Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Usual Amway Experience

One of our readers shares what its like being inside the Amway cult. Also known as the condensed version of this blog!

Everything I've read here rings true of Amway being a cult. I was an Ambot for two years before I realized the horrible truth and woke up from my brainwashed state and got out after losing almost $3000 and losing some family and friends too.

Amway is definitely a cult. The lovebombing, the "us vs. them" creed, having your upline jam down your throat constantly to obey, don't question, blindly do what your told because it will enable you to "hang loose in Hawaii" and "party in Paris" and a bunch of other pipe dreams.

One of Amway's textbook brainwashing techniques used heavily is to have you attend the major functions or rallies where you are a captive audience bombarded with one "godlike leader" after another with only brief breaks for food. You are told to stay in your seat for sometimes 12 hours plus and then you are ordered to attend a "special meeting" with your upline diamond; these meetings were often from after 12midnight to after 2am. If you tried to explain that you were exhausted from sleep deprivation by this point and didn't want to attend the meeting you would be called a loser and not really a part of the team. By this time after 14 hours of being subjected to constant sensory inputs (speakers, loud music, singing and chanting over and over, giant screen videos, etc.) you're ability to think clearly and for yourself is almost gone and ripe for having more brainwashing that you have to stay in Amway and no matter how much money you losing on Amway products and more brainwashing tape cassettes, just keep "showing the plan" and you'll be able to "walk on the beaches" too. These are all classic methods used by cults to keep members in line and not think for themselves.

I'm glad I got out when I did. Oh yeah, one other note - as soon as I got out not one person who was still in Amway ever tried to contact me again. So much for Amway being compromised of "the most loving and friendly people"


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Don’t Feed Your Dog Amway Shit!

“Can dog consume Double X”.

Yes, believe it or not some idiot did a search for that and ended up at this blog which is really high on the search engines for just about any criteria. In this case it brought the searcher to the post about the Nutrilite Dissolving Test where I talked about Nutrilite vitamins finally flushing when I used a bag of dog shit to coax out a hold out vitamin!

But that brings me back to the searcher's question about the dog consuming Double X. Why the hell would s/he want to do that? Double X has adverse reactions to some people who take them so why risk your dog’s health. I know people give their pets human vitamins for certain ailments like glucosamine or MSM for joint issues. If someone is so inclined to give their dogs something like that there are better quality vitamins in the marketplace that are much more reasonably priced than Amway’s shitty overpriced vitamins.

More than likely this searcher was told by their upline to sign their dog up as a customer and let them buy their own dog food or in this case Double X vitamins. Yeah like a dog has disposable income and is capable of making their own buying decisions! Not to mention typing on a computer! What else advice do you expect from people involved in a pyramid scheme and involved in fraud and encouraging others to fool around with a fake business. Sign up them phony customers!

Anyway I thought now would be a good time to share a post from last year about Amway’s shitty dog food. One of my readers had a different problem with their dog in that Amway’s Nutripet made it vomit and they had to rush it to an emergency vet.

Bottom line if anyone loves their dog do not feed it anything to do with Amway or you will be sorry.

I’m going to rant about the shitty Amway dog food. It costs approximately the same as any high end dog food out there. Whether or not it has the same high quality ingredients as other dog food companies I can’t say because I haven’t recently compared. I will say the one time we bought a bag of Amway’s brand dog food that I’ve never seen so much dog shit in my life! I’m the one who usually walks the dogs. I’m more into fitness than Ambot and I walk everywhere and those dogs give me an excuse to get out of the house every couple of hours. I take the dogs out for a walk first thing in the morning. I’ll usually get one shit out of each of them. After we switched them to Amway dog food the morning walk consisted of 4 to 6 shits! Luckily I stuff lots of baggies into my pockets! These dogs were easily shitting 10 times each by the last walk of the night and huge baggy filling ones at that! I'd get home and flush them one at a time and the next thing you'd know the toilet was clogged and the bowl nearly overflowing. The Amway dog food made me very proficient at using a toilet plunger! But I confess. If Ambot was home and the water was rising in the toilet, I'd turn the water off and start screaming that the big shits had plugged the toilet again and make him unclog it.

