Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Amway

I seem to be having a lot of fun lately with search criteria that people use to show up at my blog.

One of my recent searchers wants to know “what happens when you don’t pay Amway”

First off not paying Amway is a very good thing because that means you aren’t getting scammed out of your money buying substandard products for a premium price.

Amway is only your friend as long as you shop in their store.

No shop. No friends no more!

I would say the answer is as simple as any online retailer you shop from. Don’t pay them and they won’t send you the goods you put in your shopping cart.

Also the same as the annual membership fee Amway charges you for the “privilege” gag gag of shopping in their store. Don’t pay your annual fee you don’t get to shop there. And some fat cat at Amway has a little less money in their bank account.

Costco is the same way. Don’t pay your annual membership fee and the bouncer standing at the door at Costco don’t let you in.

I would say its a very good thing when you don’t pay Amway. That means you quit doing business with them and you’re not getting ripped off anymore.

I encourage everyone not to pay Amway!


  1. Recently my "uplines" upline came to one of my get togethers at my house. My "upline" has listened to me and is getting out of Scamway after hours of me showing him the truth.

    Anyways, the upper upline barely spoke two words to me and was talking to everyone about "the business" and how he can "help them." It was funny to me, especially when you mention the "bought friendship" because it really is 100% true. I remember when they would come up to me and hug me(really awkward for me) and then call me things like "brother" which was even more awkward for me since we just met!

    I literally went up to everyone that he spoke to after the conversation was over and told them what the "business" was and how it screws you out of money. By the end of the little party, everyone was basically ignoring him ad he was just there talking to his gf(who looked super annoyed) about how much he is going to make and how many "new members" he has coming soon.

    Glad to not be of help:D


    1. Sammy - I wonder if his girlfriend was annoyed because her boyfriend wasn't recruiting anyone because of how the meeting went or was she just annoyed at Amway and that he's in it.

      For some people losing their Amway friends is huge. Probably because none of their friends show them that same kind of (fake) love and they've grown to like it.

      I've seen ambots claim that they would never cut people out of their lives because they quit Amway or don't want to sign up or buy their Amway products but that's just how it goes in this cult. The great worship of money cult. Anyone not providing $$$ is useless to the Amway cult and to be shunned.

      Yeah it must really piss off an ambot when someone at the Scamway meeting is telling the crowd what its really like in the cult and that the only people who make money in Amway are those who are selling motivational materials and getting the ticket proceeds at meetings.

  2. Please hit me up or give me an email where i can reach you..thank you

    1. Why would I want to do that?

      How about a virtual kick in the nuts instead?

    2. I don't want to assume this person's intentions, but it certainly sounds like an Ambot's M.O. Doesn't give any info as to WHY he wants you to "hit him up" or what it is he wants to discuss or the purpose of writing.

      Just like an Ambot prospecting.
      "Give me your name and phone number."
      "What do you need that for?"
      "I want to talk to you about a great business opportunity."
      "What kind of business opportunity?"
      "Oh, I can't talk about it now, but you wouldn't want to miss out on it."
      "What is the name of the business?"
      "I can't tell you, but all will be revealed once we sit down to a business meeting to discuss it."

      If someone isn't going to state their business up front, I sure as hell feel no reason to waste any of my time on them. On the scam scale, the less someone is willing to reveal upfront or answer, the bigger the scam to expect.


    3. Dave - its either an ambot or he's shovelling some other MLM.

      Probably the only one curious enough to click on the profile link and find out will be Colin! Maybe he'll tell us what's being flogged! Probably Scamway!

      And yup that's pretty much the way a conversation goes when an ambot is trying to beg a sucker into coming to a Scamway meeting.

      What's the big secret? Why are ambots so ashamed of Amway that they can't say the A word?


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