Ways To Piss Off An Amway IBO

Had so much fun with the original post that I had to carry it through with a little help from some of the people who left comments
1.     Are you one of those assholes that sells Amway shit?
2.     How does your wife feel about you being in Amway?
3.     How much time do your children spend with babysitters and daycare because you’re too busy with your Amway business to spend any time with them?
4.     How much debt have you gone into because of Amway?
5.     Does your upline ever give you money?
6.     Did some half wit Platinum give you a piece of his mind and you held on to it?
7.     You’ve got to pay to attend seminars so Amway can teach you how to be a commissioned salesperson? Don’t most companies provide free training?
8.     How do your upline Diamonds split the profits from the tool scam money?
9.     What’s  it like having everyone laugh at you when you say you’re in Amway?
10. You seem awfully consumed by an unnatural desire for materialistic things.
11.   If it's really your own business, then why does your upline control more of your life than my boss does at my J.O.B.?
12. If I’m the broke loser, how come I own my house outright while you are begging family for money to avoid foreclosure?
13.  If your Amway upline Diamond asked you to drink a glass of Kool-Aid, would you do it without question? Even if his name was Jim Jones?
14. Does it bother you that the “fake it til you make it” quote sounds like an old bedroom joke?
15.  What proof do you have that 95% of the population is dead or broke by age 65?
16. How fast did you lose your friends thanks to Amway?
17.  When my childhood friend told me there really wasn't a Santa Claus or Easter Bunny, was he being a dream-stealer or just telling the truth?
18. Who do you like better? Ken or Barbie?
19. Amway IBO’s are lowlife scumsucking bastards.
20.I couldn’t possibly join your Amway scam. I’m not a liar.
21. It’ll cost me an extra $50 a month to have an Amway web page?
22. Does it make you feel superior to others when you sneer at them for having a job?
23.I’m a compassionate human being who cares about others. You’re an Amway ambot.
24.I was watching the Stepford Wives last night and I thought about you.
25.Where are the other 2 stooges?
26.Are you always this stupid or are you just quoting your Amway upline?
27. Why do people in Amway have such a low opinion of others?
28.You want to show me a board plan? I’m busy now. Can you come back and bore me some other time? Like twenty years from now.
29.You’re in Amway? You must have some obscene desire to have people hate you.
30.Go ahead and tell me everything that’s good about Amway. Oh you’re second is up!
31.  Look up idiot in the dictionary. The definition is people who are involved in Amway.
32.You never used to be this stupid until you got involved in Amway.
33. Don’t feel bad. A lot of people get scammed into Amway.
34.Are all ambots a big an asshole as you or are you just making a big effort today?
35. You’re living proof that people in Amway are brainwashed.
36.I used to think you were a pain in the ass but now that you’re involved in Amway my opinion of you has lowered.
37. I would ask how much money you make in Amway but I know you’re going to lie to me.
38.You don’t want to talk to me. I’m the dreaded dream stealer!
39.What do you mean I’m fat and should go on the Amway Trim diet plan? You’re a fucking inconsiderate Amway bastard. At least I can lose weight.
40.Don’t you ever get tired of being an ambot asshole?
41. You sound like you’re possessed by a sack of shit Platinum.
42. I’ve come across Satan worshippers who are less offensive than you Amway ambots.
43.What makes an ambot tick? I sure hope its a bomb!
44. Is your family happy that you don’t come home at night because you’re at Amway meetings?
45.You used to be a nice person. Then you joined Amway.
46.You say you’ll go far one day thanks to Amway? Why don’t you go far right now and stay there?
47.Must you leave so soon? I was about to put cyanide in the XS.
48. You’re in Amway? Is there medication for that?
49.Thanks for pointing out that I have a J.O.B.
50.You signed up with Amway? You’re as dumb as you look.
51.  We all sprang from apes but you ambots didn’t spring far enough.
52.The only skill you’ll ever get from being in Amway is the art of being rude and obnoxious.
53. Don’t you have a night owl to run off to?
54.I don’t know what makes you Amway ambots so dumb but whatever it is really works.
55. If jobs are so bad why do you think people have them?
56.I thought people who joined Amway did it to avoid spending time with their families.
57. I’m out of my mind because I won’t join Amway? At least I’ve still got one.
58.I might have a shitty job but anything’s better than being an ambot.
59.Why are you pretending to talk into your cell phone?
60.I’ve had enough of hearing about how awesome Amway is. No pyramid scheme is awesome.
61. If you ambots find it hard to laugh at yourselves the rest of us will do it for you.
62. Oh shit. The fuck up ambot is visiting again!
63.When can I come to an Amway board plan? How about never. Works for me!
64. Don’t you have an Amway cult leader you need to run off to and worship?
65.You wanna hear my dreams? It involves duct taping your mouth.
66.What am I? An ambot magnet?
67.Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Satanist. My daddy!
68.Why are you ambots the biggest bunch of dumb asses around?
69.You’re starting to make sense. Go back and get more instructions from your Amway cult leader.
70.If I join Amway I have to be all nicey nice to everyone? Do I look like a fucking people person?
71.  I used to be in Amway. I started out with nothing and I ended up with even less.
72.The only ambots who aren’t as annoying as you are already dead.
73. I’m trying to imagine how you’d be if you weren’t a brainwashed ambot.
74.Amway’s got too many freaks.
75. If I throw a stick will you leave?
76.You ambots are not as bad as people say. You are worse!
77. Are you brain dead?
78.You’re not as obnoxious as other people. Thanks to Amway you’re obnoxious in a different and worst way.
79.Calling you ambots stupid would be an insult to stupid people!
80.Why are you ambots so devoted to spreading brainwashed bullshit?
81. Don’t you realize there’s enough hate in this world without you ambots giving us more reasons?
82. Ever since you became an ambot you have more faces than Sybil!
83.How did you get ambots get here? Who left the cage open?
84.How can you tell when an Amway IBO is lying? His lips are moving!
85.I can’t talk to you right now. Tell me where you’ll be in 2 to 5 years.
86. I heard what you said. I just don’t give a flying fuck.
87.I’d rather pass a kidney stone than go to an Amway meeting with you.
88.If I want any more shit out of you should I just go ahead and squeeze your head?
89. As an Amway ambot your mission in life is to make everyone hate you.
90. Why do I have to pay admission to listen to a bunch of brainwashed ambots?
91. You ambots need to learn from your parent’s mistakes. Use birth control!
92. Obviously you’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a shit about Amway.
93.What do you mean Perfect Water came from the Fountain of Knowledge?
94. Talk is cheap but those Amway products sure aren’t.
95.They just invented a new coffin for Amway IBO’s that just goes over the head. It's for ambots who are dead from the neck up.
96. What you ambots lack in intelligence you more than make up for in stupidity.
97.When you die, I'd like to go to your Amway funeral but I'll probably have to go to work that day. I believe in business before pleasure.
98. You Amway IBO’s are about as useful as a windshield wiper on a rabbit’s ass.
99. You ambots are living proof that shit can grow legs and walk.
100.Everyone hates you Amway IBO’s so much that when you walk into a Taco Bell everyone inside runs for the border.
101.You Amway IBO’s start at the bottom of the pyramid and then its all downhill from there.