Ambot tried to put the Amway dog food onto his next order. I told him if he wanted to keep buying the shitty Amway dog food that he would now be taking over full time walking the dogs and cleaning up after them - a task he doesn’t like. I suggested he find someone in his upline to take over the clean up duty if they wanted us to buy Amway dog food. I got no takers. Imagine that!

I was able to put the dogs back onto the high quality, low stool dog food that they’ve enjoyed in the past.

This drastically reduced the money I was spending on baggies.

This also drastically reduced the number of clogged toilets.

And of course only proves one thing – Amway is full of shit!



Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Amway Ambots Getting Fired Up For WWDB Family Reunion 2020

Already getting sooooooo many Amway IBO’s doing searches looking for information on World Wide Dream Builders Amway Family Reunion 2020 following Amway Spring Leadership 2020 so I thought I’d better get a post up.

Before Amway Ambots are done with WWDB Amway Spring Leadership the fucking assholes in their Amway upline have their hands out demanding they pay up NOW for Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2020. The reason for that is to take advantage that the ambots are FIRED UP after listening to the Amway cult leaders gushing on stage all weekend about how rich they are and if they can do it then so can any other Amway asshole out there. So now that the IBO’s are sure they’re gonna be RICH in 2 to 5 years and part of the agenda to getting rich in 2 to 5 years is to attend all Amway functions and the next one is coming up in 4 months so you fucking little Amway assholes better pay up NOW.

Translation: hand over a few hundred bucks for the next Amway conference now before you come down from the Amway WWDB Spring Leadership “fired up” high and change your mind about going to WWDB Amway Family Reunion or quit so its better to have your money in the Amway cult leaders pockets now.

And if you don’t hand over that money be prepared for the hell the assholes in your Amway upline will put you through until you do pay up. Threatening phone calls and texts and being humiliated in front of everyone at upcoming Amway cult meetings.

The big issue Amway cult leaders are dealing with is the Covid-19 pandemic and emergency laws banning large gatherings. However we all know that Amway Ambots have no problem breaking the law. These are scammers and fraudsters who believe that they are above the law and the Great Amway God will protect them.


So even though Amway losers have no problem breaking the law the venues they normally book for their brainwashing conferences have a lot more to lose for breaking the law so they’re closed down. If anyone knows how the Amway cult is handling Family Reunion 2020 leave a comment. It’s my guess it’ll be a webinar. At full price. Maybe even a price increase because the Amway cult leaders are all about ripping off the Ambots below them on the pyramid and income from the Amway tools scam is probably very low right now. When you can’t meet in person for brainwashing and abuse Amway cult leaders hold less power and control over their downline.

In the past Duncan Family Reunion has been held in Portland Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center but due to declining attendance they’ve held it at smaller venues so a webinar makes more sense. Less expenses for the same amount of income is good business. Family Reunion is one of the functions that WWDB World Wide Dream Builders and Amway put on in a year. The others are Spring Leadership, FED Free Enterprise Days and Dream Night.

For more information you need to be paying $50 a month to the WWDB cult sect to get access to their website that’s locked down tight so people who aren’t inside the Amway cult can’t see anything. Cults are very secretive like that.

An upcoming post will detail more about what WWDB Amway Duncan Family Reunion is all about. Or was about pre-pandemic. To sum it up, its how the Diamonds make the bulk of their income by selling tickets to this conference. One Ken and Barbie Ambot after another will stomp across the stage bragging about how rich they are thanks to Amway and the Amway tool scam. They’ll lead the audience in some cult chants and do some brainwashing damage and the next scammers will be up on stage doing the same thing.

Time for more keywords.

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Fuck Amway!

Fuck WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards!