Monday, July 25, 2016

Make Less (And Less Money) In Amway

This is kind of a part 2 to the post about whether Amway Platinums make $75,000 income.

That post is where I wonder why people who own their own businesses or work a job for somebody else and earn over $75,000/year - the bullshit hyped income a Platinum supposedly earns - would consider getting into Amway and take a drop in their earnings. A huge drop it turns out because only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO’s will ever make that kind of money in Amway. System is designed for failure. If people who are considering Amway want to own their own business, just about every other business opportunity out there will bring them a much better income than they could make in Scamway.

There are reasons why people decide to take a job where they earn less income than they currently do - cutting back hours, taking a less stressful job, taking a job that’s closer to home, taking a job somewhere else in the country where they want to live. There are lots of possibilities.

But why in the hell would someone consider taking a commissioned sales job where all kinds of phony numbers are thrown at you and you’re told about all the money you can expect to make in Amway? Ha! Yeah right! Especially since no one in our upline ever showed us a profit and loss statement, their income tax returns, or copies of monthly commission checks from Amway. Nobody had any proof of the fabulous income they were making in Amway.

I think my Ambot saw all those circles being drawn and numbers and $$$ and thought after a couple of years he could just sit back with his feet up and have thousands of dollars in residual income rolling in every month for the rest of his life. I think a lot of ambots see the same thing, an especially attractive picture for people in their retirement years where they can have lots of money rolling in monthly when they do not work. There are other investment opportunities that will allow people to have residual income in their retirement years. Involvement in the Amway scam will drain the retirement savings not increase a person’s net worth.

I think Ambot saw his friend Captain Fuck Up get involved in Scamway. He met the Amway cult leaders and liked them and thought these would be a good group of new friends. Except these are the type of friends you have to pay in order to be friends with them. Put money into Amway and the tool scam type of friends. Not my kind of friends.

So Ambot believed all the lies the Amway cult leaders told him about how much money there was to be made if he got involved in the Amway scam. He’d be a millionaire in a couple of years. He’d be able to buy mansions with cash, sports cars with cash, travel first class and walk the beaches of the world.

I think the main motivating factor about getting involved in Amway was what if this was really legit. What if there really was a chance that he would be rich in a couple of years and he did not jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the Scamway opportunity. What if Captain Fuck Up made lots of money in Amway. The thought of that fucking bastard doing financially better than him must have motivated Ambot to sign up with Scamway.

Oh in case anyone is wondering, that lousy son of a bitch Captain Fuck Up is still renting the same hovel he’s been living in for the past 10+ years, still getting eviction notices cause he’s always late with the rent, constantly having his utilities and cell phone shut off for not paying the bills, etc, etc. Lousy credit, can’t hold down a job. Yeah this is a really good person to take business advice from!

Ambot got brainwashed. He met people that he liked and the only way he was allowed to spend time with them was to invest heavily in Amway products and motivational materials. The bullshit secrets to Amway success.

Amway cult leaders promised their followers that if they sign up for Amway, attend all cult meetings and Amway functions, buy Amway products, invest in the tool scam, etc then after 2 to 5 years they will be rewarded by having residual income rolling in for the rest of their lives. And they won’t have to work again.

Such an attractive proposition to people. They don’t want to see Amway as a scam but they want to see it as their sole income source. As people get older and thinking about retiring they are probably still looking for income sources. When it comes to Amway - KEEP LOOKING!

Reality check! An Ambot must buy at least 100PV (about $300) of shitty overpriced Amway products each month to qualify for a commission check that’s around $10. Don’t forget to add in at least another $200 month investing in the Amway tool scam – buying books, CD’s, tickets to hear Amway assholes speak, monthly membership in the cult sect such as WWDB, monthly fees for Communikate, etc etc etc. In Amway its all about spending money to make your cult leaders happy. Expect to spend $500 to $700/month to make back $10 but maybe the Ambot will spend more $$$ if the Amway sack of shit cult leader is cracking the whip that some fucking asshole upline needs to meet their goals so buy more Amway shit. Don’t have hundreds of dollars in disposable income every month then pull out your charge card and go further into Amway debt. Amway is all about spending more and making less. Make less money in Scamway.