I had more ways to piss off an IBO but once again I forced myself to stop when I hit 101! Ha ha!




Monday, October 27, 2014

Amway Ambots Can’t Grasp Simple Business Concepts

There are several steps a person takes when deciding to start their own business. Sometimes its already decided for them if it’s a family owned business. Amway is owned by two families and if your last name ain’t VanAndel or DeVos then you do NOT own an Amway business. But forget family businesses. Other people have a talent that they can make money at. Others buy an existing business. Others figure something out that they might not be passionate about but the dollars are good.


Once a person has decided on a business then they figure out is this the type of business they can run out of their house or their vehicle and save money on buying or renting a business space. So figure out the space and the cost of doing business there. Then there are other pesky things like registering a business name, a business license, getting a tax number, business bank account, business insurance, hiring professionals such as accountants and lawyers, deciding on hours of operation, company policies, buying office furniture or other things that your business needs to operate, etc, etc. Some business have lower start up costs than others but most businesses have to go through many of the procedures I’ve listed.


At Amway meetings no real business advice is ever given out but that’s because its just a pretend business where the Amway cult leaders brainwash ambots into believing they’re business owners instead of telling the truth that they’re commissioned salespeople. An Amway asshole screeching out: DON’T DRESS LIKE A SLUT!!!!  is not what I’d call good business advice! Amway ambots don’t bother with those pesky things like a business license, tax number and insurance. They do pick out a phony ass business name to put on their dumb ass business cards but they don’t go to the trouble of paying to register it, that is if someone else hasn’t already chosen the name they use.


