Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Use for Nutrilite Vitamins

One day Ambot opens his expensive box of shit from Amway and pulls out a bunch of Nutrilite vitamins that his upline has brainwashed him into believing he had to have.

One of the useless vitamins he pulled forth was called Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables.

What the fuck do we need this for? I asked him.

This is to make sure we get our 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables each day he says.

Are you shitting me? I ask.

I mean what is wrong with this picture? Taking 2 vitamins a day because some asshole from the stage says you can take them instead of eating healthy fresh fruit and vegetables. What kind of a fucking moron believes that bullshit? Answer - a brainwashed IBO.

Since when do we have trouble getting our 5 to 10 a day? OK, maybe when we have to attend an Amway function getting in healthy meals might be challenging.

I was brought up to eat an orange or half a grapefruit with my breakfast every day so that is probably the only meal of the day where I might only have one serving of fruit. Sometimes 2 servings if you count juice. I’m not real big on drinking juice and calling it the same thing as a serving of fruit. I guess its the same way I feel about eating a vitamin and calling it the same thing as eating a fruit. I usually have juice in the house but I don’t necessarily drink it at breakfast time. I’m more likely to make a strawberry or banana smoothie to drink at breakfast or mid-morning than drink juice.

For lunch and dinner I usually eat 2 or 3 fruits and/or vegetables. Salads made with either fruits or veggies or sometimes fruit is part of the dessert. Gotta love those banana splits!

I was always told if I was hungry to eat an apple. If I wasn’t hungry enough to eat an apple then I wasn’t hungry. I remember that old saying about how an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I eat at least one apple everyday, usually more. Seems to be working. No health issues. A person like me who shops at least once a week at a produce store has a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables in the crisper. I also grow my own fruits and vegetables. I have 5 apple trees around the yard and a few other fruit trees. I grow rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries too. Nice going out in the morning when they’re in season and having fresh berries with my cereal. I’m not big on growing vegetables and technically that rhubarb is a vegetable but I have potatoes, onions, lettuce, pumpkins, and tomatoes on the grow right now.

Do I sound like a person who needs to take 2 Nutrilite vitamins daily to get my 5 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables? Sometimes I can get in my daily intake just be wandering around my garden and snacking!

Nutrilite Fruit and Vegetable vitamins cost $40.99. There are 60 vitamins in a bottle but you gotta take 2 a day so it only lasts a month. Amway was kind enough to break down the amount down on their website - costs $1.37 per day. They are very careful to say 2 vitamins a day = the amount of phytonutrients in over 10 servings of fruit and veggies though it excludes mentioning which 10 fruits and vegetables were part of this study. Hell they exclude who did the survey. Maybe some Amway employees penned it after a night of drinking!

Why don’t we look at a real study? This is from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. This study rates the benefits of 84 vegetables. Hmm. Maybe I need to start eating more kale.....  

I usually spend less than $20/week on fresh fruit and vegetables but lets call it $20 for the sake of rounding up. Divided by 2 people is $10/week for this good stuff. Divide by 7 days = $1.43 a day to get 5 to 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Just pennies a day more than Amway's 2 vitamins. For real food. Good food that you can actually eat and not feel hungry afterwards. I can't say that about vitamins!

The bigger picture is what are people not getting by eating those shitty vitamins instead of fresh fruit and vegetables. The health benefits. Many fruits and vegetables are thought to be cancer fighters, help prevent osteoporosis, and other possible benefits for preventing some illnesses. What about fibre? What about Vitamins A, B, and C? What about Potassium? What about Iron? I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the picture. 

None of that in those Nutrilite concentrated fruit and vegetable vitamins. Or maybe there is but its not listed on Amway's nutritional information on their web page. Could be trace amounts.

There are other options available such as V8 juices and similar juices that equal 2 fruit servings by drinking a glass. Its not my first choice but it would be preferable to gulping back 2 vitamins.

I can not fill up on 2 vitamins a day the way I can by eating an apple, a banana, a cup of grapes, sticking a sweet potato in the microwave, or adding a tomato to my sandwich. I’m already at 5 servings of fruit and vegetables and its probably not even dinnertime. Its not hard to get those servings in. Even the Center for Science in the Public Interest wraps it up quickly.

One more article from the Center for Science in the Public Interest on the 10 Worst and Best Foods you can eat. I look at the 10 best and I eat a lot of those foods frequently though I admit I don’t usually have broccoli in the house. I don’t like preparing it but if someone else prepares it I’ll eat it. I love mangos but I have a problem with choosing them or I take too long to eat them and they go bad. I buy frozen mangos and put them in a bowl to thaw out an hour or two before I want to eat them.

And the point is? Eating frozen fruits and vegetables is still better than eating 2 vitamins.

Nutrilite sucks! So do those assholes that tell you to eat vitamins instead of fresh produce!

And now its time for me to go water my garden!


