Friday, June 7, 2013

The Embarrassment Of Having Amway Ambot Parents

Yet more reasons why Amway ambots should not have children. The ambots don’t care about their children. Nothing is more important to an ambot than worshipping the assholes in their upline and worshipping overpriced shitty products. In the mind of an Amway ambot any kids that get in the way of their cult worship are worthless useless negative little bastards. The kids go to school and are humiliated by their friends because their parents are in the Amway cult. That is if they’re not shunned by their friends because the parents of those friends were prospected and hounded by the ambot parents to buy products and come to meetings. And what do ambot parents use as a babysitter while they run off to Amway meetings? A TV set in a hotel room. Yeah that’ll really work. You Amway ambot parents who think you know where your kids are. Wrong. They are out wandering the streets. Maybe even looking for the love that you won’t give them because your love is misdirected to the Amway cult.


Thank you for creating this post after some of my previous comments and I'm sure many other comments you've received from readers. It really is a shame how this fucking bullshit promotes "family values" yet tears families apart. I remember going on "exciting trips" to places like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Charlotte to functions because there was no money to go on real vacations. There would be lots of other kids there, often without supervision.

I was twelve years old and while my parents were at the meetings in Baltimore I would wander around the streets while they thought I was at the aquarium at the Inner Harbor. Thank god nothing happened to me as little did this suburban-raised kid know Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

And yes, friends would ask me about why I would have these "weird" products in our house and packed in my lunchbox to bring to school. Really horrible memories the more I think about it but it's good to get it out there and move past it. Also thankfully my relationship with my parents has significantly improved, although they weren't able to afford the tuition for many of the top schools in the country to which I was accepted and had to settle for a state school. Perhaps had they not gotten involved in this horse-shit I'd have my Ivy League degree but oh well - I do very well for myself anyway and am NOT in any form of any of this MLM horeshit cult scam. I've said this before, but I cannot wait for the next time I get approached by a distributor. I feel bad for them already because I am going to start ranting and take out my frustration on them. But that's their fucking problem for being a moron and joining this bullshit.


  1. Hi Anna,

    It happened that one of my father's friend visited our home few days back, he was very close friend of our family. We were very happy that he is coming to visit us.

    When he came, there he was pitching Amway products and telling us how great their vitamin tablets are my father should use them to stay healthy.

    He was not ready to accept the fact that we don't want any of it. We were trying to be polite with him as he is our family friend.
    It was like wth, he lost all his respect he had for so many years.

    Surely no matter how much they earn, they'll lose all self respect.

    Btw, I have written an article about Amway and would love to hear opinion on the same.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi skt. One of the things people search my blog for is how to get rid of annoying Amway salespeople. They're worse than timeshare salespeople! The only way to get rid of them is to be rude. Take that polite route and he'll be back. Just say you don't allow any fucking Amway shit in your house and that will probably do it. Well he might argue with you that Amway is high quality products but just laugh at him and tell him he's fucked in the head. People in Amway are prudes so Ambot repellant is to swear at them

  2. I've done a lot of research on this Amway shit or better said Scamway but I've never really come across the horror stories of what it's like to be the son or daughter of an Amway distributor. I can tell ya it sucks. It started with my grandparents who were constantly looking for ways to make money. I can't really remember what those things were but they would like sell merchandise in the flea market and stuff and do other MLMs. Then after having been contacted and then having brainwashed my gullible grandparents, well my gullible grandma, they went after my parents and after a year of nagging them my mom bought into the scam hookline and sinker and then a year or so later after coming from a convention in Primm NV in 03 my dad was convinced. We lived in a small area in California and having relatives in Las Vegas my parents along with my grandparents decided to sell their homes and leave everything we knew behind. It was sad for me. I was gonna have to make new friends. Not a big deal now I know but back then? And all for some fucking business. So we moved to Vegas and after years of working hard my parents made it to 25% then eventually Platinum six months later. My grandparents made Gold Producer eventually but having sold our homes only my parents were able to find a house to live in, my grandparents had nothing besides the dreaded business. And after my grandfather died my grandmother is left with nothing not even a place to live, all she has is the business they made. I mean yeah it's her fault for being gullible and falling for a fake dream but with all the costs for the system and events and such, thanks a lot Amway you bunch of asses. My parents have been at platinum at least in the system for almost 4 years now but they haven't requalifued because we haven't gone to Florida for the trip the company gives. And another thing, why must they be so dishonest about the levels? Ugh... All those assholes do is lie. Lie lie lie. Overall, taking into account all the research I've done including the experiences of being the son of "Platinum" distributors and personally knowing the higher ups in the cult scam thing, I've realised that doing Amway or any MLM is just a waste of time and money and I won't help my parents qualify Emerald knowing what I know now. Jeez... My dad is in for one hell of a surprise if he thinks that he will "retire" at Emerald. I know this comment is long and for anyone whose made it this long I'm sorry for the long read but man there's just so much to be said about this Scamcult Scamway and we must warn others of the coming dangers and to avoid it and also like I said at the beginning I haven't seen any stories about what's it like being a child of a distributor. Thanks a bunch Anna for this blog it's really great, keep up the good work and remember everyone, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your sad story. I would love to see a blog written by the kid of an Amway Ambot ut so far none has sprung up. However I've had a lot of kids of ambots stop by and leave comments and their sad story of growing up neglected by parents who decided a box of Amway soap was more important to them than their kids. They've talked about not being able to attend other kids birthday parties because there was no money to buy a present, the humiliation from other kids at school laughing at them because their parents got suckered into Scamway, being left alone in hotel rooms in strange towns while their parents attended Amway cult meetings, and the sad list goes on. Without a doubt everyone of these kids hates Amway and how it destroyed their families.

      Selling houses is something that Ambots always seem to be counselled by the assholes in their Amway upline to do. And yes I've also heard of ambots being counselled to move somewhere else where there might be a better chance of building their Amway business. The reality is it doesn't matter where you live, if you're not a good liar and scammer you'll never make money at Amway. And as you've seen by your parents just because you reach an Amway level doesn't mean you can hold on to it.

      And your grandparents is just another sad story I've seen online from seniors who lost everything to Scamway. No house, no savings, tens of thousands scammed out of them thanks to the assholes in the Amway upline and the lies told to them.

      You know if you're in Vegas you got a better chance of making money at the casinos than you do in Amway!

      I'm not sure if you're still living with your parents but I hope you are able to separate yourself from Scamway and get your life on a better track and lead a better life than your parents as long as they're stuck inside the Amway cult and living in a dreamworld of how rich they're going to be one day.


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