In the start up phase of a new business there may be shortfalls in income but hopefully there comes a point when the business turns a profit and the revenue continues to increase every month. Its not easy being a business owner especially in the beginning if you can’t afford to pay staff. The owners puts in long hours and hopefully not losing money. Even when the business is up and running good there are still times the owner has to put in long hours. Everything has to be taken care of before closing up shop at the end of the day. There’s been times we’ve been hard at work late at night. So now’s a good time to send out a big old FUCK YOU to all those Amway assholes that stop by here and accuse of us being lazy and working a J.O.B. for someone else like where the hell would I find the time!


For an Amway ambot “working” could mean a whole bunch of things. It could mean phoning and bugging family and friends to buy shitty overpriced Amway products and begging and pleading with them to come to Amway meetings. Or it could mean dealing with endless phone calls and texts from the assholes in your Amway upline. It could mean meeting some fucking asshole in your Amway upline for a 5 or 6pm “business meeting” and then on to the Amway meeting at 8pm. 3 hours later the ambot is still “working” when there’s a small break before the Amway nuts & bolts meeting or the night owl or whatever bullshit term they use to keep the ambots there and sleep deprived. All the better to brainwash them. Common cult tactic.


These Amway meetings run several times a week. Cult tactic of keeping the followers busy so they don’t notice they’re not really business owners and they’re losing money instead of making it.


So much for that lie about working Amway 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time. Double or triple that on time wasted bullshitting with other Amway assholes at the various meetings or phone calls or texts.


Cost of running an Amway “business”. Start up costs around $200 depends on the package you buy but if you’re a “serious business builder” you’ll probably go for the super jacked up package and then buy a bunch of useless shitty overpriced Amway products on top of that to impress the fucking asshole that sponsored you into the Amway scam and to get yourself into the 100PV bracket right away to qualify to earn a commission check that month. Then spend another $100 or so a month on the Amway tool scam. Total $500 to $1000/month (depends if there’s a major function that month) an Amway “business owner” must fork out of their own pocket to buy about $300 worth of Amway products and then spend on the Amway tool scam to earn $10 commission.


Yup. $10 back for investing all that time and money. Repeat month after month after month…..


The thing that a real business owner knows is that working long and hard hours for minimal payoff is not a sustainable pattern for any small business.


Simple concept isn’t it?


One that Amway Ambots just can not grasp.



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Amway Ambots And The “Are You Free” Bullshit

Here’s a reader who has an ambot relative. When a person is in the Amway cult they’re brainwashed to be egotisitical, arrogant, self centered bastards who don’t give a shit about anyone. Its all about them and their greedy ambition to be surrounded with materialistic things. This ambot uses the “are you free” bullshit that Amway encourages their employees to ask others. The thing with when I put this phrase on my blog such as get your wife free I end up getting potential husbands searching the Internet for free wives. Bizarre. So by putting out the are you free Amway ambot chant I might get a bunch of searchers looking for free prostitutes or something. Oh well. Yup whenever someone you haven’t heard from in years (friend or relative) calls and asks stuff like are you free instead of how are you, how’s the family, what have you been doing lately then they’re probably involved in an MLM scam. They have to make up a list of everyone they know and then if they how to contact these people start contacting them and trying to recruit them into the Amway cult. This reader’s relative is a perfect target for Amway and the ambots are probably love bombing her. She’s a student and will likely drop out because of the Amway teachings that education is a waste of time. No really. Whatever you spend on education could be put to better use tithing the great Amway gods. A broke ambot won’t be in the scam too long. No money = no one in Amway wants to be friends with you.

Dear Anna,
I LOVE THIS BLOG. Recently a family member who I haven't spoken to in years (despite living in the same city), reached out to me and ask me if I'm free several times after I kept saying that I'm not. No "hello, how are you doing?!" or any form of respect. It's all about HER. I kept asking her why she wants to meet and she doesn't give me an answer. I found out from other family members that she's a part of Amway and I'm 99% sure that she's trying to recruit me and my husband to build her downline. She never really had friends growing up and apparently, I'm the "big fish" she's trying to catch in hopes that I'll get all of my friends in. I'm glad I found this site to avoid her nonsense. Everything described her regarding these ambots describes her personality, exactly from the "keep negative people out of your life and if your friends don't want to be a part of Amway get new friends" bullshit to the false Artistry claims. She does not know that I know all about scAmway and it's nonsense so for the sake of not damaging our relationship even more than it already is, I'm just ignoring her messages! I'm worried she's going to ruin her life, though because she seems to have lost interest in her education thinking she will get rich from this. She's been in almost a year now and still a broke young gal. How much longer do you think she'll last? She can do whatever she wants with her life but it bothers me that she is getting family into it, which is what tears family apart! Thanks and again-- great blog!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amway Ambots Want Their Slice Of Greed Pie

A qualification of being a successful Amway IBO is to be driven by greed. In other words IBO’s with a conscience will never become part of the elite teensy fraction of 1% ambots who makes money in Amway.