But I think there is always that niggling doubt in the back of people’s minds. What if. What if the promised income really is true. And what if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity. And what if their sponsor is the one who gets rich and then gloats at them how they missed the bus.

Uh huh.

Hop on the Amway truck before its too late!

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Amway Masturbator Wants To Masturbate On This Blog! LOL!

Every now and then this Amway asshole shows up here posting anonymously and saying he’s an independent product tester.

Yeah right. Product testers want to get their names/business out there so they’d be posting with their profile name that links to their website.

But this is Amway. Its all about being a liar and scamming others. Its all about owning a pretend business and giving yourself a pretend business owner title. Most Amway ambots choose something like President. I’ve never seen an Amway asshole pretend to be a product tester until the Amway Masturbator showed up here.

There are legitimate companies out there that test products and report their findings to consumer magazines. Sometimes surveys and test panels are hired by news media. And there’s that one in Europe that Amway hires that no one on this side of the world has heard of and no one can remember the name – Euromonitor? – I think. Disreputable companies like Amway go to that European firm, some kind of marketing group, and pay to have their products put on a list to try to give themselves fake credibility. I guess the more you pay the higher up the list you go. Amway paid enough to have Artistry put on the list at #2 for “prestige” cosmetics. Like what woman out there gives a fuck about “prestige” when buying cosmetics or anything else for that matter. Other things are more important like price, performance, name brand, etc.

The Amway Masturbator who’s pretending to be an independent tester has a major hard on for SA8 laundry soap and gloats his loving praise all over it like any other fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot does. I don’t know if he jerks off over other Amway products but everytime he shows up here he’s fucking and fondling Amway’s SA8. And we get it Amway ambots are liars so take that lie a little further and pretend you run an independent product testing company that always puts shitty overpriced Amway products at the top of the list. The lying Amway Masturbator does not say what other laundry soaps were tested, who were on the panel, the criteria used for determining what laundry soaps were good or bad, etc etc. Fucking lying Amway weasel!

$40 or $50 for substandard Amway laundry soap is not going to come out well in any legitimate product testing panel which uses price point as part of the testing criteria. In other words which product gives consumers the best bang for their buck. Consumer reports for many years put Tide at the top for getting laundry clean. At a quarter of the cost that Amway charges for their shitty SA8.

But you’d never get that lying little Amway bastard to admit it. Off in the pretend world of pretending to be a product tester where Amway always comes out on top whether or not any other products were actually tested or not is not important to a lying Amway asshole.

The Amway Masturbator keeps knocking but he can’t come in though the person moderating the comments sends me a cut and paste we can giggle about. He’s from Charleston, South Carolina and uses Bell South and he only tries to leave comments on a post from back in February so the dumb fucking masturbator doesn’t think we get it’s him. And then he keeps coming back to the look at the post to see if we posted it. The Amway Masturbator has been leaving comments here for a couple of years but we think the readers aren’t really interested in hearing his jerking off adventures. He told us he had a woman buy a box of SA8 that he personally delivered and then gave her a demonstration. LOL! I don’t know any woman who wants laundry soap that an Amway loser has masturbated all over. And then he tells us about an Amway stain remover product that he uses to lube up his dick so he can jack off into the SA8. More recently the Amway Masturbator from South Carolina tries to bullshit us into believing he’s an accountant (guess the product tester gig hit the shitter) and that he’ll be making more money in Scamway than as an accountant. Well here’s the thing fucker. Legitimate accountants warn their clients away from pyramid schemes and refuse to deal with them.

The Amway Masturbating Accountant. Like we need any more reasons to poke fun at fucking Amway losers! LOL! And like we need any more proof that people in Amway are a bunch of fucking liars. Product tester. Accountant.

How about a couple of truths. Amway loser. Masturbator. Well what’s a guy to do when he can’t get a woman to help him out in that department because he’s a fucking Amway asshole and that’s a huge turn off to women. He’s got no choice except to become Amway Jack Off.

