Thursday, February 14, 2019

Amway Ambots And Their “Dream Stealer” Paranoia

Dream Stealers.

It almost sounds like alien invaders descending from an unknown universe ready to suck out the part of your body where your dreams are kept.

I constantly heard the term “dream stealers” during Amway meetings and then parrotted by Ambot.

In an accusatory tone he condemned our friends and relatives who didn’t support his business as dream stealers. “They’re trying to steal my dream” or “they don’t want my dreams to come true”. Those were terms he threw at me too as counselled by the fucking assholes in his Amway upline.

Its a stupid ass term used as a lame excuse by IBO’s to justify their failure at not making money in Amway. Everyone else is a dream stealer. Always blame other people.

There’s a Disney song about how a dream is a wish your heart makes. If your dream is in your heart then no one can steal your dream. Not without some surgical tools to slice you open and kill you by removing your heart.

So what was Ambot’s dream? It was whatever the upline told him his dream was. It had something to do with leaving me. That was the upline’s dream more than it was his because Amway is all about destroying relationships. Nothing gives those fucking assholes in the Amway upline more happiness than bringing misery to other peoples lives.

But how many of those upline fuckers ever asked me once what my dream was? Not a single one of them. I mean really, why would they? None of them gave a shit about me.

And they all probably could take a good guess at my answer: “To get Ambot the hell away from you bastards and quit Amway!!!”

What about IBOs who leave the cult. They’re also called dream stealers. They’re poison screech out the Amway cult leaders. Stay away from them or they’ll steal your dream too.

A dream is a thought, an idea. Its in your head and in your heart. Its not an actual entity. I’m not sure how you can lose something that is not an object like losing your car keys or your glasses. Or the cat got out of the house and is lost. Or I lost Ambot again at Lowes. Someone can steal the keys, the glasses, the cat, maybe even Ambot as attempted by the Amway cult followers. If someone steals your car you call the police to report the theft. How can someone steal your dream? And how do you explain that one to the cops when you phone to report the theft?

Here’s the conversation when an Amway asshole phones the cops:

“Aw, gee, my next door neighbor is a dream stealer and he stole my dream of owning a Porsche. I demand you arrest that son of a bitch and charge him with theft!”

“Dream stealers” is just one of many ridiculous things I’ve heard spout from the mouths of brainwashed IBOs. Dream stealers are further defined as losers, failures, and people going nowhere who want to drag you down to their level.

The reality about “dream stealers” is they are usually people who love you and don’t want to see you fail, lose your money in a scam, and suffer from any kind of distress.

Dream stealers have an alternate point of view from the upline and that makes them dangerous people - at least in the eyes of the sack of shit Platinum and the other fuckers in the Amway upline because they could be responsible for letting those dollar signs slip away.

Is it a bad thing to listen to the “dream stealers”? Instead of stealing a dream they are really giving good advice. IBOs think the “dream stealers” are being negative and trying to “steal my dream”. Instead all they’re doing is trying to save the IBO from making bad business decisions.

Remember those alien invaders who are sucking the dreams out of your body? They’re not so alien after all. The real dream stealers are the people who actually use that phrase.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Amway Ambots Are Phoney Ass Pins

There were IBO’s we knew that became 1000 pins. Our Platinum would sneer at them that they were phoney 1000 pins and yes he was right. These suckers were putting thousands of dollars in Amway purchases on the credit card in a month so they could meet their upline’s goals and so they could “walk across the stage”.

Yeah so what? I appeared in ballet recitals when I was younger. I’ve pirouetted across a few stages in my time. Big deal.

Let’s see. Anyone upline checking to see if any of these 1000 pins actually have customers, especially the ones with no downline? Somewhere in the Amway rules it states how many retail customers one must have or some percentage before being eligible for a bonus check. Obviously our last sack of shit Platinum was well aware of the phoney pins and he wasn't doing his part by ensuring the downline had the required amount of outside of Amway retail customers.

I have no idea what the criteria is but I’m sure someone more familiar with those rules will chime in to the comment box. Maybe they’ll also chime in why nobody upline checks to see if the IBO has made sales to outside customers who are not in Amway.

I can tell you nobody upline checked that Ambot actually had customers before he got his $10 or $20 check each month depending on how much money he’d spent on Amway products.

I am happy to say during our last descent into hell that Ambot did not become a phoney 1000 pin. I don’t think he had that much space available on his credit card otherwise he’d have probably tried.

I am unhappy to say that Ambot did become a phoney 1000 pin during the first WWDB stint. His upline Platinum pushed him so that fucker could meet some goal I guess. He spent all day on the phone trying to convince friends and relatives to buy products. I think he may have had a couple of friends commit to making small purchases but the majority of his purchases were for his own consumption, mainly vitamins. So he got his phoney pin and walked across the stage years ago. Whooppee!

Then the credit card bill arrived the next month and he’s sitting here staring at all these boxes of Double X that we’ll never use nor find anyone else to buy. There were other products as well. I just remember he bought a lot of vitamins.

He managed to return some for a refund which put his PV/BV into a negative situation. Also put his Platinum in a negative situation because the old shithead phoned to bitch at him about all his returns and point out he’d lost his eligibility for being a 1000 pin. I don’t think he cared anymore by that point. But get this. The sack of shit Platinum bitches about buying him dinner because he met that level.

Ha ha! That fucking asshole is bitching about dinner and we’d spent thousands of dollars on the Amway scheme. Who should be bitching at who here?

And one more time from marriedtoanambot let’s just send another big old FUCK YOU out to Amway Scamway and their scammer army of Ambots.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Who Sells The World’s Shittiest Towels? Amway!

The worst towels I have ever used came from Amway. This was a few years back. I have no idea if Amway still sells shitty towels. I can’t remember what colors Ambot purchased. I definitely remember red. I think the other set was a different color, maybe blue or green.

The first time I used the towels all the little red fluff came off all over my body. YUCK! So I toss them in the washer and dryer hoping that a cycle will get rid of the fluffies. I know from past experience that sometimes a washing or two is necessary to get the lint off.

No such luck. For the next month I washed and dried those suckers multiple times following each use because everytime I used them I was grossed out by all the towel fluff left on my body. Talk about low quality at a premium price! Not to mention how irritating it is to dry myself off and have towel parts stuck all over me. Absolutely disgusting.

After a month I told Ambot I refused to use those shitty towels anymore. I went to the department store and bought Ralph Loren Polo towels. They were lower priced and better quality than the Amway towels. The best thing? No more shedding!

The second best thing is those higher quality RL towels lasted for years. They’d still be going strong except I decided I needed a change and headed to JC Penney to buy some nice plush Egyptian towels. If anyone is looking for good quality reasonably priced fluffy luxurious towels, they’re from the Chris Madden Home Collection at JC Penney.

Getting back to the fluff magnets, Ambot was able to return the towels with the complaint that they shed worse than our dog. I guess our Platinum lost some points on that refund too! Upline losing bonus points because of me is, well, always a bonus!