When an Amway asshole shows the Amway business scheme its got all these circles and numbers and other bullshit designed to confuse people with the numbers. The numbers look good on paper but what’s the reality of finding one person open to being scammed by the Amway cult to sign up, let alone 6 people. And then they find 6 people. And so on and so on and so on etc etc etc.


The plan makes it seem that the way the Amway IBO makes money, and before we go any further the Ambot must buy the minimum monthly quota of Amway products to be eligible to earn commission, but the pyramid scheme technically goes that the ambot earns commission on everything the ambots in their downline sell. The more ambots in your downline the more commission you earn. For Diamonds and Emeralds making their cut of that lowly ambot’s commission, they might not even know the bastard they’re making money from. Or want to know the bastard either! In a nutshell that’s how the Amway pyramid scheme works.

But when the Amway ambot reaches a certain level they now become eligible to earn more income. This would be their piece of the pie from sales to the downline ambots of CD’s, books, and tickets to attend Amway meetings. This is where the real money is made. Also better known as the Amway tool scam.


Each Amway cult sect has several cult leaders running the show but they all report to the big head honcho kingpin cult leader in their sect. So that would be one person (couple) who are at the top of the pyramid. They make most of the money when it comes to the tool scam sales but that’s because they’re the ones who created and owned that cult sect and have little worker ambot bees below them who take care of producing CD’s and ticket sales for speaking at Amway meetings.


Take the lowly worker bee ambots out of the equation because they don’t make jack squat shit on Amway tool scam sales. You got to reach a certain level inside the Amway cult to get a slice of the greed pie. Diamond level that is. Even though Amway ambots shows up leaving comments here bragging about the hundreds of Diamonds Amway is breaking every year, reality is only 1 or 2 new Diamonds every few years, in other words only a teensy fraction of 1% of all Amway cult followers will reach Diamond level. Taking the Amway business plan is set up for failure out of the equation, let’s look back at the Diamonds on the top of the pyramid. They’re making a nice income off the Amway tool scam, how its divided up is unknown to the sane world. Only the highest cult leader gets to make that decision. And however the highest Amway cult leader is dividing the profits among the other Diamonds, that’s always going to be less money in his pocket. And more infighting of the other Diamonds as they shove each other out of the way trying to get a bigger slice of greed pie.


The Amway cult leaders who’ve reached Diamond level know this. Too many Amway cult leaders wanting a slice of Amway Greed Pie means less money for them.


It would be in the Amway Diamond cult leader’s best intersts not to get too many other Amway ambots reaching this level because that’s even more to split the greed pie with. They might act all excited when they’re brainwashing the cult followers at Amway meetings and saying we want you up here on the stage with us. But the whole time they’re likely thinking they don’t want anyone else up on the stage to share the Amway Greed Pie with cause that means a smaller slice for them.


Its like when you were a kid and your parents had a big dinner party for adults going on and they were cooking or bringing in some pretty good looking foods and you ask if you can have some. Your parents say no, its for the guests but if not too many people show up and there’s leftovers then you can have them. So you’re hoping not too many people show up so you can get some leftover food the next day.


The way that kid thinks is no different than the Amway Diamond. If less Diamonds show up then there’ll be more leftovers of the Amway Greed Pie to themselves.


Ambots want to get as big a slice of Amway Greed Pie as they can. And they sure as hell don’t want to share it.



Monday, October 20, 2014

The Horrors Of Working At An Amway Function!

Just in case any ambots show up here freaking out about how they missed Amway World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED this comment was left by a person employed by the arena. So if some fucked up Amway asshole shows up here bitching that WWDB FED was not held last weekend, it was indeed “last weekend” to the writer when this comment was left but not when we’re bringing it up here as a topic. So you ambots don’t have to be dumb fucks anymore than you already are by being all high and mighty that Amway didn’t have a function going on “last weekend” somewhere. I always watched the staff who work at the arenas where Amway functions are being held and wondered what’s going through their minds while they listen to the bullshit being spouted from the assholes up on the stage. And now none of us has to wonder anymore!


