Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Permission

It was very important to the Platinum cult leader to make sure his followers understood that they must “submit to upline” and they had to ask permission on everything they did: attending family functions, getting married, having children, buying a house, buying a car, moving, renovations, quitting a job, etc. In other words “get permission” for any of life’s decisions that most responsible adults can figure out on their own without a cult’s influence.

Ambot and I made a decision on our house that was causing trouble. It never got done. I’m finally pissed off enough one day to ask him what’s taking so damn long. Ambot tells me he asked the Platinum sack of shit for permission and was counselled against it.


Fuck you, you miserable son of a bitch pompous sack of shit Platinum! You’ve crossed the line. This is none of your business. I don’t see your name on the mortgage. I don’t see your name on the deed. And I especially don’t see any cash from you on a regular basis contributing to the monthly expenses on our house.

I told Ambot I wasn’t going to have anything else to do with that meddling fucker and refused to be dragged out to any more cult meetings.

To make a long story short Ambot left the cult right not too long after this blow up deciding our relationship was more important to him and the renovation was done. It is quieter. The air is cleaner. I’m no longer suffering from breathing problems. No more stress. And we’re saving money.

This is just one of those frightening examples where I needed something done to my living environment to make it healthier for me but the cult leader decided I should be sick and unhappy instead and influenced Ambot thinking this would have some control issue over me. This cult nearly destroyed our marriage but fortunately Ambot came to his senses, got some counselling from a real professional to assist him in leaving a cult, and got those toublemaking bastards out of his life.


  1. This was one of the weird things taught in my WWDB group and I suspect it is still taught. I thought it was really odd and frankly, as an up and coming IBO at the time, I had no interest in people asking me permission for every issue in their lives. But lookng back, I believe it is so upline can make sure your income isn't diverted away from purchasing tools.

  2. It was taught in my WWDB group as well, we were downline from the now Bankrupt Diamond Greg Duncan. At the time I just thought it was weird but now I realize it is just more typical cult behavior meant to control the Ambots. Yet they are supposedly "Independent Business Owners", what a farce.

    *** Former WWDB Lemming ***

  3. Yup, behavior control, income control. All part of the cult's brainwashing methods.

  4. jc is right, it's all about funneling your money into the Amway Tool Scam.

  5. You can see the effect that WWDB seems to have on some people's finances. People are coached to get rid of debt through any means necessary, and what this seems to do is free up disposable income.

    I believe its so people will not be hesitant to pay to follow the WWDB system. If you have no mortgage, no debt, you therefore have no long term security.

    It's an incredibly self serving way for WWDB to pave the way for people to be on system.

    Nobody will ever tell me how to manage my money. Nor would I have the audacity to presume I could tell others what to do with theirs.

    What's sad is some people buy into this lock, stock, and barrel. Inevitably they seem to end up disappointed and poorer.

    But wiser.

  6. Rocket the stuff I heard was probably similar to what you remember. IBO's being counselled to sell their homes, find someplace to rent, and use the equity to pay off car loans, credit card debt, etc. Or as in Ambot's case being told to take out a home equity line of credit. Yeah I stood in the way of that one. The equity in my home goes towards the purchase of my next home. Upline would disagree and say it should pay off the credit cards so you can start over running up the debt. IBO's who are dumb enough to be counselled to sell their homes will take a long time if ever to save up the money to buy another house. They might not even make a profit on the sale of their house if they're upside down on their mortgage. People end up disappointed and poorer after their Amway penance but not necessarily wiser.

  7. Exactly, if you sell your house and use the equity to pay off debt, you have more cash flow to pay into the Amway Tool Scam.

    This is also part of the "blame game," because if you don't take this stupid advice and your Amway business doesn't work out, it's YOUR fault for not succeeding, because YOU didn't follow your uplines' (stupid) advice.

  8. Check out rockette's whining: and my response: LOL

  9. My former sponsor used to practically ask if he could go to the restroom to take a crap.

  10. Even if he had diarrhea? LOL


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