  1. Double X is some nasty crap, not to mention it costs around $80 for a 30 day supply. What a ripoff.

  2. Joecool - that's Amway's reason for being: to rip everyone off!

  3. Some of the diamonds i see on the wwdb website are overweight and unhealthy. Especially Laurie duncan and bill britt. Im getting the best vitamin on the market 2 months before expiry date for 5.00 month supply.

    1. Oh really, if you are getting the best for 5.00 a month, why don't you share where you are getting you're them?

    2. Anonymous from Fort Collins, Colorado - Colin hasn't been to my blog for some time so he likely won't see your question. He did tell us once it was some health warehouse store in Canada somewhere, don't recall exactly where he said he lives. Toronto or Vancouver? It might not be a chain store that we can access here in the states. How about just eating properly and that way you won't require vitamins? You did see this web page about Amway is making deceptive claims about its Nutrilite vitamins and is probably going to be sued yet again for misrepresentation?


  4. Many are since they do very little excercise or eat any real food. Can come up with a long list like dave severn,greg & brad duncan,Dan Yuen,and to many more.

  5. They're all walkin advertisements that Nutrilite Trim does not work. Who's got time to exercise when you have to be on the computer, on the phone, or at a meeting all your waking hours?

  6. I tried one of those diet drinks & bars this weekend. I remember what anna says about eating real food and it sure made sense. Cause those meal replacement drinks or bars didnt work for me. Was hungry for most of the day. Till i got some real food in the system. So i cant imagine just taking double x,their bars, and other junk mlm companies sells

  7. Gee Colin what are you doing? Is your neighborhood getting run down with Amway freaks holding a 4th of July BBQ disguised as an Amway board plan?

  8. Was desperate to lose 10 pounds to look good this summer. I thought what the hell i'll try their diet product.

  9. Colin!!!!??? Are you fucking kidding me?????!!!!!!!!

  10. I got a free sample so it was a one day diet lol. Got a bar & some weird drink.

  11. Ha ha one day diet! I'll do a post about their diet plan. Kind of busy today maybe tomorrow.

  12. They wanted 4.25 for a diet bar and i think 80.00 for some drink which last month. There was no way id pay that.

  13. Only brainwashed IBO's will spend that much money.

  14. I worked for the company in Ada for over 20 years and recently left because I could no longer take their cult bullshit. Ten years of record sales and what thanks do the employees get? They get to watch the owners build multiple Million dollar homes while they fill the plants with rotating temporary employees that get no benefits. GREEDY ASS HOLLANDERS

  15. Anonymous - thank you for dropping by. I'll hope you'll come back for another visit and tell us more about the hell you went through!

    20 year with any company is quite an accomplishment. Even more so for a company that doesn't provide benefits for their employees. I get it that a paycheck is a paycheck and only about 20% of employees at any company actually like their job and do well at it and the other 80% are always on the lookout for something better to come along. I'd think after 20 years something better would. Geez even Starbucks offers employees benefits!

    During my working years I had several employers including some that I don't particularly like but I can't label any of my former companies as a cult. Apparently that's not something that Amway can say!

    I guess that leaves the question open: who gets treated worse? Amway IBO's or Amway employees?

    Good on you for the courage to get away from a greedy ass employer and write about the hell the employees have to put up with.

  16. I wanted some indisputable facts about why Nutrilite and/or competitors may be good or bad not a bunch of cussing, vulgar, profain talk.

    1. Well for fucks sake I can hardly help it that my blog is so high on the search engines. If you're an Amway prude then what are you doing reading and commenting on my blog. Got oohing better to do in Wyoming?

  17. tried Amway about 25 years ago, MML ? MMS more like ( multi level scamming ) BUT I have to say I've been taking the Nutrilite dailies since then 1 EVERY day! Ever since my wife said, " Do you realise what you've done? You've come home from work, washed the car, mown the lawn, cleaned the pool and had a cuppa, you're quite a different person since taking those pills"!

    1. Hi Martin. Thanks for stopping by! If your wife sees a benefit to you taking Nutrilite then as far as she's concerned they're worth every penny!

  18. http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevensalzberg/2013/10/07/the-top-five-vitamins-you-should-not-take/?utm_campaign=forbesfbsf&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

    1. Taking multi-vitamins without doctor consultant is a bad thing
    2. You dont need every vitamin out there !
    3. I take Nutrilite Soy Protein, that is good. It really helps me in morning for high protein diet and I goto gym daily.
    4. Amway business is ok but don't do it blindly. They do have some wonderful healthcare products but you dont need to take them all, You need to do your diet also.

    I just take nutrilite protein and in one day I take 3 glasses of juice, and no oil and no fat food. So taking multi-vitamins is not needed until your doctors tell you. Then you can take that one, and in that quite obvious amway vitamins are best since they are organic and great quality BUT DO NOT TAKE THEM WIHTOUT UR DOCTOR !!!!

    Protein is OK not VITAMINS !

    And the rest of the business products are obviously amazing !


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