Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amway Ambots Obsessed With “Broke”

Every now and then I get some fucked up Amway ambot leaving a comment on the blog. These bastards are outraged that someone is getting the truth out there about what its like being inside the Amway cult, how much money you lose in Amway, the abuse you take from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline, and the lies you hear.
Some ambots are so furious they have to leave a comment. And thanks by the way when you do that because it just keeps this blog up at the top of the search engines!
The overwhelming response I get from ambots is that they accuse me of having a job. I’ve had jobs over the years but I’m more or less retired for a long time. I just don’t go around bragging about it endless the way fucked up Amway ambots do. Nothing wrong with having a job except if you’re an Amway ambot then you look at having a job as pure shit evil. The ironic thing is if these ambots didn’t have jobs then they wouldn’t be able to buy Amway products and tools.
The other thing ambots accuse me of is being broke. I’ve gone over this in other posts. We’re in the same income bracket as what Amway’s literature shows a Diamond earning. So if you go by fucked up Amway ambot logic if I’m broke then so is everyone else in our income level included the ambot’s beloved Diamonds. And sure I’d say there’s a lot of broke Diamonds out there. Or former Diamonds. It takes a lot of credit cards and loans and going into debt to keep up the Amway Diamond millionaire lifestyle on a low 6 figures income.
Going back to when I used to work I can’t think of once at any job where the employees gathered around and talked about which of our coworkers was broke. We also never chatted about how people who worked for other companies were broke. We just didn’t. Broke was not an obsessive topic of conversation for us.
Broke is an obsessive topic of conversation of Amway ambots. Yup heard it tons of times at Amway cult meetings. The cult leader would screech about how everyone not in Amway is broke and how everyone who’s not in Amway will either be dead or broke by the time you’re 65. The only salvation out there is Amway. Hallelujah!!!
Back to those Amway assholes that show up here frequently to tell me I’m broke. Really why do they give a fuck if I’m broke or not. How does whether or not I’m broke affect their lives at all? Do these ambots plan to give me money so I won’t be broke anymore? I doubt it.
If you’re in Amway you’re the ones who are broke and that is because you have to constantly tithe the Great Amway God or you’ll catch holy shit from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline if you don’t fork over enough dollars.
Quit Amway and you’re no longer shelling out hundreds of dollars a month. Finances start to get under control and you’re no longer broke all the time.
The assholes in your Amway upline conspire to keep you broke all the time as part of how they control you. You got to give all your money to the Great Amway God and in return in 2 to 5 years you will be filthy rich and have bazillions of dollars rolling in every month for the rest of your life and you will never be broke. And if you think about quitting because you’re broke all the time thanks to Amway those bastards in your Amway upline will ride your ass and bitch at you that you can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner.
Why are those fucking Amway assholes so fucking obsessed about how broke I am. It must make them think they’re better than me because they’re in Amway and I’m not and by virtue of being in Amway they’ll never be broke (HA!).
Here’s a message for you fucking little Amway ambots who think I’m broke. I’m good at investments. If I don’t do anything too crazy I should be set for the rest of my life.
And if you really think I’m broke, send money. Just quit it with your fucking obsession about broke. Normal people don’t obsess over who is and is not broke.


  1. I think they talk about being broke because they know most about it. Ive nothing against amway. Anybody i know doing it gave up because it broke them or they saw it coming. Good luck to them. Their choice. Its the only business i know where you have to pay someone to work. I bet on amway people finding any non amway people who earn less than ibos do. Even the developing nations have earnings level of at least a few dollars a day. Very few amway ibos do better than that.

    1. Anonymous - very true. Also most ambots don't know the difference between being broke and being poor. Someone who owns real estate, nice cars, nice stuff might be broke due to life circumstances loss of job or medical issues but is not in as bad a state as someone in a similar situation who has no assets. Being broke is usually only a temporary problem but might take a long time to get life back on track.

    2. AnonymousApril 25, 2013 at 9:24 AM Said
      "Ive nothing against amway."

      You have already proffered at least three good reasons to be against the scourge of scAmway, thusly,

      1-Anybody i know doing it gave up because it broke them or they saw it coming.
      2-Its the only business i know where you have to pay someone to work.
      3-Even the developing nations have earnings level of at least a few dollars a day. Very few amway ibos do better than that.

      You have enough raison d'être to be against scAmway.

  2. I first heard about Amway when I was in high school. I guess it was 1996/97 (Anna: it was in your beloved Tamil Nadu, India :-)). When I came to the states in 05, I was accosted by a 'friendly agent' who I subsequently learnt was part of the Amway system. I avoided his calls a few times and he quit calling me. Last week at a store, another stranger picked up a conversation. Having had the experience before, I realized he would be part of Amway or some other MLM organization. The icing on the cake was when we said 'love to keep in touch' despite having met me for the very first time. My apparent coldness (my wife said I never smiled) led to him not pestering me over my contact details. Truth is, I was thinking all along while talking to him as to how I would avoid giving my phone number if he asked. He claimed to work for the same organization I do and I found him on the intranet. Yup, it was Amway he belonged to. Despite my aversion, I must say I am quite impressed by their ability to pick up a conversation with complete strangers!