I worked as an usher at the Portland FED event this past weekend. I have worked this event for the past several years, and find it an interesting study in human nature. I came to the conclusion this past weekend that it really is a cult. I understand the human desire to be successful and rich. It is nice to have the feeling that someone else can show you the way to these riches. However, when I heard several of the speakers say that if your family and friends try to talk you out of this endeavor, you need new family and friends (i.e. your Amway family). That is so definitely a cult tactic, it's terrifying. There were a lot of things said by these "diamonds" that were excruciating to me, especially saying anyone who has a "job" is living a life of mediocrity. They didn't use the term "loser," but it was most definitely implied. I work two part-time jobs and am the owner of two small businesses (working on a 3rd). I am very happy and fulfilled and love my jobs and businesses. Every day is a joy and I'm doing fine financially. Please don't call my life mediocre, and know that there is no way on earth I would want to live the Amway lifestyle. Good luck to those of you that do.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amway S.C.A.M.

Read this and thought – this is what Amway is all about!


S.C.A.M. – Seducing Creative Ambitious Minds


Amway has scammed millions of people by filling their heads with dream. Dreams that involved spending thousands of dollars to tithe the Great Amway God. Dreams that carried them way past the point of reality. Dreams that made them ignore the warning signs of reality. The reality that there savings had been diminished and their credit card debt had skyrocketed. Maybe even a reality that involved foreclosure, bankruptcy, and divorce.


In attempting to get rich quick in Amway, and moving up the ranks to get some dumb fuck Amway ambot title like sack of shit Platinum, ambots allow their greed to get in the way of truth. Educated, creative, ambitious people get sucked into scams like Amway more often than we’ll know because too many are embarrassed to admit they weren’t smart enough to figure out they were being scammed. But the others want others to know so they don’t fall victim too and their stories are all over the Internet and sometimes on TV. “I never thought something like this could ever happen to me.” or “I thought I was too smart to fall for a scam like this.”


These creative ambitious people get seduced by the Amway scam because they want to believe in something – that in 2 to 5 years they’ll be gazillionaires with barrels of money rolling in every month while they sit back and do nothing for the rest of their lives except walk the beaches of the world. They want to feel that they belong somewhere and Amway is all about love bombing so they feel loved and wanted when Amway cult members shower them with compliments and love.


Creative ambitious minds want to do something with their lives that bring them joy. And hopefully a good income too. How many people when they were growing up thought that being a commissioned salesperson would be a career that brings them joy? I’m guessing none. Most kids when they’re growing up think about more traditional careers that will bring them happiness like a police officer or doctor or pilot. Most don’t grow up thinking they want to sell soap and get a few pennies commission on each sale.


When they become adults they dream about what career might bring them joy and start taking the steps to reach that goal. And that’s usually when a vicious blood sucking Amway ambot comes along to destroy their lives because that’s what they do. Always on the lookout for their next victim. Always! At their J.O.B.s, at weddings, at funerals, at the gas station, in the shopping mall, at Barnes & Noble, these fucked up Amway ambots will stalk you anywhere. Ambots are looking to seduce creative, ambitious minds because they know these people are eager.


But that doesn’t mean they want to get scammed by disreputable, unethical Amway ambots who have zero integrity and morals. They’ll fuck over anyone who shows interest in being a “business owner”. Never mind that its only a pretend business in a system designed for failure.


These creative ambitious minds just want to earn a living doing something that brings them joy and instead they’ve run into dishonest Amway ambots trying to recruit new people into their cult.

We had a post on here that one reason Amway Ambots are attracted to the Amway scam is because they’re financially irresponsible. People who aren’t good with money and financial planning come from all walks of life. Certainly the disadvantaged and people in low paying jobs might be in that category. Though I’m sure there are people in that category who have the possibility of being financially savvy if they can get out of the lower income bracket. Maybe they’re already making progress with saving and investing with what little extra funds they have. People who have good paying jobs does not mean they are financially responsible. They can be professionals in their industry but suck when it comes to money management, running up debt, and financial planning for their future.


These could be the people who have creative, ambitious minds.


The people that Amway ambots want to capture into their cult. These are the people that Amway ambots use for bragging rights to attempt credibility inside their pyramid scheme. Well we signed up a dentist (lawyer, software CEO, owner of a chain of restaurants, etc) so obviously we’re a legitimate S.C.A.M.


Yup lets just send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.