The Amway Masturbator uses Amway’s SA8 to jerk off while at the same time uses his other hand to type messages on a blog that’s all about making fun of Amway assholes. He’s probably jerking off into other Amway products too. Talk about expensive! Buying shitty overpriced Amway products to masturbate on! For christs sakes guy go out and buy a copy of Playboy. Much cheaper. And not as creepy as using Amway products to jerk off on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Cancel Communikate

I get dozens of people show up at this blog after Googling “how to cancel Communikate” or how they can communicate (ha ha! Get it?) with someone at Communikate.

They end up at the post Communikate Makes IBO’s Superior Over Other IBO’s  where a reader put in the toll free number to Communikate 1-866-333-3204. I have not tried to phone that number. For all I know it goes to a sex chat line so phone at your own risk!

Here I want to say that one of the dumbest thing we used to hear from the assholes in our upline when they wanted us to sign up for Communikate and make the Amway cult leaders richer was that they called it a “personal assistant”. Now when I think of personal assistant this is usually someone who tags around with the person paying their salary and helping them keep their life organized. This could be a whole bunch of things - grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, walking the dog, running errands, meal planning, keeping the house tidy and organized (not necessarily as a housecleaner), running to Starbucks to pick up snacks, or whatever tasks they’ve agreed upon. A woman I worked with over 20 years ago quit and took a job as the personal assistant to a president of a big company. Now some might think that was working in the office in a clerical type of role, but no it was more keeping his homelife organized. One of her first tasks when she was hired was to take the kids on vacation to Hawaii because the old man had promised them a trip there but was too busy to take them.

So those are the things I think of that a personal assistant does.

What does an Amway ambot think a personal assistant does? They think a personal assistant is renting a toll free phone number that takes messages, call forwards a phone call, and does conference calls.

What the fuck? What kind of fucking moron thinks a personal assistant is an automated phone system? A fucking brainwashed Amway ambot! Those brainwashed fools don’t realize they are being scammed and their beloved cult leaders are raking in the dough if they’re foolish enough to sign up for Communikate aka “kate” aka personal assistant.

The majority of people who sign up with Amway usually quit within a year. They now have the problem of cancelling this voice mail system that isn’t worth the $36.95/month or however much the ambots are paying into it these days. Like anything else to do with Amway signing up is easy but trying to quit or get your money back pretty much means promising your first born.

Here’s a former employee with his views on Communikate.

I worked for Webley (company that owns communikate) and yes, it is a scam, the uplines get kickbacks, that's why they push it. They make it super hard to cancel now, you can no longer call to cancel, too many were canceling! They now have chat support, but you cannot cancel by chat, we're supposed to call them and pressure the Amwayers to keep using Communikate. Free tip: Accounts NEVER go to collections, just change your payment method to something incorrect and the account will close itself in a few months. Got questions, ask away?

The amount the uplines receive differs according to the specific deal they have with the respective group, BRITT, WWG, etc. It ranges from $5 to $10 per sign up. "Diamond" level people get special treatment. Another fun tip: Due to Webley's ridiculous billing practice we have gotten many of our clients Debit cards cancelled, it's true! We bill monthly for the service (36.95) but we ALSO bill separately for usage, which usually runs between .25 to .75 cent for most users. These tiny, stupid charges are tagged as "potential fraud" charges by 99% of banks and they "lock" the cards. Lots of people have had important charges for other recurring services bounce back thanks to Webley's stupidity and refusal to make even a tiny good faith effort to better serve their customers. Now you know!

So there you have it. A bit of inside scoop on the deals the Amway cult leaders make with Communikate to get their piece of the pie. Just for those doubting ambots who don’t believe the Amway tool scam.

From the sound of things I would suggest that if you want to cancel Communikate the easiest option might be to call your bank and say you lost your credit card and get a new one issued. The next time Communikate tries to charge the old credit card number, bouncey, bouncey!

And less money in some Diamonds pockets the next month! Oh wouldn’t you like to be in the room when the Diamonds are fighting over how they’ll split up the Communikate profits!

Or listening in on the telephone when the Diamond phones the Platinum to give him shit that someone in his downline just cancelled Communikate!