    Nevertheless, over the past week, my curiosity in Amway increased as I learnt about the way they converse and project themselves and the way they go about conducting/growing their 'business'. That is how I stepped onto this blog. I have nothing against Amway & I do not want to judge them but it surely is not my cup of tea. Having been through a number of blogs, Amway forums & Youtube videos (my wife calls me an Ambot of a different kind :-)), my observations are

    1. Amway is like a political organization. People worship their 'uplines' and aggrandize them based on their earnings & 'material achievements'. This is quite strange in civilian life as this does not happen to coworkers in other professions who do well financially.

    2. Amway like the entire financial system itself is a zero sum game. One person's gain is another's loss. However, the pyrmaid is too wide at the base and too narrow going towards the top. That is, too few make money and too much lose.

    3. There is too much 'advertised' profit & money to be made. A car manufacturer does not tell its dealers that they can retire in 2-5 years selling cars. Amway's agents do.

    I believe the biggest casualty an IBO can expect is friends/family. Finances can be built again (if one is lucky) but broken relationships & respect take a long time to heal and are never the same again.

    1. I think you forgot to say money is only made by those sharing in tools profit. You cant make money from products alone no matter what level you are at. And of course the tools sharing is a closed circle. In fact amway is really a communist type system. The masses working for nothing for the few at the top.

    2. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your story. You've got Amway figured out. You've done some research. Your wife will thank you for not putting you through this hell!

      No offense here, not trying to lump people in categories, just quoting our sack of shit Platinum who encouraged ambots to find immigrants. There'd be a few reasons like maybe they haven't heard of the Amway scam before and they tend to be hard workers who want to be successful in this land of opportunity. The only thing the Amway opportunity gives anyone is financial and emotional distress. Stay away!

      At Amway meetings ambots are told how to approach strangers in the shops by showering them with fake compliments all under the guise of trying to get their contact information. Amway aside there's a lot of creeps out there and most people don't hand over their name and phone number to someone they met in the dairy section of Safeway.

      Some people can never bounce back from their losses in Amway. It helps if you're young but theres stories on the Internet of seniors who wiped out their life savings thanks to Scamway and now are forced to go back to work in their 70s and 80s.

      We strained a lot of relationships when we were in Scamway. Some recovered but one good friend still won't have nothing to do with us.

    3. @Anonymous April 25, 2013 at 7:08 PM said

      "Despite my aversion, I must say I am quite impressed by their ability to pick up a conversation with complete strangers!"

      Don't be impressed. These scambots sweat, twitch, over think and a freak before they open their mouths to talk to a stranger because it's not natural and they always think you will say NO! There's a lot of emphasis/training by the big wig charlatans to their adherents on how to cold contact-be cool, make it natural, etc.

      Don't think too much about how not to give out your number. When requested be as direct as you can - "I don't care to keep in touch with you!" or "You might call me when I am enjoying my wife's comfort, No way!" Then watch their faces as the oozing fake confidence crumbles and they high tail outta there, then laugh loudly that they can hear you.

      Probably next time have fun and dismiss their asses with a shuddering NO! to everything they say.

      Make sure you read the free ebook Merchants of Deception by a former high level guy who decided truth was more important to him and risked a lot to write the book.
      Here's the link

    4. Ths surly isnt ky place anna. But ive read your blog a lot and you've mentioned your Ambot's direct recruitor was a good friend of your ambot. It seems to be you hate him mainly for his role in reeling you into scamway. I dont know if this person is still in MLMs or what tue situation is, but I encourage you to see that he got scammed the same way you did. Maybe try rekindling one relationship. Dont let you shitty upline rob you of a friend, even if they used tyat friend to pull you in

    5. Anonymous - I had several years of hating that bastard before Amway ever came along. He was never no friend of mine. I called him out for being a liar and cheater and scammer many years ago so creeps like him fit real well into Scamway.

  3. The above is called cold contacting. Ibos need to do this all the time if they want to build the business. Thats why its so difficult. Imagine if you approached everybody you physically see every minute of the day. What a way to live. Preditating on peole like sex offenders or robbers do.

    1. That's what ambots do - find victims to prey upon, usually those who can least afford to be financially and emotionally bankrupt. Sell the hope not the soap. What are your dreams? Amway can make them come true in 2 to 5 years.

  4. Ambots interpret broke as an affliction that strikes only those not in scAmway because well they are not in scAmway. In reality these are the most brokest "bizz owners" you will ever meet, they just don't know they own that title. Ignorance is still bliss to them. Ain't it great!


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